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  1. Nutty university students are not way down on the list . . . they will be running the remains of Canada soon enough. Your hatred of everything not left-wing is disgusting actually . . .
  2. There are 'experts' with half the alphabet behind their name, and their shoes on the wrong feet. Jordan Peterson is thought-provoking . . . if you don't like his thoughts/ideas Hardner, don't listen/watch.
  3. With your love affair with the Justin/Liberal gong show is touching. Perhaps you could pre-pay your hundreds of dollars in carbon taxes just to give Justin a vote of confidence that his policies are great . . .
  4. Green Party of Canada . . . founded forty-one (41) years ago, one (1) seat in the House of Commons. A force to be reckoned with . . . .
  5. You drag, troll, seine, and gill net . . . . kill thousands of off species, yet you proclaim to be green. Ahhh, ok, why not? Fish till everything is closed . . . Aren't you pseudo Green's' the deadbeats that protest fishing, logging, or any industry that pays the bills and finances infra-structure . . . . yeah eyeball, you're a piece of work. Make your grandkids proud.
  6. You're a piece of work eyeball . . . . how could any elected Canadian federal government be worse than what's in Ottawa now. PP has to do very little to be a 100% improvement over the Jughead/Justin - - Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy duo.
  7. Fuel up, Jughead, Justin, and that 'wonder of wonders' . . . un-elected David Eby will smile. They're getting raises! We're the April Fools joke here . . . . cure: tar & feathers.
  8. Better yet, will you continue to try and hide the fact that you've been a Liberal supporter in your every post?
  9. Nice try. To link 'F-Trudeau' with 'Eby's a goof' shows the shallowness of your thought. Eby shot himself in the foot by standing with the two most dispicable politicians in Canada. Your fondness for that pairsays a lot about you . . . .
  10. Eby's a goof . . . only popular in the LML and VI. Caters to the non-producer paper shufflers. Jughead's done in the upcoming federal election . . . dry your tears herbie, go shuffle some papers and maybe you'll feel better about your life choices.
  11. Don't blow another gasket herbie . . . . your devotion to Trudeau, Jughead, and Eby is quite disturbing. Eby had his chance to demonstrate with his reptilian indifference to the BC voter that he cares about them.
  12. Guessing BC's premier, David Eby has been given his 'marching orders' from NDP leader Jughead . . . . . 'Do not oppose the pending carbon tax like the other sever premiers' ?? Nice to see an opposing BC political party rising quickly in the polls . . . BC Conservative Party. If Keven Falcon would face the fact that he'll never be the BC premier, and throw his support behind the new party, the NDP would be kicked to the curb very quickly.
  13. Yes, it was a smart move by Poilievre & Company . . . show Canadians that Jughead & Justin just don't care about the havoc they wreak on the public. Well done Pierre Poilievre !
  14. Toronto . . . couldn't get out of there fast enough. It's probably a great place if you've never been or lived in the west.
  15. Did you state you were from the east, but had worked out of Comox for a year or two ?
  16. The voting Canadian public became more aware of the Jughead & Justin Selfish Sideshow . . . Pierre Polievre won big-time.
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