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  1. Chat room is closed for the staff Christmas Party.

  2. Hillary up by 2.7 million votes now. American democracy.

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    2. Omni


      And projections are she will surpass him. At last count only about 400K to go.

    3. kimmy


      She has a long way to go to catch Barack 2008... I thought she already passed Barack 2012. I could be wrong.

    4. Omni
  3. Trump lost the election by nearly 2 million votes. Democracy, baby!

    1. bcsapper


      100 million didn't bother to vote.   No-one to blame but themselves.  I'm sure they knew the system they had. 

  4. Former Irving exec becomes PC leader in NB. They're not even hiding it now.

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    2. ?Impact


      NB is owned by Irving and McCain.

    3. drummindiver


      Why should he be exempt because of the company he works for?

    4. overthere


      I remember one time when a Liberal shipping magnate from Quebec became Prime Minister.  Then there was the time when a rich dilletante from Westmount also became PM.  Oh wait, that is today.

  5. Trudeau booed by young workers when he told them that precarious work is a fact of life now.

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    2. cybercoma


      You keep saying it's the same and the entire point is it's not, both qualitatively and empirically.

    3. msj


      Fine, it's same same but different. The "greatest"generation got the depression and war. The baby boomers got the Cold War a booming economy, Woodstock, then stagflation then high interest rates etc. Gen X got the end of disco and the beginning of grunge. Millennials? We'll see what they get. The point is each generation gets a raw deal and gets its share of opportunities. stop complaining and do something. 

    4. cybercoma


      Millennials get to own dubstep. Poor bastards.

  6. There's an irony to Trump's "rigged" line, given GOP gerrymandering and voter ID laws.

    1. eyeball


      There's an element of believeability to many of the things Trump says but it's not enough to make up for the crap.  Trump reminds me of Argus in a lot of ways. 

  7. I'm surprised we haven't heard how the charity dinner was rigged yet, after that savage beating.

  8. 52,000 Canadians use American healthcare each year. 6,400,000 Americans buy prescriptions from Canadian pharmacies each year.

  9. CPC leadership candidate, Brad Trost says, "Human Rights laws are big government run amok."

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    2. bcsapper


      He's not gonna win, is he?  

    3. The_Squid


       I hope he does..... 

    4. bcsapper


      Dammit. Where do I vote?

  10. Trumps lies last night averaged out to more than 1 lie per minute that he spoke. Remarkable.

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    2. Ash74


      He is telling so many lies people are going to think he is getting help from the Liberal parties in Canada. 


    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Most things are perspective.  If Hillary can say she gave back all her emails and Politifact says "mostly true", while Trump says she took a hammer and smashed her devices is a "lie" (because only some were smashed using a hammer), one does have to wonder.  I don't expect you to understand any of this though.  

    4. cybercoma
  11. Do the folks who believe online polls still believe them now that Breitbart shows Hillary winning?

  12. Trump says Putin outsmarted Clinton and Obama? How? Is he admitting to espionage now?

  13. Trudeau is so feminist the gender pay equity panel was made up of all men.

    1. cybercoma


      The sole female member of the finance committee was not able to attend.

    2. overthere


      But are they Diverse Men?

    3. ?Impact


      Did you ask them if they self identified as men?

  14. If something doesn't change in two weeks, Clinton set to win 400+ electoral votes and the Senate.

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    2. cybercoma


      It's unlikely the Democrats will get congress but the Senate is tilted towards them at the moment.

    3. overthere


      what must be most worrisome to the Democrats is not remaining Republican support for Trump, it is the defection of many working class Democrats to his populist message.

    4. cybercoma


      There's absolutely zero evidence for that.

  15. Pre-Hillary Sale’ at Westside Armory offers a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic rifle for $699.99.

  16. Sen. John McCain now says GOP will block Clinton's SC noms if she wins the election

    1. Smallc


      When Rome falls, it really falls.

    2. cybercoma


      So much for the "will of the people" narrative.

  17. What's the policy on bombing threads with copied material reply after reply?

    1. The_Squid


      Seems after the "upgrade" that moderation went away.

  18. Trump brags about forcing himself on women. Those women come forward. But they're lying? Come on.

    1. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      I think people are curious just how seamlessly this thing all fell into place.

  19. Has anyone come out yet and claimed Hillary Clinton assaulted them?

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    2. bush_cheney2004


      Hillary Clinton assaults eyes and ears every day.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      No, but that's probably because they all committed suicide or got shot in a botched robbery.

    4. Moonlight Graham

      Moonlight Graham

      I think "honesty" announced that it's been fingered by Hillary regularly since the 90's.

  20. Is making sexual advances on children just locker room talk too? Disgusting.

    1. dialamah


      I can remember being 16 and having old men make jokes about "dating" me.  It was extremely uncomfortable, and it didn't always feel like they were joking.

  21. Trump: I didn't sexually assault that reporter, look at her.

    1. cybercoma


      I've got shovels. The best shovels! Great shovels!

    2. BC_chick


      Nothing says I'm not a groper like I don't grope ugly people.  

    3. dialamah
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    2. dialamah


      And yet when the right says "Progressives/lefties are/want/always ....... " we're supposed to understand they only mean "some"  progressives/lefties?  How about if you are going to demand clarity from 'the left', maybe also demand it from 'the right'.    Otherwise, total hypocrisy.

    3. Smoke


      Haha, what a bunch of dickheads!

  22. Trump's campaign is directly quoting Russian propaganda making its rounds on white supremacy sites.

  23. Trump (debate 1): Hillary has no stamina!

    Trump (debate 2): Hillary never quits!

    1. ?Impact


      See, Donald is able to learn. He should be President.

  24. "When people show you who they are, believe them." —Maya Angelou

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