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  1. I gtg watch the Vcr Canaidans game, cheers D93. It's been educational, sir.
  2. Maybe Xi is worried, but I think that the power behind the throne might be getting stronger. The Chinese citizens aren't much of a risk to revolt imo.
  3. I don't know how much of a risk it is in a country where the gov't has 3 billion guns and the civilians have 7. If it's not Xi running the country it could be someone worse. I don't think that they're in danger of becoming a democracy any time soon. The covid crackdowns are ensuring that.
  4. Some say that the Chinese aren't fighting covid with all of their restrictions, they're fighting freedom and other poisonous American ideals. They're cracking down on a mindset. Cowing people. Subjugating them. I laughed when terrorists attacked a subway station in China, killing ten people, because I just knew how much of a mistake it was to fuck with China like that. It's like biting a hornet's nest to kill ten of them. Just, plain, stupid. I'm not laughing now. The Chinese gov't was willing to kill millions of their own people in the '40s-late '50s. They would not be kind masters.
  5. But you don't have to turn an entire country into glass to win a war. If you weaken them enough, and they can't prove that you did it, and they lack the ability to counterstrike in kind, you can just wait for them to collapse. China doesn't play a ten-minute game, or a 3-month game, they play a 100-yr game. Covid was a brilliant strike in a 100-yr game.
  6. Look what covid did to the US: it economically crippled them. Turned them (& us) into a bunch of puling whelps who ran to a pseudovax for protection, and then turned on each other like dogs. There's still a distinct possibility that covid was a bioweapon, although that's a wildly unpopular consideration. Still, it came from a Chinese lab and seems like it appears tailor-made to kill Americans.
  7. I don't expect Russians to 'spare' Canada. I just don't expect Russians to 'attack' Canada if they're unprovoked. I appreciate America's defence. If they were as weak as we are then a country like Iran could come here and take over, and that's worse than Russia. I'm just not gonna pretend that the CMC was "awesome and justified" but Russia "has to accept NATO on their doorstep". Never will.
  8. Bioweapons don't destroy infrastructure, just people. You could win a war with bioweapons and not have that much of a rebuild to do on your newly acquired land if enough of that population survives to bury the bodies. That's why it's such a huge deal that the US is researching cures/preventive measures for bioweapons - bioweapons are not all that usable if they're a threat to yourself. Ebola's 'downfall' as a bioweapon isn't it's lethality, it's the fact that it's not transmissible until you're visibly affected by it. If there's an ebola outbreak you can avoid it by staying away from violently ill people. Not so with covid. Theoretically you can spread covid when you're not sick enough to know that you have it. That's a "great" bioweapon. Consequently, it came from a biological research facility in China, and it kills fat people with co-morbidities. It's almost like a bull's eye on Americans.
  9. I don't hate the US at all. I'm just not a total hypocrite like some here. I understand why the US didn't allow the Russians to keep nukes in Cuba. I never said it was wrong at all to blockade Cuba, I'm just saying that you have to hate the CMC if you hate that Russia is standing up for themselves. I understand why the US had nukes in Turkey - they were trying to have an advantage. I understand why the US and Russia agreed to move their missiles out of Turkey and Cuba. I understand why the US does bioweapons research, they'd be dumb AF if they weren't because Russia, Iran, NoKo and China certainly are. I understand why the US wants to put NATO in Ukraine, they want NATO's influence and power to grow. But if you want to say that Russia was wrong to attack Ukraine, then you have to say that the US was wrong to do all of the above. Get it? Wrong doesn't change as a matter of convenience. If you think it does then you're a hypocrite by definition. Russia CAN NOT ACCEPT a NATO border that's 3,000 kilometres long just a few hundred km from Moscow. Their backs ARE against a wall. I know that you don't understand it because it's not happening to you. I get it. I'm not a dunce. And unlike you, I'm able to empathize with people whom I don't agree with. You're freaking out daily about the number of guns in the US but if you put it into perspective, 20 kids die every 5 years or so. I get it, that's bad, and school-kids aren't as safe as you'd like them to be. Good for you. They're not and that sucks. Yet you think that the Russians should let all of the children within 200 miles of Ukraine should grow up with NATO troops right at their border. FYI that's not safe either. The Russians would be stupid to just accept that. They're not. Good for them. The word justified is almost always synonymous with 'evil' - I hate it with a passion and I try not to use it. The war in Ukraine is "mutual". The war in Ukraine was not inevitable from Ukraine's POV. The Ukrainians didn't have to do anything for Russia that the US wouldn't demand of Canada. You just have a very elementary/self-centred understanding of geopolitics. As long as Ukraine wants to pay the victim card they can go to hell.
  10. They were doing bioweapons research there, and threatening to put NATO in there. It's the same thing, maybe worse. Bioweapons are the new nukes. The Cuban mIssile Crisis is an example of the US having to be strong because their back was against a wall. The Ukraine war is an example of Russia having to be strong because their back is against the wall. Then the US had no right to blockade Cuba in '62, the very year after they invaded Cuba, 1961, just because Cuba got friendly with Russia in order to protect themselves from.... America. In 1962 Russia also felt the need to protect themselves from America, because of the USA's nuclear missiles in nearby Turkey. So, if you're keeping score, the one thing that both of these situations have in common is that the genesis of them was other nations protecting themselves from American aggression with their deployment and research of WMDs. Go figger. Not Ukraine, just Kyiv, and the POTUS & his party have nothing to do with it. It's America. Almost all of these aggressions had bipartisan support. Fuck Ukraine, all the way. Go Russia.
  11. A bit of plagiarism, if you will, as a nod to the creator of the song that "Farewell to Nova Scotia" was based on. It's a fair piece of poetry: http://www.grianpress.com/Tannahill/TANNAHILL'S SONGS 31.htm
  12. It's like a tribute to WWI, just without the trench-foot, rats and body parts. God bless the poor lads...
  13. Not working. I have a hard time watching footage from the convoy. I feel like I really missed out by not being there. It was a bridge too far for me to leave home and work for long enough to go to Ottawa. Not again. When the new round of Nazi policies come in this fall, and the next convoy is organized for winter, I'll be on my way to Ottawa to get beaten by the brownshirts and do some jailtime.
  14. What did the Trailer Park Boys say about the Convoy?
  15. I'll ask again, was America the aggressor in the Cuban Missile Crisis? Should Russia just have allowed NATO to waltz into Ukraine unopposed? Was fighting against that a step too far? Would life along a Russia/NATO border have been an ok outcome for Russia's citizens? Before you answer that, think of the life that children in East and West Berlin had during the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s.... Fuck Ukraine. Fuck Biden's puppet state. Go Russia! The Russians can carpet-bomb Kyiv for all I care. Wipe it off the map. I wouldn't give Ukraine the steam off my crap.
  16. You don't cry, right? You just wrap yourself up in your Ste. Justie blankie and shake your bony fist at the infidels.
  17. WE THE SHEEPLE: "Someone must have photoshopped Canadian flags over all the swastikas and confederate flags! That's disinformation! Does CBC have a photo of that? CTV? I won't believe it until the MSM tells me it's true!"
  18. Oh fer sure buddy. Trudeau is the real thing. A politician sent from God to save us from covid. Honestly, is politician too dirty a word to use on the anointed one? Is he special? Like, obviously, right? Anyone who buys into the hype about his laundry list of scandals is a non-believer, and doesn't deserve a gesundheitspass. I see it now. I'm a believer, just like you, eF. Just kidding lol. Do us a favour and stop telling people that you were in the military, and I'll stop proving that you're and idiot, ok? It's a massive embarrassment to us all every time you open your little sycophant yap about your service 🤮
  19. From what I know, the Azov brigade was only started in 2014, after the Russian invasion. Is that true? Was there an Azov militia or something before that? When did the ethnic cleansing of Russian speakers start in Donbas? Was it really before 2014?
  20. In other words, when the US started appointing Ukrainian presidents, and Ukraine started openly talking about joining NATO, Russia took Crimea. I think we're on the same page now.
  21. TBH we don't know whether what he's saying is true or not. Our media doesn't report on Ukrainian Nazis or Ukrainian war crimes at all. It's like if a slapfight starts in congress; CNN will have their official version of who started it and Fox will have their version of who started it and if you watched both stories you'd think that they were about different events. Somehow they even disagree about whether or not the BLM had "riots" or "peaceful protests". It's beyond fucked. Right now we're getting the "CNN version" of the war in Ukraine, period. They take pictures of the carnage and create a story around it, sanitize it of anything that is even the slightest bit unseemly, and package it up for their American viewers. If anything that they don't want you to know slips out of that area, past their media blockade, there's a disinformation campaign to squash it and anyone who goes against it risks ostracism. Even if you know someone who lived right in the middle of Donbas for 50 years you'll almost certainly be hearing lies from them. Whether they're pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian, they're just gonna lie. We don't know what's actually happening and we never will. The victor will write the history, as always. Even modern technology and the widespread availability of digital recording media is no match for propaganda.
  22. TBH, I do recall a large convoy of trucks marked with red crosses going into Donbas, which the Russians said were full of humanitarian supplies, but were reputedly just being used to supply troops with ammunition, etc. I'm not sure what to make of that. At the time I was convinced that the Ruskies were up to no good, but I didn't know what was happening to the ethnic Russians in Donbas back then. Maybe some of it actually was humanitarian supplies? When did the ethnic cleansing in Donbas start, relative to those trucks moving in? Wiki doesn't give a clear timeline. The Azovs were formed in 2014, after the Russian "whatever" started (separatists fighting against Ukraine or Russian soldiers fighting against Ukraine, or both), so the Azovs weren't committing war crimes before Russians started attacking Ukraine, but I don't know if anything was legitimately happening to Russian speakers there before Russia attacked.
  23. People complain about the destruction of civilian buildings in Ukraine, and they praise Zelenski's civilian 'freedom fighters', but they don't understand that when people fire at uniformed troops from schools, hospitals, etc, they're actually committing war crimes, and forcing the Russians to fire back at them. The fact that the Ukrainians are using ambulances to move their Nazi soldiers around isn't surprising.
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