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  1. Harper has an education and acts in an adult manner.
  2. Thought you were living for 'free' on Indian Reserve . . . . ?
  3. A rather amusing statement . . . . you, using the word 'trust' in reference to the present Federal Govt. Your center Canadian definition of unity is 180 degrees from what is really happening in western Canada.
  4. Your above post must be the longest in your history . . . Pearson, Mulroney, Chretien, Harper . . . . some of many. I may have disagreed with their policies or vision, but at the end of the day or the end of their term, there was the satisfaction that they'd had the best interests of Canada at heart. That their vision of Canada was to bring as much unity as possible for the good of all citizens, and the country was relatively undamaged by their term at the helm. Do you feel this way now/anymore/ever with the present Federal Govt.? Do you think that the morale (pre-Covid) of the Canadian citizen has been damaged by inept Federal leaders? That Canada can ever have a sense of unity again?
  5. BC's Premier Horgan talking tough . . . . . collection agencies going after unpaid Covid-distancing fines. Maybe the offending unemployed father of four who hugged his kids and bending Bobble-head Bonnie's decree will get tossed into cells where social distancing is strictly monitored. Swat teams roaming the neighborhoods on Christmas Day . . . . . can anything be more festive than that?
  6. How's China doing these days. Never hear anything from their pathological govt. Turn loose some concocted pathogen and watch the rest of the world stagger. Who knows for sure.
  7. Sarcasm is lost on you. Toronto refers to your mind-set , , , , sunrises and sets on Toronto. Nothing else matters. As long as you spend your vote on a winning side . . . . I guess again, nothing else matters.
  8. Why are you so worried about what other people think . . . . . try thinking for yourself. You expect everyone to think like you do, then publicly whine about it when there's a different opinion than yours. Your leader will tell you what to do. Don't vary from his plan. Be happy . . . if that's possible.
  9. Well, you stand in line and do as you're told . . . . get the vaccine, the bar code tattoo, the wallet card, and whatever it is that your leader tells you to do. Be proud! Shout down others that have questions about your unwavering compliance, the intelligence of your leader, or the complete 'sand-bagging' of this country. You are the perfect citizen. Again, be proud . . . . and do as you're told.
  10. You said I 'thanked' the post you quoted . . . . It would be safe to assume that was the post you were referring to. Side note: It's none of your concern what I 'thank' . . . . just as it's none of my concern what you 'think'.
  11. Didn't recall 'thanking' your quoted post . . . .
  12. WCM ^^ Great post! If it were mine, I'd be sending it to CBC.
  13. Typical for this forum . . . . . can't speak the rule, but it's written out as above. ^ ^ Jerome Corsi's petition to the SCOTUS is intended to bring the whole election process to light. Would be interesting to see what comes out of it. Regardless, it should be looked at.
  14. This is a 'humor free zone' . . . . smiling is forbidden. We look at the stateside circus and laugh behind our hand. The real circus is playing here.
  15. Never got over 'The Plains of Abraham' . . . . french got their sorry arse's handed to them on a platter by the English. Bahahahaha
  16. Bobble-head Bonnie . . . . . . anyone making these? How about Christit'sa Freeloader, or Turd-o? We need bobble-heads!
  17. Canada and other countries borrowing huge amounts of money . . . . Who's the lender ? China ?
  18. The navy is in dry dock (boat trailer) . . . . . the Evinrude needs rebuilding. Embarrassing !
  19. Canada is a dysfunctional concept. There's nothing to tie us together. We don't mesh. There will never be any unity if Quebec is involved. They don't want to be a part of Canada. We've been played as fools. This so-called country should be cleaved in half. Manitoba and westward would be a viable country with much the same goals and work ethic. Every resource ever needed to sustain ourselves, and access to east/west world markets. Quebec contributes nothing, expects and gets everything . . . . and whines and bitches about it. We are truly the fools. Sad.
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