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  1. It's a common military strategy to pretend that you're attacking one place and then attack another. By pointing their troops at Kyiv the Russians forced the Ukrainians to go all out in defence of their capital, making the south a much softer target. The Russians really care about Crimea and southern Ukraine. That's where all the fighting is. Bakhmut especially. When this war is over, one side or the other will be making a movie about that place.
  2. Latvia is no closer to Moscow at all dude. Look on a map ffs. You can check the driving distance in Km and hrs. It's also basically 1/10 the size of Ukraine. They have 1/10 the food. 1/10 the population. 1/10 as many roads going into Ukraine. And it's not just the Russian border, Belarus has a massive border with Ukraine. I can't change your mind after you spent 2 years watching hawks on CNN froth at the mouth, but anyone with half a brain can understand why Russia can't have NATO in Ukraine. It's utterly ridiculous to pretend that it's not a catastrophe for them, 24/7, for decades to come. I can't even believe you think that you can say things like that to other adults. You must be off your meds or something.
  3. You don't know why Russians are firing at those buildings any more than I do. They have every right to return fire on any building that's shooting at them. We already know that the Ukrainians are committing war crimes because the Azovs are actual Nazis who were caught committing war crimes. I've seen videos of Ukrainian troops using ambulances as troop transports. Zelenski told his citizens to fight back against Russia so I know that there are unarmed civilians actively engaging Russians. Do you think that you know Ukrainians aren't firing on Russian troops from those buildings? Of course not. Buddy, the fact that someone like you just said "everyone agrees" is all the proof I need to know it's bullshit. I'm fluent in leftard rhetoric now, ufortunately. Are you saying that Russians are shooting missiles at buildings hundreds of miles away from where their troops are fighting? I can't keep bouncing back and forth to that other post, ten pages back, so I don't really know what you're referring to so I'm just going to answer in general terms: 1) This isn't a situation where a murderous dictator is on the loose. Biden/Zelenski put Putin in a position where he had to attack so he attacked. Just because you're too stupid to understand that doesn't make it any less real. 2) You leftards need to get your stories straight. Out of one side of your id10t mouths you guys say things like: "There are 15,000 dead Russian troops, only 1,000 dead Ukrainian troops, and 1,000 Ukrainian civilians dead", then out of the other you call it a genocide. Your stories are actually mutually exclusive by any reckoning. I have no clue what type of BS numbers you guys are even talking about when you claim that Russia is doing something. If by "not hostile" you mean: "They wanna park a 20-nation army of friendlies by your border" then sure, they're not hostile, dumbass.
  4. Was it really? Maybe they just moved that way to draw the Ukrainian army north so that they could gain ground in the south more easily. They sure gave that ground up in a hurry, and they never sought to reclaim it...
  5. A lot of Russians have died now. Ditto for Ukrainians. The options that were on the table before this started aren't necessarily there anymore. I don't know what both sides can/will do, but I know that it will get a lot worse before it gets better if Ukraine doesn't cease and desist with NATO for the time being. Will Ukraine likely benefit from this? No.
  6. I never said anything about giving the territory back, you did. I just quoted you. Russia did need Ukraine to swear off NATO though if they wanted peace. Are you unaware of that?
  7. You said that Ukraine's threat to join NATO had nothing to do with Russia's invasion. Remember? Do you understand why Russia would need to keep all of that territory if Ukraine does join NATO? Do I have to f'ing spell this out for you? Should I write it with crayons? Draw you a picture?
  8. Ummmm... you do see the part about "if Ukraine agrees not to join NATO", right? You just wrote it. I thought you said that Russia's invasion had nothing to do with that? Why does it suddenly matter to them? Weird, hey? Dumbass.
  9. I love it when leftards try to base an entire argument on ad-hominem attacks and sandbox insults.
  10. It's a foreign name, I've seen it spelled with 2 y's at the end, one y, an i, an iy, I really don't care. Good luck with that.
  11. You said 50 zionists, then you said "you never called them zionists", there's the proof. Suck it down, princess.
  12. Then why was Russia's condition for ending the war "agree that you'll never join NATO"? Kinda weird, hey?
  13. And yet you still used the words wrong, so whatever. If it was a case of recency bias then they'd be assigning more weight to recent events, not older ones. Just learn that for future reference, I don't really care what you do. That's unfortunate, 30 would be better than 470, but it was still a Hamas rocket.
  14. The flow of mney to Ukraine doesn't even end when this war is over. Ukraine has to be rebuilt, and the folks who egged Zelenski on will be obliged to help him put his country back together. Will we even do that, or will someone else be their sugar daddy? China loves giving out megabucks with a sweet deal on the back end for themselves. Will Russia be their heroes? Do we have enough money left to give away to prevent Ukraine from drifting further eastwards in their line of thinking? This was a joke. An expensive, deadly joke.
  15. Russia annexed Crimea because Biden and Obama were talking about Ukraine joining NATO all the way back in 2009. Period. Part of the reason that Biden was even in Ukraine "helping them get rid of the corruption in their country" was so that they could eventually join NATO. The US was investing heavily in shoving NATO up Russia's ass when Obama was president. That's the world that we all live in, regardless of what you want to believe. I get that you personally dislike Putin. I get that he's a dictator. I get that Russia is, now more than ever before, an actual enemy of our country and of Canadians. But that doesn't alter the facts one bit. Russia didn't just do a land grab for no reason. CRIMEA AS A PART OF NATO DOES NOT WORK FOR RUSSIA. NATO IN EASTERN UKRAINE DOES NOT WORK FOR RUSSIA. RUSSIA HAD NO CHOICE BUT GO TO WAR TO PREVENT THAT. Yeah, I get that CNN wants you to believe that Ukraine was only invaded because Putin is a weally bad guy, but CNN doesn't own your f'ing brain. You do. WTF would you do if you were Russia (not Putin but RUSSIA) and NATO was going to be in Crimea, so you'd lose your Sevastopol naval base there which dominates the Black Sea... American subs and ships would be operating from there... You see the world through the eyes of a child. Obama/Biden's plan for NATO in Crimea and Ukraine is WAYYYYYY across Russia's red line. All that you're saying when you keep posting is that you don't have a f'ing clue why wars are fought, and what kind of consequences there are for sticking a military alliance in someone's face. I still have close friends who will die if end up at war with Russia. I don't treat this like a series of CNN/Putin talking points. It's real life, with real consequences and real wars. Stop thinking like a keyboard warrior and act like Canadian lives depend on us doing the right thing. "NOT ONE INCH EASTWARD" (Past Germany). I got out of the Navy just after that. I was getting out when the Berlin wall was coming down. I actually had plans to go there with some of my friends after we got out, but two of them chickened out and stayed in the navy. That was a great time. The cold war was ramping down, bigtime. FFWD to 2009, suddenly it's a shitshow again because of hawkish Demonrat policies. The Dems and everyone dumb enough to support this can go straight to hell. We poked the bear, buh-bye Crimea and the Donbas. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. "NOT ONE MORE F'ING DOLLAR FOR UKRAINE, learn to be better neighbours."
  16. You only see the world from the end of your own nose. If Canada tried to join a military alliance with America's enemies, we would be invaded and that's that. The ink wouldn't be dry before the concept of Canada was a distant memory. This is Biden/Zelenski's war. Ukraine lost territory. End of story.
  17. This is ALL about Ukraine's push to join NATO. If he didn't do that, there would have been no war. "Not one inch past Germany" turned into "NATO all up in Russia's grille". Obama/Biden issue was all about this from '09 to 2016 and then again from 2021-now. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Putin is a liar and a bully and a murderer and a lot of other things, but this war isn't about those things, it's about NATO aggression. I was in NATO myself. I was in the Canadian navy for 3 years. I was trained to kill Russians. But we were never told that we'd be the a-holes.
  18. During the last intifada the Israelis lost a lot of very expensive tanks and a lot of crewmen were killed by cheap rockets because they didn't soften Gaza enough before they went in. This doesn't have to be a really dangerous proposition for the Israelis. Enough of them were burned to death on Oct 7th.
  19. Holy insipid vitriol Batman, you're spazzing so hard that you can't even speak properly. If you're not angry and stupid enough to get yourself into trouble with a firearm one day, no one is.
  20. Did you google "Sharia law in Ontario" yet? 🤣 I'd be hanging my head in shame every day if I was as dumb as you.
  21. That's right, especially when they're on certain drugs, as was the case with both Floyd and Timpa. It's absolutely not a capitol offence, but in all of those situations the police were put into positions where they had to use force, and when these scenarios play out hundreds of thousands of times, all across the US, day after day, of course it results in some deaths. If you live long enough to go from your house to the nearest Starbucks 5 million times you'll probably die. If you comply with the lawful orders of cops 5 million times you won't die. But you can feel free to punch cops if you want.
  22. OMG. You didn't even do a 1-second Google search to see if what I said was true before you came here to prove how stupid you are 🤣 FYI if you had an IQ over 50 then you definitely would have found something to take umbrage to in my post, but that wasn't it. Clearly it was way over your head or you'd have rejoiced in talking about it. Ask all of your leftard friends to sift through it. When anyone with half a brain sees it, their eyes will bug out, and you can come back here to get your righteous wrath fix. This is where you say: "Thanks for the heads-up! I can't believe I get to be right for once!"
  23. Zelenski's people are dying by the thousands in a war that never needed to happen. How much is Zelenski profiting from it? We can't say for certain that he is profiting financially, but if he valued the lives of his people then he wouldn't have made a big show of signing a document saying that Ukraine was officially requesting to join NATO. With the stroke of that pen he could have ended the war and it would have cost him nothing, instead he used that pen to sentence thousands more of his people to die. In the end, what did he gain? Does he look like a big man? Is Russia capitulating? That f'ing little weasel was just a puppet of the dems, and everything they touch turns to crap.
  24. Watch this, you disgraceful piece of crap. It's a video that was leaked several months after Tony Timpa's death. You can watch these cops joking around as Timpa is laying on the ground, dead as a doornail. It took them 15 minutes to kill him. Then they lied about where and how he died that whole time and none of them are in jail, they're still cops. Was it racism? It had to be, he died the same way, right? There are two noticeable things about Floyd's death: The cop was white and Floyd was black Floyd said that he couldn't breathe when he was alone in the cop car and again when he was on the ground with Chauvin kneeling on him. Leftards and racist hate mongers alike contend that #1 is all the proof that they need to make the claim that this was because of racism. Sorry dude, but #1 is literally no proof of a single thing at all. It's just random. Any reasonable person would assume that there's correlation between 2.A Floyd saying "I can't breathe" when no one's touching him, and 2.B police officers not believing him when he says the exact same thing when he's laying on the ground. You're a total id10t or a liar if you say that you can't understand how that influences this case. It's not "an excuse", it's common sense.
  25. You're vile dude. No one intentionally killed anyone. Floyd is a big guy who was resisting arrest, and the cops couldn't get him in the back of their SUV so they just held him on the ground til he was calm for a while. It's true that he was saying that he couldn't breathe, but he said that for the first time when he was in the car and no one was touching him, so officers didn't believe him. This is just like most plane crashes and other extremely unfortunate events, where a confluence of unlucky and unfortunate issues conspired to turn a difficult arrest into a death. I.e., it wasn't ONE thing, "Chauvin's knee", it was the drugs Floyd took, the fact that officers didn't believe that Floyd couldn't breathe, his resisting arrest, his own size which gave him the ability to resist to the extent that they couldn't get him into the car, and again his own weight contributed to making it difficult to breathe when he was on the ground. The common theme in all of these deaths that caused riots in the US: resisting arrest. Brionna's BF shot a cop, Floyd resisted, Brown wrestled a cop, Rayshard punched a cop and tried to shoot him in the face with a taser, etc. All of those guys would have been completely unharmed if they didn't resist arrest.
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