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  1. Colton Boushie, 22yr old Cree . . . . . shot and killed on August 9th, 2016.
  2. You're using QueenBee's "yeah but, yeah but, yeah but Harper" . . . . line of ?thinking?
  3. Gerald Michael Butts . . . . . puppetmaster supreme.
  4. ExcessiveFlatulence . . . . always standing tall for Trudeau.
  5. Hoping your constant negativity doesn't get the best of you.
  6. Poor assertion. Hear both of them speak, listen to what they say, you and I don't need letters behind our names to discern which one has the smarts. You could have degrees and letters coming out your ying-yang and still have your shoes on the wrong feet.
  7. You don't need the alphabet letters behind your name to have good sense, vision and intelligence.
  8. Presuming you can read . . . . 'The Origin of the Deadliest Pandemic in 100 Years' by Elaine Dewar
  9. Suicide? Crime? punishable by death?
  10. What are you implying? The Final Solution is at the ballot box. Don't you be a coward and get out to vote when the election is called.
  11. Guessing that there's more than a few Canadian citizens pondering a Final Solution for our appalling federal government . . . . . ??
  12. Queen Elizabeth II funeral . . . . 'Justin the Clown' . . . . singing Queen tunes
  13. You said you were a cop. Did you wear a 'jesters' uniform? Would you have been taken more seriously then . . in your 'jesters' uniform, than anyone takes you seriously in this thread? You're the one who really needs to get out more. Trudeau doesn't act like a leader in thought, word, or deed. Need examples?
  14. Yeah but, Yeah but, Yeah but Harper . . . . . . Trudeau looks and acts the fool. Doesn't matter if he's dressed up as a cowboy, or wearing any number of his photographed costumes, black-faced, or on a drag queen show . . . . the fact is he's a clown. You condoning his antics makes you a clown's accomplice. He's done nothing for this country in the last three years. Nothing!
  15. Does Trudeau act like a world leader? Are you proud of him and his accomplishments? Is Canada a better place since Trudeau became PM? Are the Canadian citizens better off since Trudeau became PM? Go ahead and blame everything on truckers, Covid-19, un-vaccinated, or any of the myriad excuses you and Trudeau can dream up. Everything is just a photo-op for Trudeau . . . . . and that's ok with you. Carry on, no one takes you seriously.
  16. It's your panties that are "in a twist" . . . . what ever that clown does is ok with you. Ever wonder why other world leaders snub and ignore that elected Canadian embarrassment? Why don't you give your clown some pointers on wearing fishnet stockings . . . . guessing that you would know. 👠👜
  17. No, we're the ones that needed a vacation from Charles . . . . it's nice to see humour, sarcasm, and free thought return to this site.
  18. No more Charles Anthony? . . . . . . . what a shame.
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