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  1. I apologize to everyone if I have ever hurt you before in my posts. Bye ...

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    2. Argus


      Since no one took you seriously, I doubt that's the case.

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      More to the point, can you forgive someone who is a complete asshole? Then you belong

  2. My old topics are soo weird, lol My reason to live. Hmmm. To find more and more informations everyday.
  3. It is not the true story, it is what the agent is probably ordered to tell people. So what do you expect ? Do you think he will say "Yes I was operating under priest cover in Turkiye since long and finally I was caught after our last failed coup attempt and after cleaning of thousands of officials in the army and in the govt departments that work for US"
  4. Yes, he is connected to very interesting people and groups. Just like an agent should be.
  5. The so called pastor CIA agent was released after negotiations. According to claims US wanted some other persons too, some scientists and engineers.
  6. "Safe third country" rule is to provide safety as quick as possible, not to storage all refugees in a country. According to international agreements all the countries have "common" responsiblities about refugees. This is why EU and Turkiye have signed an agreement in March 2016, Turkiye fully complied with the agreement and EU fully violated the agreement.
  7. Europe and all other countries "have to" accept refugees, there are international agreements signed for it. Europe is violating these agreements. Does not matter they are Afghan or something else from non-safe zones. Statistically about %20-25 of the refugees wants to go EU are Syrians.
  8. - 24 PKK terrorists trying to leak into operation The Euphrates Shield zone and The Olive Brach zone is neutralized by Turkish Army.
  9. - 32 PKK terrorists trying to leak into operation The Peace Spring zone is neutralized by Turkish Army.
  10. - According to officials at least 114.000 immigrants have passed from Turkiye to Europe in last 2 days after Turkiye opened border gates. - President Erdogan said that Syrian lapdog govt should witdraw to the Sochi Agreement borders immediately. - President Erdogan said that Russia nor Iran Forces are not "directly" targeted by Turkish Army. - President Erdogan warns Russia, Iran and Syrian lapdog govt not to violate agreements signed and underlined that Turkish Army wont leave any "heads on the shoulders" if they keep terrorizing the region.
  11. - Two Syrian war jets attacking Turkish unmanned air vehicles are shot down. - Russia claimed no jets are shot down. - Syrian state agency claimed that pilots of the jets are jumped out and survived.
  12. - Three Russian journalists working in Turkiye and preparing a news and wishing Russia to invade Turkiye have been detained.
  13. - Turkiye have started the operation "The Spring Shield" to remove Russian and Syrian lapdog govt forces from Idlib province of Syria after the given time has been expired for Russian and Syrian forces.
  14. - According to different sources between 47.000 to 70.000 immigrants passed from Turkiye to Europe. - Turkish media agency TRT share the map of best locations to pass "illegally" from Turkiye to Europe. - Turkish intelligence MIT assassinated 6 PKK terrorists during meeting in Iraq, including 2 so-called high ranks.
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