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German Vaccine Maker BioNtech Faces Series of Lawsuits for Alleged COVID-19 Vaccine Harms – Nick Corbishley

Lauterbach’s U-turn

On numerous occasions Lauterbach had claimed that the COVID-19 vaccines were “without side effects,” even as the Paul-Ehrlic-Institute (PEI), Germany’s medical regulatory body and research institution for vaccines and biomedicines, was reporting growing numbers of vaccine injuries. By the summer of 2022, it had lodged 323,684 cases of vaccine side effects resulting from a total of 183 million single vaccine jabs: an average rate of 1.8 cases per 1,000 doses. Severe vaccine side effects were clocking in at an average of around 0.3 per 1,000.

That was a significant understatement, according to German health insurance firm BKK Vita. In a letter to PEI in late February 2022, the firm’s board warned of a dramatic under-reporting of the side effects of vaccinations based on the billing data of its health insurance division. According to that data, as many as 2.3% of vaccine recipients — an order of magnitude higher than PEI’s number — were suffering from post-vaccine side effects…

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10 hours ago, myata said:

Complacent, scared and disengaged public is an open door to authoritarianism and worse. Like there's any news to be discovered here.

Exactly. Candians are too lazy and complacent.

All spelling was verified.

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Because Candians are drunkards, and stoned. As we see here in this forum. "Pass me another beer, and joint."

J. Stalin- "Religion is the opium for the masses

J. Turdeau- "Opium is the opium for the masses."



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Posted (edited)

This paper is from last April but I guess I missed it then.

This study is a critical comparison of naturally acquired immunity to covid vs. the SARS-CoV-2-specific immune response conferred by the two doses of the Pfizer mRNA jabber that was required to obtain the so-called ‘fully vaccinated’ status. This mostly occurred in the context of the Delta variant. People whose first exposure was to natural infection with covid, were compared to those whose first exposure was via the jabs. In other words, which source of ‘immunity’ could confer the best long-term protection against infection with covid.

This paper uses Ontario data.

Ontario shows up in a LOT of papers.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Naturally Acquired Immunity versus Vaccine-induced Immunity, Reinfections versus Breakthrough Infections: A Retrospective Cohort Study - PMC (nih.gov)


People whose immune response was induced by Pfizer’s jabs were at 13-times greater risk of being infected with covid as compared to people with naturally acquired immunity! For those who had received Pfizer’s jabs, this increase in risk of infection also translated into a greater risk of the infection progressing to the disease that we call covid.




“Our analysis demonstrates that SARS-CoV-2-naïve vaccinees had a 13.06-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected, when the first event (infection or vaccination) occurred during January and February of 2021. The increased risk was significant for a symptomatic disease as well.”

The censored scientists had been forewarning people since early 2022 about the the increased risk of acquiring covid if they were formally ‘vaccinated’ against covid, as compared to those with broad naturally acquired immunity. 
Some of this risk is likely accounted for by an increase in ‘risky behaviours’ by jabbed individuals who have become over-confident about the misleading information that overestimates the effectiveness of the shots. But a bigger concern is the potential for vaccine-enhanced infection or similar harmful mechanisms.  I have posted studies that confirm this ADE reaction is happening.
This is just one of more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific publications that confirm that natural immunity against this particular virus is better in every way to what can be conferred by the Pfizer shots. For vaccinologists, this is not at all surprising. 
People really need to start critically assessing the science and asking tough questions of their physicians, public health officials and others who are promoting these inoculations.
  • If naturally acquired immunity is superior to immune responses conferred by Pfizer’s inoculations, why hasn’t testing for acquisition of natural immunity been made a priority?  In Canada, we shut-down our task force assigned to monitor acquisition of naturally acquired immunity early in the declared pandemic.

  •  Why would anyone push Pfizer’s mRNA product on children who are at almost no risk of experiencing severe covid when their immune systems are naïve to the virus; and worse, when the vast majority already have superior naturally acquired immunity?
  • When most people have likely been exposed to covid, especially following the Omicron wave, why are outdated booster doses being promoted?


So not only do you get the increased risk of stroke, heart inflammation, neuropathy and mysterious fatigue syndromes with the jabs, this miracle substance helps you GET covid and reinfections too!

Sounds like a trillion dollar idea to me.

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In December 2020, FDA adviser Dr. Patrick Moore said:

 “Pfizer has presented no evidence in its data today that the vaccine has any effect on virus carriage or shedding, which is the fundamental basis for herd immunity.”

See page 342 here:

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee December 10, 2020 Meeting Transcript (fda.gov)


So, in spite of health authorities and politicians claiming the jabs would stop transmission and induce herd immunity - THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE KNEW ALL ALONG THAT THE JABS DID NEITHER.

Was this "misinformation"?  Or were they lying to the public?

MANY journalists, doctors and scientists, normal people who were following the science, were kicked off of social media and vilified publicly for saying the jabs did not stop transmission.

"Misinformation" according to the Experts™ seems to be:  anything they don't want you to know.

I am reminded of this from Dr. Scott Atlas' book, who was covid advisor to Trump at the time:


Dr. Atlas, who did have President Trump's ear, described the incompetence and total avoidance of Dr. Birx when he would arrange for just what you are describing, a meeting of the minds. He would assemble top scientists from Harvard, Oxford, Stanford to meet and she would cancel last minute or just never show up. You would think that having those resources for the betterment of the situation would be welcomed with open arms...but sadly there was a different agenda that was at play. In her book, she admits to using misinformation ...

Anyone in ‘power’ not acknowledging what has happened, is either in on it, vaccine damaged or too dumb to govern as much as a taco stand.

Convince me otherwise.

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Posted (edited)

This is a pre-print paper, but worth a boo because of some of the very well-respected names attached to it:  Seneff, McCulough, Fukushima and Morz.

Autoimmune Inflammatory Reactions Triggered by the COVID-19 Genetic Vaccines in Terminally Differentiated Tissues[v1] | Preprints.org

 Indiscriminate COVID-19 vaccination has been extended to include age groups and naturally immune people with minimal danger of suffering serious complications due to COVID-19. Solid immuno-histopathological evidence demonstrates that the COVID-19 genetic vaccines can display an off-target distribution in tissues that are terminally differentiated, triggering autoimmune reactions. These include the heart and brain, which may incur in situ production of spike protein eliciting a strong autoimmunological inflammatory response........our article aims to draw the attention of the scientific and regulatory communities on the critical need of bio-distribution studies for the genetic vaccines against COVID-19, as well as of rational harm-benefit assessments by age group.


I like reading pre-prints because that's where some discussion and debate happens.  I've learned a lot about how to evaluate papers because of reading the comments on pre-prints.

The comments on this one were particularly interesting.  To me, anyways.

Here's the PDF copy of the paper:


#5 explains how exosomes allow the mRNA cargo to travel throughout the body, even crossing the blood/brain barrier.  (Where they're not supposed to be.)

If we can figure out the mechanisms of harm caused by the injections, maybe we can find ways to help the vaccine injured.

First, of course, we need to acknowledge that the injections are injuring people.

This is why it's mainly only independent scientists studying the mechanisms of harm - the alphabet entities and Pharma are still successfully convincing people like Contrarian and Dialamah that injuries are so rare, we can just ignore them and chalk them up to "anxiety." 

"Just keep getting those jabs every few months!  Myocarditis and neurological disorders means it's working!" 🙄

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Dr. Francis Christian is a highly respected and accomplished #surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the field. He began practicing in Saskatoon in 2007 and has since made significant contributions to the #University of #Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan #Health Authority. In 2018, he was appointed as the Director of the Surgical Humanities Program and Director of Quality and Patient Safety. He co-founded the Surgical Humanities Program, which aims to foster empathy and compassion in medical professionals by integrating the arts and humanities into medical education. Dr. Christian also serves as the Editor of the Journal of The Surgical Humanities, which has achieved worldwide circulation under his #leadership. In addition to his academic and editorial work, Dr. Christian has led numerous initiatives to improve quality and patient care at the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Health Authority. As Director of Quality and Patient Safety, he has implemented effective strategies to ensure the highest standards of care are met. On June 17, Dr. Christian made headlines with his statement to over 200 #doctors expressing his concerns regarding the administration of #CovidVaccines to #children. While he notes that he is pro-vaccine, he felt compelled to speak out as a #physician, a surgeon, and a fellow human being. His reputation as a respected voice in the medical community has brought attention to the ongoing discussions surrounding Covid vaccines and their potential impact on children. Visit Dr. ChristianChristian's #substack here: https://francischristian.substack.com

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Posted (edited)

Perseus – MHRA – is it safe and effective?

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts from various fields including medicine, pharmaceutical regulation and safety management.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is responsible for ensuring the safety and efficacy of medicines used in the UK. It became clear during the Covid-19 pandemic that the MHRA has major failings leading to serious safety issues.

Our objective is to bring to this to the attention of politicians, policy makers and the media.

Hard hitting report which calls for immediate suspension of the mRNA ‘vaccines’ and a full investigation into how the MHRA authorised them in the first place.

Main report:


Immune downgrading: It has become evident that the vaccines’ efficacy wanes within months. During 2022, after multiple doses, the fully vaccinated had a higher risk of catching SARS-COV-2 infection than the unvaccinated.  This is not simply the return to baseline immunity, which might occur as the effect of a previous dose wore off, but suggests deterioration of baseline immune function. Indeed, there is much anecdotal evidence of multiple doses leading to increased infections, which cannot easily be disregarded.

Other potential harms: There are still many unknowns for the mRNA technology. For example, a study in Sweden showed that the Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT162b2) mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into human DNA in the laboratory within 6 hrs after exposure. The possibility of genetic-based vaccines being integrated into cells has not been adequately studied.

Significant side-effects were not recognized in the original trials due to small sample sizes and could only be measured once the Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out to the general public. The MHRA has been slow to detect and report safety problems. There is growing concern among clinicians about the potential serious side-effects of Covid-19 vaccines, particularly as the rollout extended to younger age groups. Analysis suggests that as many as 1 in 800 suffer a serious adverse event following vaccination. Despite this, the MHRA appears to not be listening.

Relying solely on death certification as a measure of deaths caused by vaccination could lead to circular logic. Until the MHRA announced in April 2021 that rare brain clots could be caused by vaccination, there were no death certificates with a mention of vaccination, Doctors wait for a connection to be reported before including vaccination as a cause on death certificates. If the MHRA also waits for individual doctors to certify deaths before deducing a connection, then the link will never be made. Therefore, additional methods of surveillance should be employed to accurately capture the true number of vaccine-related deaths.

There has been a significant number of excess deaths recorded in the UK, along with many other countries. There was a noteworthy rise in deaths in young males from spring 2021. Excess deaths not associated with Covid-19, particularly from cardiovascular causes, have been noted since spring 2021, with a brief interlude in winter 2021/22 when there were fewer seasonal deaths than expected. Excess deaths across all age-groups have continued through most of 2022.

The risk from Covid-19 is highly age dependent, with a low risk for individuals under 60 without comorbidities. The authorisation did not account for this. The accelerated timeline raised concerns about the adequacy of the risk/benefit analysis, particularly for use in children.

After the authorisation, it was discovered that no human studies had been conducted to determine the distribution of the vaccine in the body, the organs that would produce spike protein, the quantity of spike protein produced, and for how long it would be produced. Such measures are standard procedure for determining the amount of active substance in a drug before it is licensed. The MHRA did not require this research to be conducted prior to emergency approvals and full licensing, even though standard procedures mandate that manufacturers specify the amount of active substance in a drug.

The lipid nanoparticle technology used in the mRNA vaccines was previously found to be toxic when multiple doses were given, in attempts to make it work for conventional gene therapy. 

  • there were 5 cases of cardiac or respiratory arrest in the group that received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, compared to 2 in the placebo group; 
  • the adenovirus vector used in the AstraZeneca vaccine has been known since 2007 to cause platelet activation, which can lead to blood clots;
  • the mRNA in the vaccine is modified with synthetic nucleic acid to prevent it from degrading quickly in the body. It is not known how the body handles this synthetic mRNA;
  • the spike protein, which is the most toxic part of the virus, can cause various medical problems. The protein code used in the vaccine was altered by folding away the area that allows the virus to enter cells (the receptor binding domain), but the lipid nanoparticles used in the vaccine undermined this by producing spike protein from inside cells;
  • mRNA within cells can alter the cell’s “signature,” making it appear foreign to the immune system and increasing the risk of autoimmune disorders;
  • spike protein has been shown to negatively affect the integrity of the human blood-brain barrier and has been found in heart muscle cells and blood vessel walls. Studies which could have identified these issues were not requested from the manufacturers before authorisation or since.


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Cureus | SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Winter 2021/2022: The Association of Varying Clinical Manifestations With and Without Prior Vaccination | Article

Regular Use of Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Led Up to a 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate in a Dose-Response Manner: Results of a Prospective Observational Study of a Strictly Controlled Population of 88,012 Subjects


If they had used the safe, well tested and used for decades Ivermectin, there would be very few deaths and no disabilities. So they banned it. 


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Posted (edited)

In March, 2021 Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC, stated publicly on MSNBC:

“Vaccinated people do not carry the virus, they do not get sick.

She then proceeded to explain, “We’ve had an evolution of the science and an evolution of the virus” and that “all the data at the time suggested that vaccinated people, even if they got sick, could not transmit the virus.”

However, there was no such evidence at the time and it prompted criticism from scientists who said there weren’t enough data to claim that vaccinated people were completely protected or that they could not transmit the virus to others.

One of those critics was Jay Bhattacharya, professor of health policy at Stanford University School of Medicine.

“Back then, Walensky didn't know if it was true. It was just an irresponsible use of a bully pulpit as a CDC director to say something that she did not know for certain to be true at the time,” said Bhattacharya.

“Unfortunately, people used that information to discriminate against unvaccinated individuals and would certainly have been used as fuel for very destructive policies like vaccine mandates,” he added.

Days later, the CDC walked back her comments.

Walensky should have known that when mRNA vaccines were first authorised in 2020, the FDA listed critical ‘gaps’ in the knowledge base. One of them was the vaccine’s unknown effectiveness against viral transmission.

Even today, the FDA remains clear that efficacy against transmission is unproven.


Another astonishing falsehood made by Walensky was her response to Congressman Clyde’s question about the Cochrane Review, which found that wearing face masks in the community “probably makes little to no difference” in preventing viral transmission. 

Walensky enthusiastically stated, “I think its notable, that the Editor-in-Chief of Cochrane, actually said that the summary of that review was…[stumble]..she retracted the summary of that review and said that it was inaccurate.”

However, the summary of the review was not retracted, nor have the authors of the review changed the language in the summary.

Bhattacharya was also stunned by Walensky’s comments. “It's irresponsible for her to claim that the Cochrane review was retracted when it was not. It damages her credibility and harms the scientific process, which requires public officials to be honest about scientific results,” he said.


Or deliberate lying?

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The biggest purveyors of misinformation and deliberate lying have been the CDC, the FDA, public health authorities and politicians.  I don't trust anything these people say any more.

This is why I go directly to the studies and datasets.

And you should too.

Stop feeding at their trough of pig slop and start checking things out for yourselves.

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Posted (edited)

This "doctor" is still able to practice, but if your doctor tried to give you a prescription for Ivermectin, he lost his license.


Ottawa doctor sticks it to Ontario booster rollout, provides vaccines to ineligible patients | CBC News

Family doctor provides expiring doses to patients, regardless of age requirement


The family doctor began sticking boosters in arms on Sunday as part of her sixth Jabapalooza event, administering hundreds of shots in a single day, specifically aimed at younger essential workers. 

Aimed at "younger people" - in spite of the science that shows the risk/benefit for young people is not good.

The doses were expiring and she didn't want them to "go to waste."


"We had doses that were going to expire," she said. "I could not abide throwing those in the garbage when we had these essential workers who, six months ago when I gave them their second dose, I promised them we would do whatever we needed to do to continue to keep them safe."

These people she was jabbing were not eligible for boosters until January, but she's going to jab them anyways.


While Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health has announced people 18 and over will be eligible come early January, Ottawa's Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth isn't waiting.


Doctors who tried to give their patients early treatments for covid lost their licenses, but crickets when this one goes against all science and her own public health authorities:


The Ministry of Health did not respond to a request for an interview.


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On 4/19/2023 at 8:36 AM, OftenWrong said:

Because Candians are drunkards, and stoned. As we see here in this forum. "Pass me another beer, and joint."

J. Stalin- "Religion is the opium for the masses

J. Turdeau- "Opium is the opium for the masses."



It's funny, when I saw this comment yesterday, I was like "Whaaaaa????"

But then today, I was reading Mark Oshinkie substack and he said the same thing in it.  I  RED highlighted the part for you.

This essay is actually one of the best things I've read lately.  Addresses the ones who say, "Just forget about it all, move on, no sense in dwelling on it."


As a college senior, I took a Western Civilization course. Twice weekly, the unfashionably conservative L. Pearce Williams, delivered spirited, outstanding lectures to a large, full hall.

In addition to those lectures and three exams, we had weekly “discussion sections” comprising a dozen students. My section was led by a teaching assistant named Camille, a smart, soft-spoken, petite strawberry blonde on whom I developed a crush. As she entered and left our small classroom on the stately main quad, she wore a beret. Ithaca, New York winters are cold. So are the springs.

During the semester, students had to typewrite a series of five-page essays based on the many assigned readings. In our final essay, we had to agree or disagree that “World War I was unavoidable.”

The following week, at the beginning of our final discussion session, Camille prefaced the handing back of the graded essays by saying, “I was disappointed that nearly all of you thought World War I was inevitable.”

Hearing this pleased me. I had opined that that terrible War could have been avoided. I observed that a series of circumstances and events portended war. But I specified various occasions when, and ways that, cooler heads could and should have prevailed, especially because the human costs of overreaction were so high.

Sounds like March, 2020. But I digress.

During that pre-grade inflation era—on the first day of class, Professor Williams said that typically, one-third of the 250 students would fail—Camille gave me an A+ on that essay and wrote, in tiny letters, in pencil, on textured typing paper, a message several lines long agreeing with my conclusion, praising my writing and thanking me for actively participating in class discussions—I was usually serious but sometimes made jokes that she laughed at; males notice this—before concluding that it had been “a pleasure” having me in her class.

It’s the only A+ that I ever remember getting. I think I still have that paper in a box in my basement that contains other mementos, including a typed personal letter from Ivan Illich, postmarked from Mexico, that he wrote a few years before he got a brain tumor, for which he refused treatment, and that killed him in 2002. Ivan was one of my heroes. I was touched that he took the time to say something nice about an essay I had sent him, unbidden. As the author of Tools for Conviviality and Medical Nemesis, which assails overmedicalization, he would have strongly criticized Coronamania.

Although that basement box contains many keepsakes: letters, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, etc., I haven’t opened it in years. One must live in the present. I could just throw that box away; without relying on documents, I still remember all the stuff that’s worth remembering. But for some reason, I keep these items. Maybe I think that, someday, laying my hands on some decades-old pieces of paper will give some memories extra resonance and confirm that those things really happened.

Be that as it may, less than a month after the class ended, I called Camille and asked her out on a date. In addition to her laughing at my jokes, her message at the bottom of the essay made me think that she might have felt some type of way about me.

Incorrect. She turned me down, explaining that she already had a boyfriend. During the semester, I had seen her at a cafe with some dour guy. They didn’t seem to be having fun. Though I guess there can be more important things in a relationship than mirthfulness. Regardless, over the course of a few weeks, Camille had given me an A+ and then, an F. Girl power!

It turned out better that way. If Camille had taken up with me, I wouldn’t have met my smart, calm wife, Ellen, a year later and 215 miles away. We’re highly compatible and complementary and have been very happy together for forty years. And she’s prettier than Camille. By coincidence, Ellen also wears a beret in the winter. We met in August, so I couldn’t have foreseen that.

Everyone’s life, like World Wars and relationships, is strongly influenced by a series of circumstances and coincidences. Where we live and who we meet and thus, what we do flows from such context. Conversely, the non-existence of various conditions precludes many events or experiences that would otherwise have followed.

One might say that this lifelong, fateful game of chance begins at conception, when we get, e.g., our mother’s musicality or our father’s height. But it starts well before that. For example, what if our parents had never met because they didn’t go to the same dance on the same night. Life presents an infinite array of what-ifs and crossed Rubicons.

Many would say that there’s no point to reflecting about the gnarly mix of circumstances that led you to where you are today. According to Tina Turner, one should never lose one minute of sleeping, worrying about the way things might have been. The past is past. Whatever happened, happened. Stop thinking about alternative scenarios. Be where your feet are. Move forward.

And context isn’t always destiny. Conditions can make some things possible. But context doesn’t always make things inevitable. Exercises of free will and judgment can enable us to break the chain of causation and avoid problems or, instead, squander good opportunities.

In this vein, I’ve read dozens of books about the Vietnam War. That War has a hold on my heart because it occurred when I was a kid. Boys not so much older than me—including from my hometown—went to Nam. Some didn’t return. As I’ve read those books, I can’t stop myself from wishing that some better decisions had been made, so that the War would not have started, or that it would have ended earlier, enabling many more young men—drafted because they were born at the wrong time—to have lived full, unwounded lives.

Rooting for history to have been different resembles rooting for sports teams to win, for movie characters to survive or for people that we like to be well and do well. Our wishes don’t mean squat. But we wish nonetheless. It’s what humans do.

For better or worse, I often look at what has already happened and think that, despite context and prologue, it didn’t have to turn out that way. My willingness to look back and envision different outcomes might explain why I figured out the “right” answer on that World War I essay and my peers didn’t.

I often think about the circumstances, or poor exercises of judgment, that enabled Coronamania. Why did it happen, despite obvious reasons that it shouldn’t have?

First, the willingness to buy into the Covid overreaction may have been rooted, as explained by psychologist Mattias Desmet, in the sense of meaninglessness that many feel in a post-modern world. Supporting a purportedly noble, “We’re all in this together” effort by taking ostensibly virtuous, though obviously futile, measures as locking down, masking, taking tests and injecting mRNA fulfilled many peoples’ need for meaning. If post-modern life didn’t leave so many people feeling existentially adrift, they would not have, like cult members, fallen for Coronamania.

I’m not sure how to fix that problem, though I don’t think it fully explains the overreaction.

If there hadn’t been a Presidential election in 2020, Coronamania seems unlikely to have happened. The disruption provided a great opportunity to oust the Orange Man.

Yet, if Trump had been the genius he claims to be and had been capable of being the adult-in-the-room, and had made the Buck Stop Here, he would have seen that he was being played and could have thwarted Coronamania. But he was also germophobic, so he panicked and deferred to people that he Trumpishly labeled “geniuses,” when they clearly were not. He should have said, “We don’t shut down countries over respiratory viruses. And we don’t print trillions of dollars to mollify people who don’t work. People, especially kids, have lives to live. Go outside. Right now. Like Sweden.”

If we had not locked down for “just two weeks,” we wouldn’t have facilitated many more months of closed public spaces, including 18 months of school closures. Letting the Lockdown camel stick its nose under the tent created enduring, creeping momentum for the broader disruption that has dragged on for three years. “Flattening the curve” seemed, to many, temporary, scientific and clever.

Having a legitimate, truth-seeking Media would have prevented Coronamania. This painfully true joke circulated early in the Scamdemic:

Q: Why don’t the Amish get Covid?

A: Because they don’t have TVs.

If people didn’t see/hear on their TVs or radios that some ultra-lethal virus was making people keel over on sidewalks, they wouldn’t have thought there was a “Pandemic;” because people in their hometowns weren’t keeling over on sidewalks. Nor, in real life, were significant numbers of healthy, non-old people “dying of Covid” even in hospitals. If, instead of inciting fear, the Media had told the truth about the virus’s distinctly limited risk profile, most people would have been unafraid.

But the masses love to shoot up their fast-food evening news and NY Times. They believed an onslaught of alarmist propaganda that everyone was at risk and that even kids were “superspreaders.” The Pharma/hospital industry, which underwrites the news, was strongly motivated to build fear to create demand for their products.

If teachers and college administrators were serious thinkers and put their students first, kids—who were never at risk—wouldn’t have been harmed by, or spread, a virus and wouldn’t have missed out on irreplaceable experiences and social development.

And if college students and parents of schoolkids had protested school closures, instead of being sheep, American schools would never have closed. At the latest, all US schools should have reopened by September, 2020, as in Europe. Seeing that kids were fine would have nullified viral fear and normalized life.

But too many teachers and college students are clannish, low-information, timorous Democrats and saw political opportunity and time off in school closures.

And if various people, such as public health expert and lockdown opponent, David Robertson, or PCR test inventor and Fauci nemesis, Kary Mullis, had not died a few years before the scam began, they could have observed the lunacy of shutting down and mass asymptomatic testing with high-cycle PCR tests that were never intended to diagnose disease.

Though the Media would likely have refused to give these men airtime, just as they refused to cover the Great Barrington spokespeople or other mitigation critics.

If more citizens had basic science knowledge and critical thinking skills, they would have mocked all of the mitigation measures even without hearing from the Lockdown skeptics. They could have defeated the Scam by simply defying the various unlegislated emergency orders. There are far too many of us to control.

But too many American minds are focused on TikTok, Instagram, sports, celebrities, woke-ism and/or where they get their next carb hit or mind-altering substance. Ultra-potent, latter-day marijuana is the opiate of the people. So are alcohol and video games.

If more people had been willing to spend some popularity by protesting and speaking out against the obvious, destructive craziness, this nonsense would have ended much sooner.

But protest gatherings were banned. And too many people didn’t want to upset others by observing the plain stupidity of all of the viral theater. They went along to get along.

The Internet was a double-edged sword. If the Net hadn’t existed, people would have been bored out of their minds at home and would have defied house arrest.

But the Internet allowed people to skip commutes, work in PJs, binge on Netflix and order DoorDash. Laptoppers loved the lazy lockdown lifestyle. They didn’t care who the lockdowns hurt.

If there had been no Internet censorship, more lockdown/mask/test/vaxx skeptics would have seen that there were far more skeptics like them and that none of the “mitigation” was effective.

But the aggregate amount of panic-building stories on both broadcast media and The Net drowned out the truthful message of Internet Coronamania debunkers. Thus, most people never saw or heard the thoughtful criticism.

If people knew that Coronavirus vaccine efforts had historically failed because viruses mutate and that mRNA shots had not been appropriately tested on humans and presented serious threats to human health, the pro-vaxxers wouldn’t have asserted that non-injectors were grandma killers nor demanded that non-vaxxers forfeit their medical insurance and jobs.

And if employees who were mandated to inject had properly suspected that the OSHA mandates would soon be found unconstitutional and had realized that their employers needed reliable, experienced workers, they would have stood their ground and refused injection.

But medicine is America’s latter-day religion. Americans think they owe their lives to all things medical, including Pharma drugs and vaccines. So they believed to the depths of their souls that public health MDs were “experts” and the government was benevolent and that all must take the shots because they would “stop the spread.” Thus, the masses believed fervently in RNA injections and demanded that anyone who didn’t share their misplaced faith in this sacrament was an apostate and should be damned. They were sure the shots would work simply because they were labeled “vaccines.” They were wrong.

If just a few of the foregoing conditions or reactions had been different, Coronamania could have been averted. Instead, the Covid response was an epic fail.

I suspect that, as with their World War I essays, most of my erstwhile Western Civ classmates also got the Covid reaction wrong. In both instances, they—like most people—skipped, or couldn’t process, the required readings.

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2 hours ago, Goddess said:

It's funny, when I saw this comment yesterday, I was like "Whaaaaa????"

But then today, I was reading Mark Oshinkie substack and he said the same thing in it.  I  RED highlighted the part for you.

This essay is actually one of the best things I've read lately.  Addresses the ones who say, "Just forget about it all, move on, no sense in dwelling on it."

Here are the parts that stand out most to me:


If more citizens had basic science knowledge and critical thinking skills, they would have mocked all of the mitigation measures even without hearing from the Lockdown skeptics.

and also this one:


they believed to the depths of their souls that public health MDs were “experts” and the government was benevolent and that all must take the shots because they would “stop the spread.” Thus, the masses believed fervently in RNA injections and demanded that anyone who didn’t share their misplaced faith in this sacrament was an apostate and should be damned.

That's what happened to me when I spoke out against the insane measures during Covid. I was called a nazi by the members of this forum for trying to explain what is actually basic knowledge about virus transmission. But it makes sense they did that. The first quote completely describes them. In other words, not even a basic understanding of science. Completely ignorant of science, yet also not having "folk" knowledge. Even your grandma knows better than them.

There must be more to explain why the masses bought into Covid hysteria to the extent they did. In Canada, Trudeau encouraged hatred of the unvaccinated. It didn't matter the reason they were not vaccinated, medical or not. This meant those who had a medical exemption were also treated like third-class citizens, practically excluded from all normal activities in public.

The fear factor is another big one, fear of dying. That and a complete sense of dependence on "The System" in order to survive. None of us will survive if our civilization collapses, because Metro won't have burgers and steaks anymore, so we are wholly dependent on government to protect us in an "emergency".

Yet interestingly, the attitude towards unvaxxed, the fear and the hate, all came from above.

Same as the people we see on here, the ones who genuflect before government authority are having the biggest problems with covid fear. These people put their leaders on a pedestal, worship them like celebrities and think they are all-knowledgeable gods.

Right wingers have less respect for leadership. I see that as an important tenet of the right - they do not want the leadership to have authority over them. The role of leadership should be contained.

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On 4/19/2023 at 10:02 PM, Goddess said:

“Pfizer has presented no evidence in its data today that the vaccine has any effect on virus carriage or shedding, which is the fundamental basis for herd immunity.”

This is just scary. Basically the public can have no confidence in the statements of PH authorities. They can be correct or spreading their truth of the day arrived at by who knows what process and how. The damage to the confidence and credibility of a critical branch of public administration is impossible to estimate but it will last for decades. The good doctors did achieve something significant.

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, OftenWrong said:

I was called a nazi by the members of this forum for trying to explain what is actually basic knowledge about virus transmission. But it makes sense they did that. The first quote completely describes them. In other words, not even a basic understanding of science. Completely ignorant of science, yet also not having "folk" knowledge. Even your grandma knows better than them.

Same here, I've been sneeringly called "anti-vaxxer" since before I started this thread.

I started this thread to share some basic scientific knowledge and "folk" knowledge, understanding and reasoning but most people utterly reject that knowledge.  They refuse to know anything other than what they've been told by "experts".  We have a person who identifies himself as a "contrarian" and another woman who says she loves being "contrary" - fighting to the death over and utterly rejecting basic scientific knowledge, neither of whom have been "contrary" about anything done to us as citizens.  Baaaa!  Baaaaa! 🐑

And now look where we are.

We really need this to NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

Yet, even after information is FOIA'ed - forced by the courts to be revealed - and people can see these "experts" own words:

  • "Let's scare the shit outta people."
  • "6 foot distancing was basically a number we pulled out our asses"
  • "We knew it would never stop transmission."

....most people still can't see how we've been played.

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On 4/20/2023 at 12:14 AM, Goddess said:

On June 17, Dr. Christian made headlines with his statement to over 200 #doctors expressing his concerns regarding the administration of #CovidVaccines to #children.

We need to calmly and persistently press for, and obtain the answers:

1. What were the factual reason(s) to recommend quasi-vaccines for children under 18 and even 5 years of age?

2. Are they compatible with the professional standard of medicine and the Hippocratic oath?

3. What are the consequences of these decisions?

4. If there are confirmed negative outcomes, who will carry the responsibility?

Short of obtaining the full, complete answers to all of these questions, we couldn't be sure this won't happen again, and again and all over. On the contrary and almost certainly, in this case it will.

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