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  1. As if the Liberal gov would think Canadians would want to stick a Chinese-made vaccine in their arms.
  2. I'm fine with it as long as they aren't harassing people or blocking emergency vehicles.
  3. Well either way it doesn't make sense. They should go somewhere political, like city hall.
  4. The People's Party are up 2-3 points the last couple of weeks, taking points away from the CPC and making it a statistical dead-heat with CPC and Liberals. But Liberals are still leading in seat projections by about 15 seats: https://338canada.com/
  5. I don't understand why you would protest a hospital because you're anti-vax.
  6. She thinks she's so tough and no-nonsense but she's just an arse.
  7. These are all chidish insults and ad hominems, and reflect a lot more on you and I. They will all be ignored. 1. Just because they don't bend on every demand doesn't mean they are listening. There's 2 french language debates before the election and only 1 in english. They aren't ignoring Quebec, far from it. How many debates are they holding deep in the heart of Alberta or Nunavut? 2. Ridiculous. Why do french or bilingual Quebecois vote for Trudeau over the other non-bloc parties? 3. It's not just money, it's political favours. Remember the Jody Wilson Raybould disaster? 4. What school are you referring to? Also, Ottawa has just made its city officially bilingual inside an unilingual english province. Has Montreal or Gatineau done the same? 5. I don't have any hatred for francophobes/Quebec. But I know a spoiled entitled child when I see one that whines and cries whenever it doesn't get its way until mommy caves. That's not all francophones btw, just you and certain people like you. Thankfully most Quebecers are fairly reasonable.
  8. Lol ya, the law is property rights where the owner of the property can ask anyone to get off their property and require them to wear a mask or a shirt/shoes whatever.
  9. Affirmative action is a protected right under the Charter. That's right, racism and sexism is specifically protected by the constitution.
  10. My point was that the Feds don't ignore Quebec, they're constantly kissing their butts. Most of our Prime Ministers are from Quebec. Trudeau's electoral district is a short bike ride from the SNC Lavalin headquarters. The feds throw more bones to Quebec than any other province without a doubt. Francophones get a vast disproportionate # of federal jobs. Virtually everyone in the country living outside Quebec or French New Brunswick would need to spend years in french school to be able to run for PM. "We just want to be respected!". Give me break, all we do is bend over backwards for Quebec francophones. Quebec is treated better by Ottawa than any other province by leaps and bounds. We just want you guys to be happy but you never seem to STFU, you're always whining about something and then hate us for it. I could even stand the whining but then having a province filled with people who hate you, that's annoying. I don't hate francophones at all, but a lot of them walk around with a big chip on their shoulder. Put yourselves in our shoes for 2 seconds, we've been putting ourselves in yours for the last 60 years.
  11. 4000 people in Quebec work for SNC-Lavalin. It doesn't matter if this doesn't affect you personally. They're a major corporation that helps the Quebec economy. Oh shut up you whining fool. Ottawa, including opposition parties, is busy right now bending over backwards for Francophones in Quebec over french language laws. But you'll say "that's a good start" and then start whining about the next thing Quebec francophones aren't getting because "Ottawa never listens to us". https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/liberals-table-bill-to-protect-french-in-sweeping-update-to-official-languages-act-1.5471189 https://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec/protecting-french-is-our-job-but-quebec-says-it-will-study-ottawas-plan
  12. Oh STFU. Are you kidding me? Ottawa does more to bend over backwards to Quebec than any other province by orders of magnitude. Quebec is not being ripped off, quite the opposite. Much of the corruption in Ottawa even involves politicians funneling money and favours to Quebec corporations and whatnot. Trudeau dumped his own attorney general to butter the coffers of SNC-Lavalin. How much has Ottawa given to Bombardier? Chretien put a CRA tax centre in his hometown of Shawinigan. Do you remember the sponsorship scandal? The entire federal government bureaucracy in Ottawa (and Gatineau) is a giant job factory for bilingual Quebecois. Quebec politicians have controlled the country for most of the last 50 years. Give me a break with your whining. Imagine if you lived in BC or Saskatchewan how much you'd be whining about being ignored by Ottawa. When was the last Prime Minister from BC?
  13. 3 of 9 Justices coming from Quebec is never going to happen and is totally unreasonable. You can't have an equal number of french and english on the SCC, there's 9 justices and you need an odd number to avoid ties in the voting. Quebec should not get special treatment, anything that applies to them should apply to the other provinces.
  14. You also have to realize that while the rest of Canada isn't perfect they have tried very hard over the decades to appease Quebec. Official bilingualism for a minority language, official multiculturalism since the 60's, recognizing Quebec as a nation within a nation, 2 major attempts after 1982 to bring Quebec into the constitution, mostly Quebec Prime Ministers the last 50 years, lots of money thrown Quebec's way, and they put up with a separatist federal party that couldn't give much of a rat about the rest of the country. It's not like people don't care.
  15. Do you have a problem with all immigration, or do you have a problem with certain kinds? If so, which ones are you ok with? And how many should come in per year? I don't have a problem with immigrants, but they should be to the benefit of the country. The number of new annual immigrants should help our economy and Canadians, not create harm via stressed infrastructure and skyrocketing housing price etc. Refugees or any other class of immigrant shouldn't become permanent residents if they don't have the skills/education to support themselves in order to stay out of poverty. Bring in a moderate # of highly educated/skilled immigrants, spread them across the country, this will help the country.
  16. Post them and i'll look at them. I see no correlation between country size and economic prosperity. Some very small countries or city-states have fantastic GDP-per-capita because of the pure luck of sitting on a mountain of resources like oil, or they happen to control a large portion of international finance in their banks. Of course it's of value. The TSX and the value of the dollar are very important to the overall economy and all Canadians. That doesn't mean mass immigration won't hurt Canadians if the immigration rate is higher than cities can absorb, leading to problems like overwhelmed infrastructure and skyrocketing housing prices. But you also don't want decades of constantly shrinking housing prices and the like because supply outstrips demand due to a shrinking population. Nor do we want labour shortages. If we didn't have immigration it would be shrinking based on our sub-replacement birth rates. Look at Japan with their low immigration, low birth rates, and rapidly shrinking population, and then look at the state of their economy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aging_of_Japan "The Japanese economy faces considerable challenges posed by an aging and declining population, which peaked at 128 million in 2010 and has fallen to 125.9 million as of 2020.[59] Projections suggest the population will continue to fall, and potentially drop below 100 million by the end of the 21st century. ... The decline in working-aged cohorts may lead to a shrinking economy if productivity does not increase faster than the rate of Japan's decreasing workforce.[65] The OECD estimates that similar labor shortages in Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Sweden will depress the European Union's economic growth by 0.4 percentage points annually from 2000 to 2025, after which shortages will cost the EU 0.9 percentage points in growth. In Japan labor shortages will lower growth by 0.7 percentage points annually until 2025, after which Japan will also experience a 0.9 percentage points loss in growth."
  17. My preference would be to give provinces as much authority over their own policy/laws etc as is practically possible. Some things, like national defense, might not be practical that way, but many other things yes. I don't believe in Ottawa centralizing and controlling so many things. I think Quebec should be able to control its own immigration, and Alberta should be able to control its own oil output etc. Of course things are a bit complicated because of very old constitutional agreements that at this point aren't easily changeable, but I do hear what you and other Quebecois are saying. Too much Ottawa centralization just rips the country apart and creates resentment within the country, and calls for separation by Quebec or Alberta or whomever. I agree we should have flexible federalism. I'm entitled to my opinion, but having an opinion and being wary or critical of something the Quebec government does doesn't mean I would want Ottawa to force Quebecers to change their laws. IMO all provinces are like brothers and sisters of the same Canadian family, we will all bicker and fight sometimes as siblings do, but are at the end of the day family. Any time any province feels it needs to seperate is a sign that the rest of Canada probably isn't listening to them enough. There should never be any need to separate if we're all listening to each other and giving everyone the self-determination they deserve.
  18. I've already stated that I would cut immigration rates significantly down from the 400k the Liberals are looking at, specifically because of issues like housing, traffic etc. You seem to bring up issue after issue of how immigrants are bad for the country, and even deny the fact that immigration helps the economy. Increasing the population increases GDP and helps the TSX etc, a fact that is extremely basic economics. Tim Hortons is going to sell more donuts and coffee if it has more customers and needs more locations in new subdivisions. RBC is going to make more money if it has more customers, is giving out more mortgages etc. Rogers is going to make more money if it has more customers subscribing to cable and internet. A shrinking population is not good for any large business in this country. Who is going to invest in Canadian businesses if they're losing customers due to population shrinkage instead of acquiring more? Blame capitalism, not immigration. There's lots of problems with our immigration policy but holy crap man, the only logical conclusion is that you just don't like them. Tell me I'm wrong.
  19. I think equity in education means something like if a certain school in a certain low-income racialized area has poor student outcomes the board will target more resources to that school in order to help try to get those students to achieve typical achievement standards. I think the OP was poorly argued overall.
  20. I'm not talking about up north. You just don't want "foreigners" coming to Canada and will support any argument that supports that stance. Instead of giving argument X and Y just come out and say "I don't like people from other cultures/races and I don't want them here".
  21. France seems to be standing up lately for free speech rights. I support them. You can't always let the loudest voices run the show.
  22. There are 3 major things wrong with your argument. Click this article to find out why!
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