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  1. So anyway, you’ve got Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Burry and Jeremy Grantham all singing from the same songbook about this upcoming economic event. Would you be surprised to hear that Warren Buffet feels the same way?
  2. What a load of tripe. BTW, the subject of this thread is Michelle, or Big Mike, and his possible nomination. It’s funny how all of you left wing extremists end up talking about Trump in just about any thread. The TDS is out of control, which pretty much takes you out of the game. Thanks Donald John!
  3. We are at the beginning of the decline, so there is no telling how severe it might get. What one needs is forward looking data. But when you see that the numbers for 2022 are the worst since 2008, that tells you something. It's not that this should cause alarm. It's that this should warn people to not buy a vehicle just now. Wait and see how things develop into the spring. Used vehicles could become cheaper yet, and you could save yourself some coin. Also, manufacturers might roll out big discounts to sell vehicles. It's about being armed with knowledge. Be prepared, not scared.
  4. I agree with most of what you say. I don't believe he ever complained, but my issue remains the same. He lost income because of the vax, same as millions across the globe. That is an injustice.
  5. Biden’s brain is cooked. Harris has no brain. Hilary finally has too much baggage. I like Mike. It would be the biggest fail the Dems never saw coming.
  6. Amazon is rolling out ‘pay with your palm’.  

    1. bcsapper


      Save with a wave?

    2. OftenWrong


      Buy from Amazon with your palm, you say? 

      All the better to slap yourself up side of the head.

    3. sharkman


      They are taking cashless to a creepy level.  What, insert a chip in your hand?

  7. Here’s yet another warning of a serious recession, this time by Jeremy Grantham.
  8. I had noticed that djokavic had stood against the jab. And then been ruthlessly attacked in the media as they tried to cancel him, make an example of him. There were such people in the sporting world who would not bow to the illegal edicts, and having done all they remained standing. Common people could not afford to lose their jobs and then default on their homes and mortgages, however. Millions have suffered side effects and even death. if I was a betting man, I’d wager that rather than face the music for what they’ve done to us, the powers that be are going to try to distract us with something else. I just hope I live to see the day that Gates and his ilk are behind bars.
  9. I'm sorry Moonbox, you're not getting it. You're fired. It would be best not to make a scene, but security is standing outside my office. You get the idea, it just didn't work out. I've got a cousin who owns a Burger King, I could put in a good word...
  10. Yes, he's not a billionaire. I checked after I posted and thought I'd leave it in for your enjoyment. I'm afraid I've found yet another business person that knows more about such things than you do. Since he's worth at least 100 million and you're not, I'm gonna have to let you go. I suggest you look for work in the wonderful world of fast food.
  11. Wow, another billionaire you don’t like! Well since he’s more successful than you, and has a grasp of the world macro economy that eludes you, I’ll give more weight to what he says.
  12. But, but we're sendng 4 tanks to save Ukraine!!
  13. So here we are after, what is it, eight rate hikes? What if the only way to get inflation down to 2% ends up flatlining the economy? https://www.adesa.ca/price-index/ Annybody heard of ADSA? I thought not. They have sales figures on autos in Canada, and the numbers for 2022 have been the worst since 2009. The crash. Here’s a deeper look:
  14. You can always tell who the brainwashed are when they are presented with facts…
  15. Ever hear of Robert Kiyosaki? A very wealthy individual who is warning about the coming recession.
  16. Alberta, with their new leader and her brass cajones, will lead the next new wave of people joining her ranks and standing strong for Canada. Biggest happening since the truckers, just watch it grow as January turns to February turns to March.
  17. Chuckleheads never have anything worth contributing. They just chuckle over and over, like the above quote suggests. But other than a small extremist minority that won’t believe that Christmas is in December unless their sugar daddy media says it is, the main stream public is starting to realize that the jabs have issues.
  18. Saw this sign on YouTube:

    I just dumped some M&M’s into my mask so I can eat them like a horse.

    1. sharkman


      What, nobody has a sense of humour?  That’s freaking hilarious!

    2. OftenWrong


      That would be good for a commercial, really. Show a guy eating food in his mask, then zoom out. He has horse legs.

    3. OftenWrong


      "Do you approve of masking, Mr. Horse?"

      "Neigh, neigh."

  19. Iran can’t handle the responsibility of possessing nuclear weapons, because they have been conducting a proxy war against peaceful Israel for over a decade. And because they have been threatening Israel’s existence over the years. So, citizen, things are not going to go well for them. That is all.
  20. Many good solutions to the Iran problem have been overlooked, ignored or sabotaged over the decades. Israel has waited and waited and waited. Over 40 years. Now that Iran is really close to its nuclear ambitions, there are few options. Ask Iraq and Syria how that turned out. It’s just a matter of time. Our feelings on the matter are irrelevant.
  21. It’s 13 nations in all that make up almost half the world population, moonbox. Get back to me when your critical thinking skills don’t get overwhelmed by your biases and emotions.
  22. Israel is going to clean up this old Obama mess. Then they’ll turn to Biden and say, “You’re welcome.”
  23. To expand on this thought, it's notable that many more nations have joined with China and Russia. They have formed some sort of economic alliance, and they are called the BRICS nations, which stands for some of their founding members: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. (These nations alone make up 41% of the world's population.) But since last fall, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, NIgeria, Venezuela, Algeria, Turkey and Argentina have all joined as well. With their main goal of unseating the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. People who expect this to happen say this will cause the US dollar to collapse. Edit: I should add that in 2021, Saudi Arabia's 50 year oil deal with the US ended. They did not renew(do you remember in the news of the report that Biden called Saudi Arabia and they did not pick up) this deal and instead allowed themselves to be courted by China, who has successfully replaced the US as Saudi Arabia's main oil economic partner. This does not bode well for the US dollar.
  24. Ah, okay. So you’re into economics, but you’re lazy. I’ll try to keep you busy then.
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