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  1. Those theories are the best explanation we have based on the observable evidence. They are called theories because science is about probability of truth. People just didn't make this stuff up out of thin air, like in the Bible. Every single person who believes in Adam and Eve and Noah's Ark over the theory of evolution is a gullible fool.
  2. They sold it to the American public, and we and Europe get to afford free healthcare, pharma, daycare, and other goodies. Moochocracy.
  3. You owe everything you have to those "fools". Learn some respect, you'd be dead or conquered without these brave patriots who want to serve and protect their country. Looks like there's not very many of them anymore, no thanks to people like you.
  4. We have 28k ground troops. That's what the army is. The army is a branch of the military. There's nothing misleading.
  5. @blackbird A science book is based on observable evidence that's tested and re-tested. A Bible is based on a bunch of heresay with zero evidence written thousands of years ago that only naive gullible people would take as fact. If you don't know anything about science, which you don't, then zip it instead of spreading lies. If you want to spread lies then go convince people that Jesus rose from the dead and walked on water. The people who believe that nonsense shouldn't be anywhere near decision-making powers on things like climate policy or COVID vaccines or anything else science-related because if you can't tell fact from fiction then you've disqualified yourself. And for people whose brains are too simple or untrained to understand science like vaccinations i'd highly recommend they stop trying to understand it and filling their brains with things they're incapable of understanding and just go to their doctor and ask their opinion on the vaccines and follow their medical advice, and then go home and STFU instead of trying to convince others of their stupid misinformed BS.
  6. 1. Or the similarities. All these political finance rules in place and yet Doug Ford gives green belt access to developers, Trudeau Foundation accept a massive donation from some Chinese rich person, Trudeau gets free vacations from the Aga Khan, Morneau has WE Charity links, and countless other "leakages" that aren't noticed by the public or ever reported. This is awesome, Parliament's worst-kept secrets: 2. Only sometimes. Their primary job is to get re-elected, which takes a lot of money and most don't care where they get it from. We're seeing that the Liberal Party doesn't have a real issue with a foreign government that means the country harm interfering in our elections if it benefits them. Time to get a little more cynical. 3. This is vague, I don't understand it. 4. The masses aren't the problem here, you have it completely backwards. Democracy controlled by corrupt individuals is the issue. Our democracy is dysfunctional, not enough oversight and regulation and accountability, its allowed to be too crooked and thus doesn't serve the people's interests enough. The current government is performing poorly and they're also unpopular with the public, the voters aren't as stupid as you think they are. I trust the judgement of the collective public more than that of politicians because the interests of the public are the same as mine and everyone else. 5. My idea: more referenda on policy. Greatly expand the auditor general's office.
  7. Trudeau and Telford are exchanging the blame game and throwing each other under the bus. This is very fun to watch.
  8. 1. Are you sure about this? 2. Do you think our politicians are working in our best interests? Do you think they're corrupted by money? How much do you think policy has to do with our problems? 3. The status quo isn't working. The politicians should be working in the interests of the masses and the country and nobody else. That's not happening. Our democracy isn't working. Policy can fix a lot of this, new laws and regulations and oversight and accountability on politicians and parties.
  9. "It's not my fault, nobody told me" πŸ˜‚ Does anyone believe this nonsense? Whether you willfully ignore it OR your staff isn't telling you these extremely important national security issues, you're incompetent either way. Are these inquiry testimonies under oath? I'd sure hope so. Here's my translation from the testimony: "The foreign interference benefited us electorally, so we chose to ignore it" - Trudeau
  10. There's stuff we need to spend on, and stuff we need to spend more on. But there's a ton of other stuff i'd much rather they allocate to those other more important things (defence, healthcare etc) or just give me back the money I'm spending on it that they took from my income taxes, HST etc. My income vs my net take-home pay is ridiculous and it makes me really annoyed.
  11. If Jan 6 didn't happen I think Trump would win convincingly. In Canada, I think Trudeau's Liberals have been so bad that they've red-pilled a lot of young people, and all of the woke nonsense in society hasn't helped. The left-of-center's used to be cool and chill (Clinton, Obama, the 90's/2000's liberal types). Now they're just sickening, delusional, and incompetent.
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