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  1. FYI downplaying the fact that the PM denigrated/slandered a large group of people is the epitome of tribalism. The fact that all of those people were slandered by Trudeau and the MSM over and over never phased you. You pretended to be aware of the symbols all over the crowd but you couldn't find any photos of the emperor's new clothes to back your claim. If PP came out and made a broad accusation of racism against all women who got abortions or some such, I'd never pretend that it wasn't absurd and disgraceful, or to have some hidden knowledge that it's true.
  2. I honestly have no clue what year that guy gets his info from. The only thing that makes sense is that his confirmation bias is akin to a little islamic state within his 'brain', eradicating unwanted info, leaving his brain stuck in limbo somewhere between Jan 2020 and about Nov 2021. Nothing new is ever gonna stick, because it's all bad for him.
  3. You're talking about people being bamboozled now? 🀣 That's pretty rich coming from a little snake-oil addict like yourself. Do you still believe that the bat-pangolin human origin is the only real possibility, and that people should be banned from social media for saying "Wuhan BSL4 lab"? Do you still believe that the jabs were safe? Do you still believe that you don't have to worry about covid if you're jabbed? Do you still believe that you don't have to worry about giving covid to granny if you're jabbed? Guess how many young people were killed by ivermectin, dummy... Guess how many young people got myocarditis from ivermectin... To this day you've still never confessed to which level of vax-propaganda/drivel you're stuck at... Even if ivermectin is completely useless against covid, at least our gov't didn't waste billions of dollars on it, just to injure/kill people who didn't need it, right dummy?
  4. And what kind of "person" advocates for the gov't to use coercion to get young, healthy people to take the jab? Far worse than a kook, I'd say. I put those kinds of people on par with Clifford Olson.
  5. Dead. No car needed. Just the fact that someone is stupid enough to still be a liberal in 2024 qualifies them for Advanced MAID. TBH, Americans in general are paying a huge price for all of this political division. It's only fair if they settle this like real men, on channel 12, in a gladiator deathmatch. Or maybe PPV. There shouldn't be any of these global-warming cars and guns involved either, because that's just irresponsible. Just morningstars, pickaroons, franciscas, and other fun stuff, that drives up ratings. Well, maybe Rittenhouse can have a gun, because he's a 4kin American Hero.
  6. Or "judge" little Tanya Chutkan's brilyunt comment: "They attempted to overthrow the gov't and almost succeeded" 🀣
  7. What a f'ing dipshit. Is he seriously just noticing this now? The FBI is committing crimes against political opponents, the DOJ has Biden's political opponent on trial for the umpteenth time, they even had a coked-up dog that was biting everyone there.
  8. More than a year after a Travis County jury convicted Daniel Perry of murdering a protester in Austin, Gov. Greg Abbott pardoned Perry, 37, on Thursday shortly after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles recommended a full pardon. the parole board said it delved into the intricacies of Perry's case, by reviewing documents, police report, court records, witness statements and interviews of individuals linked to the case. Then again, robo posted a stupid meme and mumbled about something. Hmmm...
  9. Right: $32 for gas and $20 for groceries (low estimate). $52. And if disposable income goes from $123 (your number) to $175, that's a 42% increase. Good point. When millions of illegal immigrants flock across the border, they don't compete for houses in Martha's Vineyard, with the Obamas, or in Nancy's gated neighbourhood, they compete for low-end housing, driving the prices up in the poorest areas. 2-4 families will join in to get a rental, driving the prices up for low-income Americans who would like to have their own dwelling unit to themselves if they could afford it. Biden sure sucks, doesn't he... At te pace we're on, you'll be making the case against covid pseudo-vaccines next πŸ˜‰
  10. Buddy, I said 42%, not $42 lol. But fwiw, when I was a kid (1968-1986), $42 was a lot. You could gas up your car several times. Send your kid's entire class to see a movie (Star Wars cost about $2 at the theatre when it came out). You could buy about 50 Big Macs. Get a front row ticket to an NHL game... You must be very wealthy to be so out of touch with the meaning of 42% more disposable income. Like, mega wealthy. "I couldn't even spend 20% of the money I made last month, and I bought some farms, one or two yachts, some private jets, bought some carbon offsets from my pal πŸ˜‰, and got a tattoo of Biden on my taint. What am I gonna do with 42% more disposable income?"
  11. Stop bullshitting. They're giving away $32/week for nothing extra in return, and that's just for gas. They're giving more than that away every week for the same amount of groceries. Quick subtotal with gas at $32 and groceries at $175 (just 10% less, and a lot of staple items are up by more than 10%): Quick subtotal = 1042- 32-500-175 - 160 = 123 $175. 123 x 1.423 = 175 πŸ˜‰ Would people want 42.3% more disposable income? If you answered "No thanks, I don't like disposable income", vote for Biden. If you answered "Yes, I'd like my disposable income to be 42.3% higher" then vote for Trump. *Remember when I said that the $32 for gas (and the extra $ for groceries) comes straight out of your "disposable income", and that's its % of the gross wage isn't very meaningful? Instead of acknowledging that you seemingly set out to disprove it, and yet you've proven my point quite clearly. Even just adding $32 to $123 is a lot. It's $155 now. It's 26% more. Just think about working a whole week and at the end of it all you either have $123 to spend on some leisure activities, or $175 (incl groceries money saved). For a WHOLE WEEK. The avg Nevadan does a lot of work in a week. If they get $123 at the end of that week vs $175 you better believe that makes a VERY REAL difference. That's a lot of fun/debts paid/money saved/whatever over the course of a year. You simply cannot make the argument, even using statistics, that having 42% more disposable income wouldn't feel amazing for anyone.
  12. It's not just about gas, and I never said it was. I just said that rising gas prices affect the price of everything else that you buy. If gas was $32 a week instead of $64/wk, and groceries were $145/week instead of $195/week, that's a lot of extra disposable income that people are missing, right? People feel that because it's real. It translates to 'no more movie night', or 'goodbye to the weekly round of golf', or holding onto the old beater car for another year and just hoping it doesn't need any major repairs. People don't like that. They weren't used to that under Trump and they don't like it now. They don't have to like it, and if you think that you're explaining away the importance of people's money to them you're insane. FYI it doesn't take a thorough understanding of advanced statistics to know that people don't want to kiss $80/week goodbye. You have to be in a pretty high tax bracket not to notice $80/week going out the door for nothing extra in return. I could use an extra $80 after-tax dollars a week. Are you seriously well-off enough that you could just burn four twenty-dollar bills a week like it was nothing? It's over $4k a year. You can get a new big-screen TV in the Living rm, Rec rm, and one in the MBdrm with that much money.
  13. 1. Take income taxes off that weekly wage 2. Factor in rent/mtgs which take the bulk of one's wage 3. Factor in substantially increased costs for food, etc 4. Factor in car payments, utility bills, phone bills, cable bills, ins, kids' sports and activities, etc... Suddenly 5% of one's wages is a lot And just remember, you're acknowledging that people's gas expenses alone are taking up an extra 2.5% of their gross wage, and then food prices are taking away 20% more than before. This all comes out of one's 'disposable income', which is not a huge % of their gross/pre-tax wages.
  14. So? What could that possible be? I never saw you say that you didn't agree with it. AllI ever saw prior to this was a laundry list of excuses, with a side of minimization. If a random dude in a barbershop said the exact same thing about muslims - which would be demonstrably true - Trudeau and his cultist horde would have gone apoplectic. There would be a hefty price to be paid. Cite. Cite. 1. Cite. 2. A great idea, and not out of place when the country was quickly transitioning into an authoritarian state. Wrong about which part? 1. A peaceful protester surrendered on his knees and was beaten by multiple cops 2. Healthy young adults were forced to take the jab 3. The jab killed some of the healthy young people who were forced to take it 4. The jab permanently (and seriously) injured some of the healthy young people who were forced to take it OK? Like, for example...? One guy going to jail is no big deal right? Unless, of course, he went there exclusively for being an "enemy of the state", whereby the meaning of "state" is limited to "the popularity of the current administration".
  15. Like when the PM calls the unjabbed racists and misogynists? Like when a peaceful protester in Canada surrenders on his hands and knees and a bunch of cops beat him up? Like when young adults are forced to take a jab that they don't need, and it ends up killing some of them, and causing permanent damage to the hearts of others? Yeah, we know you love that kind of stuff, MH.
  16. It's not 'in our psyche', it's in our wallets. A 36 Gal gas tank went from $72 to $145. If you fill it twice a month it's an extra $145/mo. Factor in increased food costs, etc, disposable income vanishes quickly.
  17. I hope that they don't catch the guy who did it, and I do hope he dies quickly. 1. I don't want expensive hospital bills to care for Picton 2. I don't want t pay a bunch of money to keep a guy in prison for 10 more years just for doing taxpayers a favour.
  18. 1. When the Federal Reserve put out a few trillion dollars for Biden's spending spree, that devalued all of the US currency in circulation. That turns into 'inflation' from our POV. 2. Gas went from $2/gal under Trump to $4/gal under Biden. Every consumer item and every bit of food you buy reflects the increased price of gas, and gas doubled. Every family pays twice as much to fill their tank now. When prices are up right across the board, and filling a gas tank is twice as expensive, families have less spending money. When families spend less money, the economy shrinks. It looks like spending is the same, it looks like people are spending like they were before, because the flow of money in and out of their bank accounts is the same, but they got less stuff for it, which means that they supported fewer businesses.
  19. None of that is true. I'm saying that it's the height of hypocrisy for Iran, Saudi, Yemen, Egypt, etc to be furious about Palestine, given their acceptance of Pakistan, which is several times worse than Israel. You can be mad about anything you want, including the existence of Israel, I don't know how you feel about Pakistan. Iran et al have no room to accept one and reject the other. It's nothing but religious bigotry.
  20. No one doubts that had an unfortunate outcome, but it was only 1% as unfortunate as the outcome in Pakistan just a few months earlier. People who aren't mad at Pakistan have no room to be mad at Israel. Pakistanis killed 1400x as many people and displaced 10x as many. Where's the outrage from Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc? Pakistanis killed almost 1M people in 1947. Maybe more. They were given their country exactly the same way Israel was. They forced ten times as many people out as Israel did, and there was no right to return for any of those people. Honestly, Palestinians should be happy that the Israelis weren't as bad as the Pakistanis. That's why they're alive today. And other ME countries should be moving on and accepting Israel, just like they do with Pakistan.
  21. Are you joking right now? The main opposition to science came from our own government. Drs and scientists were squashed and our gov't played a huge role in that. The CBC was also as heavily invested in covid disinformation as any other MSM outlet. Do you think there was ever any "science" saying that kids and young, healthy adults needed the jab? Did "science" ever determine that there was a pandemic of the unjabbed? "Science" was used as a tool to push the jabs, and our gov't was as guilty of that as anyone. The UN is a joke and it always has been. The WEF is a bunch of climate hypocrites with mega yachts, supercars and private jets pontificating about the dangers of your Toyota Corolla. Global warming is the latest in a series climate alarmism narratives that would make Henny Penny blush, which have all fallen by the wayside. It came to you from the exact same people that lied to you about gentle giants, mostly peaceful protests, the Freedom Convoy is a bunch of racists that are destroying Ottawa, the bat-pangolin-human story, the "coronavirus isn't transmissible between humans" story, the story about children needing a jab to protect them from covid, Russian collusion, Trudeau's scandals are no big deal, Trump referred to immigrants as animals, the laptop is Russian disinformation, 50-pedestrian car crash, Jan 6th is comparable to Pearl Harbour and 9/11, etc, etc. If CNN and CBC said that the sun will rise tomorrow I'd have good reason to suddenly doubt it. All your little stories that you mentioned there are examples of things that leftists just get wrong all the time. FYI "woke" actually is synonymous with "stupid cultist" nowadays. It never gets old seeing gay people support Hamas, or seeing women's rights groups praise the strength of women who wear the hijab over here.
  22. "I find it shocking, honestly," said MSNBC analyst Susan Del Percio. "I can’t make sense of that number. I wish I could," she continued, responding to a NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National poll that found that 53% of independents think that President Biden will hurt democracy in a second term. She's an actress, not a reporter, journalist, or serious political pundit. She knows full well that democracy is under attack in the Biden administration because she sees first-hand the level of control that's exerted over the MSM by the Demonrats. She's also aware of the FBI's crimes and the weaponization of the DOJ. MSNBC cult-handlers would have also been given their list of Jan 6th talking points: "Call the mobs 'seditious', inflate the death count, pretend that people were murdered, pretend that the election was known to be above-board", etc.
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