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  1. Yzermandius, For many reasons, I favour a federal system. In America-speak, I favour states-right. In Russia-speak, I was upset when Putin decided that he would name the 89 governors. ==== PEI is about 110,000 people. They have four federal seats. All things considered, I suspect that the people of PEI keep a sharp on their municipal bureaucrats, their provincial bureaucrats and their federal bureaucrats. The riding of Toronto-Centre has about 105,000 people. Too busy with their own lives, these people have no idea what their municipal politicians are doing - let alone any bureaucrats.
  2. When has the transfer of State power in China or Russia ever occurred except that: Someone died. The guy agreed with the next guy. ===== In all of Chinese and Russian history, it has never happened that anyone alive gave State power to another guy, an opponent, an enemy. Heck, even in the UK and Sweden, they prefer to transfer "official" State power by death. ===== For better or worse, India's federal election of 1977 was significant. But I think its election of 1996 moreso.
  3. Myata, Democracy? My simple definition has two requirements: 1) It is possible to change State power without death. 2) The State power is given to an opponent/enemy. ===== Who gets the power? I don't care. Most votes? Don't care. Random draw? Fine with me. ==== Make no mistake: When John Adams resigned in 1801, he established an important precedent. Look it up!
  4. Argus, Those various fees/limitations do not exist "officially" in our health system now. ===== Our Canadian health system has been Soviet for years: It is two-tier but no one admits it. Worse, our Canadian health system is increasingly Soviet in a different sense: the money coming in is not connected to the money going out.
  5. Health care is a service and it amounts to medical insurance. And medical insurance is a minefield. It defies discussion because people are discussing life, an existential question. ===== To understand my viewpoint, imagine that a pill/procedure/surgical table existed that would cure any ailment/cancer/heart problem - except that the pill/procedure cost $200,000 each year. Who would get the pill? Procedure? Surgery? In Canada, some people live in a Tommy Douglas fantasyland where everyone can have health care - while our GDP per capita is $60,000.
  6. I was abroad at the time, and this was before Youtube, but I recall a non-Liberal federal candidate showing a hand written paper "No Two Tier System" during a debate. In Quebec, now, in 2021, everyone knows that we have a two tier system. ==== We'll see if this blue-eyed, smiling, happy, Irish-named, lousy French-speaking guy can defeat a Trudeau. Heck, Trudeau Jnr may even get his 170 seats.
  7. Argus, Let me fix that headline: Biden, the UK and Australia announced a new military and defensive pact...
  8. Myata, it seems to me that you are asking two questions: 1. Why are we having a federal question? 2. Why does the CBC exist? ===== 1. Our PM, Justin Trudeau, has the power to create the election. (Harper said to Obama that even a US federal president with majorities in Congress has less power/control than a Canadian federal PM in a minority government.) 2. If the federal government stopped funding the CBC, it would have to stop funding Radio-Canada. CBC/Radio-Canada costs about $1.3 billion per year. English Canada doesn't listen/watch the CBC. It's like NPR. French Canada watches and even listens to R-C.
  9. Quebec? As you say, all of Canada is a cold and dark place for about half the year. This is our protection against idiots. ===== I never believed that Canada's native people (indigenous?, you know, Indians) are lazy. They managed to live/survive in a difficult, changing climate. We European-Canadians have another story.
  10. The bureaucrats in Charlottetown are hardly a threat to anyone.
  11. The First World War killed several million people. But it also ended several civilised, multicultural societies. And it destroyed trust for a generation or two.
  12. Are we living through a similar collapse of a regime? Before 1914, there was an established, civilised regime. In 1914, the elite/experts said to many people: "Do your duty." Many believed that the war would end quickly: It would be the War to end all Wars. ===== By 1920 or so, no ordinary person in central Europe trusted anything any official said about anything. In the West, people still trusted some leaders - but not the so-called experts.
  13. I once had a chat with a plombier, CAQ voter - the BBC/CBC/MSM would describe him as a "racist extreme right-wing" voter. Anyway, I said: "In Quebec, we have protection. It's cold here."
  14. Blanchet has every reason to defend what he is. The world does not lack for children, It lacks for educated children. ==== Canada (like Norway, Sweden, Russia) is a cold country. Lazy/ignorant people don't live here. They move south. As Margaret Atwood said: We survive.
  15. America is a federal State. Canada too. Yzermandius, Which bureaucrats are you referring to? The bureaucrats in Quebec City or the bureaucrats in Ottawa?
  16. Maybe in the US. But not in Canada. ===== Canada is like California. Moreover, in Canada we have 10 provinces and 3 territories. Anyway, I reckon that California should be divided into smaller provinces - like Canada. === Now Ottawa? I agree. What do you do with Sacramento? === Or heavens, imagine a concentration of control/power in a place like Washington or Beijing?
  17. Canada, like Norway, is cold for half the year. Florida is warm and it never rains in southern California. Or some girl told me.
  18. I simply note that young students (male in particular, born after 2000) are very suspicious. Even people born before 2000 (after 1990) tend to be free-spirited. ===== The US Democrats and the Canadian NDP/Trudeau progressive federal Liberals are missing this. The CAQ seems to have understood this - the PQ not. The US MSM views it as populism. ====== Let me sorta explain in a US context: If Biden gets re-elected, it will be because he legalised marijuana. But he overturns the 2nd Amendment and makes AK-47s illegal.
  19. In democracies, people vote by Team. In the past, Canadians voted by religion, language: these were the Teams. Nowadays, many Canadians vote by religion, urban/rural Teams. ==== Unlike America, Canada is a Catholic country. In Canada, our first Catholic federal PM was a Conservative (Thompson) elected in the 1890s. We have had many Catholics since (Clark, Turner, Mulroney) - indeed we had our first minority language PM (Laurier) in 1896. The first US federal president Catholic (JFK) was in 1960. Its first minority president (Obama) was in 2008. ==== Why did white people vote for Obama in 2008? Well. why did Protestants vote for Laurier in 1896? Such is Canada. ===== I have several measures of a civilized society, here are three: 1. Does a minority vote for a majority candidate when a minority is on the ballot. (A black/Catholic votes for Bush when a Trudeau/Obama is on the ballot.) Many Canadians have done this, for over a century or two. In 2016, for example, many people in Quebec voted for the WASP Harper rather than the Catholic Trudeau. 2. Do people "voluntarily" pay their taxes? (Rather than voter turn-out, I look at tax returns. In Canada, about 100% of the over-16 population file.) 3. Do streets have walls? (In civilised societies, houses may have fences - but they don't have walls.) In fucked-up countries/societies, if you walk down a street, all you see is a wall.
  20. Argus, Look at the credits of any movie. The names. The family names: the Foley artists, the sound engineers, costumers. The drivers. I always look at the family names of drivers. How many were there? This is the future.
  21. I'm surrounded by idiots. Link **** Canada is a big country, we have lots of space. And as a Russian woman, an immigrant in the 1990s, once said to me: "You Canadians somehow make everyone get along." (She was explaining to me the TTC.)
  22. Scandinavia? Civilised? I was in Finland several years ago, looked around on the train, and I said to my daughter that unlike Montreal or Toronto, these Europeans have no idea how to integrate foreigners. Norway is not part of the EU. Norwegians have their own currency. Brexit?
  23. Michael, I disagree. ==== The 400,000 number comes from the 250,000 number in the 1976 Green Paper - correct me if I'm wrong. The 100 million number? No idea but Canada is a big place. ==== The world does not lack for people; it lacks for educated people. Canada (and America and Australia) are remarkable places to integrate/educate/civilise foreigners.
  24. Yes, I've heard of Ron Paul. But I'm Canadian so I don't really know about him. Isn't there a Rand Paul too? And why do you Americans have Jnrs, Snrs? And what is it with the middle initials? ==== BTW, I think the US Supreme Court will someday interpret the 2nd Amendment's reference to a "well-ordered militia". I'm sure the framers did not intend the kids I saw when driving through Baltimore to have tactical nuclear weapons.
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