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  1. If I owned a bake shop I think I would bake a Muhammad cake and display it front and center in my shop window, and hope a gay Muslim would come in to buy it.
  2. When I see that type comment I know the mindset I'm dealing with. A typical right wing assumption not based in any knowledge of fact, just a feeble attempt to degrade. I started working at 14 and kept right on going. How about you?
  3. One doesn't need to focus at all on what is an obvious attempt to deflect. I don't suppose a person walking into a bakery to ask for a birthday cake bothers to inform the baker of their sexual orientation. Perhaps if they did in the example you suggest, this baker would refuse. Bottom line is freedom of sexual orientation is protected by law in this country. If your religiosity causes you to discriminate against someone due to their sexual orientation, you're in contravention.
  4. Well I hat to disappoint you, but my life is no ones but mine and I will certainly try to be a party to decide when it ends. If I have a heart attack or forget to look both ways and step in front of a bus well that's the way the world goes round. And of course parents (hopefully) do parental duties. Then you grow up and move on and become responsible for yourself. I'm not sure what your reference to my abiding by, let's say, the speed limit on the road has anything to do with god?
  5. Talk about a man made dogma. Holy shit. My life belongs to me and nobody else. It has been my job to decide what to do with it pretty much once I no longer needed my mothers breast for sustenance. I'll continue to guide it as best I can until my final day. Don't need any artificial interference from whatever type of religious nonsense man has created.
  6. Sure, there are drugs that will quell the pain and make you comatose and keep you alive for weeks/months until the inevitable happens. Why would you take away a persons right to ask not to have to go through all that and just cut them loose when it is determined there is no hope for recovery?
  7. All that needs said to that is "paranoia will destroy ya". You don't see the difference between ending your own life and killing someone else? I wouldn't of course agree that someone should kill themselves because the Maple Leafs lost last night, but if one is in pain with no hope for recovery why do you assume the right to make them suffer up until what was inevitable anyway?
  8. "The other lesbians" Who are you talking about? Cite. 46 eh. Sounds about right.
  9. So you're saying they went to that bakery so they could get some headlines? Again, put up or shut up.
  10. Well you can think what you want, but you have no way to support that. I wonder why you think they would do that. Maybe they just wanted a damn cake so they went to a cake store. Why would they bother to go somewhere they thought they might be denied? Makes absolutely zero sense.
  11. Oh I don't know, I might sue if a company denied me service because they found out I don't go to their church.
  12. How the hell did you reach that conclusion I wonder? Do you think the couple purposely planned to go bug a Christian baker?
  13. Because of religion. You still don't see the connection do ya?
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