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  1. I did see that this morning. Thank you. I wonder if Hinshaw (they call her "Hacksaw" in AB 🤣) would have ever apologized if the family hadn't raised hell. At least the mainstream media finally carried the story of the apology.
  2. The link is at the bottom! WTF is the matter with you?
  3. I did already. You do this constantly. Demand cites and then totally ignore them when they're given and then demand the same cites over and over again.
  4. Oh look, here's Tree Beard JAQ'ing off again. 🙄
  5. I'm finding that "factcheckers" most often agree with whomever is funding them. And the majority of them don't know a fraction about the subject they are supposedly factchecking, compared to the experts being "factchecked".
  6. This is no longer true in countries ahead of us in the vax schedules. England and Israel are experiencing higher cases and deaths amongst the vaccinated population. England had 70% of deaths amongst vaccinated people. I expect we will see (and possibly are already seeing) this here, too. You won't hear about in our media though, the way the English and Israeli public is being informed. Not as long as our Health authorities are hell-bent on covering it up, as they have proved to be. The vaccine is therapeutic, at best. It's not even a vaccine at this point. It's an injection. Therefore, it should be an individual's choice whether they want to assume the risks of vaccinating with an experimental injection that doesn't prevent transmission or death.
  7. My ex-hubby got both jabs and I'm glad he did - he is morbidly obese, doesn't look after his health and has prescription-controlled hypertension. He got covid last month though and did well. He is the kind of person who should risk the adverse effects of the vax. But universally imposing it on everyone without regard to personal risk factors is wrong, wrong, wrong.
  8. It's definitely the least of some people's concerns. I've been reading a lot about the effect all this has had and will have on our kids. It's very sad. Here's the thing: I don't believe anyone has to justify why they choose NOT to get the jabs. Bodily autonomy and being able to choose our own medical procedures is well-established in Western democracies. The Nuremburg Code states clearly that it is against international law to force anyone to participate in medical experimentation. That includes coercing and bullying them to do so, as Dr. Patricia Daly states the government is doing. Nor do I agree with the lying going on about case numbers and deaths. THEY need to prove that forced injections are justified. I don't believe that a virus with a 99.5% survival rate, which mainly affects elderly and terminally ill people (the same as the flu) and hasn't even made a dent in any country's yearly death rates for the last 2 years, in any way justifies forcing 100% of the population to allow themselves to be used as medical experimentation with a vax that has zero long-term testing and was rushed to market and you can't sue them if it craps the bed on everyone (I'm not surprised Pfizer put this as a condition, though, as they've been sued for billions of dollars in the past for lousy vaccinations). I definitely don't believe it is justifiable in any way, shape or form to impose such a thing on children, who face almost zero risk.
  9. Consequences like being denied basic human rights even though there is very little evidence of covid spread in the areas of life that are being denied to citizens only as a punishment for not complying, as admitted to by Dr. Patricia Daly? Yes, the consequence could also be that they get covid and die, especially if they are obese or have other comorbidities or are elderly. But the majority over 99% are just fine. What's not being presented to the public are the consequences of taking the vax. And I still believe that each person can determine their own risk level, their own comfort with those risks. You do not believe that. You believe that government and media can lie and fudge and dismiss legitimate concerns and that the citizenry should just blindly comply or they deserve punishment. We are definitely not the same.
  10. It won't. That's why many countries are now just learning to live with it, like other colds and flus. We were sold the myth of a covid-zero society if a majority got vaxxed. Now, even though there is ample proof that the vax is not working as promised, that vaxxed people are dying both from the vax and from covid, that vaxxed people are spreading it and driving the variants, some are so desperate to believe the lies that they are mentally incapable of processing the truth.
  11. That goes both ways. I notice no comment from any of the people here who are militantly pro-forced injections, on the article where the government/media/health officer has been found lying about deaths from covid. So don't bother bleating about how other people aren't listening to facts. You are ready to abolish the Nuremburg Code, the Canadian Constitution, persecute your fellow citizens for exercising their universal human rights, refuse to acknowledge the government's and media's part in any of this debacle and just continually whine "It's all the unvaxxed fault! It's all the unvaxxed fault!! Waaaa! Waaaaaa." Chickens with your heads cut off, running around screeching and parroting whatever you're told to parrot.
  12. No one has said that ONLY elderly and terminally ill are at risk. It is very clear though, that they are the ones MOST at risk. And children are the LEAST.
  13. You already know why. I agree with the hard-fought for human right of bodily autonomy and democratic freedom. You do not. That's fine. But we disagree about this. Why are you ONLY blaming the unvaxxed, O brainwashed one, who only listens to MSM? Please, explain to us all why you believe both the Nuremburg Code and the Canadian Constitution should be abolished.
  14. As you know, anyone who doesn't tout the propaganda is driven from many platforms. Maybe start reading the comments on some of the propaganda articles you link to - people are waking up, which is why the government and media have increased silencing and de-platforming them. When they do find a platform to tell their story on - you and others here reject the platform as not being a legitimate platform. Get your head out of MSM's arse and start paying attention to what's really going on.
  15. If it's "common knowledge" that the hospital up there is chronically understaffed and beds have been closed due to budget cuts, then why blame the unvaxxed as being the source of the problem? The brainwashing is strong with you..... You know what they called people who blindly went along with the Nazi propaganda and persecuted their fellow citizens in the 1940's? COLLABORATORS. You and several others here - and all the restaurants and gyms etc who are doing the government's dirty work by imposing the passports, businesses that are firing employees for exercising their right to choose their own medical procedures - are definitely going down in history as collaborators in punishing and taking away the human rights of others.
  16. I also was reading about your case in BC where they are flying out patients because the hospital is "overwhelmed". A nurse from up there commented on the article, that we are not being told the truth - the truth is that instead of having 20 nurses up there, there is only 5 due to healthcare cuts.
  17. This is the governmental and media propaganda I am talking about that needs to STOP. A couple weeks ago, Alberta announced it's first teenager had died of Covid: Alberta reports youngest COVID-related death to date - CityNews Edmonton Kenney and Hinshaw made special public announcements regarding this case - using this young man's death as fodder for propaganda. The family is livid about it: Shared post - So many lies (locals.com) This isn't the only time this has been done. I know personally of a family whose mother was recovering nicely with a mild case of covid and then she got that flesh-eating disease. She eventually passed in hospital, after undergoing 6 (SIX!!) skin debridings. They listed her death as "from covid". That family, that I know personally, was also livid and argued with he doctor over this. They didn't have the emotional or mental strength the deal with it though after everything they went through with their mother. So kudos to this young man's family for fighting back. I suspect we're going to see more of this. I also think this is why so many in healthcare are bucking the shots - they see the false narratives being touted in the headlines and that it is not working. They also see all the adverse reactions and many have commented on the staggering increases in heart attacks and strokes following the vax. So why the lies? And how many more cases are complete and utter BS? Kenney and Hinshaw still have not issued a correction or an apology to this family. And what is the point of "testing" someone for covid 2 days before they die? (And don't tell me they didn't know he was going to die - as a death doula, I'm trained in recognizing the signs of imminent death, as nurses/doctors also are.) (Danielle Smith is an amazing investigative journalist from AB - it was her interview with Lt. Col. David Redman that I watched early in this whole debacle, where he slammed the government for not following pandemic protocols that were already set in place. I recommend you watch it, if you can still find it on YouTube. It was through The Western Standard publication.)
  18. Haha, that's very kind. I believe healthcare should also look after people's emotional needs, sometimes it can make all the difference and it's an important part of healthcare that our leaders seem to care little about. Especially when they are just making rules to punish and control now - a la Dr. Patricia Daly. There has been absolutely zero concern over people's mental and emotional health since this began.
  19. I'm sorry to hear that - it breaks my heart, actually. I've been honoured to work with 3 families as their death doula since covid and the hardest part for me has been the times when I can't see or meet them in person, only over Zoom. It's just not the same. I can't imagine how difficult that is for you, and for your wife.
  20. Imagine how united we could all be if our government stopped the fear-mongering and the blaming of those who either cannot or choose not to vaccinate. Imagine if we got daily briefings like this: "Today, there was 1000 cases of covid, but 992 of them are okay. Thank you to our citizens who chose to get vaccinated. Thank you for doing your part. Those that chose not to, thank you for continuing to be safe by staying home when you feel ill, washing your hands regularly, and taking the preventative vitamins and other things we've said to take from the beginning of this. Thank you everyone for doing what you can to protect our most vulnerable - our elderly ones. We're doing well in spite of this pandemic. We know it's been hard on everyone. Thanks, everyone, for pulling together and looking out for each other and taking care of each other." I know I'd rather hear that, than Dr. Patricia Daly telling everyone that even though there's not much transmission at restaurants, movies and gyms everyone has to stay home and now those that are not vaccinated - we will punish them by not allowing them at venues where we know there's already little likelihood of transmission and we'll blame them for the case numbers even though we know it's being spread by the vaccinated, too and also our government has totally fucked up by cutting back on healthcare to the point that our entire country cannot handle 715 people in the ICU over a period of 18 months.
  21. In the 1960's, the KGB conducted some fascinating psychological experiments and they learned this: The y learned that if you bombard human subjects with fear messages nonstop, in 2 months or less most of the subjects are completely brainwashed to believe the false message. To the point that no amount of clear information they are shown to the contrary can change their mind. I think too many people want so badly for this virus to be something it's not - an actual threat that validates the way they've behaved and the trauma they've put themselves, their children and others through. Most people would rather continue living the lie, than admit they were lied to.
  22. Canada. Hospitalizations with covid have totaled 2273, since the start. 715 in the ICU, since the start. 715 people overloaded our system. Do you think it may mean that our system sucks if it can't handle 715 people over 18 months?
  23. How many young people having life-altering adverse reactions, including death, in order to "save" 90 year olds, would be "too much" for you? I am middle aged. I don't now and I also can't see myself as a 90 year old woman, insisting that no matter how many young people die, no matter how many get permanent heart conditions, no matter how many violently shake for god only knows how long, no matter how many people lose their jobs, no matter how it affects the economy, no matter how much other people suffer - it's totally worth it to me to have those extra few days of life. It's strange to me that that is YOUR belief - no matter the cost to others - and that you have the nerve to call others "selfish". I don't believe most elderly people think like you do. I dont' believe most elderly people expect younger generations to sacrifice all this for them.
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