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NHL General Thread


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Impressive win by the Leafs. 

A desperate Vegas trying to break out of a slump, bringing everything they got, playoff like intensity.

Leafs young guns come up big and cut them to pieces anyways.

Salt o' the earth road Leaf fans louder in Vegas than the home fans, Leafs traveling well in Sin City.

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Hey NHL, what's with all the Huawei shit? Can that Huawei sign be any bigger or brighter? The one that's always right in our face, front-row centre, throughout the intermission sportscast commentary-


How about shut the damned advertizing off while the discussion is about hockey? Or go to hell.

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Classic Potemkin Village, that's not Hockey Night in Canada anymore, wasn't before the Chinese Communists took it over neither.

It's a metaphor for Canada itself, presenting the facade of good ol' Hockey Night in Canada, while behind the scenes it is Beijing pulling the strings, because other capital is fleeing Canada in favour of the quality of American freedom.

This is what the Fake Country looks like.

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Of course, the Toronto Star says be at peace, Chinese Communist takeover is all good;



But Rogers is doing nothing wrong, said Sui Sui, an associate professor at Ryerson University and an expert in Canada-China trade relations within the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Sui pointed out Huawei has relationships with Canadian universities, other companies as well as broadcasters.

“The concern is … these companies should do something, right, like stop working with (Huawei)? But I don’t think so. This is an issue between the U.S. and China,” said Sui. “For us (in Canada), it’s an opportunity to work with this company and have foreign investment.




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10 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

Avs are back, baby!   They quit sulking and just played.  

What the fuck is up with the Preds?

Moreover, whatever happened to that Patrik Laine guy, you said was better than Matthews?

I said he was a better pure shooter than Matthews, which might still be true even with the slump, but Matthews ain't even that far behind in that metric, if he's even behind at all. I did note at the time, that picking between Matthews and Laine's shot, is obvious hair splitting.

Matthews has a much better nose for the net, is the better and more well rounded goal scorer, is playing a far more important position, and he's just a better player in general.

Ovechkin still the top shooter in the league though, clearly jumped the gun by saying otherwise.

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5 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

I'm just rallying around my sons, Auston and Mitch, I actually love, love, love Patrik Laine, second coming of Mario Lemieux.

I am perplexed as to what his problem is, but based on the anecdotes of  O-Dog, I suspect it is the coach, because apparently Maurice is a dick.

I could see Paul Maurice getting on his nerves, sounds plausible to me, but goal scorers are inherently streaky, so could just be an extended slump. Never know when he might pop off for five goals in a game, like he did earlier this year, he's probably just gripping the stick too hard is all, long term I wouldn't be too worried about it.

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