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  1. LOL! What any of this has to do with transgender representation is a mystery, but Poopy Deluge's tribal programming was triggered, so this is the random boilerplate squawking that we're getting.
  2. Pee-pee-poo-poo, the deluge down your leg.
  3. No, he was just lobbing puerile insults. Michael Softener? Wokejobs? 🥱 That's pee-pee-poo-poo.
  4. Do you call yourself Deluge, because of the brown stream coming from your underwear? Pee-Pee-Poo-Poo. That's the level of intelligence we're getting from your posts. 🥱
  5. Maybe I'm mixed up, but I don't remember August being such a nonsense poster years ago. He's been on this forum longer than most of us, but I don't recall it being pointless, nothing-blather like it usually is now. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Slurp-slurp clown. How do Tucker's lips taste?
  7. Hodad can put two and two together, and understand that the sort of man who raw-dogs porn stars when his wife is recovering from child birth might not be the upstanding martyr you clowns make him out to be. 🤣
  8. The public embarrassment is your own. If you're going to support the agendas of murderous dictators, and promote the values of filthy dirtbags who cheat on their wives banging porn stars with no protection, that's your choice. It just looks ridiculous watching you try to project your poor character on others.
  9. That you're confused is unsurprising. You said you don't want to see more Ukrainians die. You also said you hope see Russia utterly destroys Ukraine. You're an expert in contradicting yourself. 🤡 So have you haven't been citing disgraced MacGregor for the last two years, despite how all of his predictions have born out comically inaccurate? That's the problem with retarded conspiracy clowns like you. It doesn't matter how many times your theories and ideas faceplant. You just forget and move on to the next one! 🤣
  10. No, you just promote their agenda and spend years arguing on behalf of their closest allies. The fact that you're too stupid to know what you're doing is irrelevant. More comedy. In a thread where you're defending the criminal behavior of a twice-divorced, orange sleazebag who raw-dogs pornstars while his young wife is recovering from child birth, you are questioning other people's moral compass. 🤡🤡🤡
  11. You're that "honest", that you think Russia can utterly destroy Ukraine, without killing Ukrainians!?! 🤣 The idea that you saw anything coming is comical. Back in 2022, when you were referencing Colonel MacGregor bullshitting about Ukraine collapsing within weeks, we can safely say you didn't predict Russia would control significantly less territory 2 years later, after hundreds of thousands of casualties. Yep. I'd say you're a pretty big loser, slurping out of Tucker Carlson's butthole and promoting the agendas of third-world shitholes and dictatorships. 🫡
  12. Traitor? LOL! I'm not even American, so who am I traitoring? I'm not the one who's promoting the worldviews and agendas of places like Russia, Iran, China and North Korea. That's you. We would call you a traitor, opposed as you so obviously are to democracy, but you're not smart enough for it to be intentional. You're just a deluded clown - a useful dupe for the likes of Orange Man, Daddy Vlad and the Ayotollah.
  13. It was a Trump impression. Thanks for being the obliging fool. 👍
  14. Nope, just you. Way to be the dumbest guy in the room again. 👍
  15. As a parody, muppet. Everybody else got it. I guess it's no surprise that the one guy who got left behind was you. 🤣
  16. How many other married politicians raw-dog porn stars? The idea that the man's woefully deficient character might have something to do with the number of investigations he's been subjected to hasn't even occurred to you?
  17. Yeah I understand the "logic". The problem is that you're tacitly admitting that these sites report the actual news, and not only what its audience wants to hear. The same cannot be said for Fox News. 😑
  18. This investigation started years ago, long before Trump announced he was running in 2024. It's not even about just sources. He can barely finish a sentence without lying, and the lies are often absurd and fall apart on even cursory fact-checking. The long parade of folks who've worked with him or for him that he's thrown under the bus or who've resigned out of disgust for the man should be a red flag, but not for the MAGA cult.
  19. You might think you are, but you're really not curious about this genius' thoughts on this.
  20. Here you are, finally talking about something you actually know something about. We'll all defer to your expert opinions on daytime soap operas. 🤣
  21. We're focusing on the wrong thing here really. What we should be talking about here is.... Joe Biden's laptop...
  22. Nobody's denying the donation website crashed. Of course he's going to fundraise off of it. Trump feeds of his victimhood. What's funny is how the conspiracy clownosphere decries outlets like the NYT as MSM fake news, but then unsurprisingly cites them when it says something you LIKE. When you complain about MSM fake news, you should just admit that you're curating your own reality. 🤣
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