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  1. Twas' a 1000 IQ chess move to get people riled up and make incoherent argument to defeat.
  2. I'm not sure why Canadians even bother with criticizing us. They should just accept their role as America's little brother. Its not like anyone else would trust another country to actually run the world. Does anyone really want China to be the next hedgemon? The reason why america is better than any other country is not its military or imperialism. Its much more than that. Something call american exceptionalism. Our country is unique in history because it was the first country to protect the individual from its own government. There's a reason why freedom of speech is not the third or fourth ammendment. Same with our guns which you all seem to hate. There's a reason why the second ammendment is second only to the first. Speech and a well a regulated militia spells out significant distrust of a tyrannical government. Think about it Canucks, who establishes a government with a founding principle of limiting its own governance? No one except uncle sam. This is why America's constitutional republic is superior to the european and canadian democracy. The propensity of government is to become larger and more tyrannical, there needs to be a system of checks and balance to limit this. If you think the main reason America is better than any other country is because of its military and imperialism then you haven't really thought through the low hanging fruits offered by the postmodern leftist.
  3. I think you are being intellectualy dishonest. Here in the US islamist extremist are still responsible for the most victims if we are talking headcount. Remember 9/11? Also your argument seems to boil down to colonial imperialism, typical play book of the post modernist. Discounting the fact that the Quran is written down by 6th century war lords with no reformation period. There's a reason why Islam IS NOT a religion of peace. It advocates for a theocracy much like ISIS. The post enlightenment west adopted secularism with regards to christianity because of the catastrophic war in europe involving the church of england and the pope, Islam has yet to do so. This is the real reason why islam is not a religion of peace. You may want to check your post modernist playbook for intellectual dishonesty.
  4. As if charlosttesville represent everyday life when two people disagree.
  5. To put it in perspective, being rude to someone or saying something mean can be considered hate speech and therefore be liable to the state sending people to jail. Regardless of what hate speech is even overtly racist rants, should still be protected under free speech. This is why I think the american protection of free speech is superior. Most western enlightenment ideals outside the US is fading. This notion that hate speech is the justification to silence people lead to the gulags and concentration camps.
  6. Oh so saying anything that disagree with you is hate speech and is therefore justification to send them to the gulags? Sounds familiar hmmm
  7. Can men wear it too? what if you identify as a women in Islamic society?
  8. HA! I could remember not too long ago I said the exact same thing and got called out for being Islamophobic by other members here. Like there are real and legitimate concern with Islam as it currently stands. Especially the fundamental 6th century interpretation as well as the lack of secularism to be compatible in a liberal democracy. How are we to acknowledge these serious criticism of Islam without being called a racist by the social justice snowflakes?
  9. false narrative. The only reason why you don't see as much Muslim terrorist in America is because we vett more of them here than Europe. There's not much the government can do about homegrown terrorist unless we all be subject to a police state.
  10. I'm under the assumption that there were something like 40,000 draft dodgers that went to live in Canada. My proposal is to have them serve some sort of symbolic house arrest for desertion and allow them to reapply for citizen ship.
  11. HA! good luck with that. The world doesn't work that way. Trump is doing what he thinks is in the best interest of America. His definition is America first, not everyone else first at the expense of America as was Obama's strategy.
  12. Yes well those restraint are becoming unshackled. The only thing our politician fear is the people.That's a built in regulatory mechanism. As for naively believing that China can righteous supplant the US as the next hegemon, I hope all this has been a good lesson for everyone who thought so. https://www.businessinsider.com/mattis-held-trump-admin-back-on-iran-but-now-hes-gone-2019-1
  13. And now Iran is even more of a third world shit hole. You think that was by accident? My beef is with people who criticize American hegemony and run to america asking for aid when the baddies bully them... like how hypocritical can you get.
  14. With what exactly? Umm we do, you don't hear people executing Americans for a reason. It's too costly for a country to do that, they'd bear the full might of American hegemony, look at what happened to North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Russia. We can sanction the hell out of any one country. Is it worth it to execute American prisoners? Clearly no. I highly doubt there wasn't an American who tried to do exactly what this Canadian did in other places around the world. And this isn't out of some misguided good will from the politician, its just if our media get wind of it, there will be hell to pay for anyone party that doesn't recover an American back.
  15. Yup Obama and fellow globalist thought that by opening up china through trade they would become more liberally democratic.
  16. HA! they bully their neighbors, what makes you think they will respect the rule of law? Umm, America is democracy. Fact is, if America does not exist, there'd be no democracy. To what end? its not like Canada was willing to make concession over spilled milk (hint hint). Half true. Only weaker countries that have been relying on American hegemony whilst criticizing us as world police will suffer. Now you get to see the true value of what it meant to be in America's umbrella and a taste of what China's will be. It is because of American hegemony weaker countries even get to exist. Think about that. Otherwise they would have just become vassal states to China as has happened to bordering countries surrounding China and Russia. China's goal is to make everyone part of their tributary state as has been during the Ming dynasty.
  17. Looks like Canada is falling out with the communist regime. Question is when is Truedua going to ask big bro trump for help? Lets not kid ourselves, there are huge perks to being an American. One of them usually involve other countries not executing you. "It is of extreme concern to us as a government, as it should be to all our international friends and allies, that China has chosen to begin to arbitrarily apply the death penalty in cases facing, as in this case, facing a Canadian," Trudeau said in a news conference following Monday's ruling. https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/14/asia/china-canadian-drugs-death-sentence-intl/index.html?no-st=1547488119
  18. So some interesting theory I've read. Women like men who are successful in their dominance hierarchy with other men. Essentially ladies prefer competant men who are at the top of that social hierarchy. Outsourcing the selection problem to men. They allow men to compete with one another and pick the top agreed upon by other men. Indirectly men get to pick who among them get the girl. The opposite is also true women do not like girly men, men who are pushovers, lacking confidence and self esteem, they view them as friends but not mates. Obviously all other factor removed men are visual creatures and as far as mating is concern we need child bearing age women. Companion ship is a different story.
  19. Pretty confident actually. What you're talking about is electronic warfare. And also that article is philosophical not using real evidence to back its claim. While it is true that the russian or chinese may eventually identify some vulnerabilities, who is to say we don't have counter measure?
  20. Yes, don't plug it to the internet. It is it really that simple. The avionics for the F22 and F35 are not store in computers that have internet access.
  21. Let me explain, the 2nd amendment is not the third or fourth amendment for a reason. Its not about deer hunting or ghost guns. Its about the protection from tyranny. It is no accident the 2nd amendment comes second to free speech. The founders felt that the protection from tyrrany was important enough to enshrine it in the constitution as the very first and second founding principle. They were meant to complement each other. Barking without fangs is meaningless
  22. Seems like plenty of Canadian wanting to join beds with america like you have done buying property here... about time you consider becoming American.
  23. I'm fully aware of the superior rocket engine the Russians had back in the 80s and early 2000s. The soviet RD-170 design is more efficient than the Saturn V that put Armstrong on the moon. Robert Ballard is a big critic of space exploration, says the money used could be used to explore the seas and find ways of living on/under the sea. Also...
  24. If you're talking about the literal sacrifice of Jesus it is symbolic of sacrificing something now for the future. It's a story that was meant to teach us to value the future and not give into fleeting impulses of the present. I'm not sure what your angle is but as an Atheist my criticism of other atheist is that they view the bible and religion too harshly, they need to view it as a source of ancient wisdom meant to convey an idea. Those idea while subject to interpretation and often times for malignant purposes still contain within them the collective knowledge of your ancestors. Religion therefore should be view as a moral compass, leading one to live a life towards meaning instead of nihilism that so many atheist and unlearned/non-believers find themselves in. You can't dispense with thousands of years of ancient wisdom written by our ancestor and expect society to function. Those wisdom are borne out of a chaotic past and often paid for in blood. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water a wise Canadian once said...
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