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  1. Obviously. US Supreme Court wants to revisit whether women should be allowed to use birth control. It's insane. I don't think men really realize how women have been held back. And it's not long ago history, it's recent. Women couldn't get a credit card on their own until 1974. That's AFTER I was born. My mother couldn't get a mortgage on her own. I know a woman younger than me who, in spite of being a mortgage broker, the bank made her get her ex-husband to cosign a mortgage for her. Banks still make women jump through hoops to get loans, etc. My sister last year needed a SMALL short term loan. Despite having equity in her house and guaranteed income, they made it as difficult as possible and I ended up having to loan her the money. The "old white guy" thinking is still rampant. I grew up in the age where women in violent or emotional abusive relationships were stuck because by law, they were financially dependent on men - couldn't get a credit card, couldn't get a mortgage, couldn't get a job that paid a living wage. This has changed for the better, but women are still disadvantaged compared to men. A lot of men seem to think that granting human rights to women somehow takes something away from THEM. When a child is conceived, it's generally not the man whose career takes a hit. It's not his life being put in danger (childbirth is still a major killer of women). If men assumed the risks - financial, emotional, physical - I dont' believe these laws would even be being debated.
  2. Especially when, throughout history, men have gotten special rights based on their gender.
  3. No. Just paying attention to history. And countries where women are controlled and regulated.
  4. It's disturbing to me that so many men are so invested in this debate. Why? Does the ruling affect them at all? There is an inherent danger in telling male society that they have the right to control women and their bodies. I expect rapes will skyrocket even higher. The only time it may affect them a little bit is when their 11 year old daughter or granddaughter gets raped at Sunday school and then dies in child-birth because her little body is not ready for forced birth. They will forget they demanded this.
  5. Thomas calls for overturning precedents on contraceptives, LGBTQ rights | The Hill As I said, this is just the beginning of a whole new era of oppression for women.
  6. Yup. That's how it goes in the Islamic countries. The women talk back - they get killed.
  7. At best, it will "understandable" why a man would kill his partner who miscarries. A light slap on the wrist. Ahhhhh, back to the days of yore.
  8. Ummm-hmmmm. Yet I'm called paranoid and delusional for noticing it.
  9. Not yet. But a lot of men would like to see that. Thankfully, Women have fought hard (and died) to be seen and treated as adult humans by men and been partly successful. I expect this will backslide. A lot. In the next few years. Clarence Thomas did say he wanted to re-visit more rulings about women's rights.
  10. I know. But history shows me its true. The rate of domestic violence and men murdering women tells me its true.
  11. Let's face it - this has absolutely zero to do with saving children. If it did - there wouldn't be hundreds of millions of children all over the world dying from starvation and other easily remedied factors. This has everything to do with how men view women. I believe most men despise women. So they must control and regulate every action women take in every aspect of life. I know this because late-term abortions are exceedingly rare. Yet men believe that 8 or 9 month pregnant women just wake up one day and decide, "You know, I don't want a baby after all." That's not what happens. It's probably the most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, agonizing decision these few women ever have to make. This decision will not end with controlling abortion. Mark my words. I'll let you men on this thread continue to assert your views on all the things women should or should not be doing, or should or should not be allowed to do or decide.
  12. Arrested for Having a Miscarriage? 7 Appalling Instances Where Pregnant Women Were Criminalized - Alternet.org US women are being jailed for having miscarriages - BBC News Opinion | When Prosecutors Jail a Mother for a Miscarriage - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Women Could Get 30 Years in Prison for Having a Miscarriage in Georgia (businessinsider.com) A California woman was jailed on suspicion of causing her stillbirth. Her attorney says prosecution for miscarriages will 'only get worse' under US abortion crackdowns. (yahoo.com) Woman indicted for manslaughter after miscarrying when shot (nypost.com)
  13. What is your reasoning for going along with legislation that says a woman experiencing an ectopic pregnancy must die?
  14. You do realize that there are women sitting in jails because of miscarriages in states that have the strict abortion laws you want, right?
  15. Yes, I understand that. I understand that you support this legislation because it will restrict women who you don't agree with their views. That's fine. The problem is - by banning and restricting certain things, you take the decision away from ALL women and in ALL circumstances. For instance - if you support a ban on all abortion, that means A BAN ON ALL ABORTION. That means that women who experience ectopic pregnancies - which are not viable and right now are routinely removed to save the life of a woman, will be banned. Your legislation will kill women needlessly. Do you understand that? Biology is messy. Every situation needs to assessed on its own merits, according to the make-up of the woman involved. This is why it's best left to a woman and her doctor. Not old white men who do not know what an ectopic pregnancy or a fallopian tube is.
  16. You realize that the men in power who are making these decisions for women and who you support, have openly said this does not matter to them, right? What is your reasoning for going along with legislation that says a woman experiencing an ectopic pregnancy must die?
  17. Yes, I understand what you wrote there. But if 79% of women agree with restrictions, no doubt they would restrict themselves from certain procedures at certain times, yes?
  18. I had issues with carrying pregnancies t term and experienced multiple miscarriages. Miscarriages are very common. It terrifies me that some of you men want women tried, convicted or even executed for them. It terrifies me that you are winning right now. It terrifies me that women are still - in the 21st century - being treated like we need to have MEN to make decisions about our bodies and health, for us.
  19. Yes, and I am one of them, as I noted above. So in the event I had to make a decision about a pregnancy, I would restrict myself, as I'm sure most women already do. At least 79% of them, by your information there. But that's not good enough for men. They must control ALL women. I also think there should be exceptions to the restrictions, as I noted above in my comment about my mother's stillbirth. Even a late term abortion should have exceptions and not banned outright. I don't believe women who experience miscarriages should be charged with murder or go to jail. I think these kinds of decisions should be made by the woman and her doctor. My problem is that MEN are making these decisions. MEN who do not know the most basic things about female reproduction. No exceptions means that for every ectopic pregnancy (where the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus and thus is completely non-viable and puts the life of a woman at stake) a woman will die needlessly. When I read comments about some of the things men believe about women's bodies and reproduction, I am aghast at the ignorance. I dont' trust these old white men to make decisions for women. Best left between a woman and her doctor. My fear is this is just the beginning of loss of rights for women. The first woman born in the USA to be able to apply for and get her own credit card.....is only 48. Men trying to keep women controlled, regulated and "in their place".....is not new to me.
  20. Personally, I am against late-term abortions just to not have the child, so I wouldn't get one. What other people do is up to them - if there is a God, I don't think he's going to ask me about other people's sins. But stats show that is extremely rare. Back in the early '70's my mother was forced to give birth to a full-term stillborn baby. To this day, she says she would have rather had it delivered by abortion. The experience was obviously traumatic to begin with and being forced to go through L&D made it much worse. I would prefer that women like her have the choice.
  21. 91% of the people who voted for this are NOT women. It's very much a men vs. women thing. No woman would vote to die because of a non-viable ectopic pregnancy. Men are making that decision for women.
  22. Of course it is. Women don't get pregnant on their own. If we're going to regulate bodies, then regulate everyone's. Vasectomies are reversible. Give every male over....say....15 years of age?....a vasectomy. Abortion problem solved.
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