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  1. Did you ask me too? I've had you on ignore for months. But in any case, why would I? You'd only reject them as "MSM", same as I reject yours as disinformation.
  2. You ask, you receive, you reject. You offer insults along with your commentary. You are no different than the people you're criticizing.
  3. Climate change is real. Has already cost Canada billions.  . But hey, you are welcome to get your panties in a knot over a few more cents at the pump.
  4. Who's panicking? Lip service to mitigation, business as usual.
  5. Tell that to people losing their homes, livelihoods and lives because climate change has already raised sea levels and created extreme weather. It's only going to get worse, till even deniers figure it out.
  6. Doesn't matter. Climate change is here, regardless of cause or mitigation, our economy will be destroyed because of it.
  7. You missed the point, not surprising.
  8. Whether we try to mitigate climate change or not, our economy will be trashed as weather events become more common and extreme. We're hooped already.
  9. I'm not a believer in the various conspiracies surrounding Covid and the vaccination; what I posted was sarcasm.
  10. Fake pics. Even if they're real pics they were all old/fat people in those graves, so just like the flu.
  11. Deflection. Try to address the point, not change the subject.
  12. Yeah they do. When JT included POC and females, the prevailing whine was that he was appointing people for political points and not because they had merit.
  13. This bears repeating. Christians who support Donald despite his philandering ways, while condemning everyone else for failing to follow Bible commands are hypocrites.
  14. He said:. People may have thought that having children was a moral virtue, and that unwed mothers should be looked down upon Nowhere did he say that single parenthood was better than two parents, or that it was a special virtue. Saying someone did a good job as a single parent only acknowledges that single parenthood is more difficult than two parents. It is not a moral judgement.
  15. I found this, but I don't think it's the same study you were referencing. This one was ongoing till June of 2022, I didn't see any results.
  16. What percentage of the control group (non smokers) got Covid, do you remember?
  17. That's interesting and I hope it's borne out by additional studies. A sample size of two isn't exactly evidence. ETA: Looks like some studies were carried out in 2020-21, but were, at best, inconclusive.
  18. DoP is a believer in WEF conspiracy theories. Just don't ask him for any cites to support his theory; he gets right testy.
  19. Your inability to provide a cite and lashing out as a result of your failure is amusing.
  20. 1. You gave me a name once, which I spent considerable time investigating; it turned out to have nothing to do with your claims. Either provide proof, or stop making claims you can't support.
  21. 1. Again, you have no proof other than your overheated imagination. 2. Again, you make no sense.
  22. You make an assertion, but can't back it up. No surprise there.
  23. Again, you fail to explain why they are so inefficient - why aren't billions dropping like flies, and why didn't they just let Covid rip through the world with no attempt at containment?
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