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First a trickle....Now a flood

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More and more scientists and doctors are conducting studies regarding the covd jabs and information is coming out at breakneck speed.  It will be harder for governments and public health officers to deny what is going on.

This study was conducted by top folks in their field.  Co-authored by Sander Greenland, who wrote more than a few of the most widely used epidemiology textbooks.

Serious Adverse Events of Special Interest Following mRNA Vaccination in Randomized Trials by Joseph Fraiman, Juan Erviti, Mark Jones, Sander Greenland, Patrick Whelan, Robert M. Kaplan, Peter Doshi :: SSRN

It's starting to look like more and more experts in the fields of epidemiology, virology, immunology and biology are willing to "cross the Fauci, get the ouchy", as they have been saying.

I'm attaching the study's abstract.  Basically the detailed tables at the end of the study show:

  • For every 6.4 people that Moderna kept out of the hospital for covid, it inflicted 15.1 serious adverse events.
  • For every 2.3 people that Pfizer kept out of the hospital for covid, it inflicted 10.1 serious adverse events.

Cost/Benefit analysis is supposed to be the bedrock of medicine's foundation.  Up til recently, practitioners and researchers have been forced to do a different cost/benefit analysis and saw the risk of speaking out as too high relative to the benefits. The winged monkeys and their useful idiots have been savage in relentlessly attacking anyone who dared to speak of the risks and balancing them with the gains. The "zero-covid uber bullies" have preached burning the village to save it and I believe the average person has not been ready to hear a different narrative anyways, given the steady diet of fear and "case numbers" screeched at us every 15 minutes for more than 2 years.

No system where the true experts are afraid to speak can function for long.  But us "little people" need to start paying attention to these studies.  Push windows, move the debate and shield those brave enough to speak out.

It's discourse or dictatorship.

The price of the former is hearing people say things you don't like.  The price of the latter is everything else.

Choose wisely.

Trudeau rules and dictates by popular opinion.  If you want him to start paying attention to the science, then you have to MAKE HIM.  He cannot lead.  He follows.  But he will only do so if pushed and he will do so desperately because he is late to the pivot.  He will pretend to be righteously indignant.

We are beginning a slow, painful recovery from derangement, but that's how recovery works.

We need to give Pfizer an all-expense paid trip to under the bus of emerging truth because the truth is too vast to be engulfed by this massive lie.




The year is 2040.

You're eating your weekly rationed tube of cricket paste in your self-driving electric vehicle that only allows you to drive to and from work.

You get home and are greeted by your child who tells you "Thinking is a crime."

Now that's wholesome.




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This is what many censored experts are predicting and I agree (hope) this will be the case:

  1. mRNA vaccines have failed on efficacy, are likely making covid spread and recurrence worse, and have a side effect profile order greater than any other vaccine.

  2. this is rapidly becoming too big to hide and the data is starting to come out. The vaccinated failing to develop natural immunity and piling on side effects (many of them severe and debilitating, even deadly) with every round of boosters is going to simply be too obvious to miss. You can tell people it’s long covid, but the actuaries at insurers and med centers are going to see the truth. And so will the citizenry.

  3. This will leak and momentum will build around it through advocacy groups, patient support, and insurers looking to be compensated for mounting losses. Even if the US will not do the work, other countries will, especially the socialized health systems. some are already banning some of these vaccines in younger patients. Class action lawyers are already salivating and potential plaintiffs are multiplying like bunnies in springtime.

Families going bankrupt to pay for vaccine-induced myocarditis are going to paint a very sympathetic picture. Those forced into taking the jabs to keep their jobs, are going to want compensation and so are those who lost their jobs for refusing the jabs. They're going to want justice.

I think the government already knows they're holding a losing hand and with monkeypox - they know they're out of bluffs.

I've read A LOT of clinical trials and I think they're going to get juicier and juicier - major manipulation of data and suppression of adverse events.

If fraud is proven - all hell breaks loose.  Politicians and health officials will be desperate to escape the mess they've mandated.  They will all play stupid and most of you will believe them.

  • “we wuz lied to!”
  • “shocked, yes shocked we are that big pharma would choose profits over safety!”
  • “how could anyone have known they’d fake the data!”
  • “we relied on the guidance of experts! look at their credentials! how could we have put our view on a drug trial above theirs?”

It’s going to be a scapegoat rodeo.

Heads will need to roll, careers will be ended.

People will want to ask Gottlieb about his early mid-term departure as FDA kingpin to go join the Pfizer board.

The whole FDA has become dysfunction junction during covid, but the vaccine division has really sunk to startling lows. Its leaders quit in disgust. Its panels were ignored then turned into rubber stamp assembly lines. They missed everything in the Pfizer study structure, implementation, and reporting.

This was not warp speed, it was warped science.

a smoothie.JPG

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I’m not surprised to see silence from the “just get vaccinated already!!” crowd and the likes of Big Mike Hardner.  Nothing to post in this thread, folks?

Although i guess some of them deserve a partial pass.  The vaccine campaign was forced upon a trusting public that doesn’t realize how bad the medical “profits first” industry has become.

But still, red flags should have been going up all over when people were losing their jobs if they didn’t take the jab.  That is coercion to the worst degree.

And vaccine shipping with intentionally blank ingredient sheets.  

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Here’s another direct hit on Pfizer:




“ An updated more recent analysis from 1,153 patients (out of a possible 2,246 patients) showed a lackluster, non-significant 51% relative risk reduction.  A sub-group analysis of 721 vaccinated adults with at least one risk factor for progression to severe COVID-19 showed a non-significant relative risk reduction in hospitalization or death (treatment arm: 3/361; placebo: 7/360)”


This is after Pfizer initially claimed:

“In December 2021 Pfizer claimed initial study findings showed that Paxlovid cut the risk of hospitalization and death by nearly 90% in people with mild to moderate coronavirus infections.  Without context this statement is grossly misleading.”

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19 minutes ago, OftenWrong said:

Nonsense. According to our best and finest media outlets like CBC and Globe and Mail, coronavirus vaccines have saved 100’s of millions of Canadian lives...

They don't make this up - they cite others.  You need to understand where your information comes from, just like your food.

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Crunching some numbers:

15.1 serious adverse events out of every 10,000 jabs = .15%

That is larger than the risk the average person has of dying of covid.  Certainly larger than mine at 0.02%.

If 90% of Canadians are vaccinated, that is 33,300,000 people.

At 15.1 adverse events per 10,000 people = almost a half a million (500,000) SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENTS, INCLUDING DEATH.

Compare that to the 41,000 alleged "covid deaths" in Canada.

If you think this is new information, it's not.  

The censored doctors and scientists have literally been screaming this from the rooftops for the last year.

Remember a few months ago when you all called me a liar for saying people were dying and getting permanently disabled from the jabs?  And that more people were dying/injured from the jabs than from covid?  And you called me an idiot and other names?  And you laughed at that Ontario father whose teenage son was found dead from the jabs on his bedroom floor, by his mother?  And you posted how all the censored doctors and scientists were idiots and as proof, linked to their Wiki pages, freshly scrubbed of all their life-time accomplishments by ???who??? and now saying they were crackpot conspiracy theorists?

Remember that?

Remember when you called me a murderer of grannies and babies for not getting the jabs, even after I told you my sister is permanently disabled by them?


Wait til I post the study that shows it's the vaccinated that drove the new variants and are the ones responsible for spreading it now and put ALL of us in danger - exactly like viruses and mutations have done for thousands of years - totally predictable - and warned by doctors and scientists you all pissed on, because "CTV said so, neener, neener, neener."


But yeah, let's shoot up all the kids and babies now. ?



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3 hours ago, OftenWrong said:

Nonsense. According to our best and finest media outlets like CBC and Globe and Mail, coronavirus vaccines have saved 100’s of millions of Canadian lives...

Yes, 100’s of millions in Canada, I know.  
It’s getting to the point that everyone is wondering about the “official” vaccine narrative except our media and leaders.  

Which are the ones who are responsible for the injuries and deaths, besides big pharma.

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Effects of Previous Infection and Vaccination on Symptomatic Omicron Infections | NEJM

This study was huge in scale,  data collected from over 100,000 people infected by the Omicron variant.  Here are the key points:

  • Those who have been "fully vaccinated" with two shots from Moderna or Pfizer are more likely to contract Covid-19 than those who have not been vaccinated at all

  • Booster shots offer protection approximately equal to natural immunity, but the benefits wane after 2-5 months

  • Natural immunity lasts for at least 300-days, which is the length of the study; it likely lasts much longer

  • Key take-away: Vaccination increases risk of COVID-19, but infection without vaccination gives immunity

This jives with what the government of Canada is finally admitting, that 4 out of every 5 covid deaths since mid-February are vaccinated, with 70% of those deaths being among the triple-vaxxed.

The study shows that:

Those who had a prior infection but no vaccination had a 46.1 and 50 percent immunity against the two subvariants of the Omicron variant, even at an interval of more than 300 days since the previous infection.

However, individuals who received two doses but had no previous infection, were found with negative immunity against both BA.1 and BA.2 Omicron subvariants, indicating an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 than an average person.

Over six months after getting two doses of Pfizer, immunity against any Omicron infection dropped to -3.4 percent. For two doses of the Moderna vaccine it was even worse - immunity against any Omicron infection dropped to -10.3 percent after more than six months since the last injection.

Negative immunity means your immune system is failing, which is what the censored scientists and doctors said would happen ?

Although three doses of the Pfizer vaccine increased immunity to over 50 percent, this was measured over JUST 40 days after the third vaccination, which is a very short interval. In comparison, natural immunity persisted at around 50 percent when measured over 300 days after the previous infection, while immunity levels fell to negative figures 270 days after the second dose of vaccine.

Individuals that were previously infected but not vaccinated had half the risks of reinfection as compared to those that were vaccinated with two doses but not infected.


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So, to those here who insisted that unvaccinated Canadians should be denied healthcare because they chose to not get (or couldn't get) the jabs.....should vaccinated Canadians be denied healthcare because they chose to play Russian Roulette repeatedly with an experimental, untested medical product?


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4 hours ago, Goddess said:

So far, the "conspiracy theorist" scientists are batting 100%.

CBC, CTV and Global, etc. - goose egg.

Very damning evidence, and will our media cover it?  In Vancouver, there is a radio news journalist who would berate the vaccine hesitant with increasing levels of abuse during 2021.  

People like him, who single-handedly convinced thousands there was nothing to worry about, should be fired for all of the damage they did to people’s lives.


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2 hours ago, sharkman said:

Very damning evidence, and will our media cover it?  In Vancouver, there is a radio news journalist who would berate the vaccine hesitant with increasing levels of abuse during 2021.  

People like him, who single-handedly convinced thousands there was nothing to worry about, should be fired for all of the damage they did to people’s lives.


Oh, and his name is Vaughn Palmer.  There are probably several of these self righteous “journalists” in each major Canadian city, cheerleading the mandate and spewing hate at those who said the vaccine was causing issues.

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Fauci’s been battling Covid for 2 weeks.  Is paxlovid any good?


“The rebounding phenomenon, which is described as a recurrence of COVID-19 symptoms or the development of a new positive viral test after having tested negative, has been found to occur between two and eight days after initial recovery. A brief return of COVID-19 symptoms may be part of the "natural history" of the virus, officials wrote, and may occur in some people, regardless of treatment with Paxlovid or vaccination status.”

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Here’s a new one:


They have developed new Covid vaccines for new emerging sub variants.  But they are not going to submit them to clinical trials to find the efficacy rate.

No, no, they’ve got a better idea.  They are going to just use the data from the previous vaccine trials.  I wish I was making this up…

“U.S. health regulators will not require companies to submit new clinical trial data on COVID-19 vaccines that target the now dominant BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants to authorize those shots, but will instead rely on studies showing the efficacy of targeting the earlier BA.1 subvariant, a top official said on Thursday.“


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Read that already.  Click bait headline using the word "required".  Nowhere does it say it's going to be required, as in "mandated" - only that the definition of "fully vaccinated" will change.  In any case, as the article points out, most people aren't even eligible for the 4th dose.

This article is pure scare-mongering.

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16 hours ago, dialamah said:

only that the definition of "fully vaccinated" will change. 

Erm, when they change the definition to however many jabs they want you to have, what exactly do you think is going to happen?  I think it will be the same as last time - mandates, loss of freedoms for those not able or willing to get jab after jab after jab after jab.

16 hours ago, dialamah said:

Nowhere does it say it's going to be required, as in "mandated"

The reason I think this is because the article clearly states:



 Canadians will be required to get a booster shot every nine months for the foreseeable future, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told reporters.

So if you thought you were fully vaccinated, think again.

In other words, mandates won’t be ruled out just yet.



16 hours ago, dialamah said:

This article is pure scare-mongering.

I would suggest it's the government that is scare-mongering.  The article is just reporting what they're planning on doing.

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50 minutes ago, Goddess said:

what exactly do you think is going to happen? 

I don't know, but the last time you made predictions about mandates never being lifted you were wrong.   Keep that in mind when you are prophesying.

52 minutes ago, Goddess said:

The reason I think this is because the article clearly states:

Yes, scare-mongering.  Mandates have not been imposed and the word "required" in the headline is misleading - regardless of what happens.  Media is supposed to present facts - not misleading headlines.  At the moment, here in BC, I can't get a fourth dose even if I wanted to.  Mandates seem pretty far fetched at this point.


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And here we have the campaign to vax toddlers in the US.  WSJ actually prints that it seems political…


Biden proudly declared that they are the First Nation to offer vaccines for children as young as 6 months.  The WSJ:

“In fact, we don’t know if the vaccines are safe and effective. The rushed FDA action was based on extremely weak evidence. It’s one thing to show regulatory flexibility during an emergency. But for children, Covid isn’t an emergency. The FDA bent its standards to an unusual degree and brushed aside troubling evidence that warrants more investigation.”

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