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  1. that is the Hegelian Dialectic in action the Socialist Canadian media is attempting to eliminate you by simply erasing you from the public discourse in its most extreme form, you get the Khmer Rouge, where the Socialists march you into the Killing Fields
  2. the thing to understand is that Communism is a faith, a secular religion Communism is the perfectly egalitarian society, a post scarcity Utopia the mechanism for reaching this secular heaven on earth; is Socialism the vast majority of Canadians do not actually understand what Socialism is and how it works Socialism is all about the Hegelian Dialectic and how that actually works, is that the Socialists incite a clash in society, a civil war in essence and through the conflict, the socialists eliminate all the infidels, the non believers thus is how they achieve their Utopia and why the ended up mass murdering over 100 million people in the 20th century if the Socialists fail, if they induce an economic collapse in pursuit of their Utopia this will incite a mirror image opposite revanchist counterrevolution called National Socialism the National Socialists will then mass murder the Socialists and anyone they deem to be Socialist proxies
  3. but Canada is not a republic there is no public rule you get to vote for an MP, that's it, that's all beyond that, the Laurentian Elites rule in your stead, in the name of the Crown that is how a monarchy works
  4. the Conservatives are the Laurentian Elites the Conservatives are afraid to even be conservative, lest they lose the Liberal swing voters National Socialism only rises in the wake of a total economic collapse ferocious racialized revanchism bent on genocidal mass murder
  5. Communist revolutions rise in the face of absolute monarchies, military dictatorships, apartheid states, etc when a Western liberal economy implodes that's when the National Socialists will rise not by revolution, they will be voted in
  6. I don't see a Judaeo-Christian Canada under siege from Islamists all I see is a godless atheist Socialist Canada attempting to legislate against religion itself I would suggest that the dangerous religion in Canada is actually Communism infiltrating under the guise of "Social Justice"
  7. things change but it's not linear history is not a straight line towards an Utopia it's a cycle, it goes in circles
  8. but Canadian culture now doesn't even believe in that anymore Canadian culture now is essentially Socialist, a product of Hegel & Marx, not Martin Luther
  9. well, that would make you a "White Oriental Gentleman" yourself not being a native of that Island Canada existed to serve the economic military needs of the Empire 100,000 Canadians killed to defend Saxe, Coburg & Gotha, from Flanders 1915 to Holland 1945
  10. not that I would declaim you I certainly see your point of view the problem is that the Canadian Nationalism you seek to invoke simply doesn't exist Canada is a product of the British Empire, the Canada Act 1982 merely an extension of that and the British Empire was Multicultural by design the bulk of the British population was actually Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, African & Arab Roman Germanic Norse Britons were only a small fraction of the population of Britain we British went out to conquer the world, and we succeeded not by nationalism tho by empire, which is the antithesis of nationalism an empire erases nationalism and replaces it with franchise the Indians from South Asia are just as British as Canadians are, joining the Empire together in the Treaty of Paris 1763 frankly, Hindu's, Muslims, Sikhs & Chinese are even more British than quasi-French Canadian Confederation realpolitik, we conquered these peoples, then imposed our culture upon them Glorious Revolution of 1688, Lowland Scots Protestant Enlightenment, Hanoverian German Crown these people are not foreigners these are our people, as we are the ones who made them British thus, people from India & China want to go to America, Britain, Canada, Australia & New Zealand that's the culture they fit into, they can never be Norwegian, they can only be British British is not a race, British is not a place, it was 25% of the world's population, the sun never setting upon it India was the Jewel in the Crown, Hong Kong was the most British place on earth the British Empire was an Asian empire, through Suez to the Fat East the previous English empire was actually overthrown by a foreigner a Ductchman William III, Prince of Orange, founder of the modern British liberal state & associated Empire Anglo-Saxon-Norse-French, captured by the Dutch, ruled by the Germans imposing their couture & political system upon millions of Asians, South Asians & Africans India was not even a country until we made it India is our invention, we imposed that on the people there conversely, Canada is not actually our invention Canada is French, we simply took it from them as a war prize so In fact, India is more British than Canada if you want to separate yourself from this history if you want to declare independence from this empire there is only one practical way to do that which is to join the American republic to the south, the only viable alternative
  11. I didn't say he was exactly like TR, I said he was more like TR than he is like Jesus Christ the rich guy from NYC whom the working classes rally around against the Silicon Valley Robber Barons Bull Moose in this day & age, information war is the deciding factor, Vietnam doesn't really apply
  12. I don't think they were particularly conservative on the aggregate seemed to be a coalition of conservatives & liberals against the extreme government overreach of Trudeau I would say that most of them would have been Liberals in the past probably, Chretien Liberals Trudeau has simply taken the party so far to the lunatic left, that he is leaving the centre wide open
  13. DeSantis should definitely crack down on protesters in Florida because those will be Democrats support the Canadian freedom movement crush the Democrat traitors to the republic
  14. oi, look at what it says on the DeSantis podium yeehaw
  15. as I say, you have to adopt the ethos of the immigrants they are not here to fix Canada Canada is not a republic, so they are not responsible for that the immigrants just work for their families, mingle amongst themselves, and generally ignore Canada in the background all you get to vote for is an MP after that, your influence is at an end, in Canada
  16. nobody has done more damage to the Liberals than JT he's ignited a backlash in Canada like I've never seen before even the young are fleeing the Liberals to the Conservatives
  17. Republicans certainly have come around to it the Truckers of course, are heroic figures Jordan Peterson is the Marshall McLuhan of his age Gad Saad, David Freiheit, Ezra Levant, all getting lots of play in America now you can make a career in America being a Canadian conservative all of a sudden
  18. Canada is an noncompetitive protectionist enterprise unto itself protecting Canadian monopolies is literally all Canada is about culture is destiny I can't waste anymore time waiting for Canada to take flight I'm just getting on with my life moving on
  19. oh goodness no, American Republicans don't want Commie Canadians flooding over the border keep those lunatic Bolsheviks where they belong, in America's frozen GULAG
  20. the greatest reason not to have fealty to the contemporary Canadian nationalism is that it is all based on insecurity it's not about being a proud, confident Canada, it's not the Vimy Myth anymore it's about being a fearful Canada, wanting to be a hermit kingdom that's nothing that I have any interest in joining
  21. I mostly just hang out with my wife in the backyard, playing with the dogs
  22. nah, I'd go with the Americans I've worked with them enough to know they pull out all the stops unlike Canada & Britain, which do everything on the cheap Rangers, lead the way
  23. so no particular reason to have any fealty to it on behalf of Canada largely symbolic is just an euphemism for totally irrelevant
  24. well, I get plenty of exercise at work, lifting steel all day the screen is the only place I can connect with like minded fellow travellers like you I don't go to the pubs to meet humans anymore, since you can't smoke there in this nanny police state I'm getting old now, the arthritis is in my hands & knees, so I do pop some painkillers to work, I'll admit I'm not on Facebook tho, I only come here to post
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