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  1. you disputed it's meaning you have been corrected your attempts to correct those who actually know what they are talking about are laughable
  2. it is Russian for "one of the majority" this is a fact
  3. you used the definition of bolshevism not bolshevik bolshevik is Russian for "one of the majority" majoritarian indeed
  4. both Russia and China were included in the globalized world and adding them to the mix is what kicked off globalization now they are being cut out, like during the Cold War pre-globalization world during the height of globalization America had it's fingers everywhere now America is realizing that it's better to concentrate their reach in certain locations and ignore the unimportant locations US multinationals can make more money without relying on unreliable nations like Russia and China
  5. I'm not wasting my time with your bad faith nonsense anymore
  6. your opinion of me isn't relevant your mind reading skills are about as bad as it gets and you don't understand anyone who disagrees with you so you just make shit up
  7. no it doesn't you just have shitty reading comprehension and jump to ridiculous conclusions to make yourself sound smarter by comparison you are just making up my position based nothing that I said
  8. not killing babies is pro life health care rationing death panels isn't pro-life stopping people from defending themselves isn't pro life Malthusian anti-human central planning isn't pro life listening to doctors gone politicians who demand to shut everything down isn't pro life Chelsea Handler is wrong about everything she said
  9. stop putting words in my mouth I've had enough of your strawmen, Cathy Newman
  10. she is wrong about all of those things none of her positions are pro life and she opposes the actual pro life positions openly
  11. the unborn child being unable to live without her body doesn't make the unborn child's body her body so butt out
  12. Chelsea Handler is hostile witness who knows fuck all about Republicans and concocts strawmen of their positions to make her stupid ideas sound smarter
  13. it's not about women it's about protecting the unborn child the child's body is not her body her body her choice therefore does not apply
  14. Chelsea Handler is an idiot and wrong on every count
  15. it also shows that the 14th amendment doesn’t apply extra rights isn't equal protection it's extra protection you aren't asking for equality you are asking for superiority while claiming that anyone who opposes that superiority is somehow bigoted against women
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