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  1. I didn't say it was a government mandate. It's just odd that the government is saying it's okay for grocery stores to ban certain people from buying food. Especially when that wasn't the case at the height of the pandemic, when no one was vaccinated. Now with over 80% vaccinated and a 99.5% survival rate, they're telling grocery stores they have governmental permission to ban? It's clear this has nothing to do with health and safety. Did you read the article I posted where they didn't find any coronavirus in grocery stores? So why would the government give permission to do so? This all makes good sense to you?????????
  2. Here are the cites for the above info: OSF Preprints | Ivermectin for COVID-19 in Peru: 14-fold reduction in nationwide excess deaths, p<0.002 for effect by state, then 13-fold increase after ivermectin use restricted Medical Press Open Access | Open Access Journals Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19 - PubMed (nih.gov) A Letter to NIH and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Is Anybody Home? | Ivermectin for Covid Bernigaud: Ivermectin benefit: from scabies to COVID-19, an example of serendipity (c19ivermectin.com) Exploring the binding efficacy of ivermectin against the key proteins of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis: an in silico approach (nih.gov)
  3. Some of the successes that were being seen with ivermectin before they got shut down by the WHO, CDC and FDA. 2. 3. 1. Sorry, they posted out of order.
  4. Ivermectin is an ionophore - it facilitates zinc uptake in cells, destroying the ability of coronaviruses to replicate. It has an interferon effect on cells, meaning it responds to the presence of many pathogens like viruses, bacteria, parasites and tumors and causes the other cells in close contact with it to also fight the pathogens.
  5. FFS It's an anti-viral/anti-parasitic. It's been used all over the world as such. Which is why frontline doctors thought of it right away to treat covid. Millions of Africans take it weekly to prevent malaria and other viral infections. They call it "Sunday Sunday" there, it's a part of their life. Tourists to Africa take it for the same reason. You can take it indefinitely with no adverse effects. The patent on it expired a long time ago, so anyone can make it. It costs about 40 cents, there's no money in it, which is why Big Pharma doesn't want it to be used. If you look into Moderna's "new" covid pill - it's basically Ivermectin, with an ingredient twist, which they will sell you for waaaaaaay more than 40 cents, I'm sure.
  6. The point is - it could be used to treat anything any doctor felt it could be used to treat. Doctors were free to prescribe and use it as necessary - like Tylenol. Until it was successful - then it had to be eliminated so that the EUA for an experimental drug could happen.
  7. There was no need for a "proper trial". It's a drug that's already been proven safe. We already know the proper dosage, we already know it's an efficient anti-viral, it makes sense that it would be a treatment for covid. And yes, if you read the trials for the covid vax, they were insufficient. Why do you think they are only authorized for EU? It's because they had to shortcut and release it to the public with few safety studies and zero long-term studies.
  8. NEJM_LTE.pdf (skirsch.com) The authors of this paper show clearly that based on the data currently available, there is >82% spontaneous abortion rate at 82% rate. The key point is: we don’t know what the number is because nobody has the data and it shows that the CDC is pushing the vaccine on pregnant women even before the safety data is available! This has never happened before. In the past, we’ve always had to prove an intervention is safe BEFORE we recommend it to pregnant women. **As of June 11, there are 522 cases of spontaneous abortion after COVID-19 shots reported to VAERS. You do know that many women are reporting horrific menstrual cycles after the jab, right? Women and teenagers are reporting heavy bleeding of 50-80 days straight.
  9. And then you cite a CDC page that shows no studies have been done on pregnancy and covid vaccines. Because there are no studies on pregnant women and covid vaccines. They're safe because the CDC and FDA says so? You know that all those commercials telling you that if you've been injured by a drug product you may be entitled to compensation - those drugs were all okayed by the CDC and the FDA. But at least they went through some type of testing before being released AND none of them were ever forced on the public.
  10. Don't you find that nobody, literally nobody, wants to hear good news about Omicron or covid in general? It's like they love reveling in the dismalness of it all. I look at all the articles regarding studies about natural immunity and think YAY! All those "cases" are people with natural immunity, we can stop all this nonsense. But nope. Others look at that and say "Nope, that's terrible news, don't want that! I prefer force vaccinating everyone no matter what, in fact, starve them until they comply - fire them from jobs, ban them from grocery stores. Do whatever you need to do to force injections of experimental crap. That's what I want to see, not no natural immunity."
  11. Yes, I'm very aware that Canada and the US do not want it being used for treating covid. They even went so far as having stockpiles of it destroyed so it couldn't be used. Ivermectin, up til now, was one of those all-purpose types of drugs that doctors could prescribe for anything they felt it would be a benefit for. Because it has no side effects, dosed properly. When it started to be used successfully in treating covid by frontline doctors who were actually working with covid patients (it is an anti-viral, donchaknow), Big Pharma knew they wouldn't be able to get EUA for their vaccines coming down the pipe if there was a successful treatment for covid. So they tanked Ivermectin and destroyed millions of doses, removed it from over the counter sales and rescinded licenses of frontline doctors who continued to prescribe it and went on a media rampage touting it as "horse de-wormer" knowing full well it's much more than that since millions of Africans take it weekly their whole lives to prevent malaria and other viruses. They also delisted it as a drug doctors could prescribe. It's estimated that 500,000 Americans died because of this. This quote is misleading for the reasons I gave you above. It was openly available for use as an antiviral or absolutely anything else doctors wanted to prescribe it for. Frontline doctors tried it out in order to save lives before the vax came out and they found it worked. No drug submissions or approvals were needed, it was already FDA approved for 65 years. There was no applications for clinical trials submitted because time was of the essence in saving lives. And once it was found to successfully treat covid, Big Pharma moved very quickly to have it submarined so no clinical trials could happen. All of this is actually exactly the playbook Fauci used to submarine pharmaceuticals that frontline doctors found worked for AIDS in the 80's and 90's, so that he could market AZT, which was one of the most toxic substances known to man. But thanks to Fauci, all that was kept a secret until journalists and the AIDS community started outing him. Check out Celia Farber's book "Serious Adverse Events - An Uncensored History of AIDS". You'll be blown away by how Fauci is using exactly the same playbook with covid as he did with AIDS. He's been a real-life Dr. Mengele for many years. They call him Teflon Tony.
  12. I think the question he is referring to is this one: In other words: Do you believe everyone shares the same risk of dying from covid? I do know that you are not trying to be cruel. I am just trying to get help for my sister, who has now been suffering almost 6 months since the jabs, which she only got in order to travel and now cannot even do that. And there are many others, too - debilitating migraines, extreme fatigue, tics & twitches that don't allow them to work anymore, convulsions and seizures, deaths, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, heart attacks, strokes and heart weakening where previously there was no issues with these things until post-jab - hours, days or weeks after. I'm not sure why these ae being denied as happening, when they are the very adverse reactions to the jabs that are listed. There is no help or acknowledgement from the government and the victims are silenced by the media and Big Pharma of course had all governments sign off on any injuries or deaths, so we can't go after them, either. Putting your fingers in your ears, closing your eyes and screeching "Na Na Na Na, I can't hear you." isn't the way to go here. I'm truly thankful that not everyone experiences these adverse events. Glad you're one of the ones who are okay.
  13. LOL Because it's already FDA approved. Like 65 years ago.
  14. Erm, when death is an adverse reaction, it kinda is. Tests do not conclude until 2025. It has not been thoroughly tested until then. I'm happy for you. My sister is still suffering and so are thousands of other people. But great that you're okay! You must not have looked very hard. We already know that is not true, because of the shady way they count "deaths from covid". I don't know where you're getting your information from ( I do, really, MSM), but you are woefully uninformed.
  15. Like all the other restrictions, banning from grocery stores has nothing, repeat - NOTHING - to do with health or safety. It's about forcing the vaccine on everyone. You comply, or you don't eat. Expect it to get much, much worse. Coronavirus not found in 957 grocery store samples | CTV News Surprisingly, this was in the Toronto Sun. I guess there's at least ONE journalist who's awake and still able to reason. FUREY: Canada, it's long overdue that we drop the COVID alarmism cycle | Toronto Sun
  16. I'm wondering where the people who insist that the vaccine has no effect on fertility are getting their information from. @Boges @ Dialamah Care to share where it says it's perfectly safe for pregnant women? Because according to the package insert and the manufacturers, the vaccines were never tested on pregnant women: Package Insert - COMIRNATY (fda.gov) Page 13 Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers (fda.gov) Page 24 Is it ethical to force everyone to take this experimental vaccine - whose trials in humans are going to be for 2 years, humans are the guinea pigs - which has DEATH listed as an adverse event, and possible congenital/birth defects and has not been studied as to future fertility issues? If a pregnant woman reads this and decides she does not want to risk death or birth defects or be part of this experiment, should she lose her job? There are several places in Canada that are reporting large increases in still births - one said they usually see 1-2/month, and they saw over 85 from January to June this year. And Scotland has launched an investigation, also due to large increases in still births.
  17. It takes about 10 years to get a new drug to market. mRNA vaccines, in spite of being studied for that long, have never been brought to market before because the animal trials all failed. While it seemed to have a good effect initially, the animals all became immuno-compromised, got a bunch of weird cancers and then died when exposed to the virus again. Pretty much exactly what we're seeing in the global human trials.
  18. Something weird happened here, oopsy doodle
  19. Just this statement alone tells me you do no independent research. Covid has not proven itself. In the information above, I told you how scientists have found now that the spike protein they are injecting into everyone is TOXIC and how what that means, is this: What else don't we know about it? Cus this was a pretty major blunder and has not been corrected.
  20. The point, of course, which seems to have gone WHOOSH over your head, is that the vaccine has not. So why are we force vaccinating vast numbers of people?
  21. It wasn't polite, you inferred I don't' do my own research. I know how to read a medical study, I understand a lot of the terminology and I know what to look for and I see the things they "don't" say or omit. I also look for biases by the authors - for instance, if they are a Pharma shill I take whatever they say with a grain of salt.
  22. Really? Then why force vaccinate the entire population if we're still not sure if or how much death it causes?
  23. Nope. You don't get to use that excuse. You pooh-poohed that explanation when it was being used to show that the majority of deaths from covid were in the extremely elderly and morbidly obese, amongst other comorbidities. In fact you shamed people who pointed out this by saying they didn't care about the people who were dying because they were old and ready to die anyways. So in reverse, you don't' care about the people dying from the vaccine because they were already going to die anyways? Is that what you're saying?
  24. Evaluation of individual VAERS records show the cause of death is consistent with the mechanism of action of the vaccine and have no other explanation, e.g., a healthy 20 year old who dies in his sleep less than 24 hours after vaccination. What is your explanation for why reporting to VAERS exploded after this vaccine rollout, whereas for the last 3 decades, there was little in there? All fakes? All liars? Hmmmmm?
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