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Found 1 result

  1. The elephant in the room isn't going away. It is getting bigger and bigger. In Canada, there are more supports and programs for Black people than any other settler group yet this is the least successful of all immigrants. The problem is not " systemic racism " which does not exist or the " legacy of slavery " in a country that never had slavery. Even worse, the governments across the land continue to throw more money at the problem and claim this group is victimized and marginalized more than everyone else. Yes, the group that receives the most support is the country's greatest victim. The only argument for " racism " is disparity. This group is at the bottom of all categories and therefore suffer from " racism ". Despite the fact that racialized groups are at the top of every performance data point, we are to believe the systems are at fault and not anything wrong with this group. How can a system be so intricate to make some racial groups at the top while subjugating one group that is 3.5 % of the population? 0nly this group has the government helping them buy houses and start businesses based on their race. https://blacknorth.ca/ https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/black-entrepreneurship-program/en Toronto has the Black Center of Student Excellence and the Africentric Alternative School which are dedicated just for Black students. No other immigrant group has these programs. https://www.tdsb.on.ca/CEBSA https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Find-your/Schools/schno/3949 The Ontario government had special Graduation Coaches but only for one group of immigrants. It doesn't matter if you need help to graduate, it matters if you have Black privilege to get tax funded support. The City of Toronto has the " anti black racism " office and offers programs just for Black people. This includes job training, courses, programs, and funding for people based on their colour. These are exclusive services just for Black people and no other group has their own city department dedicated to their success. https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/community/toronto-for-all/anti-black-racism-2/ We could go on and on describing the racist government practices that serve one racial group over others but I'm sure you have seen it too. TDSB data, TTC data, Police data, incarceration rates, all data shows the most difficult interactions are with one group. If this is racism why are the other settler groups underrepresented? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5987048 What is more likely that every institution takes the time and effort to systematically and systematically discriminate against one group, and one group only, despite the risk of the media and public opinion and law suits or there is a problem within some elements of this group? The same group that has the highest rate of homicide despite being 3% of the population? Why can't we have an honest discussion so we can fix the problems in this community? If there is systemic racism to favor whites and disadvantage racialized people why are groups, like Asians, underrepresented? When a racialized group that makes up almost 20% of the population is under 6% of the incarceration rate , it seems racialized is not a factor. But, when 3.5 % of the population makes up 7% of the incarceration rate then it " must be systemic racism "? How? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarceration_in_Canada Third generation Japanese, Korean, South Asian, and Chinese men are the highest earners in the land. For females, the highest earners are Third generation Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, South Asian, and other groups all earn more than white women. This makes it difficult to believe there is systemic racism. The biggest concern is that violent crimes are being ignored. People are being shot and killed at record rates but no one will discuss this. We know who is doing the shooting and killing but as opposed to protecting our citizens and children, we cry out against Nazis and the Proud Boyzz and the Confederate flag. Only one settler group has the privilege to shoot and kill at disproportionate rates with impunity. Hate Crimes, targeted attacks, bullying by Blacks are ignored. Consider the Black on Asian attacks that the government and media ignore. Think about predominantly Black countries in which homosexuality is illegal. We want to collect race-based data, okay let's start with how many shootings are attributed to Black males 16 to 40. This group is about 1% of the population and are responsible for over half of the shootings and a large percentage of all violent crimes. Will anyone release that information? If we want to end the shootings, don't we need to know who the shooters are? We have Bill 67 in Ontario looking to expand the powers of CRT in schools and Bill C6 looking to lower sentencing for violent crimes so we have less black people in jail. Ontario cancelled math qualification exam for teachers because Black candidates could not pass and now gifted programs are removing entrance standards so more Black students can enroll. How much money and social cost is there to Black privilege? What is the end game? Remove all standards until statically Blacks are earning more than Whites and are in jail less than Whites? Is that the ultimate goal? What do we have to lose to reach that objective? Let's stop blaming the greatest system in the world, the one that provides free health care, OW , ODSP, free education, OSAP etc, for why a small percentage of 3 % of the population failing. Many Blacks excel and find great success so their race is not an obstacle. Let's end the privilege and end racist programs that divide the country.
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