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  1. Are you one of the ones who "squeals" to the police when a business or service doesn't check for your passport?
  2. At least there are a few countries of the world who are wising up and halting the vax for young people, given the greater risk of adverse events. Six EU countries suspended Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for young people (medicaltrend.org) Sweden and Denmark suspend use of Moderna COVID vaccine for younger age groups over risks | Euronews It's frightening that so many Canadians, despite us being a modern and so-called enlightened country, are insisting that young people die and be disabled for the rest of their lives for people in their 80s and 90s. Appalling, really.
  3. They've been posted several times, actually. I think the reason he ignores them is because he's made it clear that he doesn't care how many young people die or have heart problems for the rest of their lives - as long as he gets his illusion of safety.
  4. They weren't. Yes, you have to go searching now because you ignored it the first time, like you usually do. Off the top of my head, given the almost 0% chance of someone in that age group dying of covid, their risk of myocarditis and other adverse responses was 4X as high.
  5. I already provided the links for that info.
  6. So? Vaccinate the vulnerable and let them individually decide how much or little they want to be out and about and let everyone else get back to normal. No one has the "right" to not be infected. That's act of God stuff. Protect yourself as much as you can and let others do the same. So? That age group has an almost 0% chance of dying from covid. But they have a 4X risk of life-altering adverse reactions from the vax.
  7. Well, they all took money from Pfizer, so yes.
  8. Mark my words, The vaccine passports are going to morph into climate change credits. This is social engineering. You think the vax passports are great? Wait til you can't go anywhere because you don't have enough "carbon footprint" credits. I'm already seeing this covid thing turning into climate change hysteria - media wise. I checked out Australia's new G2G thing and holy cow - check this out: "where you have permission to go"
  9. It's funny, because I keep saying that about this whole pandemic. If it weren't for Global news screeching out case numbers every 15 minutes, would you even know there was a pandemic?
  10. When I posted the "Mounties4Freedom" papers with all the attached documentation supporting their position, someone here (Aristedes, I think) mocked it and said there was maybe like 4? Mounties and who were they anyways? I couldn't say it at the time because things couldn't be revealed just then, but it's out now. The Mounties4Freedom are Trudeaus's sniper detail who all quit over the forced vaccinations, lockdowns and vaccine passports. They know this is all wrong, unconstitutional and there is going to be high profile arrests over all this one day. They wanted to gather over 1000 Mounties before going public with more than just the papers. They have that now and that's why Mounties4Freedom is out in the open now. You're not seeing this in the mainstream media, but there are plenty of police, Mounties, doctors, nurses, lawyers who are fighting this. You're not seeing the massive protests in city after city. If you think it's just a few "anti-vaxxers", you're dead wrong. It's also a lot of vaccinated people who have figured out the scam. https://www.thecountersignal.com/news/exclusive-interview-with-trudeaus-sniper-detail
  11. You deserve more respect. You've earned it.
  12. And ^^^ that ^^^, Boges, is why your constantly bleating out "case numbers" like a good little MSM parrot, is ridonkulous and shows how stupid you are.
  13. Public Health England Data shows that the majority of covid 19 deaths are amongst the vaccinated and suggests the vaccines worsen disease: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1014926/Technical_Briefing_22_21_09_02.pdf From Feb. 1/2021 - Aug. 29/2021 it appeared that cases of covid among unvaccinated were twice the number as among the vaccinated. However, if you add in the number of people who received one dose, the number of cases among the vaccinated group (222,693) surpasses the number of unvaccinated. (See Table 5, page 21) Total number of deaths since Feb. 1/2021 = 1,698 219,716 cases amongst the unvaccinated with 539 deaths = a case fatality rate of 0.2% 113,823 cases amongst the vaccinated with 1,091 deaths = a case fatality rate of 1% Fully vaccinated deaths = over 64% and if you include the partially vaccinated = 70% Only 30% of deaths were amongst the unvaccinated. This means the vaccinations are INCREASING the death rate by 400%, rather than decreasing it by the 95% promised by the vaccine manufacturers, governments, and Public Health officials. This is all very public, but hard to find. You won't be spoon fed this on the evening news. You have to look for it, read and understand the stats. It takes effort. Don't get mad at me because some of you didn't want to research before you opened yourself up for medical experimentation, with NO accountability on Pharma's or government's part for what happens to you. We'll see who the idiots are.
  14. No. There wouldn't be. As with any totalitarian governmental regime, MSM no longer becomes a "credible source". You're the idiot if you think you're getting the truth from MSM.
  15. Show me an MSM that is reporting all the collapses and deaths in the sports world. It is not being covered. This is the main frustration that those who have experienced covid vax deaths and maiming have. Everyone who has died within days and weeks of the vax, everyone who is maimed and disabled by it - all liars, hey? Not one death or permanent disability from the shots? GTFO I dare you to go on even one discussion board and listen to these ones, see the videos of what they are experiencing. And any doctor that tries to help them gets reprimanded and threatened with losing their license. If you can't see what's going on, it's because you CHOOSE not to. Shame on you. Shame on you for demanding that other people risk their children's and grandchildren's lives because you refuse to see anything other than what you are being force fed. You go ahead and keep your head up the MSM's arse. Definitely don't read any scientific evidence not paid for by Big Pharma. Many countries have halted the shots for children - for good reason. But not you - let the children burn, is your attitude. Disgusting.
  16. You should. You know darn well there are ZERO long-term studies on these shots. ZERO. You are the trials, you are the guinea pigs. Common sense should tell you that it takes time to confirm vaccine deaths. Which is why it is unconscionable that these shots are being forced on people BEFORE it is known what the effects will be. Especially on children. Other vaccines have been pulled off the market and the shots stopped when there are less than 10 deaths. There have already been tens of thousands of deaths and they still are not being pulled. There is something not right going on here. You are the only one I know who says that all the VAERS reports, all the VIGIACCESS reports from Europe - are all lies.
  17. It's been about 6 weeks since unvaccinated employees were fired and sent home from long-term care homes in BC. So why is this still happening? 3 more outbreaks at B.C. care homes as province rolls out COVID-19 booster shots | CTV News Maybe it's time to stop asking if the shots are working, and start asking if the shots are making things WORSE?
  18. I'm sorry, but I'm getting angrier and angrier and the level of selfishness of those who INSIST everyone take this experimental shot. Then you callously blow off all the reports of adverse reactions with "Well, you can't prove it's the vax." When you know full well that we are years, literally years, away from proving all the deaths from the shot. And in the meantime, young people are dying in droves and you just. Don't. Care. The only thing different this year is that we have FORCED - FORCED - young people to take this shot in order for them to continue playing sports, going to school/university, having jobs, etc.
  19. This is the kind of crap that is getting ignored by vaxfanatics or they just flat out truly believe young people like this SHOULD sacrifice their life and their health for octogenarians in extremely poor health. Never before in history have people demanded that young people in droves kill themselves for the older generation. It's absolutely appalling to me the level of selfishness in vaxfanatics. I've been following this young guy for quite a while, as one of my kids is into dirtbike racing. He fell desperately ill with pericarditis, POTS and reactive arthritis after his second Pfizer dose. He has been attacked MERCILESSLY by vaxfanatics for talking openly about it. His life has been turned upside down, he doesn't know if he'll ever be well enough to go back to the sport he won championships in and now he is getting extremely depressed from the vaxfanatic crowd who insist there are NO adverse reactions to this shot. In one interview he said, and I 100% agree - "Where there is risk, there must be choice." I seriously cannot understand the mentality of blackbird, dialamah, boges, aristedes and all of you who feel that it is the DUTY of young people to do this for 90 year olds. Shame, shame, shame on all of you - absolute selfishness and just plain evil. How you can sit back and watch young people dying from heart attacks all over the sporting world and STILL demand they die for your illusion of safety is just.....evil. I don't know any other words for it. Kyle Warner on Instagram: “Sorry for all the emotion but i think I finally broke today and I wanted to share this message and then take time off for a while. It…” Kyle Warner, 29, Diagnosed With Pericarditis After The Pfizer Vaccine! His Career Is RUINED! WATCH - The True Defender !
  20. Anybody in medical knows the surgical masks are a joke. They are not designed to do what people THINK they are doing. They are designed for quick medical exams - they briefly will filter out what is going OUT your nostrils/mouth, (they are effective for about 10 mins, which is why they are DISPOSABLE) but do not filter what is going INTO your nostrils or mouth. Which means if you have an infection, you are spreading it to others. The fact that the majority of people are re-using these disposable masks is a joke. The thousands of doctors and nurses around the world know this. They know the public is being duped. I'll try to find the link but Kaiser-Permanente employees across the US (including Hawaii) voted 96% to strike/walkout on Nov. 15 due to the mandates and the fake mask wearing. It encompasses over 43,000 doctors, nurses and other employees. Mainstream media will no doubt ignore that.
  21. I find this super disrespectful of vaxfanatics, too. Cranbrook BC, war memorial vandalism.
  22. I believe those in authority making these rules already know the masks are next to useless. Anybody who has worked in medical knows this. BUT - it is a very good fear-mongering visual of "how much danger we are all in."
  23. See my post above regarding the many young athletes dropping dead of heart attacks after the vaccine all over the world. Feel free to search and confirm any of the names given.
  24. Which "experts"? The ones that receive funding from Big Pharma? Because the science says different.
  25. How many healthy children and young adults have to die or be permanently disabled before you feel "safe"?
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