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  1. because it's so egregious it deserves a thorough beating outrageous if you want me off the forum keep doing things like this and I will bail
  2. the rally was organized in light of the statue controversy most of the protesters were not Nazi's and attempting to paint anyone who didn't want Robert E Lee's statue taken down as racist is beyond asinine the vast majority of those who wanted to preserve the statue are not racists which was precisely what Trump was getting at in his comments
  3. republics suck except for one you support a system that works far worse over 99% of the time
  4. remove the feature this is insane bad word filter what a joke
  5. unbelievable ridiculous over the top censorship that should be reviled by any sane person
  6. this is the stupidest idea a forum ruining idea Canadian nanny state run amok
  7. the fakest of news you're delusional Trump Derangement Syndrome is a helluva drug
  8. nonsense British isn't a race and it isn't a place it's a system of governance and those people have an affinity for that system that cuts across demographic lines those who don't are foolish and ignorant and should be ignored y'all speak of treason as the if it's the reasonable position but it's not the current arrangement is vastly superior to any arrangement that is likely to replace it there has been one exception in history and yet some people want to roll the dice anyway
  9. the two sides were not Nazi's and those who protested Nazi's it was both sides of the statue debate of which a small minority were Nazi's and Trump condemned them
  10. that's what politicians do Trump's political opposition does it far more than he does and yet you think they are highly credible just because they say what you want to hear Orange Man Bad
  11. I mean his medical records, newspaper clippings and Melania's clothes which have nothing to do with anything among other things that had nothing to do with what was in the warrant or the case and you just excuse all these violations of Trump's 4th amendment rights because Orange Man Bad
  12. I am well aware he's a conman but so are his political opponents and you've been conned by them
  13. Slava Ukraini told y'all the Russians were ass kicked having trouble holding on to Kherson now Ukraine has taken the initiative if the Russians lose it, that would be a big blow
  14. language police alert can't even say bullshit without you whining about it do you need a safe space, snowflake?
  15. bull to the shit the only reason you believe Bill Barr is because he is siding against Trump
  16. you should seek psychiatric help for your Trump Derangement Syndrome it has clearly compromised your mental health
  17. they seized things that weren't in the warrant like Trump's medical records, newspaper clippings and Melania's clothes
  18. the left is the anti-free speech side it's not the early 2000's anymore try to keep up
  19. of course there was more than two sides Trump did not call Nazi's fine people he said people on both sides of the Confederate statues debate were fine people he explicitly said he wasn't talking about the Nazi's and condemned them totally you buying into the fine people hoax is the ultimate sign of Trump Derangement Syndrome
  20. no it isn't independents are very much against this raid on Mar-a-Lago non-shills oppose this only those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome support it
  21. the GG is a partisan crony of the PM that is not a better head of state than an apolitical monarch your anti-monarchist position is not based in reason, but based on feelings it has nothing to do with how well they do the job or how well an alternative would do the job
  22. God Save The King King Charles III > Vladimir Putin
  23. republics are generally far worse than British constitutional monarchy there is only one major exception this monarchy is not a waste of time and money precisely the opposite is true
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