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  1. Yes SAR goes out on thin ice, i could send you a video if you want, in fact they have saved pets on thin ice. And of course there was a military SAR team that parachuted onto to a floating ice burg in the Atlantic to save an Inuit boy... Again your painting everyone with the same brush, the only persons they are putting into danger is themselves, most are following the restrictions put in place, so how are they putting you in danger. like i said a million times even the vaccinated can spread the virus so everyone is a loaded gun... We are not talking about not smoking in buildings or the 80's , we are talking about the restrictions getting way out of hand, like firing someone from their jobs , or taking them off life saving organ transplant lists...and they are only trending up fro here... what do you think is next to get everyone vaccinated..
  2. Trust me , i was in the same frame of mind as you where, not so long ago, i have been vaccinated, but the restrictions are getting carried away now, and it is all a ploy to drive up the number of vaccinated as close to 100 as possible ...not that long ago the magic number was 75 % then 80, god knows what it is now...the goal posts are constantly moving... Here in Canada you'd be lucky to get 500 ft with a rifle in downtown before being arrested by some swat unit...guns scare most Canadians to death apparently... your not saying being non vaccinated is like holding a rifle downtown.... you do know that a vaccinated person can transmit the virus as well...all the vaccine does for you is increase the odds of you surviving covid... it does not cure you, or prevent you from becoming infected, so any one can carry and spread the virus. so everyone has a rifle in downtown,
  3. My point is this Everyone in this country is entitled to medical care regardless if they are a murder, killer, terrorist, they all get the care they need in any Canadian hospital. with one exception if you don't have your covid shots... there are dozens of cases of people told to stay out of avalanche areas and don't, or warned not to go in certain areas, and they do...same as boating accidents going fishing in a hurricane is never advisable and yet there are some dummies that go anyway... and SAR gos and gets these people regardless, or atleast makes the attempt...
  4. We have enacted safe guards that for the most part have brought us up to this point, social distancing, face masks, if you are unvaccinated limited travel, meaning no going to unnecessary places like restaurants, while vaccinated people do not have that restriction... but now we are going above and beyond sensible, taking people off organ transplant lists, firing them from jobs, and in some cases not allowing them to practice their profession in the province every again...and a lot of people are good with all of that, no arguments. What i find troubling is if they are willing to go this far, watch a person die from not receiving medical treatment or destroy that persons career because they made a personal choice... and if all of that is kosher with everyone where does it go next week, arresting them, putting them in camps...i know thats what i thought when it came down to allowing someone to die....putting someone in camps is not a big jump from allowing them to die
  5. There are lost of cases we treat at hospitals everyday, that no one has any problems with, that had nothing to do with sensibility ,take suicide for instance, here is a trouble person that has unsuccessfully tried to take their life, and your tax dollars used for health dare are going to get burned up treating this person, drug over doses ,injured drunk drivers, stupid accidents like jumping school buses with a moped" watch this hold my beer ...we treat all of them no questions... except covid now we stop and ask do you have your shots sorry you'll have to leave...so why just covid we could save a bundle by having all of them just pay they're own way...or refuse them care , but that is not how we set our health care up right, we treat everyone. including murders shot by police, arsonist that burned down a school, terrorist that blew up a church here in Canada everyone is treated by medical staff, unless your unvaxed... yes as soon as anything has to do with government there is going to be huge waste of everything money, time energy, etc...and yet for decades we are fine with that... except now for some reason, why ? What do you really bare the brunt for, do we charge people who need rescue be it in the Atlantic or mountains do we go and look for them, or do we say stupid f***er that was your choice, good luck .
  6. Sorry just finishing turkey left overs, we had thanks giving post phoned a week because thats what the primer wanted anyway i'm a little food drunk... so your message flew over my head , practice for what ?
  7. Let me guess the unvaccinated , they don't pay taxes, they don't contribute to our health care system, last time i checked any Canadian has free access to our health care without discrimination be it from religious, or cultural differences. i guess that does not count any more... and now the mob gets to decide who gets what...they don't want your sympathy but rather to be treated as any other Canadians is.
  8. They (unvaccinated)are not turning down a life saving treatment hence why they are on the list to start with.... , the doctors are the ones doing that they are turning down the surgeries, taking patients off the lists, that is there action .... Yes it seems doctors have a lot more important things to do, like who is going to get treatment and who is not.... And who decides what is a good decision and what is bad, you, the majority... last time i checked we live in a democracy where we have the right to make choices, any and all choices whether you like them or not. do you check in with the neighbors every decision you make. do you foam at the mouth when they make the wrong choices like your doing now. Still refusing to take some of the blame, again i don't have to like your choices... but I do not support refusing much needed medical attention, or getting you fired from your job like you do.. But you have made it your problem, your voicing your opinions or should i say hard choices on the subject, if it meant nothing to you why even comment why would you even care ? And your 100% right that is their problem not yours it does not effect you or any of your rights or freedoms..
  9. Getting vaccinated does not stop the spread of the virus you know that right, anyone can be a spreader including the vaccinated...getting vaccinated means you are not going to feel the the full force of the virus and will lessen your chances of dying. and less of a burden on our medical system. It is not a cure nor will it prevent death.
  10. You don't know the WHY people are refusing to get vaccinated, nor do you care, all that is important to you is that your right, and they are wrong so much so that you don't care if they die or not....that is not even a consideration, which is why i asked you what is the next step ? where do you go from here? , i mean if your willing to see them die, would it bother you to round them up put them in camps, maybe hunt them down and end their problems right there... 99.9% harmless, well i guess that soldier that was placed in a coma to recover from getting his shot, he was just unlucky, or the other 4 soldiers that also had to be placed under medical observation , unlucky as well, and maybe it is just a fluke as you say. but it is enough to cause a pause to rethink getting the shot or not... today that soldier was deem unfit for military duty and will be released from the military, he is just 21 years old...if he was your son would you still want him to get the shot... and while we are talking about stats, from 19 to 40 years old with out any under lying medical conditions the odds of surviving covid has got to what again ?
  11. Just because you don't understand or refuse to acknowledge their decision does not make it any less valid to them, and i'm pretty sure that having that decision approved by the rest of the country was not a factor. nor do they give a shit what you think... That is not what this is about this is refusing to provide much needed medical aid to prove a point to force someone into doing something they don't want to do... Why would i want to discuss what i was willing to risk my life in Afghanistan with you, someone who does not know the value of life to start with. Sorry but i don't think you would understand any of the reasons. I did not say they were hero's, but i do respect their decisions and their right to make them, just as i respect your decision to get the shot. We have gone from some minor restrictions like staying home no traveling to unnecessary places, and wearing a mask, measures that for the most part have defeated the first 3 waves, until recently we have decided that was not enough now we have to deny them medical services, take their jobs, destroy their lives, because they will not bend to our will nor will we even attempt to understand why they made that choice, Because they are wrong end of story and your right.
  12. The oldest profession in the world , one would have thought we could have made it better, safer than we do now. And while most of Europe it is still illegal i think we could learn a few things from the ones that it is legal. i find it kind of ironic the amount of resources we put into fighting drugs, but we can't put the same amount into keeping our kids from being trafficked or those that are in the profession safe...
  13. Your right this conversation is not going any where and i might as well be talking to your ass it might have been easier to talk with. If this mans life is not worth anything to you, or the doctor who told him to hit the street because your trying to prove a point, then your special, i wish i could have made those same choices while in Afghanistan with as much callous as you just did it would have been easier on my mental health. ....
  14. Sorry bubba i already have my shots, .....but i do believe in making choices freely...and with every choice there is a consequence or should i say a reasonable consequence. it should have stopped at staying at home, not going out to non essential places for your safety and theirs.. but we are taking this to a whole new level , to say FU your choice is going to cost you your life thats where i draw the line...That is not just a choice thats a life and death decision for "what" to force them to get a vaccination, so you can feel safe, and say F888K them and the reasons they have for not getting the shot ..... and you think that is a reasonable action...and your good with it because that is their choice. we all need to step up and take responsibility for our choices...and don't tell me the doctor is in clear just because he never made the first choice...He chose Not to provide vital medical aid, to prove a POINT...he might as well shot him with a pistol and just ended the whole thing, i mean dead is dead right now or months from now... And if you are good with this then Im sorry i have to question your character, your morals and values.
  15. No one has really thought this through, even if 1 % of the work force decides to see this all the way through thats a huge loss in jobs, in a market where we really can't have any more... And it is not just the unions that will start to demand more from the employers most other employers will be forced to follow suit... and all of these costs are going to be pasted on to the consumer...
  16. So you agree with denying people of critical medical care then ? How is it in their best interest ? Yes they are vulnerable, but any major or minor operation has risks, and NO ONE can say for sure that this one patient will or will not have complications well maybe god. So where does this lead to, what is the next step from here, i mean you are OK with denying this person medical aid, or i should say life saving surgery, with out it this person will not live very long...WTF it is just a life right. that is what your implying here right ! And if we are willing to cross that line where life means nothing... then why not just round these mother F***ers up and lock them up, or better yet just give them lethal injections...it would be in your best interest or safety. You think this is going to solve your Vaccine mandate to get the numbers up...I think people are drawing a lines in the sand, like you have, it will be easy to get out of hand from there ... and once it does there might not be a way back.
  17. I don't want to sound like the Debby downer but, We have had massive problems in the past trying to find our national identity, some said Hockey, maple syrup, poutine, still no consensus ... ... many have just gave up on the idea and could not be bother now...with one exception we don't like to be compared to Americans, because for some reason that repulsive to most Canadians. And yet we are so alike in to many ways... But we have not heard of this one we are the people that have embraced all of our fellow humans...and some how it gets stuck in my throat when i say it, like we embraced First Nations, or how we became systemic racist country seemly over night it just came to us like magic, or is it because we are so blended , so blended that most ethic cultures hover around their own kind to be accepted...we got a long way to go before we embrace all of fellow humans other than just for a photo op "key Justin"..
  18. How do you propose that we all work together when this nations is so divided, shit we can not even agree on how many genders there are, the left and right can not sit down at the same table and talk about the issues at hand, almost every topic or issue we have in this nation we are deeply divided. So how do we get everyone to sit at the same table... other than gun point.
  19. I used to think just like you, went out and got my shots, at the time i was told yes you can mix them it makes no difference, sure it does here in Canada, but every where else they don't except it... Just one more reason to trust the government. I want back to the clinic and asked if i could get another shot of Pfizer, i told them i could not travel, they said your fine, we can't give you another shot...travel in Canada it's safer for you... great travel advice for our medical center... And while this vaccination has been successfully taken by billions how many have had complications, or admitted to hospital, i ask because there is a young soldier who a few months ago were told go get the shot, he was put in a coma to recover for a few weeks his reaction was so bad...it almost killed him ... and there has been more on the base that have had serious complications, not as bad as the young soldier with no health issues at all.. he was 21 years old... He is now being released from the forces as medical unfit...That is what he gets for blindly following orders, and because of this incident many other soldier are refusing to get their shots , and by November they will be on the unemployment line.. there is not just a few cases of refusal there are hundreds, and this is a small base...
  20. Any medical personal that are about to be dismissed for not getting a covid shot, will have their medical license suspended or canceled completely forever, and will not be able to practice medicine in the province... I did not say unvaccinated people being refused admittance, as it is against the law to refuse any citizen medical aid. But they can have their medical benefits suspended or canceled for any reasonable reason. Or so says the Premier of NB.
  21. Toronto, with some others considering it. and in the states as well there are several hospitals now refusing to treat any organ transplant patient that has not been vaccinated. COVID-19: You must be fully vaccinated to get an organ transplant, UHN says | CTV News
  22. Sounds a lot like what the harper government tried to do introduce minimum sentences that the left so disliked... I agree sex trafficking should be dealt with the same resources devoted to drugs. and Europe has pretty much master the prostitution issue, and collects taxes from it...controls it, provides police presence to designated parts of the cities, girls are licensed, with mandatory medical check ups...nothing is perfect but it is a lot better than what we have now..
  23. Now your just playing word games, Not every conservative is going to agree 100 % on every matter...but i can tell you pipelines is more acceptable to conservatives vice the left, fossil fuels are more important to the right than the left...
  24. Bullshit... we got people foaming at the mouth here and now... people are being refused in some Canadian hospitals critical medical care for not being vaccinated...fired form their jobs, medical people are being told they will have their licenses pull for the province forever...how much farther do you think we are from forcing people...every week it just gets worse... At what point do we have to reach before it no longer matters if your vaccinated or not.. we are already at over 80 % and if you count those that have already recovered that number as got to be past 90 %...what number did the government give us again... here in NB i think it was 80 %, god knows what it is now....
  25. I agree, there is no excuse to abuse anyone, but it is a fact of life be it road rage, or some worker it is not acceptable... one question did we confirm that those doing the abuse are the unvaxed ? i know here in NB the unvaxed are not out period, there is no service in non essential areas as everyone is checked at the door... I asked before who is doing the abusing...but got nothing everyone just assumed it is the dirty ones.... And are all the reasons for not getting a shot based on conspiracy theories, i know of atleast one soldier that received his mandatory shots, and got seriously sick and was placed in a coma for a few weeks to recover, he is being released from the military as he is no longer medically fit. There are other cases on the base not as severe as this one but still , He was under 25 years old, and had a greater chance of surviving covid than he did the shot... but he was pressured to get vaccinated and now he has no job.... but there are other cases.. And if that is the case... there are soldiers who are not getting the shot, because of this incidence... DND is telling them, we don't care what happened get the shot before the deadline or your history...let us see what all of this is going to cost at the end on Nov...and we'll see if all this yelling at the moon was worth it...
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