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  1. That’s another good possibility, and in my view could have unintended consequences. He’s obviously a messed up addict with a very weak character. Who has done a lot of deals where his father gets a cut. Ukrainian nationals. Chinese nationals. It’s a long list. What are the chances that they catch him in a perjury trap? And getting his tax documents admitted as evidence in court would be dangerous. We’ve all seen the proof that he lied on his gun application. He’s obviously committed fraud with his taxes. These are both federal laws with serious time. If he gets off scott free, or is convicted and then pardoned by his father, there will be blood in the streets. Either outcome will end a re-election bid by Biden. The only way out is for the trial to be delayed until after November. What am I missing?
  2. Between the gun charges and the tax evasion indictments, Hunter could be facing some real jail time. Dollars to donuts he flips and sings like a canary about the old man.
  3. No, and you should respond to the points I’m making, not some imaginary points in your head. Hunter Biden has been indicted on several counts regarding taxes. His dad can’t pardon him because this would kill his re-election bid. He’ll put his career ahead of family every time. But evidence revealed in this case will implicate the old man. At that point anything is possible, I expect another air balloon to start grabbing all of the headlines, or perhaps stories about Israel(gasp!) having nuclear weapons.
  4. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/12/07/hunter-biden-indicted-nine-tax-related-charges-three-felonies/ Bad news for lefties. Hunter is in deep dodo, and papa can’t help him out of this one.
  5. It's good to have someone on this forum that knows the score.
  6. All of these moves away from using the US dollar are making it unneeded. As these individual nations quietly sell off these dollars a glut of them will harm the value of USD. Little by little, week by week. Until it tanks all of a sudden, at which point the MSM will notice it for the first time. The ICE US Dollar Index shows that it's started dropping since early November. You will find this discussion fascinating...
  7. Here's a list that proves Disney has lost it's mojo. All big flops and money losers. Haunted Mansion - projected to lose 100 million. Lightyear - lost 106 million. Strange World - lost 147 million. Mulan (2020) - lost 150 million. Jungle Cruise (2021) - lost 151 million. Turning Red (2022)- lost 167 million. Then there are movies like The Lone Ranger and John Carter. But as of late, Disney has more misses than hits, and their stock price has suffered for it.
  8. Who is this Kissinger person you speak of?
  9. Well, things are a little less cut and dried than you think… https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2023/12/02/idf-finds-dozens-of-rockets-in-gaza-home-under-united-nations-boxes/ “Troops of the 7007th Reserve Battalion were searching a home in a neighborhood when they found a room full of boxes bearing the logo of the UN agency that supports Palestinian refugees. Underneath the boxes, dozens of rockets, mortars and other explosives were found, the IDF says. Separately, troops of the 414th combat intelligence collection unit operating in a home in northern Gaza found grenades, weapon parts and other military equipment inside a child’s bedroom, the IDF says.“ Hopefully you also know about the extensive tunnel system with command centres directly underneath Gaza hospitals? With Hamas military FORCING people to stay in said hospitals to act as human shields? Hey, Israel is certainly not perfect, but they weren’t the aggressor here. And the people that hide under hospitals and hide military equipment in children’s bedroom are despicable. If you can’t see that then your judgement is off.
  10. The elitists have us figured out. Offer us a small convenience over a wait-in-line and our lazy asses will choose the convenience every time. Pay with your phone instead of pulling out a debit card or cash? Sign me up!! We are too lazy to consider the ramifications of giving our governments the control over us that CBDC’s will give them.
  11. Yeah, well they are going to try and shove it down our throats through false flag emergency events, economic turmoil and the like. The Digital currencies are all cued up.
  12. And here’s another major hit on the US dollar. 15 BRICS members are in the process of halting the use of the Yankee buck for oil settlements. https://watcher.guru/news/brics-15-countries-to-ditch-us-dollar-for-oil-trade#:~:text=India and the UAE already,for oil and gas trade. “The new BRICS members are laying the foundation for the de-dollarization initiatives. India and the UAE already settled oil trade in local currencies in September this year. The move was a historic landmark shifting away from the US dollar for oil and gas trade. India paid its local currency, the Rupee, to settle 1 million barrels of oil with the UAE.” … “New BRICS member, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is looking to settle oil payments in local currencies and sideline the US dollar. The UAE is looking for potential countries that would like to settle payments in local currencies like the Dirham. Recent reports indicate that the UAE is looking to renew oil and gas trade agreements with 15 countries that are willing to pay local currencies for settlement.“
  13. Yeah, and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. I think I see a trend forming.
  14. Kissinger was a stooge of the same people that had JFK killed.  

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      My apologies. I didn't realize you were serious. 

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      So what you are saying, is that Kissinger was a stooge of Lee Harvey Oswald, until his death in November 1963?

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      Ah yes, thank you DUI for that earnest response.  Perhaps that growing rash in your nether regions is more serious than what a little soap and water can do.  I suggest a round of antibiotics.

  15. Half of what you’ve been spoon fed about Putin, Zelensky, NATO, and Biden is propaganda. Until you can grasp the enormity of the problem you will continue to do nothing more than flop about. Hey, the Clintons are fine, right? Because the media says so? Do you know how many people around them have died? Are you really that gullible?
  16. Not everything Putin says is a lie. Not everything presented in the Media about Russia is true. We are being fed propaganda on both sides of the issue.
  17. The current pope is a WEF stooge, this is why he's making these moves.
  18. And from the CBC, the heart of left wing propaganda. Now that Israel was cold cocked, Ukraine is going to have to fend for itself. Good luck with that… I have to say, I feel so bad for Ukrainians. Their nation has been railroaded down the NATO /WEF track since 2014. They’ve seen Putin’s fury in response. They are stuck in the middle as tyrants and elites carve up their land and slaughter their sons. The Beast of injustice has been given free rein, what can stop it?
  19. Another warning from industry insiders. https://m.ca.investing.com/news/stock-market-news/jpmorgan-expects-significant-eps-downgrades-tells-clients-to-pare-back-risk-into-2024-432SI-3187465?ampMode=1 A combination of slowing inflation and weakening consumer strength is expected to result in significant earnings downgrades, leading to potential equity market drawdowns and defensive sector and style rotations, according to JPMorgan strategists. … While the USA and Japan continue to post minor EPS upgrades, Asia Pacific ex-Japan, GEM, and Europe are leading global revisions to the downside. The JPMorgan strategists also highlighted the rare deviation between the macroeconomy and profits in 2023 due to high inflation and consumer strength, both of which are now reversing.
  20. And you said TWO YEARS AGO(ok, it was one year) that the Russian army was collapsing. It hasn’t collapsed and instead will keep the land they took from Ukraine. Also, when an administration wants to quietly let news out, they often do it by releasing it in another country’s media far away, kind of a back channel. This is a classic move. We already knew it was going to happen because the US had drastically reduced the flow of arms and ammunition into Ukraine. Also Zelensky has been shrieking about it for the last month or so. Apparently you need this spelled out.
  21. Good answer! Keep your head in the sand while the political landscape changes. No doubt the Russian army will soon collapse.
  22. I have bad news for you. Are you sitting down? https://news.yahoo.com/german-us-pushing-zelensky-negotiate-174722243.html Germany and Biden are apparently pressuring Zelensky to negotiate peace with Putin. Somehow I don’t think Russia is being humiliated after all. “Bild, a German tabloid, reported what it described as a “secret” German-American plan to force Ukraine’s hand on opening peace talks, citing sources in the German government. Under the plan, Washington and Berlin would supply Ukraine with sufficient weapons and armour to hold the current front line, but not enough to retake occupied territory.”
  23. The reason it isn’t is because Israel has a way bigger target in their sights: Iran.
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