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  1. We are not making anything right, we have said sorry a million times, we have given away vast sums of money, we have agreed to give some land back...and yet what has changed Dialamah, nothing really...except make a good portion of FN people dependent on government. Nothing this government or any government can do to reverse any of it...no amount of money, no amount of land, the government will continue to operate like it always has, with the entire land mass of Canada. If it wants it it will take it, we just delay action because there is nothing in it for the government. They are not bad people, they have been beaten like a dog, we force them to stay on reserves to get tax-free money and support bad fiscal policies that FN nations have. Here is an idea, we stop all that, no more special treatment, they receive what every other Canadian is entitled to. We could give them self-government, We could create their own schools, their own towns, and industry. we let them stand on their own 2 feet, we give them a purpose, we give them an opportunity, and we stop all these land treaties, and welfare-type payments to each FN person, we give them an opportunity to be independent. There are many FN people who are successful in our world, so it can be done, and who better to do that than them.
  2. Is that what they teach you in Russia, that Russians won the war... Let's not forget it was Russia that gave the Germans so much of the Russian countryside, in the first place, because Russians are lovers, not fighters right.... you're too funny, Is that why Stalin cried to the western nations to invade France and open another front... And who took the other half of Europe, and forced them into slavery? Killing millions of Ukrainians, or thousands of polish soldiers, not to mention the killing of the unarmed German soldiers that were POWs, saying Russia has a problematic past is an understatement don't you think. Yes, what happened to our native American population is a stain on our nation's history, but nothing compares to Russia's blood-stained history. well maybe Germany, China, and mother Russia are the 3 main killers of human history, lets's not forget North Korea. See the pattern here fascist, or communist countries. So please don't lecture anyone on their history, ours may be tainted, but yours is dripping blood.
  3. 1. I'm not going to argue with you over who is right or wrong, I'm sure that the world is a better place without Saddam and his sons, as for Afghanistan well, an attack on American soil is pretty serious. What was Russia's excuse to Invade Afghanistan again, and did they win or lose? 2. So you're stating the entire country of Ukraine are Nazis? No one is denying that there is a regiment that has ties to fascism, what of the other 350,000 Ukrainian troops are they all Nazi. You have already said that is not an excuse to invade and to take part in the gynecide that is happening right now. The Russian Army has told lies to their own troops to get them to be willing to cross the border from the start of this special operation. And now they are starting to get the WHY they are there and a lot of them are refusing to fight. most of them know it is not right to exterminate Ukrainians like rats, women, children, and the elderly not to mention the complete destruction of all the infrastructure. SO training a few Nazi soldiers somehow compares to what Russia is doing right now. 3. You keep making excuses for mother Russia and her outlaws, So what is next... If Gen Patton had finished the job in 1945 no one would have been discussing this today. Your hero Stalin would have been hanging by a rope, and history would have been much different.
  4. Your 100 % right, but I don't see us shutting the border down to American women, do you?
  5. How does who jurisdiction it is going to reflect on health care systems across the nation are stressed to the breaking point? And Justin won't do anything for Canadians what makes you think he is going to give more funds to the provinces for US citizens. Besides Canadians will just grin and bare it anyways, do they even care enough about health care?
  6. And the solution is what exactly, pay them off, land claims alone reach over a trillion... do we break up Canada and give them back the land, ship every Canadian citizen to the US,? What happened is tragic, but nothing we do is going to undo any of it. the path forward is what?
  7. Well, that's good enough for me, let's invade Ukraine, let's burn it to the ground... let's kill everyone we can kill. I don't mean to put words in your mouth, but most western countries have neo-Nazi movements in them, ya the US, Canada, Germany, France, shit most western nations, let's commit genocide under the pretense of getting rid of Nazis globally' not to mention South America. Takes a special kind of low life ( because Russia does not have soldiers,) just thugs and killers to kill women and children and unarmed men...which is why the mighty Russian army still has not conquered its objectives yet...because they are cowards. How many Jews did the Russians kill?, better yet how many Ukrainians did mother Russia starve to death, lets do not even talk about the other blood-soaked hands of mother Russia.. Ya, I know western propaganda...Stalin was a saint, I'm sure he is burning in hell as we speak...
  8. Because we live in a democratic society, or did you think that just the women in parliament got to vote on making abortion legal here in Canada. We should be able to talk about any topic that our nation has laws on. It's how we solve problems in our nation through discussion. As the laws impact all of us.
  9. And here I thought this was a women-only choice, or so the narrative goes, "my body my choice" so who really has the ultimate choice, who owns the responsibility for taking birth control, women. Now if you are both responsible adults, then both should ensure some protection is being taken. and not have to rely on a medical procedure as a primary choice..
  10. Nobody in politics in Canada is even discussing abortion here in Canada, abortion in Canada is not being threatened by any means. And we are not forcing women to breed like it was some puppy mill, it would be nice to be able to discuss the topic, but it seems to be off-limits, if you are not a woman, perhaps we could talk about using abortion as a birth control measure and forcing people to rethink their responsibilities when having sex. when people are too damn lazy to use the thousands of birth control measures already on the market. And yes it is concerning that there might be a flood of people coming into Canada for medical procedures when our medical system is already stressed to the breaking point.
  11. That's the problem with crown lease land you never own it out right, his family should have known that this could happen. That being said do today's Canadians have to pay for something that happened more than 150 years ago. Maybe we could give back all the land, plus 10 white people as slaves to every first nation person in the name of reconciliation of course...divide the nation of Canada into the thousands of tribal areas that once existed. and we can all live off the land and live happily ever after... Just a question do other tribes have to give back land they took off from other tribes during raids or tribal wars and how far back in history do we go.. I don't think anyone is proud of all our past history, but where do you draw the line in reconciliation. and will it solve anything?
  12. When the Yugo mission was still being run by the UN, allied forces use to call the 2 Bn battle groups CAN'T BAT 1 and CAN'T BAT 2, because we were barely allowed outside of the camp, and when we did go out there was a list of caveats...Since Justin took power "remember the big We're back " speech at UN HQ they are still waiting for Justin to live up to his comment...our UN troop levels have diminished drastically, today we are in single digits. today we are not even on the stick. Whatever reputation we had gained in Afghanistan is now long gone, we are a nation of lairs and storytellers now.
  13. He is already forgotten, except by his family and friends, and his military comrades...It is bad when a teenage girl from Ukraine can get a hold of more military supplies than the Canadian government, for me that tells the whole story about our nation.
  14. Canadians don't get that fact, and never will , they think everything is better than fine in our military. Now that we are inclusive and everything. That being said might as well give the whole store away, MAYBE it might spur someone to purchase more and newer equipment.
  15. It won't be long and Canadians will tire of this war, and withdraw it's support to Ukraine. Just like Afghanistan, not that it our contributions have amounted to much as we are cheap as fuck. All we really accomplished was clean out the closet of all our junk... tied up valuable resources from other countries that were sending modern equipment. Fuck Russia, since when did we settle territory disputes with genocide, and total destruction of cities, and towns. villages. we either fund Ukraine or step in directly or give Putin everything he wants..
  16. That's not in my experience, our park in Fredericton is used by a lot of different groups either protesting or just informing people of their cause, The park is also used by a lot of elderly people to go walking, etc, I've seen some of these groups harass people just out for a walk, most of these conversations end up in yelling matches or get physical with police being called.. So it is not just on the forums... Not many want to discuss anything, just lecture, and scream and shout. and it is not just the left the right has its wing nuts as well Step out of the family zone, and talk to someone in the streets or bar, and talk politics see where that goes..
  17. Interview from ex-Canadian vet fighting in Ukraine. Remarks about the equipment Canada has already sent over to Ukraine calls most of it JUNK. Is this truly the best equipment we have and why are we sending junk to a nation in need. See what Retired gen Hillier has to say. Ivison: From Ukraine’s front lines, exclusive interview with a Canadian Forces veteran (msn.com)
  18. 1..." I" called you smart Michael, it was meant as a compliment, not everyone is trying to attack you, or accuse you of anything. Except for the "dick" part, that I did mean. I implied that is why I joined this forum to learn more as I was not the smart guy in the room.
  19. That's the problem with Canada the left and right are entrenched in their beliefs, why is that? So much so that a lot of discussions are off-limits and only end in screaming matches.
  20. See no need for protestors to stop an important pipeline from getting built, all you need is to put a bird's nest in its path and it's done for most of the summer. And we wonder why the previous owners threw up their hands and walked away, It is extremely hard to get infrastructure built here in Canada, we are our own enemies, and we have tied both arms up with red tape. Things are getting a little crazy in crazy town... Woodpecker nest halts construction of TMX pipeline near Bridal Falls, B.C. (msn.com)
  21. Why draw the line right here, what was wrong with past laws that were sketchy like religious symbols, or previous language laws. We can not pick and choose we need to be consistent, and so far the federal government is worried about votes and perceptions and has been consistently looking the other way. . Quebec has many seats and these laws are popular with Quebecor's.. so a lot of "look a Squirrel" going on.
  22. 1. Yes 6.4 % of GDP in 2017, a slump year for oil and gas, i can not find any figures for any other years that break it down completely that take into account just oil and gas sectors, and the other includes industries that depend on oil and gas industry that have not been added to that sum.. God only knows what oil and gas are contributing in 2022 with fuel prices the way they are. Not counting what other industries are tied to the oil and gas sectors The oil and gas sector is the 3 rd largest contributor to GDP, In 2017, there was a total of 611,362 jobs associated with the Canadian oil and gas sector – 216,285 direct and 395,077 indirect "well-paying jobs that paid income taxes, Justin broke laws to save a few thousand, what would he be willing to do to save 611,362 The Oil and Gas Sector’s Contribution to Canada’s Economy - Energy News for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry | EnergyNow.ca 2. There is a huge difference between criticism and being a dick, don't worry I'm over it. 3. That's my excuse, Michael, as I'm not the smart guy in the room, you used to be that guy, and now that the inmates have taken over the school you are more of the pissed-off an employee and it shows in your posts lately, my opinion. 4. Well the pandemic did something positive did it not, of all 3 plans the liberals have come up with, are any on track to meet their goals. Even though the last plan is not enough to meet our 2030 targets, I count that as a failure. How close is Canada to meeting global emissions targets? - Victoria Times Colonist 5. You are lucky you live in the city that has public transport, Most do not so technically you are right there has been a small change, what of the other millions that have no other options, For some people in Ontario it is common to travel 45 minutes or more to get to work via their car...The question is did it drop or change the majority of Canadian drivers' habits dramatically. . We will have to see if it brings change to the carbon emissions where it counts. 6. Yes it is, dire, and yes saving 11 cents per liter would make a difference, that 11 cents we are talking about are added not just to gas, but everything, that businesses provide, do you know what business does not pass this on taxes or extra costs to the consumer... not very many, so the 11 cents is compounded in many ways. "that's math by the way" 7. The main objective here is climate change, no to tackle a "declared climate emergency", with less than 10 % of all the taxes collected going to R+D for greener energy it is hard to take any action really seriously... it sure would make the 11-cent a liter tax go down much easier if we treated it as an emergency, and dumped it all into R+D, plus some billions from government coffers...one has to ask are we investing more on green energy projects, like micro nuclear plants, more hydro projects, etc. 8. So we are not meeting our own goals we set out to accomplish, all of these punitive measures are not producing the desired outcome, Other related events are pushing whatever progress we are showing. we have a government that hit the panic button, declared an emergency, and well is not in emergency mode yet. lack of planning for the future, like building new sources of power, and its infrastructure not just by feds but provincial as well. It is hard to get excited about climate change when our leaders don't really show any real action..
  23. 1. I personally don't give a rats ass what Other people say or think about you, I responded to you because your comments in my opinion lean towards your support of the current liberal plan on climate change and its effectiveness. thus opening the whole climate change topic up for discussion. of course, I understand if you find conspiracies more entertaining. I'll save you some time and you should stop reading right here, as I am no longer interested in your response as it adds nothing to the topic at hand. Maybe next time if you're going to be a dick and don't respond. 2. I thought a smart guy like you would already know the obvious, but OK, everyone knows that the previous Liberal Party's climate change plans have not met any of its objectives "ever" is a known fact or we would not be on plan number 3 . Carbon pricing main objective is to lower the carbon emissions, and yet they have climbed every year that carbon pricing has been implemented, carbon pricing was introduced to make the public think twice about driving because of the price increase, tax it enough and the people will stop usage. Now that world events have fossil fuels at twice the price, do you think we are driving less? People are going about their daily business, regardless of price. people are still traveling, by plane bus, car, or train. more than ever thanks to the end of lockdowns. 3. Maybe you are a millionaire mike and have not felt any changes to your pocketbook, but look around everything cost more, and yes the carbon tax has some responsibility for that. Maybe you don't think that 11 cents a liter are not being passed on to consumers. Business passes everything on to the consumers, increasing costs for production, and transportation. I know you city boys think shit just magically appears on store shelves. 10 % of all climate change funds that are collected are invested to support the below. Does not leave much for other R&D in new climate change ideas or technology. That's what I call fighting a "climate emergency" Climate Action Incentive payment amounts for 2022-23 - Canada.ca
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