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  1. So I guess you think that Elon Musk must be the most challenged to communicate incoherent person around, not fit for any type of leadership position. You don't have to cherry pick any examples from him, listen to anything he says. I could however cherry pick from Harper, Dion, Martin, Chretien, or anyone else and provide you samples of them misspeaking or struggling to get together words. Go back to the interview Mansbridge did of Harper before the 2015 election for an example.
  2. Did you compare inflation as well, because that has a lot to do with the difference between the early 70's and today. Note that is a global issue. Certainly employment is something that can be compared, but then lets compare it to say Harper and Trudeau (both of them) suddenly appear to be geniuses.
  3. You are free to participate in the party if you so choose. Sitting back and complaining is meaningless.
  4. You have failed to point out the Trudeau policies that have had a negative impact on the Canadian economy. Provide specific examples of a Trudeau policy, and how it has had an impact on the economy. The old "left bad", "right good" bullshyte is just that. I have spoken out against the TPP, but remember it is not a Trudeau creation. How it will actually play out is still unknown, so academic discussions of a Harper plan blamed on Trudeau are meaningless drivel.
  5. Carbon taxes are being implemented all over the world except by ignorant dinosaurs. What pipeline barrier did Trudeau create You probably want globalization in trade with children in sweatshops as well What on defense? TPP came out of the Harper government The TSE has been growing steadily since January 2016, with a slight drop this past January
  6. Ok, so exactly what has undermined our economic competiveness?
  7. I was simply pointing out that there has been no change in policy as PIK claims. Instead of being a bunch of rabid partisan hacks, it would be far more constructive to address the real issues here.
  8. What does your silly rant have to do with the fact that you read something incorrectly because you want to hate on a group of people?
  9. No he was a mid level dealer, not some kid selling to his friends. The blindness of right wing partisans is amazing. b.t.w. Rob Ford's financial record in Toronto was terrible.
  10. What did you right wing government do for a decade? Absolutely SFA, so stop whining about left wing polices. This is about selling out to American corporations which has been happening since Mulroney.
  11. What a bunch of complete and utter bullcrap. I have voted PC more recently than any other mainstream party, and want change in Ontario. I will not vote for Ford however because of his scumbag past. Anyone that doesn't recognize that is willfully blind.
  12. In other words, you are just a partisan hack regardless of the topic of conversation.
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