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  1. Yet, they aren't able to read stories to kids without protests and violence. Your contention that working hard and ignoring all the ways in which people are marginalized is an effective strategy to gain acceptance is flawed, imo. Without insistence on being seen, acceptance will not happen.
  2. Brazier: a pan for holding hot coals, a BBQ. Bet'cha only looked at the pretty pictures, didn't read the article.
  3. Because they view it as a liberal, taxpayer funded organization.
  4. Locked myself out once, got in through a window. People go through "the wall" almost at will, it seems.
  5. My gut likes to break this kind of food down in a noisy manner, which is embarrassing at work.
  6. There's also evidence that different people react differently to junk food - a diet that might make person A gain weight will have no effect on person B, so blaming "sloth and lack of discipline" may miss the mark. There are some conditions and medications that cause weight gain, even if one's diet is good. Your body also has a "set point", a weight which it tries to maintain. It can change, but it can be really difficult to reduce your weight below that point as your body will take steps to protect itself from that change. That set point is why it's thought that even people who've successfully lost weight through gastric surgery can gain most or all of it back. Even one's gut microbiome can have an affect on weight gain and weight loss. Not that overeating/eating the wrong foods and sitting around are blameless, but there's a lot more nuance to the issue of weight gain and obesity than calories in/calories out.
  7. I guess that's a form of democracy.
  8. She thinks that about anyone who disagrees with her. Her paranoia knows no bounds.
  9. And people are free to express their disdain for opinions that are put forth. Stop trying to silence people you disagree with.
  10. Canada is dealing with a similar problem, for which people are trying to blame Trudeau. England has the same issue, which partisans are undoubtedly blaming the sitting government. France, same. The issues is worldwide.
  11. Virtually every conquering army does this. You haven't looked closely enough.
  12. What in the bill is preventing that, because I don't see it. https://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/csj-sjc/pl/charter-charte/c11_2.html
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