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  1. All the noise you hear about trade war is only the tip of the iceberg. There's also an ideological war over authoritarian rule and western freedom (speech, religion, press etc...) The CCP is not really interested in reforming and loosening control causing chaos like tiananmen square. Ultra nationalistic soviet era propaganda are in full swing. Welcome to the new cold war of our time. Join us cannucks or you can kowtow to your new masters. They won't be so polite about dairy prices.
  2. Yup and further more some something nebulous about American imperialism whilst dodging the question.
  3. I asked a socialist this before. Name me a country where workers owning the means of production actually worked.
  4. As predicted from the 2016 election. Populist movements are happening across europe. The right wing populist like nigel farage are allude of what's to come. https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/european-elections-results-intl/h_0a24f8a10b73e4e72a0fb869c803e6e3
  5. So what you're saying is we need to adopt socialism? If so then that's exactly inline with the policies Bernie Sanders and most of the progressive democrats are running. So tell me Michael, where are all the classic liberal you speak of left in the democratic party? Because I can tell you having recently graduated, that the universities are overran with leftist ideology. How far do you think that will manifest it self in the 2020 election with people demanding free stuff from the entitlement generation.
  6. I don't think it matters anymore, it appears that leftism has taken hold, post enlightenment logic and reason gone with it. Bernie Sander is now considered center left. Classic liberalism is dying and its not due to anything from the right. You're seeing an increase in full blown annarcho communist from members of the left. I don't remember a time when supporting a system that lead to the deaths and suffering of millions were considered "main stream". The only thing worse than nazis were communist in my opinion. Yet you see members on the left proudly displaying shirts with che guevara and other marxist icon.
  7. I think there's a misunderstanding of what the tariff were suppose to achieve. Its about removing china from the global supply chain. Manufacturer who want to produce for the largest consumer market (US) now need to build factories outside of china or source parts anywhere other than china. It's all about breaking the Made in China 2025 initiative by Xijingping. This is why I think the tariffs are permanent. The biggest priority for the Trump administration is telecom and advance chip/manufacturing. Those industries are already out of china. Also lets not forget Xi is under pressure from members inside his own party to change course. You see this with their anti-corruption campaign aimed at consolidating power for Xi against rivals who advocate for reform. Most of whom fled to Hong Kong and you guessed it, Canada. But that's the thing, those internal faction need the tariff to pressure Xi.
  8. So no not really. A country's economic output is dependent on how efficient its work force is not how many people it has anymore. This is due to technology and hyper specialization. The same is also true of a university's research. What matters is how good your researcher is, not how many.
  9. Well sure they want to but they're doing it through IP theft and corporate espionage. That only gets you parity, it doesn't get you to surpass the us. Same thing happen to Japan, they only caught up but never exceeded.
  10. Nah, what I'm saying is that companies know they need to get out because the tariff is permanent.
  11. I don't think this is true actually, not because I trust what trump says but because I see companies doing exactly what I said, getting out of dodge in China. They're anticipating a long term permanent tariff. I suspect this is due to the fact that the core American demand is intellectual property protection. China as it currently stand is unable to provide such mechanism. Simply put what I'm saying is that they are unable to meet the US's trade demand. Businesses knows this and are exiting China because of it. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2018/07/30/trade-war-casualties-factories-shifting-out-of-china/#34e07055103e
  12. Not really, that was true of previous administrations until now. That's because China's market is an enticing prize for our corporations and wall-street and they kept previous thin skinned administration from making it public. Trump put an end to that. He's doing what he can to reverse that trend. FYI my money is that the tariff with china is permanent. It's a strategic way of decoupling china from the global supply chain. If I were you I'd invest in neighboring countries like India and Vietnam. So contrary to popular opinion the US is doing something about it. But make no mistake this isn't because of some deluded sense of altruism for freedom. Its in America's strategic interest that China doesn't run the world. It just happens that Canada and the rest of Europe prefer this as well.
  13. So the way it works is this, China offer generous amount of loans to host countries with no way of paying it back. They bribe the leadership of said country to keep their position while they hold this debt leverage. Its a vicious cycle, they'll keep financing you to stay in power as long as you sell out your country's strategic asset and do their bidding. You wonder why dictatorship growing, well that's because the CCP is buying them. Case and point, Venezuela, Syria etc...
  14. Sooooo can people marry outside their caste in the smaller town yet?
  15. I don't think they actually want to defend it, its just they're acquiring more social justice points, why else would they have a handy camera man nearby.
  16. There's a running joke with the Islamic fundamental, there's really only one gender, Men and property.
  17. So using the website you gave, data still point to the same thing... overwhelming Muslim and leftist organization. I don't think refuting these facts is a tenable position to be in imo. So why defend it? Why defend the valid criticism of Islam as a "religion of peace"? Islam needs to reform, specifically when it comes to secularism. This abslutely relates to immigration, the majority of Somalis are Muslims. You think they'll just rescind Sharia law when they come over to Canada....? https://www.start.umd.edu/pubs/START_GTD_Overview2017_July2018.pdf
  18. No one is stopping you from doing your own research about the number of suicide bombing and terrorist attacks around the world.
  19. Is this the modern day way of burying your head in the sand? Facts don't care about feelings and opinion I'm afraid.
  20. Well incase you wanted to keep a scorecard between right wing extremist and islamic fundamentalist that the liberal party haven't been telling you. https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/
  21. Nah we'll just send you your new driver license in the mail. We do expect an apology for not supporting our steel tariff though.
  22. Should of adopted the melting pot idea before that mosaic crap if you want people to assimilate.
  23. As I've proposed before to other members in this forum, America should annex Canada and complete manifest destiny.
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