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  1. So, what's your solution? Think long term . . . be precise. What is your solution?
  2. Biden doesn't look or sound well. Really wonder if he's fit to lead.
  3. You don't know who reads or is influenced by your drivel . . . . or if someone in a moment of weakness does indeed jump off a bridge. Doesn't change the fact that you're a dangerous irresponsible fool for posting as you did. Grow up.
  4. They are not 'first nations' . . . . . they are first immigrants. I'm a halfbreed, and I know who I am and the warlike background of my ancestors . . . on both sides. You seem to have child's grasp of reality. Your boy Justin has sunk this country. Hope you're happy with his antics.
  5. You're fading away, you're able to make a decision on your future, you don't want to be here anymore, your reasons are yours alone, you don't like wearing 'Depends' diapers . . . .
  6. youtube.com/watch?v=6cusVoNKZF8 Hope this works!
  7. Pistol in hand . . . . you've made your decision. Someone else will do the clean-up.
  8. Most of the earth based beliefs of the indigenous people (mother earth-father sky) . . . have a different outlook on what we call 'death' . . . . . theirs and mine: 'Life goes on . . . it has just taken another form'. You will make this change assisted or not.
  9. Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre has been shuffled out of his shadow Finance portfolio. This effective critic of the Trudeau Government financial fiasco will be missed. Smart, relentless, and un-intimidated . . . . he shone the spotlight on the endless inadequate leadership of Justin Trudeau. Pierre also had great entertainment value too.
  10. cougar . . . in a perfect Canada/USA, what would make you happy? What's the perfect system? Please inform us . .
  11. Your programming is total and complete . . . . . and yet, you're still unhappy. The capitalists will work, you'll hide behind the couch someone donated to you. Stick your hand out for that govt. cheque every now and then.
  12. . . . . because you said so? Clarify your all encompassing statement.
  13. And now for something truly tasteless . . . . . . . BLM t-shirt with Trudeau on the front in 'black-face' .
  14. "and that is why . . . . " Anyone else offended by this phrase spoken slowly and used constantly by Trudeau? Like he's telling a child to put their shoes on the right feet, or pull their pants up after using the toilet.
  15. Communism might work for you . . . . did you come from a communist country or background?
  16. a) Capitalism promotes taking the chances and hard work for reward. b) Huh? c) People willing to take a chance and compete . . . no ribbon for every kid in the foot race. d) Communistic statement . . . shows where your mind's at. Enough said about that. e) If you had any personal drive and initiative, you'd be embarrassed by your pathetic statement, and be gone whence you came.
  17. As in the title of this thread . . . "supporting this error-prone government?' Less than half the votes were 'supporting' this error-prone criminally corrupt government. Canada won't recover from the damage the cretin in Ottawa has done. I would like to see this country cleaved in half at the Manitoba/Ontario border.
  18. Hard to believe this is Canada. Trudeau and Traitor . . . . . different spelling - same meaning.
  19. You don't get it . . . . the so called 'green' energy is just as dirty as you proclaim oil/gas is. Solar powered Caterpillar heavy equipment building another dam so you can plug your 'green' car in. Green just doesn't cut it on its own. A child would figure that out.
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