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  1. The desperation of central Canada speaks for itself. You’re doomed.
  2. Just get Alberta out. The international community and world court will not allow it to be landlocked. Canada, ultimately is screwed.
  3. Alberta has bought and paid for Canada.
  4. Do you grasp math and the vast numbers involved? The world court has to be involved. You will lose.
  5. Not that easy. I want the money back.
  6. POTawa isn’t fit to be capital but I no longer care. Get Alberta out.
  7. The notion that I would relocate to Tuscany at any age for the remainder of my life with zero intention of speaking Italian is outrageous.
  8. Canada is no longer a country I would defend. Get Alberta out.
  9. I agree but don’t see a problem per se. I will never view the death cult islam as anything but just that. Also, most Chinese here decades but speaking Mandarin should go home. Neither group belongs here - by their own actions and behaviours.
  10. I’m not clear how we can discuss and agree on this matter until we agree that the death cult Islam has to be irradiated from this earth.
  11. Why is Canada always so embarrassing?
  12. Looking back a couple years stateside, we live in a modern western world where “All Lives Matter” was labelled as racist. I haven’t given a f*** since.
  13. The very second we allowed the death cult into the west, we agreed to “family punishment”, “genital correction” and fatwas from ayatollah’s or whomever. If you support islam then you support the death bounty on Rushdie. No cherry picking.
  14. 15 innings for a scoreless elimination game but CanaDUH leaves it for Gays batting practice highlights. Unbelievable.
  15. The Blue Gays are toast. We might see some other sports hi lights tonight. So cool leaving scoreless Cleveland-Tampa in extra innings for Blue Gays pre game. CanaDUH is lost.
  16. I’m liking what she’s saying. It’s about time.
  17. I saw a flag at half staff today and I wasn’t clear why. Canada is lost.
  18. I as out early this morning for a day late birthday breakfast and with transit school cluster at my station I noticed a Caucasian student. That is 1 out of about 65. Anybody watching would have assumed I was in India or the death cult middle east. We will pay.
  19. Nobody’s buying it man. It’s time to take the streets back.
  20. A couple years back in the street riot and store looting/burning rage of “Black Lives Matter”, those with “All Lives Matter” signage were labeled as racist. Yet on the recent “National Day of Reconciliation” (?), many had All Children Matter signage to no racism chants. Why?
  21. Isn’t it the truth? I can’t afford fresh produce and wait five hours to see a doctor when I’ve had a stroke (confirmed after nearly nine hours by CATScan) but POTawa dances in the streets showcasing the ABCDEFG+ one percent at any random second.
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