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  1. the misandrist accusing others of sexism is pretty rich literally blames all the world's problems on men and accuses anyone who doesn't hate men of hating women
  2. he's just mad Woodrow Wilson pushed the break up of his beloved Austro-Hungarian Empire
  3. it makes a lot more sense if you assume Russians capabilities were vastly overrated and are in over their heads the Russians are playing 4D Chess theory on the other hand makes no sense at all
  4. there is plenty of middle ground but calling it something else doesn't change what it is I don't deny reality because it makes me uncomfortable what restrictions do you support?
  5. that's what abortions are killing human babies no matter what term you want to refer to them as /shrugs
  6. all the extremists in this thread are the zero abortion restriction extremists there are no zero abortions extremists yet the zero abortion restriction extremists think everyone who disagrees with them is a zero abortions extremist because they can only sell their bullshit by invoking a false dichotomy to demonize all criticism of their position as a strawman
  7. only 13% of Republicans are against all abortions 30% of Democrats are against restrictions on any abortions both positions are idiotic radical extremes 87% of Republicans, 70% of Democrats and 81% of Americans agree that there should be some restrictions on abortion sounds like lots of middle ground you just don't like that your extremist position isn't in the middle ground and want to force that position on the 81% of Americans who oppose it
  8. what you don't get is that every abortion is about the life of the child, genius I view both lives equally while you dehumanize the child
  9. America did not put nukes in Ukraine in fact Ukraine gave up it's nukes to Russia to avoid conflict which just encouraged Russia to invade it down the road being weak and seeking appeasement does not deter Russia from attacking standing up to them and being strong does, see the Cuban Missile Crisis Russia has no right to invade because a neighboring nation gets friendly with NATO F*ck Russia, Go Ukraine supporting the carpet bombing of Ukraine is a despicable position to take just to virtue signal against Obama and Biden's foreign policy
  10. they were worried about potentially losing access to Sevastopol after their puppet got thrown out that is why they invaded in 2014 securing the Black Sea warm water port geopolitical reasons, not humanitarian concerns nothing altruistic about it
  11. America overthrowing a Russian puppet and replacing them with their own is not justification for invasion though obvious aggressor is obvious and it's not Ukraine they are clearly retaliating
  12. Russian speakers were attacked after the fake humanitarian supplies were moved in and Russian special forces moved into the area Russia was defending nothing, it's been a war of aggression from the start because the Russian puppet in Ukraine was overthrown for an American puppet in Ukraine and the Russians freaked out about it
  13. bullshit that's just what the Russian propaganda said they invaded because they lost their puppet in Kiev
  14. not even they move in, secure it put a gun to their head then gets the answer it wants and then reinforce referendums don't any faker than that they made them an offer they couldn't refuse
  15. China is a house of cards and a teetering one at that the more they flex the weaker they are it's overcompensation
  16. my advice Aristides stop trying to read people's minds and try reading their actual posts that alone will improve your understanding of those you disagree with substantially knocking off the strawmen ftw pro tip you still will probably suck at understanding the opposition but you might get out of the bottom five forum members at least
  17. nope you probably have the worst mind reading skills on this entire forum no wait, French Patriot has you beat
  18. abortion devalues human life when it's not about the life of the woman bringing up the exception that doesn't do that in no way justifies every abortion the vast majority of abortions are not about the life or health of the mother don't pretend otherwise
  19. you don't know shit about the Soviet Union or Canada for that matter so how would you know?
  20. your beef is with nature I have nothing to do with it I wouldn't abandon my child or it's mother if the birth control fails and I certainly wouldn't kill them you are projecting on me again
  21. saying that doesn't make it true demanding extra "rights" for women is about control demanding the federal government tell the states how to regulate abortion is about control you keep projecting your own faults on those you disagree with you are far more guilty of the things you accuse others of than they are which is why you don't understand those you disagree with at all and jump to ridiculous conclusions about them
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