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  1. I was pretty close by leftist standards 😁
  2. The US let a terrorist into the country with a terrorist visa, oops, tourist visa on Dec 29. Less than a month later he was in a synagogue with hostages, demanding the release of terrorists from jail. The DNC-controlled FBI initially released a statement saying that it wasn't anti-Semitic in nature and then had to backtrack 24 hrs later. Biden's extremely brief Q & A was focused on gun control, so apparently if there were less guns around, it would have been perfectly safe to let this guy in.... As usual, the terrorist's brother blamed mental health issues: https://www.firstpost.com/world/uk-national-identified-as-texas-synagogue-hostage-taker-malik-faisal-akram-spent-first-weeks-in-us-in-homeless-shelters-10291791.html He was barred from a British court: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2022/jan/17/texas-hostage-taker-had-criminal-and-mental-health-history-in-uk
  3. 1) There's a big difference between an indictment and a conviction. The Russian collusion witch hunt is a perfect example of an indictment that was more of a crime than the false charges that were trumped up against the defendant. (How did Tha Don not see that coming? Him and Lou Gehrig....) 2) The FBI has been exposed as a banana republic operation that targets conservatives (even soccer moms) and lets Dems walk. Hillary and Biden are perfect examples of people who are known to have committed serious malfeasance yet have never been charged with anything. Indictments, or a lack thereof, are no indicator of anything.
  4. This is the most interesting one. If not for the money raised by him and Fang Fang would Swalwell even have a political career? Does anyone really know where it all came from? The answer is 'no'. He seems to owe a lot to the Chinese. He's like a Biden in that regard.
  5. The Dems and their media toadies have a pretty slick system worked out for bringing their "whistleblowers" out of the closet and creating a media buzz and an air of legitimacy around them. They have their catch phrases (eg "It's bigger than Watergate!!!!") and talking points that the networks all use in unison, they amp up the emotion (as in the case of the snot-bubbling Dr Ford), and they completely ignore all of the gaping holes in their narratives (e.g. Dr Ford wouldn't name a month, a year, a location, her witnesses all said "WTF?", there was no report to police or guidance councillors or other students, she claimed to have phobias from the traumatic event be she lived like she didn't have those phobias, etc). One of their funnier errors with the catch phrases was with their usage of the word 'sedition' from Jan 1. It was in their notes to use the words "sedition" and "seditious", but they all thought that it referred to people who were doing the rioting/attacking, so they were saying 'seditious mobs attacking the capitol' instead of 'seditious members of the Trump campaign urging their followers to attack the capitol'.
  6. I reply to the substance of other people's posts and directly challenge their ideas. I don't just make snotty insults and pat myself on the back. In this instance, if you'd like to try to make the case that Sotomayor wasn't displaying complete incompetence/abject stupidity, then you need to prove that what she said was either true or that she at least had a very good reason to believe that it was true. I.e., find a seemingly legit source that she might have quoted, like BlueAnon or CNN (🤣). In all honesty, even though CNN is pure tripe, I'll still accept a link from a CNN article. For sure it's sad if a person of Sotomayor's status believes in CNN and Santa Claus, but I won't blame an adult for seeing something on a national newscast and believing it to be true.
  7. It's an indication that Americans are waking up to the fact that CNN is tripe. They got busted lying about almost every news story (Dem narrative) of the past 8 years and their viewers are migrating to Fox. Only Canadians are dumb enough to believe that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a brilliant success. Go figger.
  8. Like Oscar the Grouch popping his head out of the garbage can to spread joy, you've just popped up with another post that's loaded with stats, facts, cites and insightful opinions. Way to go, son.
  9. I haven't seen enough of CNN to know who those guys are, but it sounds about right. Jan 6th is on a scale wth 9/11 and Pearl Harbour, moms at school board meetings are terrorists if they raise their voice and the FBI needs to track them, Rittenhouse was an angry racist, Sandman was a race-baiting high schooler bullying adults, Rayshard was killed by racists, ditto for sleeping Brionna, Michael Brown was a gentle giant, Floyd's murder was hate crime but Timpa wasn't even murdered, everything is the biggest scandal since watergate (tiny retractions to come after weeks or years of headlines), requiring voter ID is disenfranchisement because only poor white people are smart enough to get ID, etc. I get it. The only person who wasn't a terrorist was the beloved father figure of Iranians - Suleimani. Fox News 'bobbleheads' don't even engage in that. They correctly recognize that the mass-mailing of unsolicited ballots is an obvious threat to democracy. "Here are 30,000 people who've never voted before, let's 'send them ballots' hehe." They know that the 1816 project is a joke and critical race theory is divisive bullshit. They know that the openly communists at BLM and Antifa weren't just having a summer of love. They know that making it illegal for parents to be involved their 8 yr old's decision to get a sex change operation is an obvious affront to families. You literally have nothing eyeball, and the people who are migrating away from CNN and towards Fox are an obvious indicator of that. Americans are getting sick of being lied to, they are much smarter than Canadians.
  10. Yet still true. ... a dozen leftists, a dozen keyboards, they all write 28,000 posts....
  11. You're putting words in my mouth. Of course I've seen some of their programming, if only to see how bad it is.
  12. Fox is mainly a pushback on MSM disinformation. “Rittenhouse is racist, Sandman is a racist, walls are racist, math is racist, bridges are racist, being mad because your daughter was raped by a criminal who was protected by the school board is racist, etc. CNN and CBC are pure shit and that’s why they’re going down.
  13. I don’t even know who those people are, so I can’t tell if you’re being facetious or not. Can you elaborate?
  14. Trump has had the only presidential-level successes this far against covid. Biden inherited the demi-vax, a robust testing program, and an attitude from the top about being open to all different kinds of treatments for Covid. Even though the vaccine was Trump’s success, he wasn’t demanding that everybody stuck to that one method of dealing with Covid. Biden has done worse with testing, and all he wants to do is put all of America‘s eggs in one basket with the vaccines. It’s a joke. If Biden told people to drink gasoline it would be his biggest accomplishment yet because at least it would read America of it dumbest voters.
  15. He has THE biggest bull’s eye on his back because of it. In NA there’s a huge appetite for an honest, possibly wrong sometimes personality who’s unafraid to tackle the major issues and say what needs to be said. Eg Don Cherry, Jerry Roenick, Charles Barkley, Joe Rogan. The tip-toeing of a Ron MacLean gets to be galling after a while. If CNN and WashPo/NYT get to be wrong in the headlines all the time and then offer a teeny P12 retraction then Joe R can be wrong too sometimes.
  16. Levin us unwatchable. It’s more hubris than anything else. For all I know he may know what he’s talking about, but I’d never listen long enough to find out. Brett Baier is the news anchor. Best in NA. The Five is a good show, but Gutfeld is getting a bit angry and clownish lately. Jesse Watters is always good, and Hannity has his moments as well. He was by far the most informed TV personality regarding collusion. Tucker is hit and miss, but usually good. I watch about 30-45 mins/day of Fox. Canadian news makes me want to throw up.
  17. Fox is partisan, to be sure, but they’re the best news network in North America by far. And yes, it’s news, not like CNN and MSNBC. CTV, CBC, Global, NBC, NPR, etc are all pure garbage. The main difference is that all of those other networks rush out with a bunch of lies, like “COVID CAME FROM A BAT AND A PANGOLIN AND SAYING ANYTHING ELSE IS QANON GARBAGE! ANYONE WHO SAYS BSL4 NEEDS TO BE BANNED FROM SOCIETY!” That’s not news and it’s got nothing to do with democracy or science. It’s just the new normal under Trudeau and Biden.
  18. Thank You Tide Pods. https://nypost.com/2022/01/12/cnn-sees-ratings-dive-by-90-from-2021-coverage/?fbclid=IwAR36YT2pdv04kroOwBHCbzbBSxtxBqunTNid46CxaO9EE_i9KdZ6839XDHc CNN's viewership is down 83% week over week. They went months last year without having a single show with over 1M viewers. Meanwhile, Fox is crushing it and even Forbes has to admit it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andymeek/2021/12/29/fox-news-in-2021-ratings-dominance-even-with-trump-gone-plus-fox-weather-and-gutfeld-crushes-late-night/?sh=7af5e8a7605c Tucker Carlson had the highest-rated program in cable news. Here's the craziest part: That's really bad news for Dems. Their muppets are getting exposure to some actual news, as are independents, which explains why Biden's poll numbers are tanking as well. He's down to 33%.
  19. You missed the part about "More people died of covid under Biden than Trump." Don't you remember how the leftards were screeching that Trump was doing everything wrong, and Biden could fix everything as soon as he got into the whitehouse? The leftards were wrong again but at least they're consistent. Biden inherited Trump's vaccines and he doesn't have an actual covid achievement under his belt yet, aside from unconstitutional vaccine mandates and giving people enough money that they can opt to not get jobs. Only the people who worked through the first year of covid and then didn't get vaxed are left out of the covid gravy train.
  20. This is what I told my son: The world's richest people are, on average, in the target demographic for covid: old and with co-morbidities. They own the newspapers and TV stations, and they don't want to get covid. They'll use fear mongering and coercion to heartlessly convince the rest of the world to vaxx, even if they're putting other people's children at risk, just to save their own bacon. I'm looking at stats, not listening to CBC, to determine our course of action, and right now every single stat that's out there says that vaxing is not a realistic option for a 12 yr old. At least the Danish and German papers are fessing up to salvage their reputation. Our own media knows that they don't have to. They can feed our peons shit sandwiches and tell them they're PBJs and only the ones with allergies will opt out on seconds.
  21. The facts stuck regardless of whether or not you appreciate being made fun of, and that's what counts Colin. The simple fact remains that Sotomayor proved herself to be wildly stupid on a kitchen table issue. Not at quantum chemistry or hieroglyphics, but an everyday, important, top of mind issue. You can insult me all you want but you're not building up your case or your reputation, the facts remain on my side.
  22. Not only is the hospitalization rate projection high, omicron hospitalizations last less than 48 hrs in the vast majority of cases. Intubation is at almost 0% That's why La Turd is going full-Nazi to get the rest of Canada vaxxed. He needs to claim victory by vaxx or he will just end up being exposed as the demagogue that he is. The Center for Disease Control, or "Center for Damage Control" as Big Pharma calls them, has been doing a lot of admitting lately but they're just scratching the surface.
  23. Was that word soup or did you really mean to say that?
  24. Sorry to hear that. I'll most likely get cancer too. Both of my grandfathers died of cancer at 65 and my dad died at 65 from alcohol poisoning. If I get to 66 I'll be breaking new ground. Tick tock...
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