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8 hours ago, cannuck said:

I have a little trouble with the situation in Ukraine.  When I was last there (;90s) hardly anyone East from Kiev even spoke Ukrainian - due to the fact that the Crimea was part of Mother Russia until Kruschev gave it to Ukraine (to lock them forever together - so he thought).   Part of the heavy Russian presence in the East was historically slavic and part was due to USSR shipping in people.   As much as I detest the Joe Stalin wannabe in Moscow there is SOME rationale for Russia's interests.

I think that Putin was pretty clear as to why Russia intervened in Russia in February 24, 2022. Putin's speech on the day of his intervention brings up 2 points- the deplorable condition of the Donbass region in Ukraine and the national security of Russia. He actually brings both issues back to back. Quoting from it:


This brings me to the situation in Donbass. We can see that the forces that staged the coup in Ukraine in 2014 have seized power, are keeping it with the help of ornamental election procedures and have abandoned the path of a peaceful conflict settlement. For eight years, for eight endless years we have been doing everything possible to settle the situation by peaceful political means. Everything was in vain.

As I said in my previous address, you cannot look without compassion at what is happening there. It became impossible to tolerate it. We had to stop that atrocity, that genocide of the millions of people who live there and who pinned their hopes on Russia, on all of us. It is their aspirations, the feelings and pain of these people that were the main motivating force behind our decision to recognise the independence of the Donbass people’s republics.


I would like to additionally emphasise the following. Focused on their own goals, the leading NATO countries are supporting the far-right nationalists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine, those who will never forgive the people of Crimea and Sevastopol for freely making a choice to reunite with Russia.

They will undoubtedly try to bring war to Crimea just as they have done in Donbass, to kill innocent people just as members of the punitive units of Ukrainian nationalists and Hitler’s accomplices did during the Great Patriotic War. They have also openly laid claim to several other Russian regions.

If we look at the sequence of events and the incoming reports, the showdown between Russia and these forces cannot be avoided. It is only a matter of time. They are getting ready and waiting for the right moment. Moreover, they went as far as aspire to acquire nuclear weapons. We will not let this happen.


Full transcript:


For those who were watching, Zelensky did in fact state that he was thinking about getting nuclear weapons prior to Russia's military intervention. Here's an article from 2021 that points this out:


I previously found an article wherein Putin commented on this stance of Ukraine just a bit before his intervention in Ukraine as well. That being said, based on what I read from former Swiss Intelligence officer Jacques Baud, this wasn't the last straw that got Putin to decide to intervene in Ukraine- the last straw was Ukraine's renewed military assault on the Donbass region. Here's Jacques Baud's article that brings that up:


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