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  1. no subject matter can be classified unlawfully classification cannot be employed to cover up treason against the King Scots wha hae wi Wallace bled Scots wham Bruce has often led CIIIR - Pro Patria
  2. why can't the Department of Public Safety Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams round all these Chinese agents up and put them under arrest ? since these enemies of the Crown are operating with impunity upon Canadian soil this is is first invasion of Canada since Ridgeway 1866 the catalyst for Confederation itself if there is no public inquiry into that then what purpose does the Government of Canada even serve ? the first role of a nation state being national security against hostile foreign powers since the Treaty of Westphalia 1648 if we do not take a stand now, ready for the fray, then when ?
  3. but sir, you are Canadian Scottish Regiment ( Princess Mary's ) Lowland Scots shall never yield in the face of foreign tyranny Glorious Revolution of 1688 if the likes of you will not even stand against Chinese Communist subjugation then all is lost
  4. the Chinese Communist totalitarian dictatorship in Beijing is a mortal peril sworn enemies of the British Crown seeking its subjugation if this diabolical regime has infiltrated our government at the highest levels that is stand to Soldiers of the Crown, rally to the Colours, in defence of British North America itself Ducimus
  5. a nation forged in blood & fire from Queenston Heights to Vimy Ridge to win the Great War in a Hundred Days from Amiens, to Mons on the last day of the war my great grandfather was there from Second Ypres with 72nd ( Overseas ) Battalion, The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada my ancestor, Captain Jacob Smith, came here in 1757, when it was still Nouvelle France press ganged by the Royal Navy at Liverpool, to fight the Seven Years War concluded by the Treaty of Paris 1763 the basis of all Canadian constitutional law, the only claim we have on these lands Cuidich 'n Righ
  6. Canada lost its greatest bard

    forty years ago this week

    Stan Rogers died 2 June 1983

  7. this is where it is most important to understand the constitutional separation of powers under the rule of the British Crown within the confines of Westminster Parliamentary Supremacy police officers, military personnel & the security services are only bound by their oaths of allegiance to the monarch no officer nor soldier of the Crown swears any oath to defend the ruling party in the House of Commons this is by design; in order to prevent a tyranny
  8. but if MP's within the government are acting on behalf of a hostile foreign power in any way that is Treason by Section 46 of the Criminal Code and the government itself is attempting to cover this up CSIS has a duty to report the crime to the Commander-in-Chief, above the heads of government
  9. here again would be the monarchy in action in that, all MP's have sworn an oath to the monarch, and so are in theory all bearing true & faithful allegiance therein but as the majority of Canadians now reject the constitutional monarchy as being legitimate the state of affairs in degenerating towards civil war
  10. no this is a Westminster Parliament and a minority government if the security services invoke their oaths of allegiance in order to expose the government as being compromised and that causes the government to fall by losing the confidence of the House therein that is an entirely constitutional peaceful transfer of power exactly how a Westminster Parliament is intended to function
  11. but CSIS doesn't owe its loyalty to the government, only to the monarch if CSIS has determined that the government is under the undue influence of a hostile foreign power they have a duty to report that to Parliament ; in the name of HM The King
  12. no harm done in being a Loyalist, a Royalist, a Monarchist of British North America you'll live forever, when the Pipers play
  13. indeed but in HM experience, it is not the role of the monarch to be head of government HM defends the right, by the supremacy of God and the rule of law well above the office of Prime Minister, who is merely a gloried bureaucrat the Sovereign, Head of State & Commander-in-Chief remains above the fray it would be folly to try to drag HM The King down to the level of ignominious politician
  14. I have attended the Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium undoubtedly the most fearsome circuit of them all, where the death defying Eau Rouge awaits the pilots but when it comes to enjoying a race as a spectator nothing compares to Montreal the drivers all say it is the best, the closest they ever come to their fans, in downtown Montreal and all you have to do is jump on the Metro ten minutes later, you walk straight into the circuit at Île Notre-Dame where I had the privilege to see the greatest driver of them all
  15. except Canada has now completely adopted the imported ideologies of America what is left of Canada, when HM Queen Victoria, Mother Canada, is torn down in the name of American Wokeism ? the ramparts have fallen, the barbarians are through the gates, into the temple
  16. Jacques Villeneuve, son of Gilles, in the Williams drives Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari, off the track to win the 1997 Formula 1 World Championship the greatest moment in Canadian racing history
  17. in Canada, there is only one racing series which has ever mattered Formula 1 the Grand Prix du Canada au Montreal
  18. Lame Deer Veteran's Powwow Northern Cheyenne Semper Fidelis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw6HeOoSYto
  19. The Old Crow sat on a tree branch, watching an old lady hand out whistles and say ; use this whistle to find each other Apsáalooké means "children of the large-beaked bird"
  20. Army Guy sussed you out first, NDP Fox the "Conservative" who viciously attacks all the conservatives on the forum
  21. I'm still voting for PP on the recommendation of you & Zeitgeist regardless of this false flag claiming to represent the Conservatives Army Guy is right, this guy is like an NDP plant to discredit the Conservative Party can you imagine Pierre Poilievre viciously attacking a multi tour combat veteran like Army Guy ? yeah, me neither
  22. there is no need to renounce my citizenship as on paper, Canada is still a monarchy under the rule of the British Crown all that is required to be a citizen of Canada, is to take the oath of allegiance to HM The King there's nothing the left wing lunatic asylum can do about it because they are too feeble to amend the constitution
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