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Canada intends to service Russian pipeline turbines circumventing the sanctions

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the people freaking out about this are obviously idiot Millennials

they were not in the Cold War, they don't understand the nature of these confrontations

the Russians are not our "enemy" until they cross the NATO Article V line

until then, the Russians are simply our "adversary"

that doesn't mean you can't do any business with them

in the Cold War we had Detente with them

we even bought their grain so they could have US Dollars

whatever, our mission here is to defeat them on a long view, without having to fight World War Three

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The country is a sad and inept imitation of democracy. Even before it could be suspected but in these couple of years obvious, right in your face (if eyes are in it, obviously). No hear no tell. No, no one promised that the happy ride would go on forever.

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1 hour ago, myata said:

OK here's a fine example. You read it and you eyes are wetting involuntarily drip-drip. Poor poor Germany children.. such a sad story surely someone will jump to the rescue anyone? please! can we let them freeze (and jobs too by the way; and dinners naturally). Until that is, the reality strikes (that's maybe and no, not guaranteed and not by far). Wait, isn't Germany like the greatest industrial nation or very near? Isn't it a German company? So where's the meaning here, does it make any meaning and sense to anyone who's still sane here? But then, do we still need it, reason and common sense? Aren't they the thing of the past before Covid?

It is what it is man. A huge cluster-fuck.

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my ancestor came here  before there was a Canada

British North America, which includes the Republic of the United States of America, is my ancestral homeland

maybe it's easier when you are a dual citizen

easier to see that George Washington is the father of both nations

when he attacked Nouvelle France at Jumonville Glen on 28 May 1754

to incite the Seven Years War, which founded both the British Empire & the American War of Independence

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35 minutes ago, Nationalist said:

It is what it is man. A huge cluster-fuck.

never too high, never too low

happy warriors, relaxed in the saddle

life is sweet in the grand scheme of things

everyday is a gift

and all these scumbag Communist traitor Millennials are going to blow themselves up in the end

let's have a cold beer on the deck in the sunshine to celebrate

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 let's say you really are a Canadian "nationalist"

what nation is that ?

surely it is not the federal government bureaucracy

it has to be more than that

how are you a based Canadian nationalist ?

where is that metaphysical transcendent idea of a Canada that you would love ?

it can't be in Ottawa


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1 hour ago, Nefarious Banana said:

Has it been shipped yet?

One has been repaired as I understand and allowed to be returned to Russia, circumventing the sanctions. Trudeau has allowed five more to be serviced in Canada over two years. A host of questions, not a single straight answer (as seems to be the new norm in the country). Stinks.

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7 hours ago, myata said:

One has been repaired as I understand and allowed to be returned to Russia, circumventing the sanctions. Trudeau has allowed five more to be serviced in Canada over two years. A host of questions, not a single straight answer (as seems to be the new norm in the country). Stinks.

doesn't bother me

my Canada is not contingent on our national security obligations

we only fight other people's wars, never our own

yet Ukraine is not really our problem

we are a Scots German Empire to find a Northwest Passage

we have no national interests in Ukraine

we simply render unto American Caesar

it's not our war, we are simply keeping Washington at bay

the Democrat Party is obsessed with Russia

so throw them a bone to keep them placated

Canadian interests are much closer to home

a productive job, a good wife, a fully detached home

whatever it takes to make that happen

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and like I say

CANSOFCOM is on the ground

we are providing them with JTF2 & CSOR Operators

exponential force multiplier

if the Ukrainians think they can get better than that ?

just let us know, and we can pull our Operators out of there

the Ukrainians are begging us for help

they should not in anyway think that they are in a position to criticize us for not doing our share

we could do nothing at all, if they would prefer that

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Today's brutal attack by Russia on a peaceful city "like tears from the star" on pathetic and deplorable moral equilibristics of appeasing the aggressor. Why would we need movies and songs when can see it with and before own eyes? Already not that far is the centennial of the infamous "I brought you peace". If we could learn we would have, by now. No, can't avoid the conclusion.

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here's what I find amusing tho

g Millennials are only interested in Ukraine because they were told to be by the corporate media

and  Millennials are only loyal to Trudeau, because they were told to be by the corporate media

so when Zelensky starts attacking Trudeau

Millennial mommy & daddy are fighting

Millennials don't know which way to go now

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There are things like the principles, own the word, justice. A tall order I know. Where's that beer?

P.S. Maybe Ukraine should think seriously about setting a new alliance with those like them, those who know how to, and will fight if and when needed. Will Germany, Hungary, Canada you said it? Not like in Afghanistan with overwhelming force but when hundreds of tanks draw on you and you have to hold the line, day after day, for months? Like who knows that? That's a big many thousand dollar question to which I don't know the answer. It's not clear anymore who will stand by and who, look for any excuse to squirt away. And that could be our legacy to the brave new world, to think of it. No nothing will be the same as good old again. Today we have Hitler of our days sitting on the world's security council. We have Germany and Canada racing with their elbows when Hitler 2.0 moves his brows. Don't even dream that it'll be the same again.

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we are upholding our principles

the United Kingdom United States Security Agreement is to defend the Anglo-American Hegemony

we will do what we can for Ukraine

but we are not bound to fight a war of annihilation for Ukraine

our options are open, we do what is in our interests

if at any point it is in our interests to make a deal with the adversary, we will do so

as I say, the Soviet subjugation of Hungary then Czechoslovakia was not a deal breaker

we still signed multiple agreements with the Soviets in the wake of that

again, Mr. Ivan is only our adversary at this point

he only becomes our enemy if he crosses the NATO Article V line

he's not likely to do that, he can barely handle chewing what he has bitten off in Ukraine, never mind escalation

certainly Ukraine is bearing the brunt for us

but we are doing them exponential favours in return

$70 billion worth of state of the art American military hardware

that's half way to what America  provided in the Lend Lease Act in the Second World War

when we were saving Ukraine from the Nazis at the time

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again, our problem is not Ukraine nor even Russia

our problem is the Millennial generation

the worst generation in human history

that is who the Russians are after

the lunatic Woke Millennial effeminate soy boys of the West

without this useless af dead weight, there would be no reason for Russia to go to war

the  Millennials are bringing the entire civilization down

if we were completely logical,  we would make war on the Millennials

if we don't zap the Millennials, they will drag us all down into a dark age

all of this is just Millennials huffing on their state corporate media brainwashing

if you put a stop to that, everything would calm right down

Logan's Run was truth, time to send the Millennials to Carousel

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Here's a fair in my view question: do we still know who we are? What our principles and what we will stand for, for real and really not empty words here I wrote it please fill as appropriate: We stand with ...!!!

It doesn't seem like I know it thought I had an idea but that could have been a self-imposed illusion, a beavertale. Do you?

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OK after all maybe there's an explanation. As in the method, the simplest one and fitting all facts. Please tell me it's all wrong, that some deep and ingenious plan is at play. See, getting an exception, in other words, getting around declared principles in a normal democracy is difficult. They are published, widely known and approved by commissions. Many, many hours went into agreeing the formulas. What, an exception? Why, how? And tens of questions flying instantly. And across the first pages and top stories. And pesky representatives (yes, the real not decorative ones) asking questions. And coalitions falling and so on and forth.

In one magical country though, still a first level democracy anyhow nothing like that is expected or needed. Justin can do it with a single strike of his pen, in that magical country. Here, want a revocable one or irrevocable? At your service! And no questions asked. And no strait answers given no matter the number of circus periods.

Yes I think this is why. If in doubt just ship it to Canada a world famous expert on compromise. Such an enviable position.

Just make no mistake - it's not only the minutes of a pathetic, miserable show ticking out. Not only Putins of this world, laughing. It is also our credibility and self-respect trickling out, drip-drop one stinky deal at a time. What do we stand for? What the world makes of us? What about the brave new world in the making as we speak and tweak? Do we know? Do we even care? Let's see.

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You've had a clear and succinct statement straight from the PMs mouth.

Yes we want to sanction Russia, but we aren't going to screw our allies. Germany needs the turbines to stockpile gas NOW so they can transition to other energy, which they can't do TOMORROW MORNING.

Same answer I giver my Greenie nephew. We can't turn off our furnaces and park our cars tomorrow morning, we need to transition so we don't crash the whole damn country.

Are you all so stuck on only black or white you'd fuck over Germany thinking you'd prove something?

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well it's definitely backfiring on Trudeau

Ukrainian Canadians are going to protest in Ottawa

you don't want to lose the Ukrainian vote in Canada

with the domestic economic crisis growing by the day

the Liberals & NDP are going to get wiped out in the next election

just like they have been in Ontario

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