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  1. they are far left union workers who mostly vote NDP and Liberal this isn't America in Canada the truckers are commies you would fall for the far right extremist angle
  2. Trudeau gets to play up this convoy to be Canada's January 6th ZOMG White Supremacist Insurrection! and Canadians will eat that shit up bet that
  3. these protests will just make the freedom haters double down any problems the truckers cause for the government, will just turn more people against them and their cause Canadians aren't gonna side with these truckers over the government Trudeau ain't scared, he's loving this and using the opportunity to demonize the opposition by associating them with the truckers mobs in the streets never fix anything, just make things worse
  4. small business people are in trouble as a direct result of government policy just because other people are hurting too is no reason not to help them
  5. don't believe public health when their claims aren't substantiated by the evidence either that 40-50x number is obviously bullshit
  6. indeed but most Canadians think otherwise and that's why you're not allowed to go back to normal because the politicians are pandering to the overreacting freedom haters they ain't pandering to you, because you ain't the majority
  7. your views are not representative of Canadians speak for yourself, because you ain't the voice of most Canadians and neither am I learn to cope if most Canadians wanted to return to their lives we'd have returned to our lives long ago that isn't the case because that isn't the reality
  8. wrong I want significantly less of both I'm just not foolish enough to project those views on the majority of Canadians Canadians hate freedom Canadians want even more restrictions and government controls
  9. ha ha ha wishful thinking is a helluva drug the country is going to be even more in favor of government overreach after this convoy too not less
  10. JRE > CNN Joe is authentic af CNN is fake af Joe has substantive conversations with all kinds of interesting people CNN does outrage porn for the far left
  11. nah Trudeau has the calculation right people ain't gonna flip to the trucker's side on this the tide isn't turning Canadians are too dumb, they fall for that extremist bullshit
  12. Christianity was clearly a big upgrade hence why the natives willingly adopted it
  13. the religion was adopted willingly not forced on them in the vast majority of cases Christianity sells
  14. most of Canada is not just Toronto
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