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  1. Awww muffin - mad you got called out again? well there you go I'm sure your behavior is all my fault as always Nope - context was there. But as usual (hilariously and predictably) when you're proven to be wrong you try to muddy the waters by 'creatively' re-interpreting english. You asked for the quote where he said that - he said that - i gave you the quote. Now you're going to try to say BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT what he REALLLLAAAAALLLYYY meant was.... ROFLMAO - patheric His whole point, over several posts, very clearly is that it was not whites that founded canada. It was. Oh... where's that quote you promised where i said that the brits and french weren't white again? Go that handy? No? LOLOL!!!! You must really enjoy looking stupid:) which is fortunate, you're so GOOD at it !
  2. Whine whine whine - that's all the left does. And tell lies about how you WAAAERRRNNNNEEEEEEDDDD everyone about (issue of the day) 40 years ago!!!!! Then voted for trudeau anyway. And the reason for that is that in the 60's women won the right to have their income counted for mortgages. Rightfully so but that suddenly meant going into the 70's that people could pay more for houses. And housing prices went up. And so women worked more so that the couple could have nicer houses. And housing prices went up. as a result, since the early 2000's you pretty much needed 2 incomes just to get by. And now that's been absorbed, good luck buying a place on your own for the average person. When you add the shortage of homes becasue asswipes like YOU demand unreasonable barriers on development then you get where we are today. It's got nothing to do with rich people. This is so simple it's a joke that it even needs to be explained. When you over regulate beause 'muh feels" as the left loves to do, you drive prices up. When you add more money to the equasion you drive prices up. And when that money is chasing less product, you drive the price up. It's got ZERO to do with weathy people. And thats the lesson kids today need to hear.
  3. Uhhh no, vote for polievre because he understands this crap and can do something about it, while trudeau has proven he doesn't and can't. I know - you love your guy and you're bitter about justin getting Powned by PP but that's the message here. Well it might, except he's not. It isn't. Please send in your bet. Meanwhile... Fact Checking Poilievre’s ‘Housing Hell’ Video Experts say the Conservative leader understands young people’s anger but isn’t offering any fixes. You mean 'liberals'. THey're wrong of course. But it's true he doesn't offer a lot of details, but why would he 2 years before an election? Ummm - that's still accurate and clear They're just saying there's a reason why it happened that way. LOL even when they try to claim it's not true they have to admit it's true Sorry kiddo, your boy justin has screwed the housing file up insanely. And it is entirely his fault.
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/liberal-party-gaza-fundraising-1.7052629 'With broken hearts, we must depart the Laurier Club,' the group wrote in a letter to the party president A network representing influential Canadian Muslim donors to the Liberal Party of Canada has dropped out of the ranks of the party's top donors, citing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's disinclination to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict, CBC News has learned. In a formal letter sent to party president Sachit Mehra on November 27, the group — which calls itself the Network 100-GTA, London, Ottawa, Montreal and says it has 400 members — said it has called on Trudeau repeatedly to request a ceasefire. "The Leader does not appear to be interested in truly listening, nor interested in giving true value to international Law, nor truly caring about the children of Gaza. With broken hearts, we must depart the Laurier Club," the group wrote. "The idea that this situation will all be forgotten in two years is an extremely risky and unwise strategy for the Party. The scale of the humanitarian loss is simply unprecedented." Well - not that there was any doubt but there you go. Muslims back the liberals and are pissed their money isn't buying them what they want. To be honest - i'm a little surprised. I get that trudeau is trying to keep jewish voters as well as muslims so he's walking in the middle, but he's spent so much time woo-ing the muslim vote that i'd have expected a little more of a push for a cease fire or the like from him. BUT - sorry, liberals but this is what happens when you bet all your eggs on flakey supporters and fringe groups who all expect your devout loyalty. He's hoping they'll come crawling back later. And they probably will. Where else are they going to go?
  5. Well no wonder their heads are slanted then. Meanie.
  6. It's an interesting point - we don't often talk about the emotional charge some words have over others and it can have a huge impact, especially when news sources play the game. It's not just that Dementia is a medical condition - it's that medical conditions elicit sympathy. We have empathy and sympathy for those who have a medical condition. Where as 'senile' has more of an image of a crazy old relative that everyone still loves but knows not to pay attention to and ignore. Dementia also suggests forgetfulness and an inability to focus, but senility is associated with saying any damn thing that comes to mind and that person should be ignored. Interesting comparison of the two words
  7. Oopps - almost forgot to mention - hissy fit right on schedule LOLOL Every single time you realize you're wrong you have these little freak outs And it's always the same sad little insults that don't actually mean anything and have no basis in reality and would offend no one. Quick - tell me my post count! That'll teach me!!!! ROFLMAO!!!
  8. Ohhhh look at you, sealioning again It's all right above little guy, everyone can see it and knows you screwed up But what the heck - just for fun... "you can”t say Canada was founded by Whites because indigenous peoples and many early immigrants were non-white and also contributed." There you go, Feel stupid yet? Because you certainly look stupid But hey - if you'd like to keep playing, why not quote where i claim he said the french and british weren't white Honestly, you used to be better at this kind of thing. Now it's just kind of sad to watch you flop around. Thanks for the giggle, have fun at school today
  9. I really believe this is the most underrated part of the issue. I believe we're watching a bit of an evolution in the political campaign process that both moves forward with something new and yet references the past in an effective way. Obviously social media has been a part of electioneering for some time now But I have been watching how he has been using new methods and techniques to achieve some old school results. And it is working like hell. I think moving forward successful political parties will have to master this kind of presentation. You wouldn't even really call it an "attack" ad . Sure he makes it clear that he blames the liberals and makes a case for that but it's not really all about 'liberals bad'. So it's not an 'attack dog' video which people don't like but it's going to have much the same effect. But its popular and people are watching it all over the world, not just in canada. It's got millions of views. Like, forget the partisanship and who's doing it for a momet - this is a new blueprint for success in politics in general. He's been working on perfecting this concept since his first youtube videos and i think he's really nailed it, other political parties around the world should be watching and learning from this.
  10. Does that mean if my GF steals my shirt and wears it i'm gay? (my god, i might finally be a repressed person!)
  11. Dude you didn't know what a subpoena was - i don't know that you're in a position to judge.
  12. ROFLMAO - told ya it was somehow magically going to be all my fault You brought it up, you framed it as a partisan issue, i've given you the facts and now you're angry Not even a tiny bit. Sorry. Intelligent people. uhhhh... ok. Busses are good i guess? (???????) I have no idea why simple facts tick you off as much as they do frequently. Capitalism is an economic model, not a political one. Socialism is both because it inherently involves the gov't to give the economy specific direction towards a common series of goals for the benefit of whatever goals "Society" has. In other words - capitalism exists not for soceity's sake or goals but independent of that. It's about personal aspiration, achievement, success and prosperity, not that of the society. As the saying goes It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. With socialism the state IS the benefactor and controls the market or the means of production for the benefit of the STATE, not the individual. So you can't seperate the economic model from the state because the state is the beneficiary of the model This should not be ticking you off. It's just basic simple facts.
  13. We've all been kind of wondering that, actually. Why IS hunter your hero?
  14. If their party is doing it then it's not authortarianism, it's just them helping the 'deplorables' to understand what the right thing to do is, you see Anyone who would disagree with them MUST be horrible people and why would you listen to horrible people anyway? Better to just force them to do what they should have known was the right thing in the first place.
  15. That's already been shown to be a lie. Why do you want to stick to a lie? Are you hoping that if you repeat a lie often enough it'll become true?
  16. we were. And the deflection would be yours i'm afraid LOL - my draw is just fine. I said the brits and the french founded canada, and the russians helped build canada. entirely accurate that reading comprehension coming back to haunt you is it? It is what i was saying. Show me anywhere that i said it was founded by anyone other than those two. Show where i said anywhere that canada was founded by the russians. I never have. YOU said it and i corrected you. I get than you're trying to change the channel. That's a pretty common left wing tactic The first statement is accurate. The second statement is not even a little bit accurate. Good thing nobody but you ever suggested it then what was said is that they bulit canada and as i noted that was the brits et al , the french, the Chinese and the russians et al. Building something is not the same as founding it. Something ELSE you were actually wrong about. And you're wrong here again. The 'british and french" founded canada, chinese and russians helped build canada. Your problem is you don't understand what basic words mean. You feel "founded" and "built" are synonyms and they are not. You flip back and forth using terms you don't understand and get confused when people point out you're wrong. I'm sure it'll be my fault shortly tho.
  17. Did you know that saying that instead of addressing his point is a tu quoque fallacy?
  18. I'm not sure you're going to be able to demonstrate that. The military is about the only department cut to the bone, the rest have all recieved increased spending since justin took over and worked better before they did. I mean - which department has been 'cut to the bone'? Abolutely none (other than military). The number of civil servants right now is at an all time high, and very high per capita. I feel like you might be conflating transfers to the provinces - the federal program spending has been fairly stable. You are patently insane if you feel there's been any 'austerity' over the last 30-40 years. Martin and chretien downloaded some costs onto the provinces but very little actually got cut. If anything there's been more and more spending per capita. The military is the ONLY example. Everyone else gets increased budgets AND we get new programs on top of it. Trudeau literally just TRIPLED our national debt - borrowing 2 dollars for every single dollar EVER borrowed before him, and the vast majority had nothing to do with covid - and you feel we're living in 'austerity'? Please. If anything we need to dramatically cut services and spending and invest in automation for gov't services. Simplified online applications and forms, fewer rules and regulations requiring less enforcement efforts, trimming away useless services that a provided by the market such as the cbc, etc etc. We've had 30 years of spending more than we should. A little fiscal responsibility is what's in order - not more bloat.
  19. When you say they got what they deserved - you ABSOLUTELY ARE supporting the killings. Period. And the torture and everything else. That's how it works. You can't say "they deserved that" and say "oh but i'm against it". That's not how it works. And just just out of curiousity - how many gazans did the lady who got her genitals nailed kill again to deserve to die that way? What you're saying is an aboslute lie you tell yourself to justify your support for some of the worst people on earth. If anyone deserves to die it's them.
  20. Weakest excuse ever. You were the one who brought it up. I merely answered your question. Now you decide you don't like what the answer is and once again it's my fault. Because it doesnt exist the way you think it does. That's "union" negotiations LOL - JK!
  21. There's little evidence of that. In fact if he was sent away for 'mouthing it up' in court they'd look at it as more 'trying to silence him'. Democrat supporters have believed all along that his legal troubles would sink him and yet every time they heap on more he goes up in the polls. I've laid out why i think that is previously - the dems shot themselves in the foot with 7 years of 'russian collusion' which was so obviuosly bull and improperly pursued that now thy feel ANY accusation is politically motivated. And now it's like every charge "proves" that to them even more. The dems and their supporters aren't going to stop the trump train in court. That ship has sailed. It's the next campaign that will matter, they have to make their case there.
  22. Teachers say the Israel-Hamas war has amplified antisemitism at Peel District School Board — and the union and some principals are a big part of the problem That same day, on a WhatsApp chat for teachers and assistants at a Peel school in Brampton, an educator wrote: “I feel bad, but then I don’t feel bad because they killed so much Palestinians now it’s their turn.” Eight teachers – five Jewish, three non-Jewish – told the National Post that working at the Peel board was distressing even before the terror attacks on Israel. But where the Jewish teachers say they once feared for their livelihood, they say they now fear for their lives. Four out of five of them said they want to transfer out of the Peel board. One Jewish teacher retracted her interview for this story believing it was too dangerous for her to be exposed in any way. Furthermore, the teachers say their union is no help, with officials themselves publicly expressing anti-Israel views. This is just wrong. If any of those people had spoken against gays or trans they'd be GONE. But stoking hatred for jews is ok?
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