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  1. What if they were in a car accident? Even the CDC doesn't place any credibility on them, as they state in bolded letters on their website. Specifically, a report to VAERS does not mean that a vaccine caused an adverse event. But VAERS can give CDC and FDA important information. If it looks as though a vaccine might be causing a problem, FDA and CDC will investigate further and take action if needed. Note that CDC and FDA will investigate further if needed. Why do you ignore those rather significant qualifiers on the reliability of VAERS?
  2. If someone with Covid or cancer or even old age is living outside of the hospital, but the added stress of Covid hospitalizes them, I'd say that's a Covid case.
  3. Really? Than I don't think I should bother if the best I can do is no better than filthy rags. but hey ... here's another one: Luke 6:35 ESV But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil. This one is much more encouraging. Anyway, this thread isn't supposed to be about religion, but about refugees. Or at least about beating up on certain refugees.
  4. I dunno if you call yourself Christian - I don't want to assume based on a few posts - but this makes Christianity appealing. Among other things that I dislike about religion (not just Christianity) is the exclusion so many practice. If there is a God who loves his creation, it doesn't make sense that he'd use them based on denomination. Judging them based on their actions of good/evil makes sense, but good people exist everywhere, not just in a single Church. Anyway, I like what you said there.
  5. LOL. 'CDC tells you that the data from VAERS is unverifited and 'that's beside the point'? I'm moving the goalposts because I don't accept unverified data? Right. If I'm so boring, stop responding. It's easy enough to do. Like you don't search on Google, LOL. And you aren't biased. LMAO
  6. I've read Goddess's, actually. Not yours since I haven't seen them, but since you and G agree, I'd assumed they were the same. My bad.
  7. CDC says explicitly that VAERS is not verified data.
  8. Its true I don't read everything you post, but the only 'source' I've seen from you is your personal 'experience' and some claim that a 'medical professional' you know has told you stuff. I haven't seen any links from you in weeks. How can you possibly find anything that supports your point of view on these "so-called reputable sources"? If they're reputable enough that you find your POV supported, then they're reputable enough to take seriously when they post something you don't agree with. You haven't posted any links that I've seen for weeks - refuse to, as a matter of fact. But then, I don't read every post you make, despite your egotistical certainty that I do. Remarks like this lets me know that I'm making points that you have no effective way of countering. But anyway, if I missed these reputable links of yours, I apologize for including you in the bunch that cites unreliable, fringe sources.
  9. As has been explained numerous times, VAERS is not clean data. Anyone can put anything on it; even lie because nothing is confirmed or validated.
  10. With all due respect, Army Guy, there is a deliberate campaign from places like Russia and China to sow distrust of the vaccine (among other types of disinformation) through troll farms. This is why I ignore or dismiss so many of the cites offered by Goddess/OW/Etc. and why I'll ignore "Burning Platform" and "much ado about corona". https://fortune.com/2021/07/23/russian-disinformation-campaigns-are-trying-to-sow-distrust-of-covid-vaccines-study-finds/ https://www.politico.com/newsletters/global-pulse/2021/01/28/what-chinas-vax-trolling-adds-up-to-491548 A campaign of misinformation from regimes that are opposed to us makes more sense to me than the idea that thousands of professionals in Canada and 100s of thousands around the world are all in some kind of plot to trick us all into taking a vaccine in the midst of a pandemic. MSM may not always get it right and they may be tilted left or right, but they're a darn site more trustworthy than random sites on the internet.
  11. A colleague, in his late 30s, got Covid almost a year ago. He's still off work with long-haul Covid. But he didn't die, though being off work for a year would certainly qualify for injury.
  12. You could be describing yourself! Except for "MSM" - if it doesn't come from some fringe website, it doesn't exist for you. There have been virtually no deaths from the vaccine, but that means nothing to you - fearmongering about the vaccine is your agenda.
  13. Looks to me like you guys can't answer his questions - he's twisted some of you around pretty good. Not to mention, if this forum were actual "debates", you'd not be so free with your insults cause you'd be booted.
  14. Let's try some math. In BC, there are 5.07 million people of which 80%, more or less, are vaccinated, leaving 20% unvaccinated which is 4.05 million and 1.01 million respectively. If we assume, for the sake of argument, that .01% of each group ends up hospitalized, that's ~400 vaxed and ~100 unvaxed hospitalized. See how that works?
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