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  1. no we are entering a secular bear market again in that case, you want to hold energy, commodities & gold the banks are going to burn in the fire of inflation
  2. of course the time to buy is when there is blood in the streets but the average bourgeois person is not inclined to that we are talking about the masses here the average person is going to get wiped out and thus is the stuff that fascism is made of
  3. the inflation economy is a trap it's been thirty years in the making, it's too late to recover things now either inflation prices burn out of control, inciting a vicious revanchist right wing counterrevolution or they will be forced to raise interest rates, inciting a vicious revanchist right wing counterrevolution no matter what, a vicious revanchist right wing counterrevoution is coming yeehaw
  4. again, there is a divergence here as well there are those who bought before inflation accelerated under the Liberals if you bought your house before 2015, then you're a winner because you bought at an affordable price, so you can afford the interest rate increases those who have bought lately however, have massively overpaid, so they can't afford the interest rate increases
  5. rising interest rates will burst the asset class inflation bubbles the central banks are politicized, so they are putting off raising interest rates to try to prop up the status quo elites at some point however, interest rates will have to go above inflation in order to remove dollars from the system this will cause a stock market crash, which is already in progress, initial stages of there is a divergence in the Canadian real estate market however because fully detached homes are in very short supply so even when there is a massive correction in the real estate market due to rising interest rates fully detached homes in desirable locations will remain at a premium in relation to condominiums
  6. the prices are sky high because of government policy the governments are running an inflation bases economy, and it is accelerating the central banks print money to buy the government bonds this has driven interest rates down to net negative returns this has two simultaneous effects the increased numbers of dollars devalues the currency while at the same time investors are driven to seek returns in assets, which causes asset class inflation
  7. depends on the interest rate the interest on the mortgage determines the net amortization but assuming, for example, a fixed mortgage rate of 5%, on a 25 year mortgage the monthly payment on a $1,000,000 property would be $5,845.90
  8. The Queen does not adjudicate the law the final arbiter of the law is the Supreme Court the role of the Queen is to solve constitutional crises if it is not clear by the election who has Parliamentary Supremacy to form the government then the Queen decides the Governor General is the stand in for the Queen first you go to the Governor General if that does not resolve the dispute, then you can go to Buckingham Palace for a final decision it will be a binary choice, two parties claiming to have Parliamentary Supremacy so either the Queen will let the GG's decision stand, or the Queen could choose to overrule the GG
  9. I have read a fiery Gospel writ in burnished rows of steel a revanchist right wing counterrevolution rising without mercy, nor quarter, nor succour the hunters shall become the hunted and they will be hunted to the ends of the earth, every last one of them
  10. I'm not hiding from the RCMP you're the one who is hiding
  11. the average Canadian is simply delusional as to what the purpose of Canada is Canada was Confederated for one reason in the face of the Glorious Union, the British were simply not going to fight to defend Canada from America so the British told their colonists here that they were on their own for all intents & purposes the colonies would have to group together to defend themselves against the Americans most Canadians opposed it vehemently at the time, they knew what it meant back then Canada was being kicked out of the British Empire, Canada was being abandoned but when the British Empire collapsed in the First World War, everybody was kicked out of the Empire Canada was essentially sold to the Americans for gold the British signed their Canadian dependant over to the Americans in effect, because the British were broke now Canada is run by the Americans as a vassal state in essence the provinces actually cut each other's throats in a competition for access to the American market Canada is defended by Fortress America, Canada is not capable of defending itself so Canada really serves no purpose at this point, Canada is obsolete the Canadians who have an emotional attachment to Canada, generally don't even know what Canada is thus how the Liberals can so easily impose their Post National State to replace Canada and most of these supposed Canadian super patriots can't even tell the difference
  12. well, I am simply forced to be a Sovereignist as Canada collapses all around me every institution of Canada has been overrun by lunatic Bolsheviks the Confederation has fallen to the Communists, they've seized control in Ottawa so Canada is a sinking ship which the provinces now need to escape from, before it kills us all
  13. nationalism is inherently to the left of monarchy nationalism is a product of the First World War the collapse of the European monarchies leads to the rise of nationalism the left is towards the masses, the right is towards God in a monarchy, the monarch is officially God's representative on Earth and the Canada Act 1982 is very right wing like that as it states that Elizabeth Windsor is Sovereign, Head of State & Commander-in-Chief then below that it states : “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law” so on paper, Canada is a right wing monarchy by definition and this is why the left is driven to destroy Canada, to replace Canada with their Bolshevist Post National State
  14. no tho I don't oppose Putin more than I do any other dictator for example Canada sells weapons to Saudi Arabia if Canada can do that kind of business with MBS, I see no reason why Canada has to oppose Putin I simply love Ukraine, I love the Ukrainian people so now Putin has crossed a red line, he's over the Rubicon thus I oppose the Kremlin on this trace, as i did in the Cold War, for the same reason Slava Ukraini, Geroyim Slava
  15. females don't stand a chance against a man for close combat on civvy street but somehow they are equal in a trench for close combat in the infantry yeah okay sure zero chance I would want a female in a trench with me when it came to bayonet range I wouldn't take a girl with me for backup on the streets neither I've never met a female in the infantry who I couldn't have killed with my bare hands, without even breaking a sweat and in the infantry, I was a lover not a fighter, I was no super soldier, I was average but the weakest man in the ranks was orders of magnitude better than the strongest female and when the females couldn't compete, the pulled the chicken switch they made up bullshit stories about being "harassed" which made them liars, never to be trusted, that was the most disruptive aspect females do not adhere to the male dominance hierarchy females will quit shamelessly, females will lie shamelessly, they have no honour code they are a burden not a boon to the brotherhood, to claim otherwise is to deny human nature female finance clerks, female pilots, even female sailors, whatever, no biggie but females being effective infantry is not something I can agree with because it is just not true never pass a fault is how I was indoctrinated, harsh realm then, in order to meet some sort of mandate from the Liberals to make more female infantry the officers went against everything that they had trained me for whenever I failed a female at Batttleschool, the officer overrode my assessment : passed the fault whenever a female failed a P.O., she was given a "pass" by the Course Commander just another reason my faith in the chain of command collapsed in the 1990's the females were lying, the officers were lying, the whole chain of command was living.a lie at some point, you are confronted with the fact that your role was to kill & die for these liars in order to meet the political objectives of the Liberal Party of Canada there wasn't one thing the officers would not sell down the river there was no standard, the standard was tossed overboard all the time, even at the RCR Battleschool I prized the RCR Battleschool standard, I worshipped it it was hard for me to meet that standard, I pushed myself beyond my limits to meet it then it turned out to be a lie, the standard was totally flexible, it was utterly political it was a joke, the officers had obviously been ordered to "pass" the females no matter what then the ethos for joining in the first place starts to unravel quickly if you're going to kill other human beings don't do it for Canada, do not take a life for the filthy corruption of this leftist lunatic asylum don't live the lie, it's soul destroying the guy that made it tolerable was Clive Tasco Warrant Tasco protected us from the officers, I'll never forget his loyalty to the ranks Clive Tasco was an infantry brother, we all respected him, we all loved him Warrant Tasco defended his boys, even when the officers tried to throw us under the bus
  16. I'm more Toronto than you are Glenn Gould's Toronto the Good is where I grew up before you were born I bet
  17. here's a nice picture of the beach on the banks of the Ottawa Black Bear Beach, Lamure Bay, Petawawa
  18. on the trace in the Fulda Gap who would have thought it was all going to end so suddenly the East Germans just walking past the border guards at Checkpoint Charlie glorious
  19. in retrospect, I loved every minute of it, even the defaulters from when I was a boy soldier at 17 until I met my wife but when I met my wife, everything changed she's a high roller by my trailer park boy standards she was not going to be an army wife but it was love at first sight and she turned out to be my soulmate at which point, I could not abide the defence department getting between me & her at all so that's when I decided to turn in my kit, before 9-11, not even knowing that a war was about to break out
  20. yeah, send bachelor's guys who loaded up on wives & kids at a young age, bad idea if you hang around for decades, get to Senior NCO with time in salary, then okay but the young JR's getting married to some townie girl and having bairns, that's gonna jam you up I was young, I joined at 17, so I had an 18 year old girlfrriend that was perfect the whole family life down on the point with her mom & dad & little brother but all I was responsible for was my $115 a month for my room & meal card Renfrew is actually a single man's paradise plenty of country qt's around to date best thing on base is the beach what a beautiful beach that is, on the river across from Quebec it's a romantic place to take a date, I camped down there many times, hoochie for two
  21. one thing I loved about Y-101 the varsol bath in the weapons cleaning rooms they had the varsol on tap, with the spray guns, and the tubs to soak the rifles varsol is the best way to clean a C7 just make sure remove all the carsol to finish with CLP at the end
  22. I found the lifestyle to be the most impressive part of the CF I never had to live in PMQ's mind you I had my girlfriend's family home down on the Point to go to, which was lovely but a single room in G-101 was the cat's ass Trenton was even fancier, Trenton was cushy the food was great at Normandy Mess in Pet, same in Trenton and Y-101/102 was an impressive facility, the Death Star I would just say don't get married and have kids while serving in the infantry until you have enough rank & salary to buy a house down on the Point it's like my girlfrirend's father, Paul, he was an RCR Sergeant but he had moved on to base support staff, like he did maintenance around the base he was just staying in to pay for the mortgage & his motorcycle
  23. the gangsters in Regent Park weren't even tough, a lot of them were just kids there was no fist fights amongst the gangsters it was highly organized, an international cartel run from Kingston Jamaica they were totally focused on the drug trade, it was all business if you interfered in any way, you would just be shot in an ambush but i you weren't involved in the drug trade, you weren't on their radar Toronto is not actually rough in terms of brawling, the danger is at a much higher level
  24. says an ideological leftist from Toronto Canada as if you had any say in the matter /shrugs
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