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  1. Is there anything you like Anger-boy ?
  2. You're always beaking-off about how bad everything is. You're whining about the Cons, Liberals, this or that . . . it never ends with you. Tiresome and boring. Always a wtf moment with your every malcontent post. Just what would make you happy? If you were to ask me the same question of you: stfu
  3. Again, my post stands . . . . you truly are a fool. Your above post in it's entirety makes my point.
  4. Of course you are . . . . btw, what color is the sky in 'your world' ?
  5. My post above stands . . . . you're the fool for for whining about Trudeau, then bending over for him. Are you Canadian?
  6. You profess your disgust for Justin Trudeau, yet your vote will help him wipe his ass with Canada again. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
  7. Pick and choose who will best fit in and be able to contribute in the future. Why let people in that will be a burden on our health, social programs, and the taxpayer? Are you a communist? Sad
  8. My thoughts also . . . If we are to rid Canada of Trudeau, why f'k around with a fringe party ?
  9. Jagmeet Singh can promise the world right now. Every time his bottom jaw drops open and a flood of nonsense comes out, the media is gushing to repeat it. Fact is, this communist has no idea how an economy works, how $$ are generated, and which taxes work and which ones scare investment away. This communist fool will most likely have a say in how this country is run.
  10. The food waste/wood based paper/clean-ish degradable waste is ground/mixed with low quality fill to produce 'top soil' . . . . sold at a good price.
  11. From . . . nationalpost.com . . . . and . . . . ipolitics.ca "In first leaders debate, Trudeau hints at another election in 18 months if denied majority."
  12. Hey everybody! Michael Hardner votes Conservative . . . . Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' . . . . playing softly in the background, as angelic Brian Mulroney entities rise to the heavens. Like a Cheshire . . .
  13. Canada's tapeworm . . . . Justin Trudeau! Time to shit this parasite out. September 20th, 2021 Vote Apologies to MH for the tapeworm/JT reference . . . . we all know you're a Conservative. Sending some cookies your way via Canada Post 😏
  14. Trudeau is not, and never has been fit to lead this country. I think he has a personality disorder, or has psychopathic tendencies.
  15. Your hate of Canada, your referring to citizens as morons, your unfounded charges that O'Toole will do worse than Trudeau (how would you know this?) . . . . . the list is long. Why do you live here in Canada if you hate the country and its citizens?
  16. It's somewhat demeaning to us both that I have to spell things out to you . . . . . guessing you still read with a school ruler under the script line? Is GTA going to endorse Trudeau again?
  17. Deep, so very deep . . . . . Suggest you see a physician. The country you hate so much has a health plan that may be able to help you.
  18. Meds need adjustment? You're making even less sense than before.
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