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  1. He had some massive screw ups and his arrogance was the icing on the cake. I would wager he will end up a Senator. I don't have alot of faith in Plante. To left wing for my tastes but it should be a good show
  2. There you have a point. I have no problem with immigration. We do need people but we need the right people. We in the West are not having enough children. But I thought white people not having kids would make everybody happy
  3. I thought it was a man hating course that you get a degree in and complain cause you can't find a job
  4. The genocide is pretty much taken as truth. Has not hurt the tourist industry. The fall in tourism in Turkey is due to the number of Germans now going to Greece and other nations.
  5. Check out Twitter on the socialist tweets. There is hundreds of them. They all leave out the Stalin years and I get ignored when I point out the wall built to keep people in.
  6. Ugh. So everything the West does is a war crime but everybody else it is no holds barred. Why was it a war crime? The Axis had no problems bombing and shooting civilians. Was the battle of Midway a war crime as well? Oh lemme guess. The U.S cheated by breaking the codes.
  7. Turkey has also bribed and threatened foreign investigators to help deny the genocide claims. Including paying lobby groups in the U.S. not call it a genocide.
  8. How can you compare the two? Male circumcision is cosmetic and sometimes medically necessary but does not damage the body the way female circumcision does. You wanna ban both for some politically correct reason? Fine have at it and let us see the response from the savages and it is savage that wish to do this to women. How people could do this to their daughters and still claim to care for them is beyond me.
  9. Trudeau is only a right wingers compared to the teachings of Marx. At most he is center but not right.
  10. Guess they didn't want their independence bad enough. A bunch of people wanted independence to the south of me a couple hundred years ago and they took on the biggest military the world had ever seen at the time. Their lives were threatened also
  11. The bombs were terrible but did less harm than the fire bombing of Toyko and an invasion would have been much worse. Japan was not going to surrender and the Allies could not just walk away. It had gone too far. Think Japan or Germany would not have used them if they created them First?
  12. We all voted to stay. Democracy is a bitter pill when your on the losing side.
  13. Democracy is not pretty and is by no means perfect but I have yet to see anything better. (To paraphrase Winston Churchill) Some in Canada call it an elected dictatorship and yes in many ways it is. I personally loathe the people that form the current Canadian Government and those that are the Ontario Government but I lost. They were elected to those posts in a system I support so I will exercise my free speech and disagree with them when I see fit.
  14. My question is why is the cbc running a head lice story? Why not chicken pox or the flu? It is a common occurrence in children at school and before the shots start it is usually the kids that are the cleanest get them quick. The picture was likely the cbc trying to be multi cultural and didn't see this as an insult. If they had it would have been a while boy
  15. I was of the opinion the Poland was giving Germany the middle finger over refugees. If Poland and the other nations that are not taking refugees start talking to Turkey about an alliance it would dramatically shift economic power away from the EU. Combined with the strained relationship with the U.S. and the U.K I think we will see some compromises.
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