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  1. Leftists want to control society in order to create their ideal utopia. In their naive idealism they underestimate the complexity of very complex systems like economics and international politics. They are mainly interested in eliminating hierarchies. Equality. But hierarchies are based on competition - winners and losers. The natural world is literally based on competition. So it is not desirable to eliminate all hierarchies, since it is the force that drives literally the entire living world forward and makes it better. So sometimes the leftists go too far in eliminating hierarchies, and it results in participation trophies. Hierarchies are desirable. The right's job is to show the left the beauty & utility in hierarchy. And this is why they always disagree. But hierarchies become corrupt when the top of the hierarchy uses its power to behave tyrannically to those lower in the hierarchy. The left's job is to point this out and try to fix it when it happens, without going too far and eliminating hierarchies completely or unnecessarily, which is the right's job to prevent. So democracy is a self-regulating system of left vs right, and why dictatorships often fail. Ironically, sometimes the left reaches the top of the hierarchy and uses their power to create their utopia, and in order to do so they institute systems or laws which are tyrannical, and so the left themselves corrupts the hierarchy. Lenin. Stalin. Trudeau? 😂
  2. Could have fooled me. Democrats and Republicans are basically enemies of the republic. Follow the money. Liberals and Conservatives are no different. They overthrew tyranny, not democracy. A republic is a type of democracy. One without a monarch as head of state. America was a democracy, it's now a plutocracy. Your knowledge of history is pretty good, your knowledge of government & institutions is lacking. They can hate me but they can never defeat me. Please keep insulting me, it makes me stronger. Their hatred makes me stronger. Psychological callus.
  3. That's a legal issue though. Culture should not be an excuse to break the law.
  4. 1. Let's be more specific though, let's call it...the far-right? I dunno the exact label, but it's something bad, and the opposite of the far-left, which is also bad, but for which there is more sympathy, because hating the more powerful will always be more vogue than hating the less powerful. 2. The issues change, the ideology remains the same. Left-wing ideology did not start 60 years ago, Marx was a leftist, so was Lenin, and Jesus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-wing_politics 3. Are you sure?
  5. When a majority race invokes racial blame upon a minority race it is called Nazism. When a majority race invokes racial blame upon themselves (self-hatred) or the majority race invokes racial blame upon a majority race it is called leftism. Maybe the majority race will hate themselves so much they will commit genocide against themselves, and the minority races will join in. But this would never happen...
  6. I asked for evidence. Which means hyperlinks. I'm an open-minded guy, but also logical. In order to believe his claims I need evidence. I'm not a man of faith. I don't believe that Jesus rose from the dead or that Trump had the election stolen from him without evidence. So if you have evidence, please post it.
  7. You do realize that pressuring Pence to not certify the election results he wanted to overturn is a coup attempt right? And same with pressuring a high ranking Georgia official?
  8. You forgot racist white supremacist hyper-nationalist democracy overthrowers sprinkled with retardation.
  9. Meh if I were Trump i'd probably sue CNN for defamation too. But I also wouldn't have whipped up Jan 6.
  10. If I were to bet on IQ test results I'd probably bet on Pence due to Biden's cognitive decline. 15 years ago maybe I'd bet on Biden. Pence has a law degree so he isn't a complete idiot i guess.
  11. They're basically goons that intimidate based on the report. They're foreign agents operating on our soil to the detriment of Canadian citizens. They have no legal authority to arrest them on our soil. They need to be removed. But they will just start operating out of some consulate.
  12. They probably aren't actual police stations. They're probably "diplomatic centres" with non-uniformed agents posing as regular government reps.
  13. Western politicians are so subservient and cowardly towards China that it takes a fascist to finally have the balls to stand up to them.
  14. The Republicans are doing a great job erasing your country and replacing it with Nazi Germany.
  15. The GOP has been filled with mostly idiots since at least Dubya Sr. Knuckle-dragging elites vs globalist elites. Hmm how do I want to ruin my country?
  16. I think there's a happy medium between ashamed self-hatred or apathy/indifference vs blind chauvinist hyper-nationalism. I think it's healthy for people to know something about their own country. Knowing about it doesn't mean glossing over the bad stuff. And glad to know you aren't crazy. I know that you aren't one of the wackos.
  17. I think that's fine if they choose that, and I understand it. But also know that if they wish to remain isolated and rural with traditional economies without much industry then they'll likely remain poor like they did pre-Columbus.
  18. Yes, indigenous also didn't have an alphabet/literacy pre-Columbus, and many still live in isolated rural communities. Imagine putting illiterate European settlers in the middle of rural nowhere, away from cities, services, and industry? They also would remain very poor and live like hillbillies. Then add intergenerational trauma of disrupting their way of life/culture and kidnapping their kids to put in residential schools.
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