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  1. A fresh look at Trudeau lying through his teeth. The question is, why? Is the pressure mounting? I sure hope so…
  2. Tucker will get the last laugh. Fox’s stock is down almost a billion today. He’ll get a huge contact to start another show somewhere else, and will be freer to express his views. Just as things are starting to fall apart for Biden.
  3. I’m suggesting that AOC was leaked the firing a day before the news was released.
  4. If I were you I’d keep your ‘Iraqi Minister of Propaganda’ schtick on the back pages of the business section. Totally up to you.
  5. No, that’s clearly not what I was saying. Stop trolling, surely you have the intelligence to make a contribution to this thread? She was leaked Tucker’s demise and couldn’t help but gloat…relax moonboy, it’s just an educated guess.
  6. Apparently AOC called for Tucker to be fired just yesterday. How many are gullible enough to believe this is just a coincidence?
  7. It’s interesting that Don Lemon gets fired on the same day. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna78349 ”The news comes after Variety published a story earlier this month on allegations that he mistreated his female colleagues over the course of his career there. And earlier this year, he faced backlash over widely criticized comments he made on-air.”
  8. So, Fox axes one of their most popular hosts after settling the Dominion lawsuit. The two items aren’t related at all, it’s just a coincidence, right?
  9. And that’s not what vaccines do. They PREVENT the illness. Smallpox, Polio, etc, were essentially wiped out by vaccines. Why can you not grasp simple facts? Anyway, the reason they aren’t covering a Kennedy who’s announced a presidential campaign is, they don’t want him to run. The never Trumpers want him to be their hope, because let’s face it, Biden will win nothing if his backers are stupid enough to let him run. Kennedy against Trump, now that would be a contest.
  10. The left brain trust have shot themselves in the foot, so to speak. They are whipping up the base with too many causes to rage and fear about. The poor left wing masses are worn down with the constant cycles of fear and rage. Setting things up for a Trump return…
  11. Here it is, 7 pm and you're glued to your screen. Waiting for my response like an addict.
  12. Continue your work?! That's rich, forum boy! The first step is realizing you have a problem. Personally I'm fine if you never do. This is probably the smallest political forum there is, Mr big fish in a small pond. Keep those bubbles coming...but realize anyone who's been around sees through your shtick.
  13. I'm talking about the entire board, and your obsession with it. You've started so many threads here it's obvious you have little to do with your time. In my time here I've seen a few like you monopolize the board, but I can honestly say you win the booby prize.
  14. Nope. Somehow I'm not surprised you have no idea what's going on. Keep guessing...
  15. Why do you start so many threads? You're basically a human spambot. If you're going to post dozens of time per day, at least have something to say. The mindless "I know you are but what am I"(I better explain that to you. It's a childhood taunt, spoken by nine year olds), is just more useless troll crap. Stop crapping in this forum, or at least have the decency to wipe up after yourself.
  16. This is great news, and sorely needed in the realm of media organizations. A landmark ruling, if you will. No longer will Fox be allowed to defame and commit fraud. Lie about organizations and people. The ramifications of this court case will shake the foundations of CNN, NBC and all the rest. Because the die has been cast now. You can’t lie about issues and people. Hide the truth. Carry on a conspiracy against an organization you don’t like. They have all stepped over the line, and they will pay now. Trump no doubt has a huge smile today. He’ll be bringing suits into court, and if he has to appeal all the way to SCOTUS, he’ll eventually get justice. I’d suggest starting with CNN, they are on their last legs.
  17. And here’s a story that reports the exact same performance of the USD in the last 6 months. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-u-s-dollar-is-under-fire-from-rival-nations-what-happens-to-markets-if-the-greenback-loses-its-world-dominance-d48ad5e6
  18. Yeah, and I have my answer as to why new jobs/ hiring stats are so high in a lacklustre economy(Canada and US). Jobs are becoming available as people die or become unable to work, due to the vaccines.
  19. “Everything woke turns to schiit” The quote is from a guy I kind of admire.
  20. Huh, I just saw a documentary that among other things, says the British royal family actually has German roots, and only took the Windsor name to hide this, I think before WW1.
  21. Reason, you’re probably closer to the truth, it’s just that the media pushes the woke narrative so hard it’s difficult to know how many actually buy that nonsense. “It's not our culture it's America's. And it's not even their culture, it's the hostile takeover of culture by corporate brands via advertising.” This says so much, because it’s the attempted takeover of America. Wokeism. Environmentalism. Political correctness. All effective to the takeover of the culture and America’s freedom. But the pushback has been encouraging. Seeing Disney lose a large segment of their customer base. CNN becoming an empty shell of their former self. Biden’s polling numbers in the basement. The takeover has lost its momentum and ground to a halt. Which means it’s time for a major new strategy. Probably they’ll use a market crash to ratchet up the fear. Or a China invasion of Taiwan. Wall to wall coverage with fearmongering speculation thrown in. After all, it worked so well with Covid.
  22. They are going to become a much smaller company. Anybody that is shrugging their shoulders at this does not understand what a large cut in product sales means to a company that sells products.
  23. The pancake mix, I ate that my whole life(whenever I ate pancakes). I swear they changed the recipe when they changed the brand name. I haven’t bought it since. You can tell who the brainwashed people are in this thread by their response to these woke issues. It’s probably 2/3 of the general population. Will anything wake them up? Because we are headed for 15 minute cities and a cashless economy.
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