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NHL General Thread


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6 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

Rams should win, except they are playing the King of the White People, so who knows?

He is channeling the MAGA voodoo and all, so who knows indeed.

Most folks are betting the Patriots hard, something like 96% of bets are on the Patriots, and yet the oddsmakers won't raise the line to hedge, willing to risk getting hosed if the Patriots cover the spread, or win outright.

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9 minutes ago, Yzermandius19 said:

Yeah if Shea Weber were half the price, that's a good add, I don't see the Habs doing it as long as Bergevin is GM though.

Even at 4.5 he'd be alright, better than Zaitsev that's fo sho.

If he couldn't play due to injury; permanent LTIR like Nathan Horton.

If he retired early; cap recapture penalty is Nashville's problem.

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I'm actually okay with that, not just because Marner is on pace for a hundred points and so they have to find a way to squeeze two big contracts under the cap, but also Matthews hasn't actually lived up to the billing yet, not actually sure what his ceiling is, if he's going to get hurt all the time and only play partial seasons, prolly best not to lock him up at $13 plus million for the whole eight years.

If he pans out in the next five years and the Leafs win the cup, they can go ahead and pay him more, but if it doesn't happen in the next five years, might be time to consider the options.

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Terrible, terrible deal. They're paying all that and just getting one UFA year? There's no way he signs with TO after that, so they're basically way overpaying for a bunch of RFA years and not securing him longer term anyway. Worst of both worlds.

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I'm not seeing what option they had, Matthews is a player who teams would offer sheet, in a heartbeat, Arizona right out of the gate with max contract which the Leafs could not match without blowing their cap up, so he pretty much has them over a barrel, because I think Matthews would not see playing in Arizona as being a bad option.

With Marner actually outplaying Matthews, they ain't getting Marner for significantly cheaper, so I don't see how they can fit two eight year contracts under the cap.

If a five year contract for Matthews, prolly gonna be a six year contract for Marner.  Matthews at 11+, but Marner is prolly gonna be 10, he's on pace for 32 goals and 100 points.

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And like I say, If Matthews hasn't led them to a Cup in the next five years, he ain't all that he's cracked up to be and maybe it will be the case that trading him for the sun and the moon is a preferable option at the end of this contract. 

Tavares is going to be old in five years, this is not an eight year window to win the cup with this team.

The point is to win the cup now, not hold onto Matthews for as long as possible for the sake of holding on to him for as long as possible.

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Not to mention that it is very rare for a player to do what Tavares did, if the Leafs are a dumpster fire four years from now, they should prolly trade Matthews, since what's the point of signing one star player in an otherwise dumpster fire team?  The Leafs tried that for fifty years, doesn't work.

  If they are a contender, Matthews will re-sign like Stamkos did, if they aren't, Matthews ain't doing anything for them anyways.

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