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  1. it violated other rights, not a right to an abortion, which was never a right in Canada in America, apparently a right doesn't have to exist before the Supreme Court can claim someone violated that imaginary right while violating an actual right to create the legal justification to enforce that imaginary right that's why Roe v Wade is such a bad decision it sets a terrible precedent thankfully Canada had the good sense not to do that
  2. the Court struck down the old law it could easily not strike down a new law the Court never said there was a right to an abortion they said the old law violated other rights they didn't make up a new right they pulled out of their ass, like Roe v Wade did you are the one confusing Canada with America not me
  3. they are wrong about that the court struck down the old law there is no right to an abortion in Section 7 of the Charter
  4. it is already illegal to prevent access to hospitals without having to ban protests outside of them have you considered that your reason for restricting free speech has nothing to do with protecting patients or staff, because they already protected by laws that don't restrict free speech?
  5. there is no law regarding abortion in Canada there is no right preventing a law that restricts abortion from being passed in Canada either if you think there is, you are mistaken the old law was struck down but there is nothing preventing a new law from replacing it aside from the political will to do so which is why it hasn't been replaced yet
  6. the SCOTUS has no jurisdiction in Canada there is no right to an abortion in Canada they pretended there was one in America though even though it is totally unconstitutional to do so on the federal level America is more pro-abortion than Canada it used to take the current Canadian position federally, prior to 1972 though the difference being that America left it up to the states, while Canada handled it at the federal level
  7. it is not a right in Canada they simply choose not to make a law restricting it though they could if they wanted to there is constitutional right that prevents them from doing so in America it is a state issue, not a federal issue the SCOTUS incorrectly made it federal issue, with their bullshit ruling in Roe v Wade there is a constitutional right that prevents them from doing so, but the SCOTUS ignored it and continues to ignore it
  8. there is no law on abortion in Canada it isn't a right here in Canada it is a federal issue and they take no stance on it in America it is a state issue the SCOTUS made it a federal issue in contravention of an actual right the 10th amendment and they took a stance on it legally speaking, America is far more pro-abortion than Canada on the federal level
  9. why would Canadians care? what good would being in aukus do for Canada?
  10. they said it was a right, because they were liberal judicial activists, so they just made up a "right" that doesn't exist, because they felt it was the right thing to do it had nothing to do with the constitution, which clearly makes the issue of abortion, a state issue rather than a federal issue, as per 10th amendment
  11. you are dealing with someone who sees no need to answer such a stupid question that has no bearing on the discussion obviously the child in the womb's life isn't more important than the 10 year old child's I am not arguing that anyone's life is more important than another's you are the one making that argument to justify killing an unborn child by dehumanizing it
  12. you have lost the plot we are talking about abortion your stupid analogies are neither here nor there make a better argument for your position
  13. you were referring to parents refusing to give blood transfusions to their child you are now moving the goalposts flailing to try and front like abortion isn't murder and justify it morally while trying to play the right to life card to justify your support for abortion listen to yourself, this is looney tunes pretzel logic I can make an infinitely better case against these abortion laws than you can it's not even hard step your game up there is no need to make yourself into a fool to make the case
  14. the disease would be killing them the parents would not be murdering them, objectively speaking unless they gave them the disease intentionally none of your stupid analogies change the calculus for the morality of abortion
  15. not saving a child is not murder it's not even killing killing them not in self defense on the otherhand is murder derp
  16. that is different the 10 year old child's bodily autonomy is not being infringed upon the way the child's bodily autonomy is being infringed upon with abortion one is actively killing the child the other is allowing a child to die that could be saved there is a stark and significant difference between the two situations
  17. no I see their autonomy as equal you see the child as having no autonomy you only see the mother's life as valuable I see both lives as valuable your analogy is trash because only one person's body autonomy is in the mix in the case of abortion two people's bodily autonomy is in the mix, not just one
  18. what of the bodily autonomy of the child? that's why abortion is obviously different for that reason your analogy is apples and oranges
  19. Roe v Wade is bad law abortion is a state's rights issue the SCOTUS overrode the 10th amendment, an actual right, to impose a right that never existed on the states
  20. I am a clump of cells you are a clump of cells if someone kills either of us without proper cause such as self defense it's still murder us being a clump of cells doesn't change that it is a pointless distinction that doesn't effect the morality of the situation whatsoever
  21. if a pregnancy would cost a mother a kidney and an abortion would save her kidney that seems like reasonable grounds for an abortion most abortions do not fall into that category though that would obviously be an extremely rare circumstance
  22. Canadians hate freedom of speech the battle was lost long ago so you can go ahead and cheer freedom hater
  23. abortion is not a right the right to keep and bear arms is a right you compare apples and oranges six weeks is as arbitrary a line to draw as twenty four weeks you're still terminating a life in both cases
  24. free speech goes further than you left wing nut jobs think it should free speech doesn't only include speech everyone likes if it did, you wouldn't need it to be a right in the first place, because no one would ever call for it to be banned free speech is a right that must be protected from government infringement, specifically because of people like you who want to ban speech they don't like
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