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  1. Unvaccinated people are not contagious. You can't spread diseases you don't have. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are only contagious if they have covid. I think we all know to stay home when we're sick.
  2. I wanted to address this. Life is about evaluating risks. We ALL have a far greater risk of dying in a car accident than dying of covid, but I bet you drive nearly every day. And no one is talking about banning cars. And most accidents could be prevented.
  3. I swear to gawd these vaccines are affecting the part of people's brains that give the ability to reason with empathy and compassion.
  4. You won't do that, but you demand 12 year olds risk heart attacks and convulsions and life in a wheelchair with a feeding tube for YOU? WOW
  5. Maybe read some of the studies. Deaths from covid involve people with terribly low Vit.D. Increasing your Vit. D intake is not a 100% guarantee against getting covid, but then, neither is the vax, apparently. And increasing your Vit. D is not expensive, easy to do and won't kill you.
  6. But we should all cater to you and your neuroses? If you're so terrified of covid, which has a 99.5% survival rate, that you want people locked up, lose their jobs and not be able to buy food, maybe it's you who should be banned from society?
  7. Public health orders and laws can be wrong. Such as when the Nazis sent all the Jews to camps to supposedly stop the spread of typhoid. Use your head. Have you no morals?
  8. This is happening all over the world. This is what happened in the animal trials. The vaccinated ones got re-infected, they got sicker when re-infected and they died of other things, as well as covid, because each successive vaccination lowers the immune system. This is what many scientists and doctors have warned would happen. I'm guessing here, but I think it's because there is a lot of natural immunity now amongst the unvaccinated, which has repeatedly been shown to be superior, as it encompasses the entire virus, not just the spike protein and thus is more efficient against any variants that come along as well.
  9. It's because they keep believing the promises. It doesn't matter what the government promises them or how many times they are lied to, they keep thinking/hoping that THIS time the government will do what it says it will do. It's the "boiling the frog" analogy. Also, they don't see the picture because it's not them being tyrannized - yet. Trudeau's big thing is climate and they are already tying covid to climate change in the media. The vax pass is going to morph into much more. Wait til they can't drive to go see their grandkids or can't buy those steaks for dinner because they used up all their carbon credits for the month. Wait til they decide they don't want the 10th or 11th or 12th jab and their pass is revoked and they can't go farther than 2 kms from their house. Wait til they can't go anywhere or do anything or their kids can't go to university because they didn't build up enough social credits. They'll be crying then but it will be too late. For everybody.
  10. It's odd to me how little of this trial is in the media.
  11. This study, published in the medical journal CHEST, showing a 40% decrease in deaths in critically ill covid patients: Use of Ivermectin Is Associated With Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 - CHEST (chestnet.org) It is listed on NIH's website as being false, not peer-reviewed. Which is a lie. They just don't want anyone looking at it. This is why I don't trust NIH - they lie about studies and what they say.
  12. No. Nobody is looking to supplant the vaccine. As I've stated, those in high risk categories should get it. Everyone else, it should be their unforced, uncoerced choice. But Big Pharma has definitely submarined drugs that proved to be successful in early treatments. Please. There's been cite after cite after cite after cite here of places all over the world, including here in Canada where the vaxxed are outnumbering the unvaxxed in hospitals. At what point are you going to see that the vax isn't doing what it's supposed to do?
  13. I get the impression that both you and Boges do not want a treatment for covid. You've totally bought into the Vaccine-ONLY narrative marketed by Big Pharma. Nothing else will work as a treatment for covid because they don't WANT anything else to work. And neither do you. You'd rather people die. For a vaccine that doesn't even work. My Gawd, over half of the hospitalizations now are vaxxed people. How much death will make you guys happy? Apparently not enough yet. And it's $$billions$$, not millions. That's a pretty big incentive to make sure no other drug is given any kind of chance, don'cha know.
  14. And the BBC is a medical authority staffed with unbiased scientists? News to me..... You never post any studies, just media reporting on studies they want to report on, while ignoring other ones.
  15. How would you be right this time? If the media is inflating covid risks to create fear and terror and divide society, that would make me right......????
  16. I think this is the first time in history that a medicine's failure has been blamed on the people who DIDN'T take it.
  17. You know, for someone who insisted for years that the media was overblowing the Muslim terrorist thing to keep everyone in fear and divide society, you sure don't seem to recognize the same thing going on now. Media inflating the risks of covid to keep people in fear and divide society. It's still a 99.5% survival rate and 5 million out of 7.8 billion. And they've got you so terrified, you go along with tyranny. In this you are a total hypocrite.
  18. Good for you, you're becoming the best little sheep ever! Don't read anything the government doesn't want you to read. Go along with everything. No questions asked. Obey, obey, obey. That really worked out well for the German citizenry, didn't it? Have fun loading the stinking dead bodies on the trucks....... Hypocrite.
  19. The problem is the narrative has completely changed on that. Now, vulnerable people are no longer responsible for their own health. You have to sacrifice yours for them, sacrifice your livelihood, sacrifice your children, sacrifice your way of life. If they get sick, it's not because they're elderly or chose to eat junk food and not exercise most of their lives - it's YOUR fault!
  20. We also went from "Save the gramdmas" to "Take this experimental jab or lose your job" pretty quick. Now grocery stores have been given governmental permission to ban certain people from buying food. Incremental. That's how it happened in Germany too. And with each successive step, people like Dialamah agreed it was all "for the greater good" and would eliminate typhoid if they just banned the Jews from society.
  21. I didn't say it was a government mandate. It's just odd that the government is saying it's okay for grocery stores to ban certain people from buying food. Especially when that wasn't the case at the height of the pandemic, when no one was vaccinated. Now with over 80% vaccinated and a 99.5% survival rate, they're telling grocery stores they have governmental permission to ban? It's clear this has nothing to do with health and safety. Did you read the article I posted where they didn't find any coronavirus in grocery stores? So why would the government give permission to do so? This all makes good sense to you?????????
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