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  1. Around the world, health and education are about 15% each of GDP - about 30%. Poor or rich, people around the world spend about 1/6 on health and 1/6 on education. Somehow, central governments decide this: in Canada, education is a provincial matter. ===== IMHO, there is alot of money on the table for anyone who can figure out a way to teach better, care for others.
  2. 1. In Canada,we have many people of Slavic origin. French, English. 2. Like Austriia-Hungaria, we have no official cultural. 3. Like America, we are a federal state. 4. We Canadians get along.
  3. Wow! Which Trudeau? Senior or Junior? Agreed. Mulroney sparked the Reform Party. Me? A Liberal?
  4. Guys. Have you ever thought how trees procreate? Male? Female? Clueless.
  5. The Bank of Canada changed its rate. Wow! ==== On several, many levels, I disagree. Let's see what happens.
  6. In the 1910s, Europeans were involved in a family war. This war lasted for thirty years, from 1914-1945 You Americans foolishly got involved.
  7. A phrase of Kissinger has always bothered me: the Soviets wanted to dominate the world. Kissinger was a realist - like Trudeau Snr. Russians are nationalists.
  8. Tubi is free but it has the occasional ads. Upstairs Downstairs is the precursor to Downton Abbey. 165 Eaton? Years ago, I was in Sloane Square. A friend explained the "Sloane Rangers".
  9. You misunderstand my point. State-media (journalists paid by the State) berate me with references to "extreme-right" and so on. ==== In Canada, we get along.
  10. I agree. Trump likes winners - and this guy Scott is a winner.
  11. Let me return to my OP: 1. You Americans have no federal sales tax. IOW, your federal government is not able to impose a sales tax on your citizens. (All economists agree that a VAT is the best way to tax: Tax consumption, not income.). 2. Conscription? The ultimate tax is when men (women?) are forced to serve.
  12. Honest, reason10, I had to go back and look at those Amendments. (18th? Totally agree. Progressives and the damage they can do.) The 16th? I don't get it except that you Americans at the time were opposed to "trusts" - monopoly power. Last point: I agree about "fair share". In a democracy, we should each have something to contribute - or to lose. We should all have a stake in the game.
  13. Michael, Please fork this thread. a) I was surprised to learn that downtown Chicago was a walkable city. b) Children learn in many ways.
  14. Myata, I suspect that your post was written by AI. Whatever. ==== In summer 1914, Europe was civilised. And then, an elite lead everyone into a disaster that lasted for thirty years. Make no mistake: Future generations will not refer to WWI, the Depression and WWII. They will refer to the period between 1914-1945 as the "Wars". Nowadays, if remembered, the 1789-1815 is known as the "Napoleonic Wars". And the Thirty Years war? When Sweden intervened? Who knows that.
  15. I am tired of hiring these these terms used by the State-paid media. IMHO, these are journalists - like those who worked for Pravda - who defend the status quo.
  16. We have a peace, I am struggling to understand why a civiised society - in 1914- commits suicide.
  17. People are people. Indviduals, whatever. As you wish.
  18. I am Canadian. I know Americans - ordinary American people. The USA does not want the destruction of Europe.
  19. You Americans have no federal sales tax: you have no federal consumption tax. A federal VAT. (We in Canada do.) Other countries can impose such taxes.
  20. How civilised societies collapse, I don't know. This is not the 1930s. We are not facing Hitler. It is the 1910s. ===== We need a new structure of peace.
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