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  1. It was both. Women don't want to tame a wuss. There's nothing to tame. They try to tame the bad boy who will pull their hair in bed.
  2. Have you considered that most people who aren't vaxxed will be young, healthy, and maybe even under 12 depending on what stats you're using? Those people aren't going to die from covid. It will skew the statistics. If you're going to do research you need to account for all variables.
  3. Eyeball was right out the gate. Twice the total covid deaths by vaccinated, but 8x the number of people are vaccinated. That means you're much less likely to die if you're vaccinated. Hospitalizations are also less. Being sick and longterm side effects are also less. Spreading the disease is lessened. So if you want to be much less likely to die, get hospitalized, get sick, have longterm side effects, or spread the disease then go get the shot. Leave the math to your doctor. If you don't trust your doctor then get a new one.
  4. I think that's different. You're talking about multi-nationalism. An American who is from Mexico is still a proud Hispanic, proud Mexican, proud to speak the language etc. They are also proud to be American. A Mexican-Canadian is happy to be in Canada and a proud Hispanic and proud Mexican, but not as attached or proud to being "Canadian". They like being in Canada, they enjoy the rights and privileges and opportunities it entitles them, but how many would bother fighting for Canada? Some I'm sure, others maybe not.
  5. I'm sorry you lost your house. More frequent flooding is anticipated. I wouldn't blame the models.
  6. If you look at NYC, is it much different than the GTA? Labels are just labels. America is multicultural whether they like it or not.
  7. Corona is a hoax. Climate change is a hoax. I also heard that food is a hoax developed by big agri business. We don't have to eat any food so let's all stop for a year and see what happens. I'll report back my findings.
  8. I don't know. I mean, it's not the immigrants fault themselves so you can relax lol, so there's some bad public management going on.
  9. Canada has the lowest # of homes per capita in the G7. Building has not kept pace with population growth.
  10. Tricky issue. 1. I agree, people should be free to wear whatever clothing they want. 2. What if, as a woman, that clothing is forced upon you by the men in your family because your family belongs to a very misogynistic ideological system run by abusive fathers and husbands and they order you not to leave the house without your face being covered, and tell you that you can't shake hands with any male outside the family? Rights vs values.
  11. I'm not talking about just EV rebates. Hybrids seem like a great transitional solution. So you're saying we're on the right track?
  12. The weather network can predict the weather 2-3 days from now with moderate accuracy using computer models. Models aren't perfect and don't claim to be. They are an educated guess with degrees of accuracy. Climate should be easier to model than weather because weather is much more chaotic and climate much more stable.
  13. If we can survive this winter then I will declare the pandemic over. Declaring such thing at the end of the summer is premature IMO, especially given last winter.
  14. What if the frog wears a turban that my parents think is "scary"?
  15. Ok so maybe carbon taxes are the answer, but they should funnel the proceeds back into green vehicle rebates.
  16. A for effort then. Thrown your hands up it seems. As for me, i'm into revenue-neutral auto rebates.
  17. There has never been more CO2 at any other time in human history, nor at any time over the last 3 million years. So yeah, that's cause for concern. If you want to drag your feet instead of doing something about it well then I can't help you. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18480821/ https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.aav7337
  18. Ok but we don't have too much oxygen, we have too much CO2. If the best argument you have is that carbon is not the same as carbon dioxide, which most people with a high school diploma already know, then I'm not sure what your point is.
  19. Policy is different then demographics. Aboriginals, Anglos, and Francos have existed together for hundreds of years. It has not been one big happy family. When you have majorities and minorities and only the majority rules in government then politics happens. What is politics? Politics is defined as power relations between human beings. You seem aware of Toronto school board politics. When parents vote for their board trustees, who do they vote for? The Italian areas typically vote for an Italian, the Ukrainian areas a Ukrainian, etc. When Jagmeet Singh was running for NDP leadership his campaign was flooded with donations from Sikhs. Donations are public record, you can go check them right now online and count the names with Singh or Kaur etc. The NDP also saw a huge influx of new members before the leadership vote. But this is fair game in a democracy. The last 50 years we have typically had a Quebecer as our PM. 2 Trudeaus and a Chretien etc. Quebecers prefers to vote for one of their own. Again, this is fair game in a democracy. So, it becomes dangerous to unity when people start voting based on their identity. What do aboriginals and Quebecois want? They mostly want self-determination, to not be held down. How do you prevent civil strife? You give people self-determination. So far the Sikhs, Chinese, Italians etc have been content with living in their ethnic enclaves and voting for people from their own tribes, but when groups grow to numbers large enough to have real political power the potential for problems increase. Canada has largely avoided the multicultural problems that different European countries have. Are we more tolerant? Maybe, but given our unresolved issues with Francos and aboriginals we aren't in any way immune to these issues. Therefore, I suspect it simply comes down to demographics. So this post isn't about "other cultures = bad". It's about not being naive & idealistic about these issues and assuming Canada is immune. It's about thinking about these issues and anticipating possible problems in the future and how to prevent or solve them, if possible. One of the worst ways to deal with an issue is to bury our head in the sand because it's uncomfortable to confront them. But our society is incapable of having these discussions, because we're filled with cowards.
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