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  1. I have no complaints about my government residential education at the RCR Battleschool best education a boy could ever have of course, at the time we were fighting against the Communists who have taken over in Ottawa now we were the best small army in the world vigilamus pro te
  2. ah well, no problem fall back to the 1 July that really matters in the end Battle of the Boyne 1690 Glorious Revolution God save King Billy & the Enlightenment itself Happy Dominion Day, Johnny Canuck nec aspera terrent
  3. I even dated a Mohawk girl once, for a couple months, her name was Dawn she was stunningly beautiful, red hair, green eyes, perfect swimsuit model body but she said I could never be her boyfriend, because her family would never accept that I got a taste of the ethno nationalism there, backfiring on me for a change ah well, it was fun while it lasted
  4. one time on Operation Salon I ended up surrounded by a hundred Mohawks, maybe more they were trying to pull the Maple Leaf down, they wanted to burn the flag I suppose so I went out to stop them from seizing the colours I appealed to their culture sorry, but I have to kill & die to defend this flag, you are forcing me to go to war against you, and to my own death they talked amongst themselves, then decided it wasn't honourable to make me do that, since I stood no chance turns out, Mohawk Warriors haven't changed much since they saved Canada from the Americans on Queenston Heights lucky for me, they weren't NPDIndians, these Mohawks were the real deal
  5. no quarter, no mercy for the Communists and their proxies but any Indian warrior, I will bury the hatchet with him, we are brothers
  6. the warrior culture was honourable, the Indians had their own empires Mohawks, Lakota Sioux, Apache, Comanche but the NDPIndians who side with the Communists throw their own culture under the bus
  7. I don't mind hearing about it I don't mind the Indians getting upset about it, go right ahead but the Identity politics are going to force us working & middle class whte males to defend ourselves then all the leftists and their proxies will hang enjoy your race war, I guess, but we are two thirds of the population, so it's a war you will lose in the end go ahead and force us to side with the Fenians, Canada, burn in a fire of your own making we will dance on your graves and carry on without you no quarter, no mercy, no sympathy for Indians who side with the Comminists they will get the war they are looking for, and lose it badly
  8. female soldiers are fine so long as they are not placed as a group in the close combat role the reason is evolutionary biology people think the problem is one of physical strength, how many push ups you can do, but that's not it the infantry is all about the male dominance hierarchy that is why we fight, for the brothers to the left & right of us females just don't feel it, that bonding brotherhood, they don't have the same evolved ethos so in order to integrate females in the close combat role, you have to civilianlize it but this is where an army like Canada's lost its edge the only reason the Canadian Army could punch above its weight class ? Johnny Canuck was just was more hardcore than the rest, out to prove himself but if you turn it into an armed civil service with office politics ? then it's not the elite Canadian Corps it once was more British than the British themselves, in the face of the Americans, upon the Heights of Queenston God save Queen Victoria, Mother Canada, and Her Mohawk Warriors
  9. all the institutions of Canada have fallen to the postmodernist Woke revolution enabled by the Chinese Communists even if they call this "Canada" it's not really Canada anymore this is what is called a Potemkin Village Canada has in effect fallen to hostile foreign powers Information warfare invasion you might as well consider Canada to be occupied territory as this juncture
  10. in terms of the Westphalian paradigm, Canadian Confederation is the not the agreement which defends me I am defended by the United Kingdom - United States Security Agreement ( UKUSSA ) so that is my de facto Westphalian Nation State for all intents & purposes the Canada Act 1982 is just a tax jurisdiction, Canadian Confederation simply a bureaucracy upon my neck
  11. patriotism has become irrelevant in this postmodern age identity politics is not going away I've simply abandoned patriotism in the face of this identarian paradigm thus I am just Anglo American, in defence of the Enlightenment & Classical Liberalism there is no particular government which I support simply the Glorious Revolution & the War of Independence it's Marshall McLuhan Information War, adapt or perish
  12. if you want to swear fealty to it, go right ahead that has nothing to do with me, I don't have to swear fealty to things I do not believe in I have no fealty to the Canada Act 1982, just like Quebec, I never signed it if the Bloc Quebecois can be dedicated to ending the Confederation, surely I can be as well
  13. I none the less hold to my oath to defend Elizabeth Windsor it's not all about the money, it's just not about a people's republic neither I remain a Loyalist to the founding of my actual nation Canadian Confederation is just a Confederation, an agreement, for which you have to pay a fee to live within as I have said before, Canada is not a metaphysical thing, Canada is merely a bureaucracy the metaphysical begins at House of Orange, Dieu et mon droit, Nec Aspera Terrent that the average Canadian has no idea what that means, doesn't sway me from the story of my people quite sure my great grandfather would be proud of what I have achieved, that's all that matters really Cuidich 'n Righ
  14. not to mention, we pay a tremendous amount of taxes my wife & I have paid literally millions in taxes it's not like we are behind on our payments of the fee to live in Canada some Canadian thinks I owe him something, he is misguided, we are fully paid up
  15. at the end of the day, I am not hard done by I got the girl, I got the money, I got it all I've even got the guns, it's not like Canada actually bans owning guns, they just make it a pain in the ass when it comes to politics, my concern is honestly for those men without the means I am not pulling the drawbridge up behind me, I'm trying to pass on the means of success in life it is those without the means who are going to be crushed in the end by the Liberal Party of Canada at the same time, you can't save people from themselves most Canadians are so ignorant of history, the story of their people, they don't even know what their interests are most Canadians internalize the interests of the Liberal Party of Canada oligarchy as if it was mother's milk you can lead a Canadian to water, but you can't make him drink
  16. the problem for me is, the only states worth going to are Red States Florida, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina but my wife refuses to live there, she's all Canadian girl, the rednecks of Dixie terrify her she will only go to a Blue State so that's just out of the frying pan into the fire might as well stay in Canada rather than go to Boston, Boston would be the worst of both worlds
  17. there was a time when the Canadian Forces was a little pocket of Canada where you could self actualize there was mission command, you were given a mission, you decided how to execute by the commander's intent just like the recruiting posters said, you could be all you could be, you could be truly excellent this is why we say it was a privilege & honour to serve when you got back to civilian life, you realized it was just a bunch of zombies lining up to get coffee Tim Horton's I mean, I have done very well for myself, applying what I was taught at Battleschool but most Canadians never even think to take it there, they are just lined up at TIm Horton's, waiting patiently so be it, it's not a republic, I don't owe those people anything, I am not bound to have any fealty to them this is the great advantage of living in Canada as opposed to America because the moment I step back into the republic, America is my problem, I have to do something about it while I am here under the rule of the British Crown, I am only bound to obey the law and pay my taxes
  18. well, the change is that the political elites who run Canada don't believe in any of that the elites in Canada are running a de facto oligarchy, which needs to be propped up by foreign powers the relationship between the rulers of Canada and the people is similar to the Chinese you can have everything in Canada, except political freedom Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Canada will provide for the first three levels if you have enough money you can buy your way into level four but he fifth level of need, Self Actualization, that has been decapitated by the elites most Canadians spend most of their time trying to fulfill the first three levels of need, so they don't notice most Canadians don't have the time nor wherewithal to self actualize, because the elites keep them desperate
  19. like my great grandfather before me, I defend the Glorious Revolution of 1688 when Canada was a bulwark for the Enlightenment & associated Orange Order, Canada was worth defending now that Canada has become diametrically opposed to that age of reason, Canada has become the enemy
  20. frankly, without the British identity, Canada has become a very small, parochial & ignorant place Canadians are not worldly as they fancy themselves to be Canadians were part of the world when Canada was British the Post National Sate of Canada is a fearful, misapprehended & rather sad little place now Canada used to embrace the world, now Canada spends its time trying to keep the world at bay a Potemkin Village which can only survive if it is protected from the truth of things a Canada which literally invokes thought crime, in desperation to keep its rubes down on the farm
  21. I remember it well, and there was no problem really there was no shame of being a Dominion of Britain there was an understanding that British was not a Race, British was not a place, British was a worldwide franchise British did not mean English, nor Scots, nor Welsh, nor Irish British was at a level above all that, the Empire reframed as the Commonwealth Canada was British, Jamaica was British, Hong Kong was British, the sun never set upon the British that Canada was part of all that, was not viewed as being a shame nor a crime, as it is now
  22. the narrative of Framers as applied to Canada is simply false to invoke Canadian "Framers" is to lack understanding of what framed the constitution in America the framing is in the Declaration of Independence preamble, the frame is that they were overthrowing the Crown Canada has never overthrown the Crown, Canada is a Confederation founded by bureaucrats and that wasn't founded on 1 July 1867, but rather not until 25 March 1982 and that founding was by, for, and through the Liberal Party of Canada it's the Liberal Party of Canada flag, the Liberal Party of O' Canada anthem, a one party state for all intents & purposes perhaps someday Canadians will have some Framers that would be whoever goes to war against the Liberal Party of Canada to overthrow their despotic rule in terms of why the PM is not investigated by a third party, that is because the PM is the Queen's Executive Westminster Parliamentary Supremacy invests the office of PM with the authority of the Monarch there is no third party above the Queen, the authority of the Queen is unimpeachable
  23. should note tho, at no point in this diary does he ever write the word "Canadian" "Canadian" does not appear anywhere in the diary when he writes "we" he means "British" to him, he is British, Canada is Britain, he's not fighting for Ottawa, he's fighting for George V the King is mentioned several times, the government of Canada is never mentioned
  24. things start to change near the very end of the diary suddenly the entrees are very short, just notes, less than a page because they are moving now, it's the Hundred Days Offensive he says much less, but it's clear at this point that they feel like they are finally winning the main theme is that the Americans have arrived, so the Germans are done for now
  25. now, I've poured over my great granfather's diary from the Great War there are exactly three pages dedicated to Vimy Ridge it's hard to read some of his handwriting, but I get the just of it in real time he is not celebrating, it's not the great event the myth makes it out to be the purpose of all these attacks was to breach the German lines and basically all he says is that he won't be home anytime soon, because the Germans are defending in depth it wasn't actually a victory, they didn't win anything, they barely made a dent in the German defences
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