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  1. She has said that Mussolini was a good politician and everything he did, he did for Italy. And she leads the party of Mussolini’s followers. I think you’re denying reality.
  2. The party she leads was formed by supporters of Mussolini. Far right. Yes, not that long ago gays were arrested and beaten and outlawed. Now, only far right people want that to happen. So why is it such a mystery to you that she would be considered “far right”?
  3. I haven’t voted in person in years. You linked to how to vote at the polling place. But there are a bunch of other options, including voting by mail. Are you being intentionally dishonest, or are you just ignorant?
  4. https://www.axios.com/2022/09/21/appeals-court-doj-classified-records-request-trump
  5. What policies are different with the NDP now?
  6. What about calls for committing hate crimes by shooting gays and their families in the back of the head? Just grow a thicker skin, I guess?
  7. Interesting idea…. Except, because ICE vehicle manufacturing vastly outnumbers EVs, it would not be revenue neutral whatsoever. Wouldn't it take forcing car makers to increase EVs so they’re available 1 for 1 to ICE’s? How would little Canada do that?
  8. So you advocate killing gay people and their families…. Good to know who we’re discussing issues of the day with on this forum. The pretend military guys on the internet are always the nuttiest of the bunch, aren’t they?
  9. Sounds like nutty conspiracies …. any actual evidence?
  10. Off guard because it was so nonsensical. I guess that’s one strategy…. Assume everyone is out to get you and don’t bother giving interviews or answer questions. I don’t think it will work, but, if that’s PP’s strategy, I guess we will see.
  11. A “general Google search”! LOL I followed up. It’s a lie. Either by you or the source you plagiarized it from.
  12. This has already been debunked as nonsense. You yourself keep contradicting your own statement.
  13. I guess the conservative political correctness Nazi-commies forced him to apologize at the risk of being canceled?
  14. Did he not get PP to answer a couple questions? Can’t you say he did his job? Is this what it might take for PP, Leader of the Official Opposition, to actually give interviews?
  15. How high is an “all time high”?
  16. Yes, but you are very wishy-washy on divorce for other reasons and what God thinks about it and how we should legislate against that being allowed. Clearly, God does not allow divorce except under some special circumstances. You even broaden those circumstances to “psychological abuse”, which isn’t mentioned as a reason for divorce in the bible. Were you divorced at any point in your life?
  17. Ooooo…. a scripture throw-down between Christians! Get the popcorn!
  18. Absolutely. Port is federal jurisdiction. Oil sands are not as clear cut. This paper spells out nicely the jurisdictional issues with respect to oil extraction in AB.
  19. You seemed to have changed the topic. Do you think the voters that PP needs will be sympathetic to him never giving media interviews and characterizing the media as “the enemy”?
  20. I wanted to see if it was correct that BC is only “left wing” on the West Coast. Looking at an electoral map from the last election, a lot of interior ridings that the BC Libs won were because of vote-splitting by the NDP/Greens. These ridings also have way less people in them than the coastal electoral districts. Many that the BC Libs won were quite close in votes. My conclusion is that BC is not “really conservative” everywhere else other than the coast (which is also where most of the people are). There’s a great interactive electoral map: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/interactive-map-here-s-a-look-at-how-b-c-voted-in-the-last-provincial-election-1.5136819 if you’d like to actually have an informed opinion….
  21. Sympathy by whom? Do you think the voters that he needs to win over will be sympathetic to him never giving interviews other than to right-wing podcasts?
  22. God condemned all sorts of things that you don’t think are so bad. Like divorce. You pick and choose the sins to be outraged over based on your personal preference.
  23. Yes. I would have preferred income tax increases to those who could afford it in Canada, rather than have poorer people having to pay GST and then creating a bureaucracy to issue GST rebate cheques.
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