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  1. I'm disappointed. Did you serve our country, or only conservatives?
  2. So what are you saying? Ten people aren't dead? Or the ten dead people don't matter?
  3. Isn't the claim usually made that people who want to work can always find a job, that not working is a choice.
  4. There were plenty of jobs where vaccine was not a requirement of the job. So to your example, there's an open door in the basement, which gives the "victim" access to food, their friends and relatives and most things enjoyed by the rest of society. If the "victim" refused to go out that door, what would the courts say then?
  5. Are you one of those who say "protect the vulnerable" whenever the topic of masks, social distancing or restrictions come up,? Because if so, why would you object to measures taken to protect them?
  6. Merely proof that they only agree with that which validates what they already believe. Bubble-strengthening is all it is.
  7. I guess private businesses can do what they like.
  8. Everyone ought to be glad the vaccine works as well as it does, else we'd still have hospitals overloaded with extremely sick and dying people, and full restrictions everywhere.
  9. Given how many times Trudeau has been called irrelevant, stupid, weak etc. By the right on this forum, I'm surprised anyone would give him this much credibility.
  10. If you aren't partisan, why are there "you people" in your world?
  11. There ya go again ... calling people morons because they disagree with you. Keep that in mind next time you complain about "libbies" insulting everyone who disagrees with them.
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