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  1. When doctors across the country are afraid to provide exemptions for their patients such as this young girl for fear of losing their license to practice.....I strongly disagree.
  2. Thank you, I will pass that along in her post. Most of the suggestions have been long, convoluted drives to get AROUND the areas affected.
  3. Ummm, People with heart conditions and autoimmune disorders and severe allergies should get a vaccine that impacts heart health and lowers immunity levels and causes multi-organ inflammatory issues? Where exactly did you get your medical degree?
  4. Regarding the medical exemptions from the jabs that doctors are NOT allowed to give to ordinary citizens, but Trudeau granted to most federal employees and anyone else he wanted to. In case you weren't aware, doctors who have given out medical exemptions from the jabs have been fined, publicly shamed and some have lost their licenses. The discussion boards are full of people who medically SHOULD have exemptions - severe allergies, other health concerns - but are being denied them because of Trudeau's totalitarian control. He has flat out said exemptions would not be granted. Some of these people have lost their jobs because the choice for them is actually - die from the shots or lose their jobs and they have chosen to not die at this time. This woman posted this on one of the discussion boards this morning. And I think it really illustrates how this is all really about control and not about Canadian's health. I realize, in advance, that some of you here will say this woman is a big fat liar. In case you're still thinking how great it is that our government is punishing unvaccinated people. Just remember that your support of governmental tyranny is killing actual people and people are losing their jobs over not being granted exemptions.
  5. I don't know if it's so much "petrified" of a vaccine. What I'm seeing from comments on many MSM articles is that people are starting to understand that the risks are far greater than they were led to believe. And the benefits - non-existent. Vaxxed are getting and spreading covid in record numbers and the numbers for vaxxed deaths and hospitalizations are soaring. Plus, none of the restrictions that were promised to be removed if 70%, then 80%, now 90% got the jabs are not appearing. It's also turning people off that people are losing their jobs over the jabs. Most people recognize that it is no longer a "choice". Many comments along the lines of, "They forced me to get the first 2 jabs, I'm not doing any more." Risking your life and health twice for the good of humanity and getting away with it, is one thing. Risking your life and health 8 to 10 times is another story, for many people. At some point in the boosters program, your luck is going to run out. Risking your children's life and health is turning more people off than the media is portraying. And they suspect, like with adults, jabs for children also won't end in one or two jabs. The discussion boards are chock full of people who felt forced, coerced and manipulated into getting jabbed and now suddenly having very poor health, like my sister - diseases that were in remission pop up ferociously within days after vaxxing and perfectly healthy people suddenly having extremely serious health issues that no doctors can identify (or they are afraid to identify, for fear of losing their licenses and reputations). There is a lot more going on out there than you know. And the defecation is going to hit the oscillating apparatus soon.
  6. Not addressing most of your points, we've already disagreed on them. But to your last comment above: Trudeau bought 300 million doses. You're getting boosters for many years to come, don't kid yourself. Tam already has said that by December, she expects the definition of "fully vaccinated" to change from 2 doses to 3. Based on Trudeau's large purchase of vaccines, that will change from 3 to 4, then 4 to 5, then 6 to 7. Canada has purchased enough doses to vaccinate everyone, including the moose, 10 times.
  7. No. Because you deny vaccine injuries and you do blindly follow. I research before I blindly follow. Many reputable scientists and virologists are sounding the alarm on vaccine injuries and deaths. They are being silenced. I want to know why. You don't care. Dialamah outright rejected a well-published scientist because of his religion. I spent 2 years running a medical clinic and spending my lunch hours reading medical journals and that doctor had over 600 peer-reviewed articles and was well-respected in the medical community until he disagreed with mass vaccinating. I want to know why he (and others) is suddenly a pariah. Same with Dr. Byram Bridle. He was well-respected enough that the Canadian government asked him to look into the vaccines before they came out. When he raised concerns, now suddenly he's a crackpot. This is happening way to often to be ignored. Could it be because Canada is profiting from the lipid nanoparticle technology being used all over the world and Trudeau is pushing the vaccines so hard - to the point that we are almost a laughing stock to other countries - because he also makes a profit? Could it be because Big Pharma is going to make billions, at a time when they had pretty much lost the trust of the public due to 2-3 billion dollar lawsuits against them? These are the questions I have. People who have injuries and deaths are all liars to you because it's not being reported in MSM. They are being ignored. They have repeatedly asked the CDC and FDA to look into their cases and almost to a person, have related that they have never once been contacted by either one of those entities. I want to know why. Right now, I am utterly shocked at how many deaths and heart attacks there have been in the sporting world. Many are trying to sound the alarm but again - it's being ignored. I want to know why. And it is breaking my heart the number of young people from 13-about 35 who have died of heart attacks. I want to know why the media is trying to make heart attacks in teenagers seem like it's normal and has been happening all along. It hasn't. I want to know they are lying. I want to know why this is being swept under the carpet. I want to know why other flus - such as H1N1, had similar mortality rates and yet the world was not shut down at that time. ( Actually, they tried to do what they are doing now, but it was rejected by the public and media.) I don't think Bill Gates is trying to microchip everybody, but his record of forcing vaccines in other countries (especially African countries) is extremely poor. The vaccines he pushed killed thousands of young people and he was actually booted out of one country because of the deaths and is not welcome in many others. Yet we are blindly following him now. I want to know why. I support vaccines. I support this vaccine - within reason. I also support our already established human rights, including the right to medical bodily autonomy. I also support fully informed consent on such autonomy and my research is telling me that we are not being fully informed, when dissenting information from reputable scientists and virologists is being quashed - swiftly and harshly. I strongly disagree also with the demonization of unvaxxed people that is going on through the media. Maybe part of that is because I'm in that group - the ones who want answers to questions, the ones who feel safer "waiting and seeing" what will happen with an experimental, unapproved vaccine that was rushed into production by pharmaceutical companies that have a very poor track record of putting corporate interests above public health and who demanded immunity from any deaths and injuries resulting from this shot. The narrative keeps changing, too, which does not inspire my trust. We went from "2 weeks to flatten the curve" to now 2 years and losing our basic freedoms and rights. We went from 1 shot to 2 shots to now an endless stream of "boosters" with zero long-term prognosis available. Now the numbers in country after country are getting scary - vaccinated people are not safe from covid, as promised. And they are now dying in large numbers from heart conditions, multi-organ inflammations, and neurological disorders. Previously normal, healthy people. These are just some of my concerns and I don't believe any of them are outlandish or stupidly thought out. If you prefer to blindly follow and question nothing, that's you. Not me.
  8. This is partially true. My only point, because of the article on totalitarianism and the totalitarian pathway countries are going down right now, is that people like you who obey without questioning anything, are dangerous during such times as this. Fortunately, the article shows you are in the minority - only 30% blindly obey. 30% are natural questioners. 40% are not sure, they want to question, they have doubts about the logicalness of things, they are open to and want to hear both sides of issues, but they are also easily cowed when governments restrict access to information and demonize and punish any who question or don't obey. They also are the ones who will eventually stand up and say "Enough!" But hopefully, not too late.
  9. For sure, you would, too, Boges. All it would take for you to comply with killing pets is: An article from Global quoting some "scientist" saying that infections are coming from pets. An order from the government to kill pets in light of said "scientist" views You wouldn't even question it. AND......if the "scientist" said infections were only coming from pets owned by unvaxxed people....absolutely, you would be All. Over. That.
  10. Who is more terrified? You - who believes that anyone who chooses not to be part of an experimental shot (which has proven to NOT work) should not be allowed out in society, lose their jobs, lose their healthcare, etc..... You believe that no one should debate the science, we should all just blindly obey Big Pharma and STFU about it. You're fine with small businesses being shut down and/or fined, so you can continue shopping at WalMart. 🙄 Your thinking and beliefs are 100% FOR totalitarian rule and governmental overreach. You're ripe for the picking - blind obedience and you're into persecuting anyone who thinks differently than you or even IS different than you, given your admission that you shun fat people. Not sure what your beef is with fat people, but you did say they should rightfully be shunned by society. Why wouldn't I believe you will continue to allow yourself to be led further and further down immoral paths? You're already half-way there and hell-bent on on it. Baa Baa.
  11. Ya, I know. I'm not laughing. Like I said - People like you scare me more than covid.
  12. Pleasee. You know you'd do it. Willingly and gleefully. If they told you it had to be done to fight covid infections, you'd obey. Of course you would.
  13. Yup. You would think it was funny. What a shocker. 🙄
  14. You know what scares me more than covid? You know what's more dangerous to society than covid? People like you. People who don't question. People who blindly obey. In China they're killing pets. You'd do that too. You know it. I know it. If the government says to kill your neighbour's pets, you'd be first in line with a baseball bat. Because they'd show you a study from a "scientist" explaining how it's "for the greater good."
  15. I'm okay. You just keep only reading what the government tells you is allowed. Don't question anything. Children not being allowed to talk to each other at school or say Trick or Treat - sounds great to you, right? At the very least - Don't. Ever. Question it. "For the greater good!" Check for covid everywhere. Oooo, look! It might be under your bed. Make sure you check all your closets. Ack! Maybe it's behind that bookcase! Tremble with fear. The government wants you to. Baa Baa
  16. I am proud to be part of the majority that rejects totalitarianism. You're the one who supports and defends it. Loser. The government tells you not to open certain links and you do it. Baa Baa
  17. I do support the logical and reasonable ones. Like vaccines for those in the high risk categories. Masking in nursing homes, probably a good idea. I've actually said that over and over. I'm not sure why you continue to lie blatantly about it? You subscribe to the "keep slinging the same muddy lies repeatedly and eventually something will stick" way of doing things but I'm not letting you get away with lying about what I've said anymore.
  18. You're definitely the 30% mentioned in the article. The minority. Haha
  19. I've said this over and over: I DID NOT SAY THIS. BC's Chief Medical Health Officer said it. You should let her know that she is wrong. Be sure to mention your medical qualifications, too, so she knows you're more knowledgeable than she is.
  20. I posted the article on "How Would You Know?" Maybe have a look at it. It explains my beliefs. You certainly don't.
  21. Not hard to figure out who amongst this discussion board would be first in line to beat everyone's pets to death "for the greater good."
  22. This is a good read for those of you here who keep arguing that governmental overreach cannot be happening because the government and mainstream media would tell us if it were. 🙄 How Would You Know? - by Raelle Kaia - Raelle Kaia - Open Heart, Open Mind (substack.com)
  23. You truly are intellectually lazy. The first link is from your favourite - Global. 🤣 Vancouver-based biotech company central in development of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine | Globalnews.ca Acuitas Therapeutics lipid nanoparticles used in Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (yahoo.com) Lipid Nanoparticles - Acuitas (acuitastx.com) I already posted the video of David Martin who is investigating Trudeau's involvement with Acuitas, but rumor is that he is a major shareholder and thus in huge conflict of interest. Before the rest of the world even thought about a covid vaccine, Trudeau, in an interview, said "Our only way out of this is with a vaccine." He knew ahead of time. People suspect it was because he is a major shareholder in Acuitas who developed the lipid nanoparticles (around 2016-2018, right before the pandemic) in the hopes that a coronavirus would sweep the world.
  24. Pathogens become drug resistant when you only partially kill them off. It's virology 101- proven science - and this is what many virologists said would happen with these "leaky" shots. When you are vaccinated with a "leaky" vaccine, you can still get and transmit the virus. It's what drove the variants. It's why these are not true "vaccines" like polio and smallpox were. Virology 101 - again, proven science - is that you never, ever, ever mass vaccinate DURING a pandemic. You vaccinate the vulnerable only. Your immune system temporarily is compromised for up to 2 weeks post-vaccination. The world's health authorities know this - this is why you are not counted as "fully vaxxed" until AFTER that 2 week period. Unfortunately, they ignored the rest of the equation - mass vaccinating populations temporarily compromises immune systems, so now you have millions of people running around spreading the virus and not able to fight it properly with their own immune systems. Don't even get me started on ADE - antibody dependent enhancement. Another thing that is happening that all the true scientists and virologists warned would happen, but were not listened to so Big Harma could make their $$billions$$, at the cost of human lives. This entire thing has NOT followed the science at all. And they know it.
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