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  1. So, 86% of covid deaths in Canada were among the multi-vaxed over the last reporting period, Aug 21 to Sept 25, and now the gov't seems to have stopped reporting on the topic. We no longer have any insight at all into the vaccine's failures. Its a brick wall.
  2. None of the things I said were assumptions at all. Hillary actually did cheat on the presidential debate, the Dem Primary, and colluded with Russia. The Dems were actually busted for curtailing Americans' free speech. Your massive ignorance doesn't change the facts one bit.
  3. 1) I never said he was. But Kushner was out of office when his firm started managing that money, and Hunter's dad was still VP when his firm started doing billion of dollars of business with the gov't of China. 2) Kushner wasn't handed billions. His firm manages billions of dollars of Saudi money that is invested with his company. The fee his co gets is $25M/yr. 3) Dude, Hunter's investment of $440K got him a 10% stake in a company that the gov't of China spends billions of dollars in. The company literally exists so that the gov't of China can give Hunter money. 4) If they both end up in jail I'm fine with it, but they won't.
  4. I never said that the election was flipped based on the fraud that we know about, but we know that the Dems committed extremely serious frauds against the American people. That's enough to establish their level of integrity.
  5. I'll grant you that Kushner's sweetheart deal with the Saudis draws reasonable comparisons to Hunter's deals with the Chinese gov't, but at least we know that Kushner wasn't selling out the US or Israel to get that deal. Kushner was as ardent a supporter of Israel as there ever was in America. He even managed to get the Abraham Accords signed, there are now 4 Arab nations who have diplomatic relations with Israel. Notable differences - 1 Hunter's deals with China happened while his dad was VP, Kushner was out of office when that deal happened. 2 No one thinks that CrakHead Hunter and his pals would have received that kind of investment from anyone if access to his father's info & influence wasn't part of the deal. Kushner has at least proven himself to be an extremely capable person. 3 Saudi Arabia isn't as adversarial towards the US as China is.
  6. Hi whoshere, The worst thing that "the authorities" do, in my opinion, is turn a blind eye extreme violence against members of the gay community (at least that's what we are led to believe here, but who knows how true it is. I don't trust our media any more than I trust Putin). The laws against "advertising/promoting homosexuality in the media, movies, social media, or in businesses where children can see it" are probably nebulous for a reason. It's hard to specifically list what's allowed, or not allowed, in terms of behaviour, because it leaves room for people to find loopholes and get away this and that.
  7. Outside the norms of acceptable behaviour. https://www.macleans.ca/society/the-naked-truth-about-pride/ There's a lot of nudity at the parade, people making out, bending over and grinding on each other, etc. I don't even go to clubs where people do that indoors, I definitely don't want my kids seeing it on the street. Gay, straight, it makes no difference. I don't think it's ok at all.
  8. You're denying that Hillary got caught cheating 3x? You're denying that the laptop was real, and that the FBI and Dems shut it down on Twitter, and got NYPost booted from Twitter? Grow up CrakHoBarbie, you're denial issues are getting old.
  9. Kinda ripe that leftists started off this topic shrieking that the travel ban was racist and useless, now the criticism has switched to "It wasn't extensive enough." Trump did what he could, and he took action over and above what the WHO was recommending. At the same time, Trudeau was doing nothing but giving away our PPE. You'll never acknowledge any of that though, so talking to you is pointless.
  10. Pride parades here are beyond the pale. We don't accept the dress, morality and lewd behaviour of straight people at public parades, I don't know why we do it with gay parades. Putin is repulsive in many ways, by our standards, but his war against Ukraine isn't one of them. You're just being hypocritical about that. Re: the homosexuality aspect, if you go to Africa, Asia, the ME, and South America you'll find that the majority of people feel the same way as Putin. You'd even find that in NA 40 years ago. Putin's feelings towards homosexuality are not unique by any stretch of the imagination. NA and Europe are kind of alone in terms of our acceptance of homosexuality.
  11. I already referenced frauds that are known to have happened. The fact that all of the resident leftard skids here are happy about the fact that the Dems were only proven to be guilty of 30% of the fraud that they were accused of is not something to be proud of, FYI.
  12. Just ignore this thread and let it drift into obscurity. It's a bunch of leftard dimwits drumming up hatred with shallow lies.
  13. How much fraud do you need? What is your acceptable level of fraud, CrakHoBarbie?
  14. It's an actual fact that Hillary and CNN cheated on the debates. It's an actual fact that Hillary and the Dems cheated Bernie in the Primary. It's an actual fact that Hillary colluded with Russians to get disinformation for the 2016 election, and that she fraudulently started an investigation into Trump with it. It's an actual fact that the Dems used the FBI and Twitter to suppress free speech to influence the 2020 election. That's not good.
  15. The Dems and Trudeau were "stupider", you're in that group as well. That's mature. It was so stupid it look like a joke, yet it was the smartest thing you said. Kudos.
  16. The Dems had their lapdogs at the FBI and CIA calling the Hunter laptop disinformation, when that was known to be a lie - the FBI had the laptop in their possession for 11 months at that time. The FBI's lying helped get the NYPost banned from Twitter, and prevented Americans from getting factual information which was extremely relevant to Joe Biden's election campaign. The Dems clearly used the FBI and Twitter to block free speech in order to influence the election.
  17. What's clear is that Trump is correct, and that Dem election cheating is at a level where recent elections were entirely compromised to the point where they should be invalid. No one's going back now, it's way too expensive and does more harm than good, but he has a point. The Dems get caught cheating so much it's normal now.
  18. Never change CrakHoBarbie. I know what he said, so does WashPo. We understand the difference between "allows for" and "we should". WashPo chose to lie, as they frequently do, and you're a stooge for that type of thing.
  19. Your base assumptions have no place in factual dialogue.
  20. 1) There's a difference between "citizens" who want to fly back to the US and "people" who want to fly to the US. For citizens it's a right, for others it's a privilege. 2) 9/11 was on quite a different magnitude than the beginning of covid. The Dems wanted everyone in the world to fly into the US and hug people in big crowds in early 2020. It was just Trump and the GOP who felt like it was important to keep covid at bay to whatever extent possible. It was like social distancing on a national level. 3) That was your best answer, and it was a joke. Go figger.
  21. What's your problem? Do you think it's worth getting snotty about the fact that I didn't post that exact same graph when I was quoting that sad stat? Or that I used a number that in my head that was maybe off by a few %? What we're talking about here is your ridiculous quote: FYI your quote doesn't get any less idjtotic regardless of whether there were 20,000 Fentanyl deaths in 2016 or 40,000. I don't know the number, I didn't bother to track it specifically, I just know it's in the tens of thousands.
  22. He wasn't even talking about the 2020 election specifically, he was talking about the use of Twitter as a political tool for the Dems, which was well known to be a fact before Elon released a singe tweet or email. I think you know very well that "allows for" and "we should" are not even close to being the same thing at all. One is a comment on the current state of affairs, the other is an expression of approval for a certain course of action. Trump was correct, but WashPo knows exactly how far they can bend the truth without alienating their stooges.
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