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  1. I see no exit strategy. The spin-off variants are worse than the original. Meanwhile, social distancing, masks and general appropriate conduct is being ignored.
  2. I recall reading that there are some 300 languages spoken in Afghanistan. The “tribe” reference seems very realistic. If it’s a nation largely living in caves then they are one step above apes. The soviets were there 15 years and the Americans 20. Canada drifts with the wind while entire sectors of Canadian cities are no longer “Canadian”. They marched last night in Vancouver for Afghans. Have they ever marched for homeless Canadians sleeping on the streets?
  3. Cancel Culture continues unabated, pointing fingers in any way the wind blows. It’s a movement perfectly suited to Antifa and the weak who over estimate their value.
  4. But a liberal minority is a de facto majority given the masturbating dipper backing of every liberal knee jerk day dream.
  5. Canada, as usual, admits floods of people from the wrong places. This will be our demise. It’s happening before our eyes and we pretend it’ll settle down and we’ll be a delightful “multicultural” mosaic. It won’t be. On local public transit there is virtually no English spoken. Canada will get what it deserves.
  6. Jagmeet or Manjeet or whatever has nearly 20% after backing TrootOWE all this time? Canada is lost in a fog. It can’t be fixed.
  7. Contractor or guests next to me in a crowed cafe, I don’t want anyone around me who isn’t vaccinated. They’re almost certainly the same ones who won’t mask up or socially distance when appropriate. Since masks are required on public transit, I think proof of vaccination should be as well. All the FREEDOM hawks chest pounding and congratulating themselves should, quite frankly stay at home. You’re not welcome around an increasing percentage of the population.
  8. I can see an increase in business for establishments requiring both vaccines. I would certainly patronize such businesses, especially if means they remain open and not locked down. I’d prefer such a mandate on public transit since people are ignoring distancing and in many cases the legally required masks. Why aren’t drivers turning them off the bus when it’s the law in the city?
  9. Deflecting to government is one thing, and a sign of liberal weakness IMO. The fact is, WE are largely responsible for how WE make choices in handling the pandemic. As I posted earlier, I see a complete and utter lack of social distancing and prudent mask use in obvious situations and locations. When public transit REQUIRES masks by city law and people ignore it with drivers saying nothing, we invite continued spread - which is spiking again. Surprise. Government has provided the tools and recommendations. WE have to make responsible personal choices.
  10. I suspect further lockdowns are imminent. Numbers are spiking again as people virtually ignore social distancing and prudent mask use when appropriate for the safety of others. Places where masks are required such as public transit, sees it ignored by an increasing number of passengers, with drivers saying nothing. We’re going to get exactly what we deserve when I was just enjoying my morning swims again. I see another winter of Covid hell ahead and we only have ourselves to blame.
  11. What does a majority matter when Manjeet is in bed with him? (Someone may as well be since Sophie isn’t) Is it Manjeet or Jagmeet? I can’t keep up.
  12. Citing Winter Games is folly. Calgary made a profit too. Such games don’t need a billion dollar stadium, a world class multi-pool and diving facility, a velodrome, a MUCH larger Olympic Village, etc. I suggest humanity is about past such showboating shit at public expense.
  13. I was filling out a survey for Edmonton Transit today and at the end they asked a couple questions. One of them was inquiring about my gender. Note the word “gender”, not lifestyle or hobby. What was funny is that there were SIX to choose from but even better, it said to “check all that apply”. 😂 I’m not kidding. We’re not going to make it are we?
  14. The numbers say the pandemic IS getting worse but the stubborn pretending to be “patriots” (🤣) seem to want their line in the sand drawn. That line is going to invite an increase in vaccine “passport” proof for admittance in a rapidly growing list of places. Frankly, people don’t want you around anyway if you’re so self centred so stay home and pound your chests in “freedom” shouting HAIL TO THE FREE to anyone who’ll listen. 😂😂😂
  15. TrootOWE declared CanaDUH wouldn’t recognize the Taliban as government BEFORE all Canadians were safely out. This child is an imbecile but central CanaDUH still masturbates to him.
  16. Calling an election while BC burns is absolutely vile. That said, I expect the imbecile to win handily, central CanaDUH leading the parade.
  17. The lunatics are running the asylum. We're not going to make it are we?
  18. The daily graph on the front Global News page today shows positive tests up 151% in the past 14 days. We moved way to fast and we’re paying. The USA is completely out of control.
  19. Canada will get what it richly deserves and central CanaDUH will see to it.
  20. Blacks make up about 3% of the Canadian population (13.4% stateside) yet seem to be featured in nearly half the TV commercials I’m seeing, grossly over represented. What’s more, I’m startled by the sheer number of mixed race couples in TV commercials, as though it’s normal. This strikes me as pure indoctrination of young people and weaker adults - groups progressives normally manipulate. For real fun, check out the legislation Oregon passed yesterday setting up visible minorities for certain doom in the “everyone gets a trophy” mindset. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/oregon-bill-ending-reading-and-arithmetic-requirements-before-graduation
  21. I’m thinking this was bound to happen. I’m of the opinion we’ve thrown the doors open way too soon at our own peril so this was inevitable. If X percent of the public absolutely refuses the vaccine over some perceived “rights” issue in their head, then the majority will have to refuse them admission to private property. The health and safety of the public trumps rights. One doesn’t have the right to drink and drive or smoke in public. Consequently, one doesn’t have the right to put others at risk of exposure to an international pandemic. Simply exclude the unvaccinated from the party and keep them at home away from me. Voila. That was easy.
  22. I carry both vaccination documents as I suspect it’s a matter of time before I’m asked for them when attempting to enter private property such as a Second Cup location.
  23. Absolutely not! Toronto can’t fix a host of problems or pay its bills. They last thing this country needs is a billion dollar stadium to add to that city’s stadium collection. If there is so much as ONE homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk, any Olympic folly or other similar is utter ridiculous.
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