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  1. Quite the assumption - are you prepared to back it up? There's no way he should be commenting on a record that was expunged.
  2. Why? Canadians shouldn't even have known about the charges. They were not only dropped, but expunged. They're irrelevant.
  3. That's because they assume he was actually guilty: http://www.nationalobserver.com/2017/07/07/opinion/what-if-omar-khadr-isnt-guilty
  4. The numbers displayed are the DND budget, not the reported defence spending. The accounting method we were using and reporting to NATO with was not as generous as that used by many of our allies. That means our totals were, according to the Deputy Minister, relatively under stated.
  5. That's literally pocket change And fully 50% of this total is actually money promised by one Stephen Joseph Harper in Copenhagen in 2009.
  6. That's what everyone keeps saying - reality is different: http://dgpaapp.forces.gc.ca/en/canada-defence-policy/news/stable-predictable-realistic-funding.asp The budget is in fact $1.7B higher ($1.2B higher than it would have otherwise been) this year on a case basis.
  7. Considering Greg, that you feel it necessary to insult someone with every single post you grave us with (it just happened to be me in this case) it's quite clear that we wouldn't have an adult to run to anyway. I'll again show myself the door.
  8. The problem with that is the person moderating the forum most of the time is not in fact an adult. I'll show myself the door.
  9. She can say what she wants - she's a private citizen.
  10. The tragedy in Quebec is not a contest. This is a story of people going bout their lives being killed by someone full of hate.
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