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  1. The 'First Immigrants' (FI) on Vancouver Island have posted No Trespassing signage on their reserves and some other lands under contention. Yet, they collectively use the infrastructure 'off reserve' . . . . It's not unusual to see young men of employable and working age, mid-day, off reserve, with wife and gaggle of children all ages. The sad fact is that there are generations of FI men in particular that just don't know how to work, or know the satisfaction of providing for their families. Possibly their fathers and grand-fathers never worked either. I logged with many FI fellows, and to a person, they have said that the best thing they have ever done was to get off the reserve . . . never to return. There are big problems ahead for both FI and non-FI with the way past and present Federal and Provincial governments have come under the non-elected influence of the UN (UNDRIP). When there are vast sums of money poured into FI reserves with no accounting ever . . . there is a problem. Harper's 'Transparency Act' was meant to get a handle on this problem . . . elected chiefs and their entourage in fine homes, Cadillac Escalade in the driveway, meetings in Hawaii, and next door to a single mom in her hovel, kids doing drugs . . . . . Trudeau repealed the Transparency Act . . . .
  2. You should find the enjoyment and pleasure of becoming a 'Contrary Leaf Fan' . . . . "what's better than a seven game losing streak?" . . . . why, that would be an eight, or nine, or, or, or. Love it when the Leafs play the Canucks . . . . two teams of blue in an arena of "booo, booo" Hard to hide a grin when these two chronic under achievers flop onto the ice . . . . . Combined, the Leafs and Canucks = 100+ years of successful failure. So cheer up Dougie93 . . . . be a Contrary Leaf Fan, you'll feel much better about Canada!
  3. Wasn't this act the first thing that Justin Trudeau repealed after gaining office?
  4. For the most part, it's fairly accurate. White guilt, UNDRIP and woke-ness is the winning combination used against the 90% white population to-day. This situation will not end.
  5. The Cutthroat trout will still be in the upper Highwood and the Oldman . . . . Kananaskis (Plains Cree) Stoney origin. Others may roll over or turn away, but you can go fishing for Cutt's . . . .
  6. Tiktok sent to the cloak room . . . . bad tiktok! Justin must have taken a testosterone pill.
  7. Sounds like you've bought-in to the 'keepers of the land' fallacy . . . . marketing at its finest for the 'searching for meaning' urbanites.
  8. Jagmeet Singh has had multiple chances to act like a leader but has 'turned the other cheek' on his NDP and the citizens of any stripe in Canada. He's not going to jump out of his sh!t-eating character for any one or anything.
  9. Through countless rewrites, revisions, removals, and translations . . . . is it any wonder that people question the intent and accuracy of the Bible? Your truth is not everyone's truth. There are many folks around the world in many different cultures that know nothing of the Bible, but are fine moral people. They know their truth and it likely isn't your truth, and it's wrong of Bible adherents to try to trump someone else's belief system.
  10. Not 'First Nations' . . . . . they're 'First Immigrants'. Anyone born here is Indigenous.
  11. Are you referring to the predatory Haida that came down the coast to sh!tkick VI westcoast 'nations' and take slaves back north? Maybe you (Ontario transplant) and your wife can get compensation from the Haida?
  12. Perhaps someone who is not a holocaust denier, but questions/disputes the number of Jews who were murdered by the Nazis . . . .
  13. Pierre Poilievre has the forethought to video himself answering hard and difficult questions by the handful of real journalist/interviewers . . . . archived for any potential voter, and PP held to account, and also to curtail the desperate federal Liberals from hi-jacking PP's policy as their own. myata . . . . consider your right to vote.
  14. Justin Trudeau is an enemy of Canada. He's a traitor. Nothing more . . . just a traitor.
  15. It's mentioned that . . . . . "Paul Rouleau is Justice of the Court of Appeal for the province of Ontario, Canada. He led the Public Order Emergency Commission in 2022. His brother Pierre Rouleau was married to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's aunt, and former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's sister, Suzette" from another website.
  16. A real leader would have met with the convoy and tried to find a compromise or dispel the situation. Trudeau came down with another case of 'Convenient Covid' and hid out all the while calling the convoy racist and a variety of snipes. Trudeau is not a leader, he's laughed at globally, and dis-respected at home. Truly an embarrassment wherever he goes. Canada has suffered damage with his inept 'leadership' . . . . . Completely consumed with global warming and his image, the Canadian citizens are just an after-thought. The die is set now, expect more Emergency Act (War Measures Act) shows of force. It makes Trudeau look tough - to himself. Citizens see something else . . .
  17. Alberta would die on the vine. Never make it on it's own. Never going to happen. On the other hand, Manitoba westward would be a very viable country, with Churchill as the eastern terminus for access to European markets, and BC for Asian markets. All the food and fuel needed, and the enthusiasm to make it happen. Remember, Quebec and Ontario need the west more than the west needs them. Western separation? Yes!
  18. Again, . . . . . . 'Willful Blindness' by Sam Cooper Names, places, and dates. This is not a gentle read. China is deeply imbedded in finance, commerce, and politically in Canada. RCMP, CSIS, Canada Immigration, Charter Banks . . . . all infected with their sophisticated money laundering and all with the guidance of the CCP/CPC.
  19. And . . . transfer/equalization payments, taxpayers $$ to failing Quebec companies, etc., etc., etc.
  20. Other than butter, does Quebec contribute anything to the rest of the country?
  21. Nice deflection move herbie . . . . Trudeau screwed up, late to the dance, left you standing against the wall, your heart melting . . . .
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