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  1. Most families are. They also live a weird life so I understand why some would come out weird. I don't see how this reflects on her.
  2. Some of it is ideology, some of it is PR and capitalism. A hollywood-type production wants to appeal to many people worldwide, so they stick those faces in their tv/films to appeal to them. It also doesn't want the bad PR of being accused of being racist for not having X many POC (#OscarsSoWhite). Old white people also don't watch streaming. Given that a lot of people, mostly white men, are very annoyed with the woke stuff in tv/film and the companies keep doing it I have to think at this point they feel the wrath of them is less damaging than the gains of appealing to a wider audience.
  3. I read this today. Somewhat disturbing: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/grade-1-teacher-who-said-boys-and-girls-no-different-in-gender-fluidity-lesson-cleared-by-rights-tribunal This is why I prefer teachers stick to facts or teaching theories as theory instead of teaching theory as facts.
  4. You've been successfully conned by Trump. I don't really consider myself "left" and I'm still waiting for the evidence of this crooked election.
  5. Let the board trustees vote on that I guess. They are voted in by the parents. They would likely vote yes, depending on the board. In the Prairies and rural areas maybe not. Trustees for a bunch of Catholic boards have already voted to fly Pride flags.
  6. You can teach it without moralizing it. You can simply say, at an appropriate age: "some people are gay, or trans, and this is what suchandsuch is...". The kids can even discuss/debate it amongst each other if they want, i'm sure their views will vary. The school's job isn't to moralize these things, and teach one view over another, their job is to teach facts about the world. If a parent wants to remove their kid from the classroom during these discussions that's fine.
  7. It's a lot more important to that republic to undermine and isolate Trump and the Trumpsters than to placate them for the sake of "unity". Trump and the Trumpster's fired the first shot on Jan. 6. You don't placate bullies and dictators, you stand up to them. Hopefully there's no civil war, but if there is the entire free world will only support one side and we know which one that is.
  8. The Liberal Party and Democrats are essentially the same party. The Democrats and Biden administration have copied all sorts of policies from the Trudeau Liberals. Only difference is the Democrats have a GOP that can often stop them or reverse them at every turn. Pierre Popipieropoopoo is doing good best to copy Trump but not copy Trump. I'm quite certain Poopoo suffers from some weird personality issue. He's a weirdo.
  9. God is definitely a lesbian and muff dives on the regular.
  10. Why do people who call themselves anti-racists hire people or not based on their race? That's weird.
  11. Maybe wait until inflation subsides before making food more expensive by reducing crop yields.
  12. Great we agree. So as i said before, if you lessen the incentive for foreign buyers to speculate on our housing merely for profit by ie: introducing a foreign buyer tax, you will lower the prices of homes. This is exactly what some governments in Canada have done. Let's see how it plays out.
  13. If you don't understand a basic market principle like supply and demand then I can't help you. Go on ebay, when more people want a certain product they go for higher prices. I'm glad there's record home building. Canada also has a record high population, so this should be the case. This doesn't mean supply is outpacing demand, especially in key markets. If it were housing prices would be falling for reasons other than rising interest rates.
  14. Well that's demand. If there's people with money out there wanting to buy homes, regardless of the reason, this demand drives up the price, and lowers the supply for regular people who want to live in homes.
  15. 🤣 Homes built in Canada should primarily be for Canadians who are going to live in them. If you want to stick up for the rights of rich foreigners while Canadians are going broke or homeless that says a lot. If there is 1 home and 3 bidders the price will generally be lower than if there is 1 home and 5 bidders. Price is determined by supply and demand. Period. End of discussion. Either fix the supply, or fix the demand.
  16. Oh be quiet. You have no idea what you're taking about. Government regulation isn't socialism you fool.
  17. Insults aren't an argument and so I will ignore these tantrums. They say a lot more about you then me. Homes aren't for speculators to buy in order to make profit. Homes are for living in. If you want to allow a ton of investors and foreign investors to park their money in our real estate and drive up the price you're not helping the problem. I never said this is the only cause of the housing price crisis. Also, people have always been bidding on homes. Bidding in itself isn't causing the prices to skyrocket. Price is largely determined by supply and demand. If speculators are jumping in en masse they're driving up the demand and therefore price.
  18. Make speculation not profitableable, for one. If you don't live in the home, tax it to where it is not a profitable investment. Do the same for foreign investors. This will drive down demand and thus prices since speculators largely won't be making bids anymore, especially in heated markets. Also, cities need to cut the red tape for building.
  19. Donald Trump pressured his VP to unconstitutionally reject the results of the electoral college votes because he didn't want to lose. He's a dictator.
  20. Fundamentalist Islam is garbage and should have no place in Canada. The fatwa is nonsense, and under Canadian law you can't issue death threats anyways, despite free speech, so it's already not allowed in Canada so don't worry. Islam is the worst major religion in the world, but I have no issue with moderate Muslims, I have known many. I have known Muslim women who don't even wear a hijab or headcovering. Some even who are Iranian.
  21. No, the cost of housing has gone up because our governments at all levels are corrupt and won't do much about it while speculators, developers, and banks game the system.
  22. I'm not defending the behaviour, I'm defending not getting sued 50 million for it. Did Jones cause the parents economic harm for which they deserved 50 million in compensation? That's what I'm having trouble understanding.
  23. If Jones told people to harass someone, he should be charged for inciting harassment. If Jones has a dumb opinion and other people break the law he isn't legally responsible. It's as simple as that. People are responsible for their own actions.
  24. If some idiot says Sandy Hook was a fake conspiracy just ignore it. Defamation/slander/libel should have a high bar. When the lies damage a person's finances I get it, that can be appropriate to sue, but hurting people's feelings...like really? 50 million dollars in damages. Seriously? Did Jones ever mention any of the victims personally? As far as I know he said Sandy Hook was a leftwing conspiracy. Uh ok. I'm not going to pounce on someone's rights because I dislike them or what they say. I'm not a dictator.
  25. This seems like a really stupid lawsuit. Alex Jones is an idiot but it shouldn't be illegal to be a mouthy idiot.
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