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First a trickle....Now a flood

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9 minutes ago, WestCanMan said:

If I believed all of their bullshit I would have vaxed my son too, but unlike the majority of Canadians, I don't just gobble up everything that I see on CTV. 

Good people do their own due diligence before believing in something that will hurt other people.  Otherwise you're just a lazy person HOPING that the people you blindly trust, are good people which in turn, will make you a good person.


Engineer A says a bridge is safe, but Engineer B says the bridge is not safe.

Lazy people will believe Engineer A because he has the same political views or wears fancy socks.  That is stupid.

Smart people will find out why Engineer B  has a problem with the bridge before they decide to drive their family across it or send a school bus full of kids across or force everyone else to use the bridge.

This seems common sense to me, given the seriousness of injecting yourself or your children with an experimental, mostly untested medication.

I think your son will be thanking you one day - for keeping him safe during all this craziness and staying level-headed during all the emotional, fear-packed propaganda.


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I do, however, understand why the majority of people are blindly trusting right now.

All of our institutions have presented the public with this scenario:



2 + 2 = ?

Choose an answer:

A.  3

B.  5

C. 47


The real answer has not even been presented to them.  And anyone who asks "Isn't the answer......4?"  is told that 4 doesn't exist.

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This is an opinion piece, but worth a read in light of U of TO requiring students to be vaccinated in order to live on campus.

Interesting information about countries who did NOT shut down schools, or only did so briefly.

The Case Against Covid Tests for the Young and Healthy - WSJ (archive.org)

I believe throughout this covid fiasco, the faulty PCR tests inflated the actual cases in order to justify illegal mandates.

Young people are at extremely low risk and "asymptomatic" spread has already been proved to be false and was just an unscientific scare tactic to make us fearful of each other.


As for higher education, most students who are infected will be asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. If students experience symptoms, a reasonable response might be to confine them to their rooms. An unreasonable response would be to send them home to infect their parents and neighbors, who are at much higher risk than their college friends. Again, testing asymptomatic students would only create panic and pressure universities to close, with concomitant educational, economic and psychological harms.

Public Health leaders MUST start addressing the collateral damage being done to our youth and young adults by these damaging policies.

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The headline on this news story is, “Insurance companies see a 40% increase in deaths”.  It’s sourced from the US military.

“…Heart attacks, blood clots to the lung, miscarriages and those sorts of things.  And they compared it to the incidence of those same things in the calendar year 2021 and saw an alarming increase in certain things.

For example, they saw a 270% increase in myocardial infarction in 2021.  A 300% increase in incidents of bels palsy.  A 470% increase in pulmonary embolisms, blood clots to the lung…”

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Severe COVID-19 ‘Rare’ In Unvaccinated People, Survey Reveals (medicaldaily.com)

Not a study but a survey - analysis from the Control Group study, of which I am a part of.  Important to note that there are both vaccinated and unvaccinated in the Control group study.

Over 18,000 people responded to this survey, but there are 300,000 in the Control Group study.



A survey has found that people who did not get the vaccine had a lower rate of suffering severe COVID-19 amid the pandemic. 

The survey uploaded to the preprint server ResearchGate presented data from more than 18,500 respondents from the “Control Group” project with more than 300,000 overall participants. An analysis revealed that compared to those who got jabbed, unvaccinated people reported fewer hospitalizations. 

The international survey also found that the unvaccinated people from more than 175 countries were more likely to self-care to prevent and manage COVID-19 infection. They used natural products like vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and drugs, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. 




A number of female participants suffered menstrual and bleeding abnormalities, prompting the researchers who analyzed the data to surmise that the issues might have been caused by spike protein exposure and shedding, as per The Epoch Times.


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10 hours ago, sharkman said:

The headline on this news story is, “Insurance companies see a 40% increase in deaths”.  It’s sourced from the US military.

“…Heart attacks, blood clots to the lung, miscarriages and those sorts of things.  And they compared it to the incidence of those same things in the calendar year 2021 and saw an alarming increase in certain things.

For example, they saw a 270% increase in myocardial infarction in 2021.  A 300% increase in incidents of bels palsy.  A 470% increase in pulmonary embolisms, blood clots to the lung…”

Yes, insurance companies are starting to raise the alarm - they're going broke paying out insurance claims.

This article regarding one of Germany's largest insurance providers:  They estimate the number of severe adverse events is actually 1  in 500.  Post vaccine rollout, the number shot up over 3000%.

Germany's Largest Health Insurer Reveals 1 in 25 Clients Underwent Medical Treatment in 2021 for Covid 'Vaccine' Side Effects - RAIR (rairfoundation.com)


The cesspool of vaccine side effects in Germany is finally completely open. According to the Dutch news site, Blckbx, five months after a Wob request, it appears that 437,593 of the 11 million insured persons of the country’s largest Health Insurance fund, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), had to undergo medical treatment in 2021 for Covid vaccine side effects. That is 1 in 25 and an increase of 3000 percent.


Both former health insurance fund boss Andreas Schöfbeck, the National Association of Physicians of Statutory Health Insurance (KBV), and now also the Techniker Krankenkasse figures show that the actual number of severe side effects as a result of the experimental covid injections is many times higher than was first officially assumed.


Even the health ministry in Germany has admitted that 1:5000 injections lead to hospitalization, permanent disability, or death – a very serious revelation, but probably a very conservative estimate.


Further reading regarding Germany:

German Hospital Federation Demands Withdrawal of Vaccination Mandate After Massive Side Effects Revealed - RAIR (rairfoundation.com)

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Mask mandates vs. No mask mandates

Both lines are the 7 day moving average of cases per 100k people.

Orange line is for states with mask mandates.

Blue line is for states with no mandates.

Seeing any difference you’d want to waste your time on?  I sure don’t.  Curve separation is minimal and frankly....."no mandate" outperformed slightly.

This pretty much shows the “but it would have been worse!” crowd is out to lunch. Your rain dance didn't make the rains come. There’s just no difference to speak of and such difference as exists, leans against mask mandates.


Let's look at Australia's curves for mask mandates and lockdowns:


This lesson has been obvious since the very beginning, except to those who bought into the fearporn. Moo Moo to you. Lockdowns were an obvious, instant failure. Masks have been a total failure. Everywhere.  Curves from all over the world are showing that even vaccines and vaccine mandates have not helped - all highly vaccinated countries are experiencing higher numbers of cases, higher number of deaths.

Please. For the love of gawd and all that is holy. Stop listening to these guys:




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Interesting that your unsourced graphs and memes don’t match up to reality.   @Goddess - Can you show the actual sources with a link, rather than a picture of a graph from an unknown source?


A matched comparison of 569 US counties (across 46 states and Washington, DC) with and without a mask mandate from March to October 2020 demonstrated that case rates were reduced by 33% (95% CI; 26%-42%) six weeks after implementing a mask mandate with peak impacts at weeks three and four.8 Data aggregated across six weeks shows the average reduction in case incidence was 16% (95% CI; 8%-23%). The effect was strongest among urban counties and among Republican-leaning counties.
• An analysis of public health measures implemented globally between January and July 2020 demonstrated countries that mandated mask-wearing within two weeks of the first COVID-19 case had lower rates of total cases in later days (between 90-120 days) than those that did not. Among the six measures studied (mask mandate, mass gatherings, travel restriction, lockdown, school closure, restaurant closure), only mask mandates retained strong significance in the association with total case rates over time.18
• One study from the US demonstrated the differences in COVID-19 case growth between states with a mask mandate and a mask recommendation policy. Authors reported that between June and September 2020, high COVID-19 case rates were less frequent in states with a strict mask- wearing policy (i.e., required in all public places with consequence of fine/citation) when compared to states with a mask recommendation policy (i.e., required in all public places without consequence of fine/citation for non-compliance).11 Fourteen of the 15 states with no mask-wearing policy for the general public for the entire four month period (June to September 2020) reported a high COVID-19 rate.



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No, there are many peer reviewed studies and main stream news sources, like the YouTube video I linked above.  

Or keep your head in the sand, it’s totally up to you.  But the reality of vaccine related injuries and deaths will soon be unavoidable.

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16 hours ago, TreeBeard said:

Interesting that your unsourced graphs and memes don’t match up to reality.   @Goddess - Can you show the actual sources with a link, rather than a picture of a graph from an unknown source?



Source is listed on the chart - New York Times.  If you were truly interested, you could have done a quick google . as I did.

The New York Times Explains Why Mask Mandates Don’t Work - Foundation for Economic Education (fee.org)

12 hours ago, TreeBeard said:

Conspiracies don’t interest me. They’re boring.  I prefer real science.  Now that’s exciting stuff!

I have provided a whole thread of peer-reviewed studies and medical journal articles, including a link to over 1000 peer-reviewed papers.

You had a link to Public Health Ontario - which has repeatedly lied to the public about the vaccines and vaccination.

You have provided nothing of the sort of studies and papers that I have provided, nor have you posted an explanation of why multiple vaxxed people are contracting and spreading covid, why mutations occurred at rocket speed, or why vaxxed people all over the world are experiencing negative immunity to Omicron. a milder variant.

So forgive me when I don't take you seriously.

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Just now, TreeBeard said:

I don’t want a conspiracy theorist’s take on the article, but the actual article.  





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