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  1. Vaccines are a treatment for Covid. I support anything else supported by science for treatment of Covid. Happy about the anti-viral pills coming out now.
  2. Oh, look at you go, tossing insults because someone won't read your links. Did you get your little feelings hurt?
  3. It's all lies, part of big Pharma's agenda to make million$ off the Covid vaccine, don'cha know.
  4. I'd be surprised if any actually insisted on passports. I don't know what you think they're doing, or why you think they're doing it, so no opinion on that.
  5. As he presents a binary choice. A 20-year-old unvaxed person is more vulnerable than a vaxed 20-year-old and should stay home. A 30-year-old unvaxed person is more vulnerable than a vaxed 30-year-old and should stay home. Etc. The more vulnerable should stay home, according to anti-vax proponents.
  6. Nobody's banned from grocery stores per government mandate. Grocery stores are given a choice of requiring passports or enforcing physical distancing.
  7. I don't know where you are, but the youth here have been attending school and having "healthy school and social experiences" since June of 2020. Seems to me that if this were a power grab to a fascist State, the same restrictions would be in place everywhere, not differ between Provinces, countries and regions.
  8. Consequences. And notice that you'll hire people that aren't vaccinated. The decision of the minority should not dictate the behavior of the majority. In a democracy, the majority gets to make the decisions. Only in a fascist country does the minority have that power - which they enforce through much worse means than limits on dining out and gym attendance.
  9. Many companies are not requiring proof of vaccination. Those that are have that right, just as you have the right to not get vaccinated. Your rights are not any more important than the rights of others. No, it's not fine. I'm not in favor of people dying. Anyway, if you are willing to accept dying on this hill, what's the big deal of a little loss of socialization and income - especially as there's a demand for workers - vaxed or not - in many places. My unvaxed grandchildren have found jobs, despite being old enough to be vaccinated and deciding not to. You have freedom. You are free to not get vaxed. You are free to accept the consequences of that decision. Only in authoritarian States would vaccination be absolutely required, without any freedom to choose and accept consequences of that choice. Vaccinated have more freedom now than at any time since Covid began.
  10. Hyperbole much? China disappeared people who secretly documented the situation in Wuhan, before China admitted there was a virus, at the start of Covid. In Canada, there are full out demonstrations, those demonstrators can still be found in their homes. You are ridiculous in your claims.
  11. Pseudoscience is what informs people that Jews and Blacks are intellectually inferior to Whites, vaccines cause autism, and that that the Covid vaccine is ineffective at best and deadly at worst. You have personal discretion, and also consequences. That's life, get used to it I'd say the results prove that these policies reduce spread, since those regions who disregard them have consistently more cases and deaths than those who don't. If you'd been paying attention you'd have noticed:. Case counts/hospitalizations go down, restrictions ease. Case counts/hospitalizations go up, restrictions go up. You have the freedom not to wear a mask or vaccinate. Freedom also means personal responsibility for your actions, and personal responsibility includes accepting the consequences of those choices.
  12. Jews could not stop being Jews. Unvaxed people can stop being unvaxed. Jews faced incarceration, camps and death. Unvaxed can't go to restaurants. How apt the comparison. /s
  13. Yes, nobody loves this, even those who think vaccines are a good idea. More people than not accept that sacrifices sometimes need to be made for the greater good. That's not fascism. Unvaxed are more vulnerable than vaxed people. They should take extra precautions to avoid getting sick, such as staying home.
  14. The point is that unvaxed Covid people are now taking up all the slack they had. If they've stressed before, they're even more stressed now.
  15. Not at all what the situation is: NB is going into Level 1 restrictions, which requires groceries stores (among others) to enforce physical distancing OR MAY require proof of vaccination. No ban from government. CHOICE given to businesses. Even your link said that this is an OPTION given to businesses and NOT a ban universally imposed. This OP is simply fearmongering.
  16. 1. Yes, sometimes people experiment with both sexes; if they stay with it, they are called "bisexual". Yes, experimentation is part of growing up, and it's through experimentation that people find out what really works for them. For some people it's boys, for others it's girls and for some it's either/or. Having been one that experimented with both boys and girls, I can tell you that the experimentation didn't remove or change my basic interest. Still, it was fun and interesting to play around like that. 2. Perhaps the gay population was always there, but with the increased acceptance they don't have to remain in the closet. One of the saddest stories I ever read was about a minister who was homosexual - but he refused to succumb to his urges. He was married, with two kids and he prayed daily for God to take away his "unnatural" urges. But he'd dream about men, and he'd feel attraction to men. Eventually, he wasn't able to have sex with his wife. He got to the point that he'd sleep with a Bible strapped round his genitals in an attempt to cure himself. None of that worked, and he had to admit that he was attracted to men. Of course, he lost his marriage, his position in life, his friends; it doesn't make sense that someone would "choose" that for themselves. 3. Virtually everything we do is explained by hormones: they control our moods, appetites, bodily functions etc. For example, the hormone TSH is in short supply in my body; consequently, I am prone to gain weight, be depressed, have low energy, be constipated, feel cold, have dry skin, lose hair. That's the effect of just one hormone. Several hormones dictate sexual behavior and desire, so to think that they can be overcome by wishful thinking, experimentation or even conversion therapy is naïve at best.
  17. I never said there was no natural immunity, and I never said there are no adverse affects. In my opinion, the question of whether or not vaccine cause death is still unresolved. Anyway, I asked a polite question and if you can't answer it that just adds to your lack of credibility.
  18. Where did you get your information about VAERS deaths? Was it directly from VAERS or a source that crunched the numbers for you?
  19. Were you ever confused about what was between your legs? I sure wasn't. The hormones that define your sexuality are pretty effective, especially once puberty hits. The most confused people are those who are told that what's between their legs defines attraction, when they actually feel very differently. Some people are actually born intersex - that is with evidence of both male and female genitalia so clearly there is more going on that 'boy or girl and nothing else'. When these people hit adolescence, their hormones (usually) tell them who they find attractive - males or females. This has presented serious problems for boys who were deemed girls at birth because their gender was not clearly defined by their genitalia and and girls are easier to make than boys. Homosexual behavior has been observed in animals.
  20. Not liars. Mistaken. X gets a vaccine. Weeks or months later, they get very sick or die. Family/friends attribute that to the vaccine, even if there is no evidence that it was the vaccine. The side effects of any vaccine almost always show up with a couple of weeks, not several weeks or months later. It's the same line of thought that leads people to think that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Child didn't have autism, gets the vaccine, and some time later is diagnosed with autism. That's proof enough for them, despite lack of any scientific evidence.
  21. I avoid this problem by not driving on the first snow day.
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