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  1. I've been to way to many government funerals, and for the most part the family has a huge say in what type of service they want, and if they are not that religious then often a blended service is given, to cover all in attendance. I think the most important part of this entire post is their family and their comrades got to say their final goodbyes, honor them they way tradition has laid out, to show the family he was a outstanding person, that gave their life to serve their community. Not many grasp the importance of that. The entire thing is to help the living carry on , to start the grieving process, It has nothing to do with what was said or not said during a prayer. And I'm certain that god will accept him regardless of what was said on the ground...
  2. There is not much evidence of that is there, and i know one should not put much trust into polls but recent polls show the liberals gaining, only 2 points behind the conservatives. and while I'm not a political expert but that does show me that people are not done with Justin yet, that the majority of them do not care enough to force change, they are content with getting little shinny things from the liberals like updating the dental plan, or a small donation towards your yearly food bill...driven not by the liberal government but NDP... Either they are not smart enough to see the potential impact of this climbing debt, or they really don't care if it collapses, give me more until it hurts... What is needed is perhaps 4 more years of Justin, and his spending spree..Once we start paying enough taxes on these bills then people might wake up...But we are not going to be happy until he burns it all to the ground...
  3. The sad part is the average left wing voter does not care what is spent or on what as long as they get there piece of the pie...Justin actions have yet to have any real consequences in terms of higher taxes or cuts to public service, maybe by 2025, it will be conservatives that will bring in policies to bring this back in line, it is them that the public will blame for tough times. This is the government that Canadians want, huge government debt means nothing to the average Canadian, it does not keep them up at night or make them wonder can the government pay the bills...This is not the liberals fault they are giving the people what they want... It is Canadians fault for putting up with it, or not thinking about it as if it will go away, maybe we do need another term of liberal rule before WE wake up...maybe we are not smart enough to see the end state.
  4. Younger Canadians have no issue with believing something NOT based in Science, or hard medical facts it is how they role today, Facts have very little to do with there narrative, They have no issue seeing Christians beliefs as nonsense, but can embrace things like indigenous oral traditions, or one million genders, or men can get pregnant or breast feed, then there is critical race theory, or the fact Canada is institutional racist , and all white people are racist or have some sort of privilege's and should be somehow made to pay for that.
  5. None of the above, i was addressing this portion of your comment...Those that did vote for Justin are attracted by trinkets and shinny stuff, nor do they hold the same moral values as conservative voters, they have a high tolerance for lies , scandals, corruption, inaction on most files.... As for not voting, I'm all for making voting mandatory, that being said i did not vote last election becasue of flip flopper changing his mind on what i thought were important issues, in order to gather some votes. Mad max was off the rails, and well the left is the left in my mind is a full loaf short. So i did not vote... First off voting is not a form of patriotism in the way it is done today. Very little patriotism in Canada.....Patriotism in my opinion is doing what is best for the nation, putting the nation ahead of everything, individual needs, special interest groups, getting re elected, it is about showing leadership all the time, upholding the office of PM to the highest standards, making decisions that might prove unpopular, becasue they are what the nation needs. To serve the nation itself, rather than making it about getting re elected or handing out shinny stuff...It is about uniting the country, not dividing it into millions of pieces. It's about getting butterflies when you stand up for our nations anthem, or see our nations flag being raised in the morning, it is about caring about the entire country not just certain groups, colors, or religions... Sorry for the rant, i know you know what patriotism is , you served this nation and asked for nothing in return...That is what patriotism is. That is what this nation is missing.
  6. Yes it does demonstrate a lot of things, Canadians can be bought with a few trinkets or little shinny things, Canadians do not care about what the government does in power good or bad, that they don't share the morals and values that conservatives hold, that have a high tolerance for corruption, lies and deceit... That patriotism for ones country is no longer something to strive for, it is who can fill their own pockets first... and that Canadians don't mind being divided over and over again...
  7. I'm thinking most Canadian voters have done just that, watched a few commercials on TV or social media, and are marching down to vote... Thats how democracy works, all the Muppets get to play, and if we get 4 more years of Justin, then so be it thats democracy right there...it is maybe one hour out of your life every 4 years...
  8. Contrarian I'm surprised at your answer, you came from a communist country ( maybe i got you mixed up with someone else), you know what it is like not to get a say in anything political... not sure why you would give that up becasue someone made it into a law...what would it change if it was law ? would you really have less rights ?
  9. mountain out a mole hill.... pretty minor stuff compare to real world problems.
  10. I'll be very clear, yes i do support mandatory vaccinations if the medical circumstances dictated it, and it was for the greater good of the population. Mandatory military service in times of conflict has been and still is law here in Canada, along with many things like paying taxes, obeying the law, ETC all of it under the government will. Canadians are under the assumption we have all these rights comparable to the US, our government can change or restrict any of them upon their will. Our history is full of examples. take the emergency act as the latest example... It is not what I accept, it is what our government decides on what will be law and what will not, if they decide to restrict family unit size then it would be law no different than speed limits, or drinking and driving. There are plenty of things that i think our governments do that is stupid... But the last time i look our governments are elected, by us the citizens, and judging by the current government the left side of the spectrum has flourished and in some cases slide into the retarded zone... to think that Canadians would all of sudden jump up and say enough is enough on topics like mandatory voting, family size or learning Chinese it's not going to happen...it's going to take something much bigger...bigger than health care, or education, what ever it is not who Canadians are today.. i mean if i can identify as a fire truck and get socially accepted by most Canadians think they would take a stand on say, mandatory voting, or something else. No I'm not I've been to some of the worlds leading shit holes, and trust me we and our democracy are far from being authoritarian. yes we got some rules, but every nation has them. We are not oppressed by any means in this country...want oppression see Haiti, Russia, China, North Korea. I think this is already been explained, but sure, first it is going to change the political landscape, on average only 60-70% of eligible Canadians vote, thats 30 to 40 % that stays home, those numbers could easily over turn any of the past results. changing entire political maps what was once red could be blue, who knows...it would push Canadians to take a more active role in our politics, or atleast become more educated in it and the process. the more that is interested the more thats going to participate. it would force politicians to readjust their campaigns directions, catering more to the center, than fringe side.
  11. What makes Biden think his voice is going to be heard in Canada , when all the other US presidents have been brushed off like dirt on our jeans...Everything that this country holds near and dear is in crises mode, or nearing collapse, we can't even control a few border points, patrol our own air space, our health care is in taters, or education system believes there is a one million genders, lets not forget we are all racists... How did Canadians let all this happen, with out saying anything...do we not care ? Biden visit puts Canadian defence spending, Norad modernization back under microscope (msn.com)
  12. Justin is under pressure to send troops to Haiti from US president almost sure the US president does not know the current state of our military, or he would not be asking, Will Justin have the balls and tell him, or will he be a yes man, and be willing to accept he is out of his league and let our military pay with their life's for his incompetency or lack of balls . And what will Canadians do will they support our troops with new training and equipment or turn their back on them like Afghanistan. This conflict is a lose, lose opportunity, nobody wins, it is time to stand up and tell our allies we are not ready for any conflict, tell them to leave us alone for any military assistance, or present a plan to rebuild... Canada’s military wary of U.S. request to take on Haiti mission | Watch (msn.com)
  13. Not sure what the problem is here, there are lots of things within Canada that are mandatory, and not doing it has consequences, Paying ones taxes, obeying the law, being drafted for military service in time of crises, getting your covid- 19 shot, ETC, And somehow this simple act of going down and voting is going to obstruct your freedoms and rights... How so ? And using the excuse of i don't want to be forced, To bad, i don't like paying taxes either but i do it is the cost of living in this country...This is a huge problem here in this country, we stand by and let shit happen becasue we are to damn lazy or busy to take any action. The invasion of the woke , or 1 million genders are examples of all of it...we are a nation of lemmings... Having a say in what party is going to run the country, influencing what direction they are going, and how that is going to effect your life for 4 years, is not important enough for you to get off the couch and vote i don't know what would be important enough ... spoiling your ballet or making your ballet null and void can be be easily fixed by ensuring your ballet is filled out properly before allowing you to leave the voting booth. So pouting about your having to get off the couch is a little childish don't you think, i mean you are already there in the voting booth, why not vote for the candidate that will serve your best interests... I find that kind funney and ironic, i mean here we are in a political forum discussing Canadians politics, which means your atleast interested in the topic, or pretend to be. Which leaves the only reason for not voting is the part of getting off the couch... and if thats the only reason, I'm not even sure why this topic is important... The benefits of every one of age to vote outweighs any negatives that have been presented here to date...your vote is the one tool that democracy gives you to have a say in your future, and you want to Pi$$ that away becasue they told you it is mandatory... come on.
  14. I think from the media sources we already know the majority are liberal candidates, but there are a couple of conservatives... either way they should all be hunted down and investigated and if found guilty should be fired and if criminal charges can be laid have them down to the fullest. pensions forfeited, all benefits given up...perhaps treason charges are a little over the top... but something needs to be done...
  15. UN is a civilian organization, that has control over some military assets. Those assets are picked by the nations involved in the crises, so in Yugo, it was the Serbs, Croats, Muslims, etc they chose what equipment each UN nation could bring , including small arms... the next problem is the chain of command, at the top is a civilian structure so after 5 pm NY time the big guys go home and the juniors man the radios, to get permission to do anything you need permission for these big guys at the UN, and by the time they answer the crises is normally over.. they failed to understand how the military works or the urgency of troops in contact, meaning bullets were being exchanged...to them it was all diplomacy...The rules of engagement are very different, A soldier had to be directly targeted to fire back, and just that one soldier....to say during NATO operations if i felt my life or the life of my fire team was in danger i could use deadly force... NATO on the other hand cut out most of the diplomacy and in doing so managed to get results on the ground through the use of force... I did one UN peace keeping mission, it was a complete goat rodeo, the worst deployment of my career, where we did nothing to stop any war crimes, from murder to rape, we were ordered not to get involved just file reports or take video if we could...I and others for the first time felt ashamed of our country, UN for not being able to step in and stop some of the most horrific war crimes that i have seen or heard about, being a military historian of sorts that covered a lot of horrific incidents. To have to listen to the sobs and cry's of those victims begging for help while i stood by and did nothing but record with tears in my eyes will stay with me forever...Ask the Dutch how that feels like when they were forced by Serb military forces to hand over all males over the age of 12 in a UN protected refugee camp, they were boarded up on buses taken into the mountains and executed and buried in a mass grave, and no one was held accountable... Those things did not happen under NATO control...
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