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  1. Yes, the vaccinations are apparently not useful against Omicron. Which makes me wonder about this: And increasing numbers of vaccinated are ending up in hospital - up to 80% in highly vaxxed areas. This is the circular (il)logic that makes no sense.
  2. I did. But you are, of course, free to do so, as well.
  3. Again, it's not distributed. It is for expenses incurred for being in the convoy - gas, food, lodging. Not all need lodging, some have sleeper cabs, many people have offered places to stay along the way, including one motel I know of that put up the convoy for the night for free. People have been providing a lot of food - meeting them on the highway and distributing bag meals or setting up dinner stations at the end of the day's run. Leftover money will be donated to Veteran's groups.
  4. Yes, we all know that. Why are more and more vaccinated people needing covid hospital care? They are vaccinated, yes? Even calculating in the supposed 91-96% efficacy of the vaccines, that would mean that there should only be about 8% at the most.
  5. Heres' something I noticed from the BC site: Percentage of vaccinated people needing covid hospital care: Dec. 17 - 28.4% Dec. 22 - 29.5% Dec.30 - 43.3% Jan. 3 - 48.6% Jan. 9 - 64.4% Jan. 13 - 65.4% Jan. 15 - 66.4% Jan. 18 - 67.7% Jan. 19 - 68.2% Jan. 20 - 69%
  6. Worldwide covid deaths: 2020 - 1,941 647 2021 - 3,475,060 Nearly double the deaths AFTER the jabs were introduced.
  7. You guys sure make a lot of assumptions. You assume only 17,000 are dissenting. They are just the ones willing to put their career on the line to say so. You assume since 90% of Canadians are jabbed, that 90% of Canadians agree with vax passports and restrictions and forced injections.
  8. From the Washington DC rally last weekend (10) Facebook 17,000 American doctors and scientists sign to put an end to mandatory vaccination and for politicians to butt out of the doctor/patient trust. "That's more than the NIH, more than the CDC, more than the FDA." Edit: You can see more of the speeches from the rally on Rumble.
  9. So, no cite, then. Okee Dokee.
  10. Cite? Your interpretation of data is currently at about 100% wrong, so..... Cite?
  11. The vaccinated death rate is soaring. Because immune systems are being destroyed. Like thousands of scientists said would happen.
  12. It would be interesting to see Ottawa.s face when "a coupe dozen" trucks roll in. For like 2-4 days.
  13. Headingley, MB was where the Hutterites were preparing the dinner for the convoy. RCMP blocked access to the area. That was why the colonies packed everything up and followed the convoy until they stopped again and could rest and eat.
  14. I think Trudeau is suffering from extreme imposter syndrome and we are witnessing a psychotic break. After a life of luxury and privilege, he has no baseline for personal success. Normal people take a loss and move on and put it in perspective. For him, this is the final proof that he is a failure. He is an imposter. He is not loved. He is not respected. He is not Prime Minister because of his unique talents. He is there because he was groomed to play a role and he is failing miserably. His country is in revolt. He is dangerous right now.
  15. Austria: https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/austria-lift-lockdown-unvaccinated-residents-82480785?fbclid=IwAR1VVsTCy_sQ_9ApkuXgPLlrCTxo7FK-MG3Dbd5ZSMDFSvOtQk1G_scUjdw
  16. OPP shuts down highway cams along the 401 convoy route: camera outages start on page 27 https://511on.ca/cctv?start=260&length=10&order[i]=1&order[dir]=asc
  17. Or from today: "people with unacceptable views." Yesssssssss......because people who believe in freedom and The Charter and the basic human right to bodily autonomy are clearly deranged lunatics........totally unacceptable.
  18. "ummmm......errrrrr.....ah.......fringe minoritiy....ummmm.....errrrr.....nothing to ahhhhhhh......see here folks......errrrr.........ummmmmm......vaccination is the......ahhhhhhh....errrr.....only way out......errrrrr....."
  19. My boss listens to his podcasts every day, so I have to listen to his podcasts every day 🤣 I find the same thing - Rogan has people, doctors, scientists from both sides. They discuss. There is no other platform that allows debate from both sides. His interview with Sanjay Gupta (SP?) was interesting - he's pro-vax of course. But Joe got him to admit that CNN totally mislead the public about Ivermectin by calling it "horse dewormer." There was never anyone ODing on it, the same as there's no one drinking urine, which Dialamah insists is being done and promoted by "anti-vaxxers" but I'm all over the alternative news sources and I still haven't seen that mentioned even once. Only ever heard that here. By her. Sort of like her, "Waitresses everywhere are being harassed daily by anti-vaxxers and I question every waitress about it and they are just in tears, crying and breaking down from the great amount of abuse they take from anti-vaxxers." Mmmm Hmmmm?? The "anti-vaxxers" who can't go into restaurants? How are they bringing all these waitresses to tears and trauma?
  20. Well, you're apparently the expert on the convoy, you tell us. You know the real truth right? Like that the organizer likes the Maverick Party (info from Celebrilla 🤣) so is therefore some kind of deranged lunatic who's going to make off with all the money and that there's only about 10-20 trucks....... Tell us what you know, O Keeper of Truth About The Convoy.
  21. It did scare the convoy. The death threats and wishes that have been leveled against anyone who doesn't support mandatory vaccinations have been building, inflamed by Trudeau. Some in the convoy have reported they feel a definite "cold shoulder" in Ontario. It's the first province they've gotten F fingers and stuff thrown at the rigs, etc. If there's more violence - it won't be from the truckers.
  22. The DARPA papers that just came out with the Fauci emails showing he knew the virus was from the Wuhan lab when he testified before congress - he was outright lying and trying to cover up what he's done. I'm waiting to see what will happen, but imagine if Fauci and cohorts intentionally released the virus, so they could sell vaccines. There is video of him lamenting the fact that he cannot experiment with his vaccines on humans, that it takes too long to get a vaccine to market. There's too much sketchy stuff going on here. But I think we will get to the truth eventually. More and more people are waking up.
  23. We know 100% in every country that deaths from covid are counted this way - if you die from covid before the 14 days are up OR with just one dose, you are counted as an "unvaccinated" death. The hospitalizations and ICU counts are done the same way - if you just have one shot or are not past the 14 days post second jab - you counted as "unvaccinated" hospitalization or ICU patient. This is fact. This is crimes against humanity. I believe it's all going to come out eventually.
  24. I think we might be in trouble, too. We have the most draconian restrictions in the free world and a Prime Minister who is arrogant and power-hungry. He's not likely to backdown - more likely to get revenge by doubling down. He has to save face somehow. The world is watching.
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