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  1. 100% false. The vaccine is a "leaky" vaccine, which is why it is not doing its job and forcing the virus to mutate at increasing rates. Leaky vaccines do not wipe out the virus in its entirety, so it mutates quickly. This is virology 101. If we had vaccinated the vulnerable from the beginning and then let the rest of the population, who have a 99.5% chance of surviving it, acquire natural immunity we would have been done with this whole fiasco over a year ago. But then Pfizer wouldn't have made their billions. And the entire world wouldn't be required to get boosters every 4 months for the rest of their lives. And we can't have that. Right?
  2. Omicron is an anagram of "moronic". Just sayin 🤣
  3. Another place where the number of vaxxed deaths is greater than the number of unvaxxed deaths. MDH confirms prevalence of breakthrough events - Alpha News Is this the point where we get to complain mercilessly about all the vaxxed people plugging up the ERs, hospitals and ICUs and call them "enemies" and deny them medical care because of their selfish decision and let them die in refrigerated trucks? Asking for a friend, because I would never do that.
  4. There is nothing wrong with second opinions. 6 Studies Showing Why Children Don’t Need — and Shouldn’t Get — a COVI – Dr. Paul Alexander (drpaulalexander.com) Dr. Paul Alexander is a Canadian health researcher, who served as an Aide under Trump. I'm not sure why he didn't serve under Biden, but I suspect this is part of it: Like many doctors and scientists across the globe, he encouraged a "herd immunity" approach to covid - protect the vulnerable and let 'er rip through the non-risk population - and of course, that doesn't sit well with Fauci. Paul Alexander: Former Trump appointee encouraged herd immunity strategy for Covid-19, internal emails reveal - CNNPolitics
  5. Here it is: Over 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for heart problems: Report | Toronto Sun
  6. I saw an article I think the Toronto Sun (?) that said over 100 kids got it so far. I'll see if I can find the article.
  7. Not everyone will have the same goal. They guys at the top may be doing it for totalitarian control. The guys under them might be doing it for control and/or money. The useful idiots under them might be doing it for money and/or recognition. When Fauci is withholding and destroying life-saving medications from the world and falsifying data and rewriting the Wiki pages and bios of any doctor or scientist who disagrees with him, WHY he is hell-bent on killing as many people as possible is immaterial. There are still a ton of theories as to why Hitler did what he did.
  8. Thought you might be interested in this, since you have a young boy. https://www.docdroid.net/gPQgNo9/my0cardltls-klds-pdf It's not exactly a ringing endorsement. Apparently the data gathering and definition of what constitutes an Adverse Event have yet to be done. As that Pfizer guy said, "We won't know until we start giving it." I guess at least they are preparing for children to have heart issues. I guess. I'm not sure many people understand the possible long-term effects of myocarditis. I know in Adults, its a 50% mortality rate within 5 years. Maybe children fare better. I hope so.
  9. No. I don't support companies who have $2 billion+ lawsuits against them for fraud and death. 😉
  10. I generally subscribe to that philosophy, too. However, I am unable to give that benefit of the doubt any longer when it comes to what is going on with covid and the governments, Big Pharma and media. For instance, as you know, hydroxychloroquine was suggested as an early treatment protocol for covid. The front-line doctors, nurses and scientists who were working with actual covid patients were desperate to find some kind of protocol for treating the illness, as there was no timeline for a vaccine and vaccines are generally in testing and trials for a decade before they are released to the public. And in the meantime, people were dying. This is actually what we SHOULD expect from front-line doctors. It is their duty and most consider it as such. As it was declared a pandemic, doctors and scientists from around the world formed alliances to information-share. This is how it was discovered that HCQ and Ivermectin were effective in treating covid, especially in the early stages. (Ivermectin, not so much when the illness is more advanced.) I can provide you with links to prove these studies, but it really is better if you find them on your own, as you have repeatedly said, you put zero stock in any of the links I provide. Truth be told, I doubt you would put much stock in anything not MSM. You have already rejected Dr. Peter McCullough outright, but what you don't know (or refuse to believe) is that he is a very well-respected, well-authored doctor and he is one of the front-line doctors who treated patients with HCQ and developed the protocol for covid treatment that was downloaded almost 125,000 times by doctors all over the world. Now, HCQ is a 65 year old formula that was approved as safe and effective for a variety of diseases and illnesses. Literally billions of people around the world have used it without restriction, as it was available as an over-the-counter- medication, like Tylenol or aspirin. Millions of Africans take it religiously to ward off malaria, as do tourists who visit Africa. In the US and Canada, HCQ could be prescribed by doctors without limitation for anything they felt it could be useful for. However, that is not the case now. Under Federal law, NEW vaccines and medications cannot qualify for EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) if any existing approved drug or medication proves effective for an illness. The law reads thus: "For FDA to issue an EUA, there must be no adequate, approved, or available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing or treating the disease or condition...." Obviously this was a problem for politicians and Big Pharma. So they immediately went on the attack. They invented fraudulent "studies" to confirm that HCQ was not only not effective, but actually dangerous to use for covid treatment. One was conducted in England in a nursing home where patients were given 2400 mg of HCQ - a known fatal dose - instead of the usual 400mg dosage. A nurse in the home, blew the whistle on that and publicly stated that they were purposely killing the elderly. When I first heard that story, I thought "It can't be." It turned out I was wrong. They were intentionally killing elderly people in this study - to prove that HCQ was not effective and dangerous to use. Fauci then used these fraudulent "studies" to insist that HCQ be taken off the approved medications list and only be available by prescription, which doctors were then instructed NOT to prescribe under threat of losing their licenses. Fauci and others in the Big Pharma industry then gathered as many doses of HCQ as they could and literally destroyed them. While they were doing this, they went on a public relations attack of HCQ so that the public was never informed of the actual real-world success that HCQ was having. (This also was how Ivermectin was attacked, incidentally.) It is no coincidence to true doctors and scientists that the poorest countries of the world, who only had access to HCQ and Ivermectin, had and still have, the LOWEST mortality rates for covid. Far less than wealthy, industrialized nations. So much less so, as to be shocking. Thanks to Fauci's campaign, Americans and Canadians can no longer obtain HCQ or Ivermectin for early covid treatment. and few are aware of its benefits, having been mislead and misinformed, manipulated and lied to so Big Pharma could reap its billions. The public has been held hostage, waiting for imperfect vaccines, and this is why it's estimated that over 500,000 Americans died from having early treatment protocols thwarted by the very people and institutions that were supposed to protect them in a pandemic. Fauci knowingly lied about HCQ and intentionally used his influence with the FDA to discredit and suppress alternative treatments. And the world followed him, including Canada. This is all documented. This is why so many are calling for Fauci to be tried with crimes against humanity.
  11. I will shame anybody who feels entitled to have other people's children risk death and disability for their false illusion of safety.
  12. Previous vaccines went through years of trials before children were jabbed. This is very different. Dr. Eric Rubin, of the FDA and New England Journal of Medicine said this about the covid shots for children: "We're never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it. That's just the way it goes." Not all parents are so willing and !!!!!excited!!!! to offer their own children up as guinea pigs for experimental vaccines that offer nothing in the way of protection for the children and have no long-term studies done. Ask Mrs. de Garay. She offered her 13 year old daughter, Maddie, up for the clinical trials and Maddie is now catastrophically disabled, in a wheelchair with a feeding tube. She can get no assistance or response from the CDC, the FDA or Pfizer. Pfizer, in fact, devoted only 3 sentences in its report to the FDA on Maddie's injuries and says her condition is only "functional abdominal pain." You do realize that children have already died from this vaccine, right? So I ask you again - how many children have to die or be disabled before you feel safe? In Canada - how many parents have to lose a child or watch them be permanently disabled or die 5 years later from myocarditis (did you know that 5 years is the life expectancy for someone with myocarditis) for you to feel safe? 25 children? 50? 250? 5000? How dare you call anyone else selfish when you expect parents to sacrifice their babies for YOU. Shame. On. You.
  13. Office for National Statistics (ONS) England, stats for March-September this year, published November:
  14. You were just provided links and stats that say otherwise. You've been provided them repeatedly.
  15. None of this would matter, if the shots and boosters worked. You're pretty much admitting what everyone already knows - they don't work. If you're vaxxed and boosted and still deathly afraid of an unvaxxed co-worker......maybe that should tell you something.
  16. If all of these people are vaccinated, how are they in danger from unvaccinated people?
  17. Not from MSM, for sure. Our politicians, all over the world, are heavily invested in the vax only narrative. I was just reading how there is and has been from the beginning, doctors and scientists who have developed early treatment protocols for covid that have been very successful, but they have been silenced and shamed for it. Some have lost their licenses to practice. Fauci is hugely responsible for the "wait for the vaccine" narrative. It's estimated that 500,000 of the covid deaths in the US were because of this silencing. Because if there are early treatment protocols, then the vaccine would be a secondary consideration and there would be no need for "emergency use" authorization of the vaccines. And no need for 100% vax rates. No coercion, no manipulation of facts and cherry-picking studies. The "wait for the vaccine" narrative killed many more people than was necessary and many doctors and scientists and politicians are calling for Fauci to be tried for crimes against humanity. Under his leadership - the US has suffered public-health wise because of his ties to Big Pharma. The stats are shocking. He actively thwarted early treatment protocols created by doctors who actually cared about their patients. Canada should not be following Fauci - he is a modern-day Dr. Mengele, who has never treated an actual covid patient. His loyalty lies with Big Pharma, not with public health.
  18. No talk of natural immunity is allowed either. There is a certain percentage of the population that has already had covid and have no need of being vaccinated. Judging by the "case numbers" screeched out every 15 minutes, I'd say a large chunk of the population is already immune.
  19. I don't understand the entitlement to have others risk their life for you, either. Especially children who face almost 0% chance of dying from covid. Not everyone feels this way, though. I've read a few comments from grandparents on news articles now that insist they do not want their children and grandchildren to risk their lives or health for them. I guess just the completely entitled and selfish people do.
  20. Myocarditis Foundation is funded by the NIH, which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has an extremely poor track record for vaccine safety. Researching Bill Gates and his pushing of vaccines shows he has not been at all concerned with vaccine safety. Especially in African countries where his pushing of them has killed and maimed thousands and he was actually booted out of one country because he killed so many young girls. The jury is out on vaccines for myocarditis patients. The only ones recommending them are organizations funded by Big Pharma. Use caution for those at risk of myocarditis from Covid-19 vaccines - STAT (statnews.com) Same for those with autoimmune disorders: Covid-19 vaccine and autoimmunity: Awakening the sleeping dragon (nih.gov) Bottom line, as I have said many times - we do not have long term data to determine the safety of these vaccines, which are being forced on everybody in a "one size fits all" totalitarian manner. The fact that our government is blazing full-speed ahead, demanding 100% vaccination rates, revoking licenses of doctors who provide exemptions and removing the established human right to medical bodily autonomy and suppressing studies that show the vaccines are impacting future immunity to a variety of diseases tells me something is very, very wrong here. Whether one takes the vaccine or not should be up to the individual and their doctor, not the government. You can disagree all you want, but it is one of the established freedoms in democracies - the right to NOT have the government dictate what you medically do with your own body. It's an important right, fought hard for and the fact that you are so willing to toss it out the window in favour of totalitarianism is dangerous pathway. The government on one hand cannot say they are "for" allowing doctors and their patients to make the decision and then on the other hand punish and revoke the licenses of those who provide exemptions. Something is amiss here.
  21. When doctors across the country are afraid to provide exemptions for their patients such as this young girl for fear of losing their license to practice.....I strongly disagree.
  22. Thank you, I will pass that along in her post. Most of the suggestions have been long, convoluted drives to get AROUND the areas affected.
  23. Ummm, People with heart conditions and autoimmune disorders and severe allergies should get a vaccine that impacts heart health and lowers immunity levels and causes multi-organ inflammatory issues? Where exactly did you get your medical degree?
  24. Regarding the medical exemptions from the jabs that doctors are NOT allowed to give to ordinary citizens, but Trudeau granted to most federal employees and anyone else he wanted to. In case you weren't aware, doctors who have given out medical exemptions from the jabs have been fined, publicly shamed and some have lost their licenses. The discussion boards are full of people who medically SHOULD have exemptions - severe allergies, other health concerns - but are being denied them because of Trudeau's totalitarian control. He has flat out said exemptions would not be granted. Some of these people have lost their jobs because the choice for them is actually - die from the shots or lose their jobs and they have chosen to not die at this time. This woman posted this on one of the discussion boards this morning. And I think it really illustrates how this is all really about control and not about Canadian's health. I realize, in advance, that some of you here will say this woman is a big fat liar. In case you're still thinking how great it is that our government is punishing unvaccinated people. Just remember that your support of governmental tyranny is killing actual people and people are losing their jobs over not being granted exemptions.
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