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  1. the US Navy operates in the arctic they got the nuclear subs covered and they ain't gonna let Canada get in the game when Canada tried, America said no and Canada complied besides there is no benefit to getting in that game and the taxpayers certainly aren't gonna foot the bill to do so
  2. Liberal minority incoming this election is unlikely to alter the balance of power much at all pointless election is pointless thanks Trudeau
  3. the pollsters know what is going to happen if they say differently they're lying I'll be voting for the PPC shortly
  4. popular vote is irrelevant it ain't a tight race Trudeau way ahead in the seats that matter particularly in Ontario the Conservatives are simply not going to win an upset is not in the cards the only people deluded into thinking otherwise are those blinded by Trudeau Derangement Syndrome wishful thinking is a helluva drug
  5. China is incapable of invading Canada only America can do that and doing it wouldn't be worth it for them Canada has no good reason to go to war with China or vice versa
  6. it's close in Quebec but the Liberals have never lost a federal election without shitting the bed in Quebec and that is not happening the Conservatives need to win Ontario to get a minority as well they have never won a federal election without winning in Ontario a Conservative majority is not on the table and a Conservative minority is in pipe dream territory considering how the stars would have to align in both Quebec and Ontario for them to have a chance
  7. except O'Toole is lying and if he gets in power he'll inevitably spend more than he claims he will especially during covid see Doug Ford and Jason Kenney as prime examples the Conservatives aren't spending significantly less than their Liberal counterparts on the provincial level and they won't federally either
  8. indeed but that would be the result no matter who wins the election
  9. no why would Liberals and Conservatives vote to overturn the system that helps them? that's never going to happen
  10. if hope is to be useful it must be constrained by what is actually possible hope based on the impossible leads to disappointment and resentment when that hope inevitably never comes to pass your hopes are better focused on what you can control and what is possible rather than what you can't control and what is impossible delusions of utopia are dangerous the road to hell is paved with good intentions in pursuit of utopian visions no one does more damage to the world than those who believe it's their job to save it
  11. lots of people are idiots including many experts they are some of the biggest idiots of all accreditation scams abound and merit is often eschewed by those accreditors who accredit cronies who preach the dogma over the competent who question the dogma popery by any other name would smell as shitty tickets to heaven sold was a bad idea then and it's a bad idea now
  12. Canada's Overton window of political choice is about as wide as the choice between Coke and Pepsi
  13. I like some people others not so much I don't suffer fools gladly and there are a lot of fools around
  14. for you perhaps but that hope is not realistic the Liberals are doing too well in Ontario and Quebec to lose and the Conservatives are doing too poorly in Ontario to win
  15. democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner if you don't think you're surrounded by idiots you either aren't paying attention or you support the idiocy Idiocracy came true
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