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  1. was it contemptible when they put their resources into developing the vaccines? you think they would have done that if they just had to eat the costs and lost money on them? profit drives innovation no profit, less innovation, then you'd have no vaccines and no Pfizer pill take your pick there is no have your cake and eat it too "no profit and full innovation" alternative
  2. talks smack about Ron DeSantis and Rand Paul while defending Fauci and fronts like he's unbiased good one Moonbox if anyone makes this forum a cesspool it's folks like you regurgitating the same bullshit anyone can read in the MSM
  3. soviet bread line health care strikes again stop blaming the unvaccinated and start blaming the shitty health care system
  4. DeSantis is a great governor best in all of America, by far and you'd rather have Trudeau? you're insane you may have been on the right in the past but obvious far left propaganda is obvious you've fallen to the dark side
  5. the politicians view our challenging of the dominant narratives the same way that moonbox does they listen to him, they don't listen to us
  6. won the Cold War but the commies are winning post-cold war sad but true Canada is worse off every major party are commies now
  7. those who fail to recognize obvious communism are gullible enough to believe communists when they say they aren't commies or are a commie themselves who refuses to admit to it either way, it reflects poorly on their judgment
  8. people with co-morbidities are taking up the ICU beds vaccinated or unvaccinated there is no vaccinating our way out of a Soviet bread line health care problem
  9. soviet bread line health care doesn't deliver as promised, who knew?
  10. if you don't think the CBC chooses which news to emphasize to fit it's political agenda you're very naive they are state sponsored propaganda, not unlike Pravda
  11. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-trudeaus-vilification-of-anti-vaxxers-paved-the-way-for-legaults-punishment-tax punishment tax indeed Rex Murphy knows
  12. one situation is vastly worse than the other therefore the current reaction is not ridiculous because similar restrictions are put in place for a threat that doesn't warrant it like I say, it's impossible to discuss with you because you just say dumb shit never admit when you are clearly wrong especially when called out on it
  13. comparing the reactions to two very different situations isn't relevant it would only be relevant if the situations were similar
  14. you are banning people from speaking in a manner you don't like textbook free speech banning
  15. that point isn't relevant because it's an apples to oranges comparison
  16. you are trying to tear down the successful acting like that is going to help masses try again the best way to help is not to ban anything, especially free speech if that's the only tool you think will help, that is why conservatives don't like your policies if you don't know, now you know
  17. helping the masses helps the masses not hurting the successful you proposal is dumb the best way to help is not to hurt stop trying to tear down and start trying to build up
  18. you don't understand conservatives at all conservatives want to improve the health care system instead of throwing money at the problem and wasting it on counterproductive central planning which is the worst way to address the issue conservatives want to actually the help the masses not just say they do, then implement dumb policies to hurt the rich, which is the worst way to help the poor they just object to your idiotic policy proposals, which make the problem worse in the guise of making it better
  19. nice of you to finally notice Zeitgeist me and Dougie knew you had it in you red pilled and based af
  20. what makes it impossible is that you say dumb shit don't like getting called on it then refuse to admit to it
  21. there never was a crisis with covid and as the situation improves more restrictions are being imposed not less you're just wrong they are going to keep going with no regards to the actual situation
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