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  1. Earlier this last summer, a friend of mine (whole family is vaxxed, although he took the first 2 unwillingly) told me about his older brother, 62 y.o., healthy eater, very fit, got the booster. Within a week, he experienced severe gastro issues and what he described as his muscles disintegrating. Since then things have worsened. He can barely keep food down, cant eat a lot of things. Muscles getting worse, now trying to manage the independent grocery store he owns, from home. My friend asked if I had seen this in any studies since doctors are baffled and don't know what to do. At the time, I hadn't seen it but I wasn't looking specifically for it either. Now I am seeing it in studies and reports from vaxxed people. Weird muscle disintegration following the booster. His whole family knows it was from the shots. They all say this brother was the healthiest of all of tgem, their whole lives. Now neither my friend or his sister will ever get another shot. Their 88 y.o. mother just got her 5th and theyre not saying anything to her about the shots because they dont want to stress her out about getting so many and feel that if something does happen to her from the shots, shes lived a long life already.
  2. Or are you still clinging to the "100% safe and 95% effective" lie from almost 2 years ago? You do realize you were lied to, right?
  3. Had you read the article you also would have seen there are more than 11 and more stepping forward every day. Surprise, there are getting to be more and more doctors who can no longer stomach what they're seeing as far as vaccine injuries and deaths and it's bothering their consciences that they are not allowed to inform patients of the true extent of injuries and deaths. ""First do no harm" and all that.
  4. You were one of the ones who demanded to see whistleblowers, yet every time some come forward, you dismiss them. There were 3 whistleblowers who got an attorney when the DoD papers came out and now the US military is dropping their mandates. You dismissed them and their info too. I suspect you will dismiss any whistleblowers. Not because they're whistleblowing but because you are against anyone whistleblowing against the narrative.
  5. More and more doctors are coming forward. For those demanding whistleblowers, here's some more for you: One Brave ICU Physician Reporting Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries Leads to a Dozen More (substack.com) Read the declarations and what doctors are seeing in the ERs: Letter-on-Behalf-of-Physicians-Regarding-Covid-19-Vaccine-Injuri-fee0f6941b97b076398c4e8607f573b0.pdf (sirillp.com) The email this lawyer Aaron Siri sent to the CDC and their reply: Microsoft Outlook - Memo Style (sirillp.com)
  6. When did everyone become against bypassing constitutions?
  7. Well, virologists say this one is unusual and I provided links that say so and say why, so.......
  8. It's the location of the furin cleavage site in the covid virus that is suspicious. It's located in the exact right spot to increase transmissibility to multiple species of mammals and also to increase pathologicality. <--- I know that's not the right word but I can't think of the right one right now and I think you get what I'm saying.
  9. And here's a tip for those who like to Google a rebuttal to lots of things - what you see on the first page of Google is 99% of the time what they WANT you to see, according to the narrative. You have to go back a few pages to find out what the debate is really about and to get a complete picture of what scientists are up against when it comes to China and transparency.
  10. While true, pretty much everyone agrees that the furin cleavage site in the Sars-Cov2 is very........odd. And if it did occur naturally, it is absent from every other group 2B CoVs known to science thus far. This scientist published these articles back in 2020, 2021 but I had saved them because he explains the sequencing of the virus and the furin cleavage site quite well, enough that laymen, like myself, can understand the issue. The hidden debate about the SARS-CoV-2 furin cleavage site (randombio.com) Underground virologists question the origins of SARS-CoV-2 (randombio.com) I had forgotten this little anecdote that was in one of the articles, it made me chuckle then and again, now:
  11. According to Forbes, Trudeau's net worth went from $10 million to $385 million in the last 2 years.  On a salary of $371,600 per year.  Doesn't this deserve some scrutiny?  Can we start asking questions now?

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    2. Contrarian


      I am not getting into a Covid-19 debate as is a non-productive void, only dissecting this information:

      This information is also circulated by Theoren Fleury, a COVID-19 sceptic and former hockey player. People making up stories so they add legitimacy to their grievances. 

      This "rumour" was circulated on October 21. Not sure why is this brought up in December. I guess someone was bored on reddit and decided to bring this up. 

      Took me under 2 minutes to realise this is fake news but I guess when one wants to believe something the accuracy of the information becomes irrelevant. 

      That does not mean politicians don't make money at the back of "the people" -> It has been happening since the beginning of time, but this specific information is false from what I could read. 


      He told Fox News that Trudeau is controlled by "five entities."

      What?! Aliens too? 

    3. Chrissy1979


      So definitely not Forbes. Just an antivaxxer site lying to her again. But at least it's a source. LOL

    4. Goddess


      I admit when I jump the gun.

      Maybe you could hold the vax fanatics to the same standards? You don't seem to have any problem with them lying, on purpose, to you.

      LOL indeed

  12. Wuhan scientist claims Covid was man-made virus | Herald Sun
  13. “Once a government commits to the principle of silencing opposition, it has only one way to go, and that’s down the path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens” - Harry Truman
  14. Did you even read the text string? In tweet #8 - "More to review from the BIDEN TEAM" Answer: "Handled." I understand you likely don't think it was "coerced" because you also don't view something like "Take this jab or lose your job, healthcare and ability to buy groceries" as coercion.
  15. There's a ton of circumstantial evidence, as well. I talked about it on the trickle thread. Peter Daszak and his illegal gain of function experimentation on bat coronaviruses and suddenly there's an outbreak of a bat coronavirus with hallmarks of being tampered with by humans.......
  16. Neither of us even said the Senate voted on it 🙄 I find he's in such a rush to disagree with ANYTHING, he doesn't comprehend what he's reading.
  17. And you were on the wrong side of all of it.
  18. She's a very intelligent woman and a lovely person. Before she lost her husband to suicide, they would visit my parents whenever they were in Hawaii. She speaks from the heart, but with a political wisdom and a lawyer's mind. Honest people like her, keep the dishonest people you idolize in check.
  19. It was obvious it wasn't going to get past the Senate:
  20. The Twitter Files RE: Hunter Biden's laptop. The Twitter Files Thread, In A Way More Readable Format (piratewires.com) If you think you've been told the truth on ANYTHING in the last 3 years, you're delusional.
  21. It is anti-science. It is wrong. It should be ignored.
  22. "Seriously" like when the Calgary Police arrested this young man for playing hockey on an outdoor rink - for his safety, of course. Kids who played hockey in the evening had their hockey sticks taken away and sent home and parents were warned if this happened again they would pay a fine of $2,500. Playgrounds fenced off with 10 feet tall fencing to stop kids from playing on a swing or a slide. Now we all know that the shots were never tested for, nor do they stop transmission. Oh, wait. I forgot. We're supposed to be grateful the kids weren't thrown into a Chinese work camp. Ya. No thanks. Take your paranoid hysteria and conspiracy theories somewhere else. The rest of us are done with the likes of you.
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