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First a trickle....Now a flood

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You just saw a female on the internet that you thought you could order around.

This is exactly why you've spent the last 3? days and about 30 posts ordering me to post about reverse transcription.

You have no interest in it.

You have no interest in science.

You said so yourself - you refuse to read it.

You're here to bully.

No other reason.

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Just now, dialamah said:

Ridiculous.  I notice he treats non-women the same when insulted. You got a chip or what?

Another one.

No interest in anything I post.  

No interest in science.  Just a cheerleader for Big Pharma.  Loves scientific censorship, stated you want to see more of it.

Here to bully and censor.

No other reason.

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2 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

I make my own choices

And your choice is to deny science.  You are anti-science.

So what are you here for, other than to bully me?

Neither you or Dialamah has added anything to this thread.  Yet here you both are.  Together.  Bullying.

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You're both here to bully.

You both could have used this time to listen to the excellent testimony of Dr. Jessica Rose and look at all the links she provided to multiple scientific studies.

But you chose to use the time to bully me, instead.

Because neither of you are interested in science.

You're both interested in bullying and censoring science.



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10 minutes ago, Goddess said:

Another one.

No interest in anything I post.  

Na, you start screeching and lying when people disagree, post opposing data and discussions don't go your way.  So bitter.

It occurred to me that you do want "special" treatment because you are female - that is, you can fling insults to your heart's content, but let a man retaliate and they're sexist.

Goddess, indeed.  Just like any diety, you think your words should be above criticism, that everyone should fall in line.  No amnesty for those who don't...

More screeching/lying commencing in 3...2...1.


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Leighton Grey is a senior partner at Grey Wowk Spencer LLP in Calgary and Cold Lake, specializing in criminal law, civil litigation, and child welfare proceedings. He's a certified mediator, founder of Lakeland Sports and Learning Academy, and advocate for Indigenous rights. Grey Wowk Spencer LLP is launching a Class Action Lawsuit against the Government of Canada due to its #COVID19 response. We encourage all #Canadians to check the link below  "Many Canadians have alleged that they were seriously injured by #CovidVaccines, including three who recently testified before the National Citizen’s Inquiry, an independent initiative examining the federal government’s COVID policies." - Gray https://gwsllp.ca/covid-19-class

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This company has been reporting the data from around the world since the beginning.


Data has been gradually disappearing.

Yesterday, after a record spike in numbers for those under 20 y.o. - 2,849 deaths disappeared from the Canadian data.

It  is this data that needs to be used to hold them accountable.  Overstated death counts being adjusted with no fanfare. No surprise. The damage to the public psyche is already done - fear works and they know it.




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In other news:

Attorney Aaron Siri (who was responsible for getting the Pfizer documents released) also had case against Moderna.

A US court has just ordered the release of 24,000 pages of Moderna documents, starting in July.

Of the 24,000 pages - 13,685 detail adverse events.

We've seen the Pfizer Pfu@&ery.  Now we get to see Moderna's!

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6 hours ago, Contrarian said:

I don't care about your rants.

It was mentioned that you are working on a post about the 2 questions above.

Will wait for those, and then will post Series 5.

Thank you.

Why do you start so many threads?  You're basically a human spambot.  If you're going to post dozens of time per day, at least have something to say.  The mindless "I know you are but what am I"(I better explain that to you.  It's a childhood taunt, spoken by nine year olds), is just more useless troll crap.  Stop crapping in this forum, or at least have the decency to wipe up after yourself.

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1 minute ago, Contrarian said:

Oh, big man, you are here to stand up for disinformation, of course you are. Told you, working towards my idea, if any conspiracy theorist, any agitator is allowed to use the board, I can too. 

Read my exchanges, and you will see, was quite respectful, and will continue to post, in a few days, Series 5. 

You keep doing what you are doing. 

People can read what I have to say, go back a few pages, I posted 5 Series with data and research. 

I'm talking about the entire board, and your obsession with it.  You've started so many threads here it's obvious you have little to do with your time.  In my time here I've seen a few like you monopolize the board, but I can honestly say you win the booby prize.

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1 minute ago, Contrarian said:

Does not matter what you say, you go through the channels, report me, do what you have to do. 

Will continue my work. You still think this is some sort of joke, and I am an unemployed person somewhere with a computer. I have 3 screens in front of me, again, 2 I make my living, 1 of them, this is my hobby, politics and information. I get a sound each time, someone quotes me. It is a mental exercise for me. 

Been working with computers since the 90's, not to sure if you knew what one was back then. 

It bothers you?! Too bad, I am here to stay, get used to it. ? 

Continue your work?!  That's rich, forum boy!  The first step is realizing you have a problem.  Personally I'm fine if you never do.  This is probably the smallest political forum there is, Mr big fish in a small pond.  Keep those bubbles coming...but realize anyone who's been around sees through your shtick. 

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At the moment anyone can post anything they want around here. That doesn't mean you are obligated to respond or interact with them. You can respond if you want to, but you don't have to.

My suggestion is, if someone is derailing a thread do not engage them. Just keep doing your own thing and you'll be fine.

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If your child has a severe anxiety disorder and cannot wear a mask, can your doctor freely write a mask exemption for him?

If you have an autoimmune disorder and your doctor feels that given your low risk from covid, the injections would make your condition worse, can he freely write an exemption for you?

If you want to take Ivermectin prophylactically or because you have covid, can your doctor freely write you a prescription for it?

The answer to these questions is "NO."   He cannot.

But before covid, he used to be able to treat you according to what is best for YOU.  Now he has to do what the government tells him to do with your treatment or risk losing his license to practice.

Is this really acceptable to you?




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