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  1. One reason that springs to mind is that Europe and North America have already contributed a very large proportion of what’s up there. We are a long way ahead and I’m afraid the PRC is correct to point that out. And I’m not interested in this ‘we don’t count’ discussion. Every smaller country by emission size tries it on. Unless you’re going back to your own planet or something, conditions here should matter a great deal to you.
  2. Comparisons with Turkey are a little OTT. Look at this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_arrested_journalists_in_Turkey
  3. So should all countries continue to increase the greenhouse gases they have already contributed? When we talk about Canada, I presume we’re also talking about the West in general? It’s easy to say our little bit won’t matter but all those ‘little bits’ outside China do add up.
  4. So many of America’s top politicians in both parties are too old. A merely two party system is odd too - lots of policy positions don’t neatly fit into those boxes. Kennedy’s anti-vax positions should be disqualifying.
  5. The song’s popularity in Liverpool boomed after this cover version by a local band:
  6. I’m sure party members must be asking that as they always do after a defeat and she’s been around a long time - 59 is getting up there. How many of her potential successors are to her right in the party? She has pursued a fairly pragmatic path attractive to moderate voters. Columnists from Lorne Gunter to the CBC don’t see massive pressure on her to step down now. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/the-alberta-ndp-made-gains-but-remains-in-opposition-what-happens-next-1.6858896
  7. We’ll see if she’s forced to go by her own people in the next few days/weeks. I’d say there’s a fair bit of residual goodwill after her stunning success in the past. Of course, she may decide to resign for her own reasons.
  8. It doesn’t look like a catastrophic loss for the NDP. They gained seats. Is Notley really a liability for the party?
  9. Some individuals have been targeted unfairly and lost their jobs in schools and universities over ‘cancel culture’ and I would oppose that. However, a lot of the complaining about this phenomenon seems overdone. For example, if you’re a politician, comedian or a writer, people are under no obligation to like your opinions. Paying too much attention to what various maniacs say on the likes of Twitter is also clearly foolish.
  10. That the NDP is in any way competitive in an Alberta election still manages to surprise me, such a change from when I lived there.
  11. I think we give politicians too hard a time. In our system, anybody can stand for office. If you don’t like the job they’re doing, put your name in the ring.
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