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  1. Trudeau, Freelunch, Johnston, and the band of liberal enablers . . . . tar & feathers ?
  2. Federal Liberal Policy: "If it makes sense, it must be wrong."
  3. eyeball claims to have the cure for the Trudeau infestation . . .
  4. Never had the 'oh well' attitude. Mine is anger and contempt. Starting with Pierre Trudeau. Before your time? Probably.
  5. For most of the folks in my circle, Trudeau with his weekly dose of drama, disinterest, deepening debt, and deception has brought about a critical appraisement of politicians that have been elected to serve us. The 'oh well' attitude has vanished with my friends.
  6. As the title suggests . . . a lot of Canadian citizens are not happy with the present Trudeau government. That said, not every policy can be completely wrong for some/every segment of the Canadian population. What, if anything has Trudeau done to make Canada better? Has he served the Canadian citizens as well as he's served himself? Shirley there must be something . . .
  7. When looking at the general direction the dimwitted duo are pushing Canada, yes . . . this is just one more small but visible slap to anyone that cares about the history of this country. Thousand cuts/straw-camel . . .
  8. There may be folks here that feel as strongly about golf, Greenland, gardening, or 440 big block Dodge drag cars, but have the courtesy and good manners to not infuse every thread with their personal passion. You sir, have lost your ability and grace to spare the other contributors from your overwhelming need to sidetrack each and every thread and preach your passion irregardless of others. There are threads and forums that deal with your personal subjects. Please make use of them.
  9. The zealot has posted . . . . yet another de-railed thread. Thanks, thanks a lot.
  10. Hewith, a Panda bear would be fitting at this moment of our take-over by China . . . don't you think? Why the name calling? Makes you look smaller yet . . . . run along now little man.
  11. Trudeau emerges from his hole, sees his shadow, and a) flees in terror, invoking the Emergency Measures Act, or b) goes back to sleep for six weeks, asks his cabinet ministers what happened, and decides to dress up like an emperor . . . either way Canadian citizens are in awe . . .
  12. Sorry that you're upset Hewith, but why don't you tell me how to be an Indian, and how to fit in . . . . Got any Michelin 285Rx16-E M&S tires for sale? Need 4
  13. Living for free on-reserve? Got a native name yet . . . . 'Hewith Twofaces' ? Cigarette business going well for you? How about those tax-free tires to your white buddies off-reserve?
  14. Personally know three people, one my parent, that got an education at those 'away' schools. All are fine educated people. You've mistakenly lumped all students at the away schools as victims, and many native students are now playing the 'survivor game' because it can be lucrative and advantageous . . . Carry on . . . the world awaits your insight.
  15. Would you share your knowledge of what was taught at those schools? Were you a pupil there ?
  16. From another website: The St. Edward's Cross that has been part of the Royal Coat of Arms since 1957 will be replaced by a design created by the Canadian Heraldic Authority, the body responsible for granting coats of arms in this country. Critics are calling it the 'Trudeau Crown' . . .
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